Winter 2014 Anime Preview: Too many shows

winter lulu

Let’s see if I can tear myself away from work, Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft (my girlfriend’s making me play it… naw, I’m just kidding; its okay) to blog consistently again. At the very least, the fact that I’m starting from the beginning for the winter season will be a huge boon. Anyway, this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, and I’m just making guesses. I’m not trying to be fair or critical. This is just something to kill time before the season actually begins. Seriously, I’m not claiming to know how these shows will turn out just from watching a two-minute PV. Take my words with a grain of salt.

Let’s quickly blow through the shows I won’t even touch:

Double Circle: Sounds like edutainment.
Buddy Fight: Not interested in watching a show about a card game.
Tonari no Seki-kun: Not going to blog shorts.
Wooser no Sono Higurashi Kakusei Hen: See above.
Youkai Watch: Eh… video game adaptations…
Robot Girls Z: Shorts. Also, looks lame as hell.
Z/X Ignition: Sigh, card game.
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Season 2: Didn’t care for the first season.
SoniAni -Super Sonico The Animation-: More like “Super Sonico The Boobening.”
Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2: Eh.
Wake Up, Girls!: I will never watch a show about idols.
Maken-Ki! Tsuu: lol
Saki Zenkoku-hen: C’moooooon.
Go!Go!575: Cute girls singing and dancing. I don’t care.
Gin no Saji: Silver Spoon Second Season: Didn’t watch the first season.
Happiness Charge PreCure!: Never going to touch PreCure.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Obviously not.
Space (star) Dandy: Not my cup of tea.
Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen: Looks like it’s for kids.

Now for the real stuff….

Nobunaga’s rolling in his grave


Studio: Bridge
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Some girl fights back against an evil organization. The spirit of historical figures are involved, and how it works is that Gandhi gives you a barrier while Newton lets you play with gravity. Get it? A barrier cause Gandhi was a pacifist. Clever girl. Let me guess, Edison’s weapon will allow you to steal your rival’s ideas and run a smear campaign on him or her in the public eye, ho ho ho.

Maybe in ten or twenty years, future anime bloggers will look back upon this era and be like, “What’s the deal with all the Nobunaga-inspired shows?” There always seems to be at least one such series every other season, which is, quite frankly, just one too many. But hell, we get two this time, so I could be wrong. This might not be a trend at all, and Nobunaga will forever stretch his dessicated legacy across every future era of anime. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

* * *

nobunaga the fool

Nobunaga the Fool
Studio: Satelight
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Somehow, the likes of Jeanne d’Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nobunaga join forces to… uh, do something. Man, I don’t even know. Check out the PV for yourself. There’s going to be battles and shit. You might think, “Obviously, they’re off to save the world,” except I’ve read that some “Star Messiah” will actually do the world-saving thing instead. So there’s that… and it’s another show involving Nobunaga. Shit, he wasn’t even that interesting in real life.

She’s not really my imouto so it’s okay!

oneechan ga kita

Onee-chan ga Kita
Studio: C2C
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Japan flirts with quasi-incestuous relationships again. “B-b-but they aren’t blood-related!”

Ah, you know the drill. A sisterly-figure throws herself at the protagonist and it’s like, “Whoa that’s so weird! I’m totally in such an awkward position in this wish-fulfillment anime! Haha, what do I do guys! So strange, this step-sister of mine.” Then the best part is how Marina, one of the girls, is introduced as nothing more than someone who has giant boobs. Damn those foreign girls and their giant boobs titillating our pure-blooded youth! Again, so awkward. Much sweatdrop.

Anyway, I hear it’s just a short (it’s based on a 4-koma after all) so I probably should’ve included it in the list above instead.

* * *

saikin imouto no yosuga

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga
Studio: project No.9
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Okay, okay… so like a sister has to fall in love with her brother. Wait, no, they’re not blood-related either (heh). Wait wait, it’s not even her who has to fall in love with him. It’s the spirit possessing her that has to fall in love with him. Why? So the spirit can go to heaven. So you see, it’s not really incestuous either! Just clean, wholesome Japanese romcom.

She is my sister, and I’m damn proud of it!


Studio: Studio DEEN
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Sibling love again. Weird sibling love. A little too weird. She also turns into a “creature” that eats people, hence pupa.

There comes a time in every girl’s life when her body undergoes changes. When a little girl undergoes this metamorphosis of her body, she becomes a bloodthirsty she-beast who feasts upon the flesh of innocent people around her! DAMN YOU PUBERTY! Sigh, if only she could stay my innocent imouto forever. And thus begins onii-chan’s quest. Tongue-firmly-in-cheek, by the way. I’m told I read into things that totally aren’t there. Stories are literally as they are; nothing more, nothing less.

I’m told there’s a lot of hype for this show. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued.

As fluffy as a cloud


Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Studio: Dogakobo
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Cute girls do mundane shit and nerds will cream their pants over it. But there’s a twist: two of the cute girls are soon-to-be in-laws! Wow!

* * *


Studio: Brain’s Base
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Guy thinks he’s a punk, delinquent, what have you. He meets a bunch of girls who are even more incorrigible! That’s right, incorrigible. Not much to say; it looks like harmless comedy fluff, i.e. might be fun to be watch, but what can you honestly say about it?

* * *

strange plus

Studio: SEVEN
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Boy searches for his older brother who now works for some detective agency. Boy joins his older brother. Sounds lame. Looks lame.

Smells like harem spirit

witch craft works

Witch Craft Works
Studio: J.C.Staff
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: She’s beautiful! She’s talented! She’s smart! She’s athletic! From the looks of the PV, she’s got curves that would put Christina Hendricks to shame. Aaaaaaaand her purpose in life is to protect a self-confessedly ordinary high schooler.

What’s next? A goddess who might literally destroy and recreate the world around her just because her crush, an ordinary high school boy who seemingly displays no aptitude for any particular skill except being sarcastic, doesn’t return her feelings? Pfft, talk about unreasonable gender expectations!

* * *


Studio: Silver Link
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Comedy hijinks at yet another agricultural school. Agricultural schools in Japan are so hot right now, and I don’t even know why. To top it off, a super-popular idol transfers to this agricultural high school.

oh yeah sure

You could also watch it for the boob physics, which you will find prominently highlighted in the PV I’ve linked. There’s also the Basic Instinct homage. Fun.

Love is in the air, and it makes me sick

sakura trick

Sakura Trick
Studio: Studio DEEN
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Two high schoolers choose to get all yuri on each other ’cause shit, that’s just hot.

Actually, it’s because their high school is shutting down soon and… uh, they need a special memory of it? Wrap it up, kids. High school is it. Not even joking. It is the end all, be all of life. You’re just going to be one sad, pathetic adult after high school is all said and done.

* * *


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
Studio: Production IMS
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Looks like a light-hearted romance with a dash of Shinto thrown in. Seems harmless. Seems a little dull too.

* * *


Studio: Shaft
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Kids of rival yakuza gangs, both alike in dignity, are also classmates and they hate each other, but he still needs her help because he lost a very, very special pendant in the first episode.

Shaft shows are pretty hit-or-miss. From the PV alone, I see they’re still reusing their “Shaftisms” from anime they’ve done years ago. This time, maybe a Japanese Romeo and Juliet with a love triangle mixed in. Then we get to play the tsundere “Will they or won’t they?” game. What a quandary: their only love stems from hate. Boy, would that be a hard pill to swallow. There’s not even a John Leguizamo to spice things up.

Wild cards
i.e. I’ve no damn clue how to categorize them so leave me alone

sekai seifuku

Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Couldn’t really find a good PV for this show. For what it’s worth, sounds like the anime involves a troupe of shrill-sounding girls bent on taking over the world. Judging by the art direction alone, it looks like the type of show where you grab at your collar nervously if anybody walks in on you as you’re watching it: “I swear that the girl who looks like she’s 8 is just wearing a beige-colored bodysuit!”

* * *

toaru hikuushi

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
Studio: TMS Entertainment
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: I can’t really tell from the PV. Wikipedia tells me a former prince meets a girl (don’t they always?) and there’s going to be planes and shit. Motherfuckin’ planes.

To reference Wikipedia again, this anime is apparently just one small snippet of a series of light novels. Let’s hope they picked an interesting snippet to adapt. Supposedly, the former prince lost his kingdom due to a revolution. That sounds like it could be interesting–who doesn’t love a violent, bloody uprising against the status quo!–but I have a feeling we’ll learn about said revolution mostly through flashbacks. Actually, the worst thing they could do–and this seems to be a thing in Japanese media–is to open the story with generic narration as the camera pans across a brown, faded map. But hey, motherfucking planes.

* * *


Houzuki no Reitetsu
Studio: Wit Studio
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Dark comedy involving Japanese folklore. Eh. That’s all I can say. Eh. Could be worse.


mahou sensou

Mahou Sensou
Studio: Madhouse
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Guy meets midget girl with long, black hair. Hold onto your horses, ’cause thanks to being a shinigami magician, the girl has special powers! Even better, the girl gives the guy special powers. A-and there are really two worlds, whereupon the conflict must lie betwixt. It’s like deja vu.

I swear to god, if this girl loves melon bread too…

* * *


Studio: Bones
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Not really sure. Some poor girl is being bullied at school so she calls a phone number that claims it can solve people’s problems. Upon calling the number, a god shows up and I assume there will be battles involved even though the initial premise merely concerns some school bullying. I mean, he has a sword. You gotta cut people if you carry a sword around.

A few things on my mind though. First, why was the number scrawled on a wall in a bathroom for girls? Second, why does the heroine look like she needs to take a dump in the promo picture? Finally, did she always have a tail? On a more serious note, shows by Bones are at the very least okay. I’d probably watch it.

* * *

buddy complex

Buddy Complex
Studio: Sunrise
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: It wouldn’t be a Sunrise anime without mechas. Except Tiger & Bunny, which turned out to be good. Funny that. By the way, I’m being facetious before people start flooding me with Sunrise titles that don’t involve mechas. As for an actual synopsis of this show, I’m not too sure what’s going on (I seem to be saying this over and over) and this is after watching the PV twice. But to be honest, some things never change: guy’s a high schooler, mechas attack his hometown, he’s forced into action, the girl he likes is somehow linked to said mechas, he meets his foil/buddy/rival/fodder-for-yaoi-fanfiction… if you’ve been watching mecha anime for the past few years, you know the drill.

* * *


Studio: NAZ
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: A bunch of cool-looking guys have special powers called a “Minimum” or in other-not-so-clear words, a “minor miracle.” Yeah, that’s as much detail as I’ve got. In the PV, one of the characters fights with golden fists, so uh, cool? The trailer also wonderfully includes the following words which I’ll include in the hopes that it sheds more light on this anime’s prospects of being even remotely watchable: “the ability which is triggering one’s particular actions.” Whatever that means; god, I’m being triggered so hard right now.

* * *

wizard barristers

Wizard Barristers ~ Benmashi Cecil
Studio: ARMS
PV: Here
Synopsis & Thoughts: Something about magic users and a magic courtroom and how our heroine is the youngest “benmashi” ever, i.e. a defender of people in said magic courtrooms. I was more excited when I misread the show’s title as “Wizard Baristas.” Like, damn, what awesome cappuccino art can she draw? I’m so ready to be amazed, anime. But instead, I get a show from the guy of Kite and Mezzo Forte fame. I mean, that by itself isn’t inherently bad, but Galilei Donna was pretty horrible.

* * *

Anyway, that’s it for the winter anime preview. If that’s all you came here for, you can stop reading now. At this point, I’ll just answer a few questions I’ve been asked by another blog since this seems like the most convenient time and place to do so.

1. How did your blog get its name?

Back in 2009, I had been reading anime blogs for a few years, but I never really felt that I agreed with anyone in particular. For some stupid reason, I felt this need to add my voice to the mix. At the time the blog was established, K-On! was a big thing, but it wasn’t my thing. So to be a little cheeky about it, I decided to name the blog “Moe Sucks.” That’s all.

2. Would you rather your blog have a bunch of silent readers or a small but involved community? Why?

A small but involved community. If nobody’s going to engage me in a discussion about what I’ve written, I may as well keep my thoughts to myself. So obviously, I blog in order to interact with my readers. Of course, if I could draw in enough silent readers to make a living off of this, sure, I’d sell out in an instant! But that’s a pipe dream… for me, at least.

3. Are text posts a matter of preference, or convenience? Have you ever thought about a video style?

I’m told I sound like a smoker. I also tend to ramble at lengths in my posts. I don’t think I should subject my audience to such a thing. Plus, I think I need a witty British accent–witty by default because it is British–in order for said hypothetical video posts to gain any traction. To my (and my girlfriend’s) dismay, I do not have a British accent. Besides, what would accompany my voice anyhow? A footage of me? Sounds boring. Clips of anime to highlight my words? Too much work. Plus, you’d have to deal with the legality of what’s fair use and what’s not….

4. Is your favorite author now the same as it was ten years ago? Five?

I’m assuming you mean fictional author. I must confess I do not read a lot of fiction. To compound matters, I don’t typically take in a writer’s entire oeuvre. For instance, I love Madame Bovary, but I have no particular desire to seek out Flaubert’s other works. The Great Gatsby deserves its standing as one of literature’s greatest classics, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of Fitzgerald’s writings. If I had to answer the question, I guess I’d have to say Dostoyevsky. Every time I pick up one of his books, I’m reminded of why I love his storytelling. I don’t think that has changed, but like I’ve said above, I don’t read enough fiction nor do I tend to read any author’s complete library. For Dostoyevsky though, I’ve at least read his major novels. Recently, I have garnered quite a bit of respect for Cormac McCarthy, but not enough to topple Dostoyevsky. Nabokov is a close second.

5. What movie or show are you most looking forward to next year?

I don’t research anime to the point where I know what’s going to come out months ahead of time. When a season is about to come up, I’ll look at the list of that season’s offerings. For the upcoming season, I guess I’m mostly interested in seeing how pupa plays out, but I haven’t a clue what lies beyond winter. I kind of just take things as they come. I guess the main culprit is that I don’t read manga, so unlike others, I don’t have a great desire to see anything adapted to the TV screen.

As for movies, Her just came out, so I guess I can’t use it for my answer. I liked 21 Jump Street so I’m looking forward to the sequel. I usually enjoy Nolan flicks, so Interstellar might be good. But like with anime, I don’t keep up with the news of what’s going to come out soon.

6. What do you look for when picking a new series to watch?

To watch? Or more specifically to blog? ‘Cause I’ll watch a lot of stuff I don’t blog about, and I’ll watch it as long as it interests me in some fashion. I think it’d be too difficult to nail down every single thing that would interest me to a show. If the question is actually referring to how I pick which shows to blog about, well, that depends on whether or not I can offer a “unique enough” perspective on what I’ve watched. I have this hang up where I try to avoid repeating what others are saying. That makes me sound like a hipster, but I just don’t see the point in every blog saying the exact same thing or even variations of the same sentiments. Of course, I don’t always succeed at this, but it’s my aim, for better or for worse.

7. You have one consequence-free day. What do you do?

Redistribute the world’s wealth. A less pretentious answer? Probably eat at as many Michelin-starred restaurants as I can fit into a 24 hour time period.

8. Who’s your favorite director?

I don’t know for sure. I admire Kubrick’s pursuit of perfection, though I can’t really sit through all of his films. I admire Lars von Trier’s risk-taking, but sometimes I just plain disagree with his message (see: Dogville). I think Lucas gets a lot of flak for the Star Wars prequels (they’re bad, but in a very deliberate way that most people fail to realize), but he’s obviously a talented filmmaker. Again, I don’t know. It’s too difficult to nail down my one favorite director.

9. Have you ever realized your love for something was mostly not-too-sturdy nostalgia…but only halfway through trying to show it to someone else?

Sure. It happens a lot, I think. I don’t think my girlfriend will understand why I like the Star Wars series so much. Part of it is, I think, just nostalgia.

10. What’s the worst spinoff or adaptation of something you really love?

I feel this question is anime-focused, ’cause well, these are anime blogs. Regarding anime, I don’t know. I don’t read manga. There have been adaptations of Japanese literature that I found somewhat questionable, but not to the point where I’d consider it “bad.”

In general, I don’t get worked up about adaptations or spinoffs. I treat them as separate entities from the source material, and I’ve gotten flak for this before, but I feel fans have a say in what is and isn’t “canon.” If you don’t like something, just disregard it. It’s the art of storytelling. I promise you the oral storytellers of our ancestors didn’t worry about the one absolute canon (and the requisite accompanying Wikia).

11. What do you know about Lupin III?

Nothing. Sorry friends, but nothing.

18 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Anime Preview: Too many shows

  1. 4k4g1

    Wizard Barristers is completely Umetsu’s work. Director, Series Composition, Original Creator, Character Design… Also Galilei Donna was supposed to be a 2-cour series, but the producers said “nope, make it shorter”.

  2. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    I’m very surprised you didn’t mention the obvious relation Pupa has with “Song of Saya”
    aka ” I want to fuck her womb, the VN”
    Paraphrasing there, kinda. Though whatever happened to that little adventure of yours? Did its story get too much for you or did you just get bored? I was kind of looking forward to your spiral down whatever rabbit hole that VN had in store.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been noticing just how many Japanese anime/VN works rely heavily on historical figures. Fate/Stay Night, a lot of romantic VNs, all these [something] Nobunaga [something] shows, etc. And if it doesn’t revolve around them it shoehorns direct references to them for no reason (Like Madoka). It’s just strange to see, you know?
    What started Japanese anime creators down this road and why is it so popular, you think?

    1. E Minor Post author

      I didn’t mention the relation because I don’t know anything about said relation. I usually go into seasons fresh, with as little foreknowledge as possible so as to avoid tainting my perceptions of how a show will turn out.

      Paraphrasing there, kinda. Though whatever happened to that little adventure of yours? Did its story get too much for you or did you just get bored?

      I don’t think anything anime or anime-related ever gets to be “too much.” I just didn’t finish it ’cause I had other things to write and eventually it slipped from my mind.

      What started Japanese anime creators down this road and why is it so popular, you think?

      I wouldn’t even know. I don’t play enough VNs to make much of a comment.

      1. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

        “I didn’t mention the relation because I don’t know anything about said relation. I usually go into seasons fresh, with as little foreknowledge as possible so as to avoid tainting my perceptions of how a show will turn out.”
        Ah fair enough. Could just be me reading into things in the PV. I didn’t even know about Pupa until you mentioned it.

        “I don’t think anything anime or anime-related ever gets to be “too much.” I just didn’t finish it ’cause I had other things to write and eventually it slipped from my mind.”
        I gotcha. For a moment there I thought things got too gross for you. Considering it’s anime I suppose you’re right. Not like it’s a Serbian Film. ha

        1. E Minor Post author

          Honestly, if you haven’t played Saya no Uta, it’s not like you’re missing anything by me not continuing. He continues his descent into nihilism and murders everyone while having loli Cthulhu sex (that sounds oxymoronic but somehow it’s not). Ho hum.

          Not like it’s a Serbian Film. ha

          Oh, a connoisseur, are we?

  3. Rae (@CSrae)

    Noragami looks alright except for the um, odd promo. I like Bones enough to believe there’s a 50/50 shot for it to be OK. Nothing seems to stand out for new shows otherwise.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I feel anything Bones makes tends to fizzle out near the end. But yeah, they’re one of the more reliable studios, I guess.

  4. Zabi (@ZabiLegacy0093)

    You haven’t watched Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro? I’m not quite sure on all of the specifics, but I am pretty sure that not watching a Miyazaki film is a red card for the prestigous post of “dude who talks about anime on the internet.”

    1. E Minor Post author

      I’ve watched it, but it’s literally the only Lupin III thing I’ve seen so I still wouldn’t say I know a damn thing about the character.

  5. higgsbosoff

    Space Dandy looks cool so it’s weird that you won’t check it out. And I’d strongly advise that you give a chance to Silver Spoon (watching season 1 of course), it’s from the same author of FMA for a reason. I’d say it could actually be the reason for the flourishing of “agricultural school” shows – Silver Spoon is about an agricultural school after all, and I’m pretty sure it was not following someone else’s trend since Hiromu Arakawa did actually work in a farm, so her choice of setting is probably just due to the fact that it’s something she knows very well and wanted to talk about.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Space Dandy looks cool so it’s weird that you won’t check it out.

      We must define “cool” differently. I haven’t said anything negative about it. Just not my cup of tea.

      I’m pretty sure it was not following someone else’s trend since Hiromu Arakawa did actually work in a farm,

      Yeah, my trend comment wasn’t 100% serious and plus it was more directed toward the other show.

      1. higgsbosoff

        About Space Dandy, I was thinking more of its “pedigree”… what with being written by Shinichiro Watanabe and all that (said this, I liked Samurai Champloo but never got into the much loved Cowboy Bebop, so it’s not like I’m the biggest Watanabe fan out there – but I’m still curious also because of the strong music-centred nature of the shows). And for Silver Spoon yeah, I understood that (also we’ve already got Moyashimon and I think at least another one last season…? Well, there was Non Non Biyori that was about a school in the countryside, dunno if it counts). I really think that has been the trend setter though (well, not for Moyashimon, but that’s very different shows anyway). Personally, Silver Spoon season 2 is maybe the show that I’m awaiting the most this season. If you remotely like something that is a bit comedy, a bit slice of life, with some serious undertones in unusual matters like our relationship with food and the ethics of slaughtering animals, check it out. It even has a hint of high school romance that does not feature bouncing boobs, panty shots or accidental pervert gags. Imagine that.

        1. E Minor Post author

          About Space Dandy, I was thinking more of its “pedigree”

          I don’t like every Scorsese movie. I don’t like every Kubrick film. I respect Watanabe, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy Space Dandy. Not even passing any judgment on it; it’s just a gut feeling.

          As for Silver Spoon, I’m really speaking glibly. When people ask if I’m going to watch a show, I usually assume they mean if I’m going to watch and blog it. I’m sure I’ll watch Silver Spoon 2 ’cause hey, watching takes no effort and I’ll probably be curious to check it out. But am I going to “watch” it, i.e. blog about the show? Nah, I haven’t watched the first season and I don’t have time to marathon it. I wouldn’t feel right writing about a sequel when I haven’t watched the original series.

          1. higgsbosoff

            No, don’t worry, I just meant “watch it” in the most literal sense. It was just general advice. It is way more funny to read you blog BAD shows anyway.

            And by the way…. yeah, I get your comment about big names. I feel the same way in general, and I might as well drop Space Dandy if it doesn’t catch my interest (and episodic shows without an overarching plot tend to do that). But for me the name is enough to grant at least that I’ll start watching it. The PV after all says very little except for showing some good visuals and a bit of funky/70 disco music OST (which for me is awesome but YMMV). So yeah. Not hyped up as I was for Kill la Kill, but definitely looking forward to it.


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