Zetsuen no Tempest Ep. 9: Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your boyfriend!

Zetsuen no Tempest 0903

Yeah, Samon’s face pretty much says it all.

Plot summary: After learning that Hakaze is truly dead — and that he had been communicating with a Hakaze from two years ago — Mahiro quickly switches sides and strikes a deal with Samon. If Samon can bring forth Aika’s killer, Mahiro won’t disrupt the former’s plan to revive the Tree of Exodus. Yoshino realizes, however, that Aika died for a reason, and that was to ensure that our current story has a happy ending. Yeah, really. So Yoshino proposes his own deal! If he can revive Hakaze and convince Mahiro to switch sides again, Yoshino will reveal the identity of Aika’s boyfriend! This actually works.


• After nine episodes, I think the corny lyrics is the OP is what I enjoy most about the show.

• Oh man, look at that glowing CGI skeleton levitate out of that barrel. Yo ho ho ho, a pirate’s life for me! You’ll notice though that the skeleton is actually being held in place by a pole. Where the metal pole comes from, however, is a mystery. I guess it managed to fit in a barrel too.

• Thanks to the show’s brilliant exposition, the reason why Mahiro can communicate with past Hakaze is because the doll that he uses as a makeshift walkie-talkie has to connect to some other doll. Unfortunately, that some other doll is presently destroyed. Oh, how ’bout we connect to a doll in the past instead! But if that’s the case, why another doll two specific years in the past? Why not one year? Why not three years? Why not 300 years?

• Why does she gasp now when Samon tells her that Junichirou has confirmed the identity of her skeleton? Doesn’t she already know this ever since Yoshino and Mahiro paid her friend a visit?

• Bones, what’s with all these juicy shots of Hakaze’s ass and cleavage?

• Like Schroedinger’s cat!

Zetsuen no Tempest 0901


• Oh come on, even after nine episodes, the show still feels the need to repeat its whole “Our magic isn’t offensive!”

• On another note, trust me when I say I desperately want to say something smart about this anime. Nothing’s coming to mind though. It seems with ZnT, what you see is what you get.

• Yoshino: “But Mahiro, are you really okay with abandoning Hakaze-san this way?” Why does Yoshino care? Has he become friends with her? Are they close buddies now? Furthermore, she’s dead, bro. Finally, siding with her may end up ending the world. Seriously, the show goes to such lengths to bore us to death about the world’s logic, but it can’t do something as simple as explaining how a character feels. I never got the impression that Hakaze meant anything to Yoshino. In fact, he’s sort of been dragged along this journey for Mahiro’s sake. I’m not saying it’s stupid for Yoshino to care about Hakaze, but show me why he cares. Hell, you could even start by telling me too. The anime seems to have done neither. She’s been barking orders at them this whole time, but they’ve never actually seemed like actual friends. Now he thinks it’s a big shock that Mahiro switches sides? After all, avenging Aika has always been Mahiro’s only goal. This has definitely been no mystery. What, on the other hand, has Hakaze ever meant to either of them?

Zetsuen no Tempest 0904

• Did anybody else roll their eyes whenever the background would turn all trippy whenever we got to hear Samon’s thoughts? I mean, really, what was that meant to convey? His state of confusion?

• Hakaze: “If I could quote Hamlet, the way Mahiro does at times like this, I would be much cooler.” Haha, nope. And neither is this anime cooler for randomly quoting Shakespeare.

• Aika repeats a line from Hamlet that we’ve previously discussed, so I won’t go over it again.

• If Aika is quoting already Hamlet, it seems odd to me that Yoshino feels the need to give her a brief plot synopsis of the play. Obviously, he’s doing it for the audience’s sake, which is even worse in my mind. If the audience has never read or heard of Hamlet, which is conceivable for a Japanese viewer, they can look it up if they’re truly interested. And if they’re not interested, I don’t think a short synopsis will matter one damn bit except to sound awkward and stilted in dialogue.

• Yoshino: “Would you believe me if I said they were cheap through mail order?” Groooooan.

• After all the talking, I gotta say I actually enjoy the hilarious three-way fight with Yoshino tossing flashbangs left and right.

Zetsuen no Tempest 0905

I thought Samon was supposed to be this awesome, powerful mage, but he seems kinda useless here.

• Evangeline tells us her age, her last name, her employment status — everything but her actual character motivations!

• Samon: “Who cares about some boyfriend?! Why are you torn by this? Unbelievable!” I gotta say I agree with ol’ Samon here… I can’t believe this is the gamechanger. I thought Yoshino had some brilliant plan up his sleeve. Or maybe he was just going to wrestle the talisman away from Mahiro. I mean, what happened to the fight? I was enjoying it! But no, we go back to talking.

• Hakaze: “I can’t believe it… The whole situation has turned on its head just with the word ‘boyfriend.’ What is happening to the logic of this world?” I know, right?! I’m starting to wonder if the show is now parodying itself.

• And lemme guess… next week’s episode is going to be the four of them spending twenty minutes explaining how you can revive Hakaze.

22 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Ep. 9: Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your boyfriend!

      1. Airies

        Um what!? Wow so your only interested in the crap so you can point out flaws and make you sound clever. That’s pathetic. The blog has gone downhill anyways because all you care about is poking fun.

        1. E Minor Post author

          I could still point out flaws in the show. It’s not a good anime. I just don’t care about it anymore.

          Anyway, see ya.

        2. The Real Sugoi Sugoi

          > Wow so your only interested in the crap so you can point out flaws and make you sound clever. That’s pathetic.

          I don’t recall E Minor having said that at all. E Minor merely said “Not interested in it anymore.” Stop putting words into another person’s mouth.

          1. E Minor Post author

            I wouldn’t waste my time. Some people will always take these things personally. It’s as if you’ve insulted someone’s baby. Too bad when you take a closer look, it’s just a goddamn anime. But I didn’t even say that the show was bad. I just think it’s not good; it’s painfully average. But more importantly — to me, anyways — I realized I neither enjoyed watching nor writing about Shinsekai Yori anymore, so I stopped. But hey, you’re always bound to rustle someone’s jimmies no matter what you do.

        3. Cassisius Marbel

          Not trying to get banned or deleted (I dont know what you do here) but how come you watch things like SAO and Zetsuen that are terrible but blog about them? When Shinsekai yori (IMO) was really good and yes had flaws like everything else but still was much better than the shows your blogging? thanks :)

          1. E Minor Post author

            I don’t just blog about good anime and I don’t just blog about bad anime. For people who think I only write to nitpick, I was constantly effusive of Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Ask any of my regular readers. This season, I’m hard on Psycho-Pass, but I’ve also said over and over that I think it’s the best show of the season.

            At the end of the day, I blog a show if I enjoy writing about it. I didn’t really enjoy writing about Shinsekai Yori. I can neither analyze it the way I do with Psycho-Pass or did with Natsuyuki Rendezvous, but it isn’t fun to rib like SAO either. I could’ve gone out in a blaze of glory and bashed Shinsekai Yori to high heavens, but I didn’t. I simply dropped it without another word (until someone asked) so I don’t know what people’s problem is.

            When Shinsekai yori (IMO) was really good

            Like you said it yourself, it’s just an opinion. And that’s fine.

        4. Anonymous

          It’s true it’s a bit confusing of E-minor. He has the tendency to be rather whimsical in determining what is good or not. Ofcourse, in defending or refuting, he always says it boils down to him liking it or not. But that’s a pretty easy way to explain everything, of course. The question still begs: why is a series like yori, which e-minor himself described as one of the more interesting shows not too long ago (due to his take on a future world/civilisation), suddenly becomes uninteresting? Due to what? It was mentioned in his list as one in the top, far above Tempest, for instance… so there must have been *something* to be liked about, and it wasn’t to poke fun at it, like with SAO.

          So how comes something that was considered one of the best and interesting of the season, a week later is dropped because it’s become totally uninteresting, while tempest IS being still blogged about. It just doesn’t make sense. Saying one doesn’t like it anymore, is a mere cop-out, since it doenst’ explain WHY it has tumbled from highly interesting to ‘not interesting so I’m dropping it while still continuing with Tempest’ within one or two weeks. Is tempest now considered better opr more interesting than yori? One wouldn’t think so reading the blog – and yet it’s not been made fun of like SAO. So where lies the interest that yori now suddenly lacks, while two weeks ago, e minor himself indicated it was (more) interesting (it’s explicitly said so in the blog, even).

          And even if: the analysis of Tempest lacked this time too. Sure, one can point out the flaws. I don’t mind that, so it’s not a question of ‘protecting ones’ baby’. But though e-minor points out the flaws everytime and with considerable focus (and even eagerness, one would almost say), the further analysis of it can be really good. Look at the last analysis of the tempest episode: that was really good. A lot of ‘fault/error’ mentioning too, true, but at least there was considerable work put into it, and some explanations and postulations were quite plausable and/or interesting.

          Compared to this, the current blog-part about it is a let down. Some jibes and sneers, and complaints about too much talking. But no deeper insights or possibilities are explored. No sense of putting the meta-context of the story or metaphors in relation to the works of Shakespeare. No theories about the things we saw – with respect to content, that is. And yet there were some scenes that lent them well to it, such as where Yoshino remembered the scene with aika told him about the ‘other story’ of Shakespeare that dealt with revenge, a mage, and an island. Surely, has to mean something and can not be coincidence. That Aika said it, nor that Yoshino remembers it at that exact time.

          Sadly, even when e minor did such a good job in this respect on the former talk about Tempest, now no-where is some inner-thoughts of the matter viewable. It’s really lacking, intellectually, compared to last time. Ofcourse, one can claim it’s not his intention to do so, but still: fact remains it’s lacking ion that respect, certainly comparatively. Not one word is spend on the possible ramifications of it: if it isn’t coincidence, than Aika must know about what would follow. If she knows what follows, she must know what is going to happen in the future, in some way. And…who are they talking to bring back from the past, with time-travel? Hakaze. Is it possible, that, somehow, Hakaze IS Aika? They don’t look alike, but for a mage it would be possible to change appearance. Or, it’s a way of time-travel and magic that makes one ‘reborn’ or as an alter-ego. It could well be, that Aika and Hakaze, from the future or past, is somehow connected. That would explain the earie knowledge of Aika, which is hinted at. Maybe Aika was killed, or she killed herself, to go back in time (or to the future)?

          All these possibilities are not explored nor mentioned. I really love e minor when he does his best and tries to say something intelligible about it; he usually says something interesting then, even if one would not always agree. But sometimes…his comments are just weak. Not any better than the faults he find in the anime itself. It’s pretty annyong to have such a wide discrepancy in quality from one blog to another, and I really wishjed he set the same high standard a bit more frequently.

          But still… his good parts/insights ARE good. :-)

  1. Son Gohan

    I don’t think you need a special reason to care for a poor girl who was unjustly stranded on an island and left to die of starvation. It’s basic human empathy! Something that apparently many anime bloggers lack…

  2. CSRae (@CSrae)

    I was hoping they’d condense the time paradox explanation into one episode, but I guess not. The world is going to end, and we’re still standing around for 1-2 hour explanations about Aika orz.

    Fall 2012 should be titled “Series of Extremely Long-Winded Plot Exposition.” between ZnT, K, and P-P.

  3. Lirael

    To be fair to Yoshiro, the anime did depict him as a caring guy. Every place they went that had that iron-somethingsomething appear he always attempted to save random people so his worry for Hakaze isn’t too strange.

    Samon was glorious, actually voicing what i was thinking. I didn’t mind the tripy purple background, but only because I was laughing so hard.

    One thing I found weird was Mahiro’s loyalty: his friend randomly starts attacking him and trying to take away his only weapon and he still goes and protects him. The anime failed to explain to me why he’s so loyal like that, in fact, it made me think they weren’t really that close but mostly united for Aika,

    1. E Minor Post author

      To be fair to Yoshiro, the anime did depict him as a caring guy.

      My issue is more than just “Well, why should you care for some girl?” It’s just that, well, she’s dead. And at the time, he didn’t know whether or not he could revive her. The whole Aika memory about the Tempest came afterwards. So Hakaze’s dead, he doesn’t know whether or not he can revive her, nor does he really know if she’s right or wrong about the whole Tree of Genesis/Exodus situation. All of these factors would make me take pause.

      One thing I found weird was Mahiro’s loyalty: his friend randomly starts attacking him and trying to take away his only weapon and he still goes and protects him.

      Well, you could say Mahiro understood Yoshino’s intentions. All Yoshino wanted to do was to get the talisman away from Mahiro, and the latter probably realized this very quickly.

      it made me think they weren’t really that close but mostly united for Aika,

      All those boring flashbacks made me think Mahiro thinks of Yoshino as a close friend, but the feeling isn’t exactly 100% mutual.

  4. veines

    “Who cares about some boyfriend?! Why are you torn by this? Unbelievable!”

    Possibly the best line ZnT will ever have. I do think they can be quite spot-on with their deadpan humour although it would seem to most people that it’s very hit-and-miss.

    – Was it just me or did the flashback seem to suggest that somehow Aika knew that something was going to happen to her?

    – I was surprised that you’d be bored with Shinsekai Yori as things seem to be picking up. A pity ’cause I really enjoyed your reviews. Another factor would be that it does have a lot more material in terms of both depth and breadth to cover than say, shows like BTOOOM! and SOA; but I suppose that that’s only secondary if it bores you overall.

  5. Ryruko

    First of all, I am glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of that song when I played this episode.

    I think it is fairly understandable that Yoshino would react to Hakaze in this way.He evn said something about Hakaze being in the same helpless position as Aika (finally some genuine emotion from Yoshino…maybe).

    But, to address this logically: Yoshino never desired vengeance (that was Mahiro’s shtick), with his emotional stake in this entire endeavor in question, it is likely that he will act upon his own morality when he sees fit (As he did in making a deal with the military). SO taken in the light of his capability to throw in his allegiance to anyone he sees fit (not just those who further his goals) it is easier to understand Yoshino’s actions.

    The metal skeleton support appears with magic, duh XD

    I agree with you on the Hamlet bit, I never really knew what it was about until I looked it up for myself, so it is likely, especially with prevalent lack of interest in the classics, that these Shakespearean references are gonna fly straight over some viewer’s heads. Although, I do have conflicting feelings on the quotes; I bounce back and forth between “That sound kinda cool” to “That sounds mortifyingly stupid.” I suppose what makes the difference is context, say the Ham-quote in the middle of a fight and it is clownishly out of place, say it when contemplating or reminiscing and it still sounds out of place, just not clownishly so.

    Is Evangeline trying to get a date or something? As soon as she sees a guy she states age and status.
    You know? I think I just figured out her motivation is this series! Apparently she believes that magic + peril = available guys.

    There’s nothing wrong with Anime bloggers being snarky and picking apart the show; I mean it is just a show, it deserves–no–it NEEDS to be critiqued ruthlessly by someone.
    Thanks to E minor for providing this often hilarious service.

  6. wanderer

    This episode pretty much confirms what I’ve dropped in once a week to grouse about: the dialog is stuff that would work much better if it was delivered in a more bombastic, outlandish fashion (which, incidentally, would bring it stylistically closer to the soundtrack). By now the pattern is pretty clear: the characters drop a lot of side comments illustrating the absurdity of it all, the dialog is outlandishly worded, etc., but it’s all delivered with a po-faced blandness it doesn’t work. It’s like dialog written for a play (ironic, that) delivered like dialog written for tv or film.

    It’s too bad, really. This could’ve turned out fine if it crossed the line into actual self-parody, or maybe if it had gone the other way and toned it all down to be flatter and plainer. We’ve started into the part that I thought had some novel elements and so I guess I’ll stick it out, but with this delivery they are unlikely to come out well at all.

  7. thoughtcannon

    This would seem slow paced to me were it not for Space Brothers which would take the reveal that Hakaze is dead and stretch it out for 3 episodes. With each episode leading up to it depicting their backstory and reaction to the reveal (without actually saying what the reveal is).

    Unless you can’t tell I just watched Space Brothers and am pissed.

    I other news I knew the whole “I was your sisters Bf” thing was gonna eventually be a big reveal but yeah…not like this.

  8. Nohjoxu

    Confused… Apparently people didn’t like Zetsuen no Tempest or SAO, but somehow like shin sekai yori? I liked the two others but Shinsekai Yori was disgraceful… It made little sense, which I liked, it was really interesting. Then it got gay… quite literally. SAO is so plain I kind of like it. I like and watch any anime as long is its not gay in the literal sense… lmao. Stop looking so deep into it, no ones critiquing spongebob like you are with these. Of course you could pull the art form card. And yea I kind of do agree with that. But at this point my rant isn’t making any sense, so if your still reading, go do something else damn lol


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