BTOOOM! Ep. 8: Misogyny? More like misandry!

Haha, the screenshot above is the coolest Taira will ever look for the rest of the series, and the sad thing is that it’s just a fantasy in Ryuta’s head. I guess what’s even stranger is that Ryuta gave Taira a muscle shirt.

Plot summary: Ryuta and Himiko decide not to brave the jungle after sunset, so they hide in an abandoned building. The latter is just starting to trust the former when a scary-looking woman wakes her up in the middle of the night. Ryuta eventually goes looking for this woman, who turns out to be a former player. The woman confesses that she’s been stuck on the island for six months now, and she warns Himiko never to trust men. Upon learning her story (but not the man-hating part), Ryuta concocts a plan to jack the helicopter that comes when a player acquires eight chips.


• So Himiko wonders why her e-hubby won’t ask about her troubles and this is his response: “I have things I don’t want to talk about. So I don’t, and I won’t ask you.” Doesn’t this strike anyone as… ass-backwards? I mean, you could at least ask, “Hey, what’s troubling you?” And if they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t have to, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

• Even though she’s playing a game, it looks like she’s watching a corny movie:

Which one of the buttons on the controller lets you grab your e-lover’s hand?

• I would respect the characters a lot more if their emo-ness wasn’t so contrived. In the opening, we see Ryuta despair over having to take a couple lives, but he did so in defense of Himiko, did he not? In order to avoid being a Gary Stu, a hero should have actual flaws, not “Uguu, I had to kill an evil person.” That’s not an actual flaw. That just makes you sound like a baby. The story might think that this adds depth and emotion to Ryuta’s character, but it just makes him seem stupid and whiny.

• A common thing I see a lot in anime:

You might think that most immoral people are not that different from you and me. You might think that they struggle with difficult decisions just like the rest of us, but unfortunately, they give in to their vices more often than not. You might think it’d be interesting to understand how one small misfiring of a synapse can lead someone to kill and maim another human being. But no, evil people are maniacally evil! They grin with glee as they do the evil-y shit that they do!

• They then also talk to themselves for no reason whatsoever.

• So what is this? A reality TV show but they’ll just replace the visuals with 3-D models?

• Here, we near the end of the tsunderekko’s life cycle:

Her cheeks flush with color as she prepares her mating dance. Her oscillating mood generates an animal magnetism unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

By the way, I would so watch a David Attenborough-narrated documentary on tsunderekkos.

• Ryuta’s internal limiter went away? What is this? A video ga-… oh right. But on another note, this is what I mean when I said earlier that Ryuta’s sudden character crisis at the start of the episode felt inauthentic. You’ll note that he’s no longer sad or depressed. He seems to have quickly gone back to his normal self with no shred of evidence whatsoever that the previous day’s events continue to haunt him.

• Himiko: “I was so happy, I could’ve burst.” wat.

• Haven’t you guys seen horror movies? Don’t you know that splitting up is a horrible idea? Why does he leave Himiko behind anyway? What purpose does this serve other than to force the two apart? What’s even funnier is how Ryuta discovers an empty room, and doesn’t realize maybe he should hurry back to his scared friend.

• Wow, did we really have to see some haggardly old woman’s panties too? Good God. It must be some sort of anime law that if you’re a female character, you will at one point bare your undergarments to the audience.

• The old woman isn’t really a foil to Himiko unless she turns out to be a recurring character, but she does exist for a similar purpose. Her whole “don’t trust any men” schtick is obviously meant to demonstrate how wrong it is for Himiko to be so distrustful. Watch out, girls! If you keep hating on men, you’ll end up all alone and ugly! I mean, this isn’t even subtext — it’s text plain and simple. The entire episode has been about trusting men. First, we see another couple where the girl betrays the guy. Then, we see Himiko grapple with her own trust issues regarding Ryuta sleeping in the same room as her. Now, we see the hyperbolic end result of those irrational “feminazis.”

• Oh hey, her name is Shiki.

• I’m amazed she could fall in love with the same guy who betrayed her before the game even started.

• These characters both know for sure now that you can remove a person’s chip without having to kill the person. If Ryuta is truly serious about his desire to not kill anyone — that it isn’t just some contrived emo state that comes and goes whenever it’s convenient — it should be interesting to see whether or not he puts this knowledge to good use.


14 thoughts on “BTOOOM! Ep. 8: Misogyny? More like misandry!

  1. alsozara

    Agreed, it will be interesting to see whether or not being able to get chips without killing will be paid off later. If it does, it will raise my respect for the show somewhat. I’m happy to see people actually struggling a little with killing people for a change, and this could lend some, as you pointed out, much needed authenticity to this subplot.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I bet the murderous rapist kid still won’t get his just desserts because of this knowledge. Only ugly people die.

    1. Fadeway

      It’s gotta be tough enough to withstand one or five BIMs. Could it be…intended by the developers that the players try a hijack?


  2. etery-chan

    I can understand if it’s VR just like Sexy Ass Online, but for a game being played through a Playstattion controller, they are able to do a lot of unthinkable things! I wonder if there’s a special menu for married couple:
    -hold her hand
    -grab her waist
    -hold her shoulder
    -kiss her
    -push her down
    -do her

    BTW. Only four more episode to go!
    I bet it will end with Sakamoto leaving the island with Himiko.
    Dr. Slump and pals will never get their divine punishment.
    Half assed ending suitable for half assed anime.

    1. E Minor Post author

      BTW. Only four more episode to go!
      I bet it will end with Sakamoto leaving the island with Himiko.
      Dr. Slump and pals will never get their divine punishment.
      Half assed ending suitable for half assed anime.

      Then someone important gets kidnapped. Ryuta calls up Himiko… “We have to go back.”

      1. Arbee

        To be honest, the anime just got into “and then?” theory for me. I am simply waiting for a reasons to give a damn about the anime and the characters.

  3. Fumoffu!!

    So, they know that the BIMs won’t work when the right person isn’t using them for example, showing that the game developers can (manually or automatically) make all their bombs useless should they please. Given this, their plan to threaten the people working for the game developers with said BIMs seems a bit questionable now.

    1. E Minor Post author

      What I can’t believe is how nobody’s even tried it before. After all, this isn’t the first time BTOOOM! has been held.

  4. Ax_v

    This whole episode felt really short, not that it’s a bad thing. It felt like the first half of the episode was showing everything we’ve seen already, and telling us everything we know already. The only thing new that this episode brought, was how a player is taken off the island when they get all your chips.
    I might be thinking too deeply into this show, but it seems like the rules about having chips are flawed. Shiki was still alive when the guy took her arm. So someone doesn’t have to be dead in order to obtain their chip. By this logic, you might as well just pick someone up and it would be considered you having a chip. So, you can get 6 chips, pick someone up, and then you’d have 7, plus the one on your hand. If this is not the case, then maybe the chip does not need to be physically attached to a living being in order to obtain it. Which would mean that when they get to 6 chips, someone could cut their hand off and BTOOM! (yes, I just did that) you got your 7th. Maybe this is the “hole” in the game that they mentioned in an earlier episode.

    1. E Minor Post author

      So someone doesn’t have to be dead in order to obtain their chip. By this logic, you might as well just pick someone up and it would be considered you having a chip.

      I think they could maybe sense whether or not a chip is still attached to a person.

      Which would mean that when they get to 6 chips, someone could cut their hand off

      I dunno if you literally have to cut off your entire hand. Maybe you could just carve around the chip or something, if you could be so brave.


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