BTOOOM! Ep. 9: Rumble in the jungle

BTOOOM! 0901

This episode was mostly action, so there’s not much to say.

Plot summary: Ryuta and Himiko return to find the double-crossing doctor from last week’s episode tending over Taira. I guess the doctor pissed yet another person off. The doctor tricks Ryuta into trusting him, but Himiko knows better. Meanwhile, a new supply drop has everyone on the island converging at one point. Ryuta splits off from the rest of the team to try and obtain the supplies, but he runs into a determined opponent. Himiko fights off some lady while questioning her feelings for Ryuta at the same damn time.


• Hey, it’s that double-crossing doctor! What is he doing back on this island! I love how after he pretends to be nice to Taira, his inner thoughts still have to tell us that he’s planning to betray our jolly friend afterwards. We just saw last week’s episode. Are our attention spans that short?

• Oh hey, the doctor upgraded. Remember how he only had those crappy homing BIMs the last time he was on the island? Now he gets remote-detonated BIMs. It would be nice if the BIMs reflected the mindsets of their owners. For example, the last time the doctor was on the island, he relied heavily upon his lover. As a result, he had the crappiest of BIMs. Much like Taira, I guess, who is pretty useless these days. Now that the Doctor’s returned, he has trap BIMs… ’cause he’s setting a trap for our heroes! Oh, so clever.

BTOOOM! 0904

Then the evil rapist kid has those implosion BIMs ’cause he’s empty on the inside… like I said, I only wish the BIMs were actually reflective of something, but I can’t come up with an explanation for Ryuta or Himiko. In fact, I can’t remember what Himiko’s original BIMs were. I know she has that defoliant, but I think those originally belonged to the rapist fat guy (so many rapists). Ryuta originally had timed BIMs, right? ‘Cause he’s slow and dumb? Shrug.

• Oh c’mon Ryuta, why would you tell him everything including how many chips you have? Cooperation doesn’t require full trust. You don’t have to ruthlessly murder people, but you don’t have to spill your guts to them either.

• Date’s inner monologue is like that idiot character in the Batman movies that just has to tell us obvious shit as if we’re too dumb to pick up on it. Yes, 3 plus 3 is 6, boys and girls! When the Joker whips out a rocket launcher, it’s totally not good!

BTOOOM! 0903

• I like how Ryuta’s plan is basically if you run hard enough, other people will get scared and back off.

• In BTOOOM!, fire does nothing ’cause this Oda guy just ran right through them…. twice. Then Ryuta does it too. I knew these characters were retarded, but I didn’t know they were flame-retardant too.

• You’d never see Ryuta and Oda wrestle like this while the camera lingeringly pans over their bodies. Even fighting has to be gendered.

• Why… why do I want to keep on living?! ‘Cause I’ve fallen for the hikikomori hero already! The best part is that Himiko’s having an internal debate while she’s being choked out: “I don’t feel that way about him at all. That’s impossible!”

BTOOOM! 0902

Yes, yes, let the tsundere flow through you!

• At least Himiko is smart enough to see through Date’s ruse. Such a horrible ruse at that. You’re supposed to be sneaky with remote mines.

• A smarter Ryuta would’ve told his opponent to toss the supplies and chips towards his direction. Hell, as soon as Oda said, “Come over and get them,” that should’ve been a big enough clue.


9 Replies to “BTOOOM! Ep. 9: Rumble in the jungle”

  1. ” I knew these characters were retarded, but I didn’t know they were flame-retardant too.”

    Bazinnng or should that be ooooh…burn

  2. Himiko also had timers just like Sakamoto did. Those two are a pair, so they had to have the same bomb type. They even hold hands in the OP since episode 8.

  3. The funniest scene is, when the bitch told Himiko, “At this range, both of us would caught up in the explosion and died.”
    Oh, puh-lease. I have seen more close range explosions, and all of those people escape unscathed. This flaw is most glaring during Ryouta versus rapist kid.

    1. The funniest thing is how all bombs are ineffective as the plot demands. Those flame ones? The guy threw four to make the barrier, a fifth to kill, and everyone involved just ran through anyway. And that’s with eight or ten per person, right?

      1. Well, I can’t blame the show too much for that. It’s not really meant to be tactically realistic. Just like how most gunners in a Bond movie has the aim of a child, the bombs here are just for effect until necessary.

  4. I always wondered if Sakamoto was actually a slow (mentally retarded) person who simply does not get the big picture until it’s close to too late.

    I mean, An expert in BTOOOM! that doesn’t know that he’s carrying the same bombs/sonar chips as the ones in the game, him asking to Himiko if she’s a foreigner when a few seconds back Himiko tells Sakamoto to back off or get away in Japanese and a few others.

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