Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga Ep. 1: Let’s play a game

imocho 0105

Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun, and we’re keeping in spirit with the anime! But real quick before we start, if you don’t already know what this anime is about, the ghost of some redhead (Hiyori) haunts and possesses a young girl (Mitsuki) because she has to fall in love with some dude (Yuuya) in order to get into heaven. Oh yeah, that dude just happens to be Mitsuki’s stepbrother. Everyone got that? Cool. Alright, alright, so here’s the game. Let’s… let’s just try to imagine what it feels like to be in Mitsuki’s shoes. I mean, Hiyori’s already gone ahead and, uh, stolen her body and voice, so what’s the big deal if we just pretend to be Mitsuki for, hmmmm, a day. This day, in fact, i.e. the day we see within the anime.

First off, it’s probably your first morning at the Kanzaki household seeing as how the boxes are still unpacked in your room. It probably isn’t your first day with the new family name though, but the name hasn’t really felt like yours just yet. Yep, your mom just remarried. Who knows if she considered your feelings before jumping into this relationship, but let’s just assume she isn’t a narcissistic parent. Maybe just a little careless. And hey, the stepbrother is probably a nice enough guy, your typical bland Japanese high schooler. It’s a little disconcerting that he walked in on you while you were changing, but mistakes happen. You’re uncomfortable, but you don’t want to make a scene. Still, it’s a little embarrassing and you don’t quite feel right talking at the breakfast table just yet. What’s this? Oh that’s right, you’ve just moved in and the stepfather has to go to work overseas. And oh yeah, one of your support systems, i.e. Mom, is going along with him. Maybe a lot careless.

imocho 0104

You don’t know this Yuuya guy that well. Sure, it’s probably not the first time you guys have met (who really knows with anime though!), but still, you are not exactly friends with the guy. In fact, you guys aren’t even acquaintances. And yet your mom expects you to share a roof with the guy somewhat unsupervised. Your aunt will check up on you every now and then, but you’re still staying in a new house that you have to call home without any adult supervision with a guy who you don’t know all that well. Thanks, Mom. Thanks “Dad,” I sure would love some doll from India. It would make everything so much better. When you left the breakfast table, you seemed a little short and distant. Haha, let’s hope nobody thinks you’re just in one of those “moods!” Oh well, it doesn’t seem like the adults are going to change their plans no matter what. All you can do is suck it up.

You’re at school now. It’s nice. It’s an escape from the home that’s not quite a home. You’re talking to friends. They are a lot more familiar to you than your current family, that’s for sure. You don’t want to seem like a bitch about it, but then again, it’s the first time you could smile all day. Too bad school doesn’t last all that long. And you’re not in great shape for some reason. I dunno, ask the author. But really, it’s okay. It’s not like you’ll have to fight off unwanted advances or anything. Even so, at least school is school, and not some soapbox for the author to coyly defend romantic sibling love just because it has some historical roots. Man, that would be silly. Time to go home.

imocho 0103

Oh look, it’s Yuuya. Great, he’s bringing up that incident from this morning again. It was an accident, dude, you don’t have to apologize over and over. What did you do, spend all day thinking of me changing? That’s mean. He probably just wants to be friends. But if people really want you to adjust and feel comfortable with your new life, it would be nice if you got the space to do it. Oops, you fainted. Here comes the anime plot. Next thing you know, you wake up in a hospital room. That’s scary. And your chest hurts. That’s also scary. All of a sudden, you’re embracing your brother and talking to him in a strange fashion. Not only does your home and family not feel like your home and family, now your words and actions don’t feel like they belong to you either. What’s going on!

Maybe it’s all a bad dream. You try to sleep it off. No matter how hard you think about it, you can’t justify your actions at the hospital. You can’t sleep all day though, so you get up. What’s this strange feeling around your crotch? What the hell? You’re wearing a chastity belt for some reason. But you didn’t put it on. That could only mean someone else was messing around with you down there. Not cool. But before you can even deal with this new problem, a goddamn ghost appears. And she assaults you on the bed and steals a kiss. Definitely not cool. That’s your personal space we’re talking about! As if your current feelings of displacement weren’t bad enough, the ghost forces you out of your body so you can watch her play with your body while she’s in it. What the fuck? Is there even anything that’s yours anymore? You may have lost everything else, but you’re not going to lose your body so you fight for it.

imocho 0101

You get your body back, but too bad this just prompts the ghost to sexually assault you in bed instead. Wait wait, sexually assault you? C’mon, this is anime. There’s no sexual assault here! It’s just all in good fun! Here, let me explain. You tell her to stop, but the ghost doesn’t stop. Some unseen narrator feels the need to inform everyone that you’re enjoying it despite your self-proclaimed protestations. Who’s supposed to know “Hey, stop…” means stop, am I right? Right. Oh, don’t take it so seriously. Oh, it’s just two imaginary hot girls. Oh, if she didn’t want it, she could’ve fought back. Y’know, fight back against a ghost. And plus, every woman who has ever frozen in the moment is obviously asking for it. Especially if she enjoys it ’cause we always have full control of our bodies. So congrats. You’ve done the requisite mental gymnastics to render the current events as not rape. Cool! You can stop feeling bad about it now! I guess this is what they mean when they say, “Just get over it!” It’s only traumatic if you let it be traumatic.


Plus, there’s another worry to concern yourself with: you have to take a piss. Thank god this belt can be temporarily removed so that you can go to the bathroom in peace. Hah, just kidding. The ghost will follow you in there as ghosts are wont to do. Just kidding again! That belt only goes away temporarily for three minutes. Until another hour passes, you can’t make it go away again. I guess your bodily functions aren’t yours either, haha. What’s that? It’s your “family” knocking on the bathroom door. They want to talk to you. Really. Right here and right now. They think you’re just being overly emotional, and as a result, have locked yourself in the bathroom. You don’t want to worry them, but careful now, don’t piss yourself. Careful… caaaaaareful….

imocho 0102

Ah, you made it. See? Anime’s not cruel. At least you still have your dignity. Somewhat. Anyway, wasn’t that thought experiment fun? Horror? This wasn’t a horror story. It’s a comedy! Here, have some panties:

imocho 0106


14 Replies to “Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga Ep. 1: Let’s play a game”

    1. I don’t know if I want to live on this world anymore orz

      You could always swap places with a poor ghost who just needs to seduce your brother to get into heaven. How ’bout it?!

  1. This was a pretty rad thought exercise. It’s great to see you writing again, bro. Hopefully something will pop up worthy of some deeper analysis. Failing that, another SAO-esque romp through hilarity would be pretty great haha.

  2. I…can’t even deal…
    This is just a whole new level of gross and creep. I’ve never heard of something like this was was mainstream and NOT a porno.

    But it is the natural progression, isn’t it? Let me explain:
    From my understanding there are cultural reasons why the idea of “cousin love” even exists like this in concept (something about how most Japanese families are very insular and how it’s easier to fall for one’s “childhood friend” neighbor or classmate than in adult life) and why this “it’s rape, but not really, though it is” exists in comedy and porn (the Japanese really have an affection for embarrassment, hence the shyness that instantly pops up whenever one of the sexes starts getting intimate with the other and why “ah, no, don’t look there” is so damn common, and also why there seems to be a “she’s a slut if she’s so into it” mentality I’ve seen in a lot of contemporary Asian works). However, I know that to say THIS anime/story is the result of such cultural things would be incredibly insulting. What I mean to say is that from these things come the next evolution of that, the “Why is My Sister so Cute?” phenomenon, and then from THAT it spirals into “Ghost Rape: The Anime, Now With Incest!”.
    Know what I mean? It’s like how we had zombies, then we had running zombies, then we had thinking running zombies, etc. It’s just the natural progression of this kind of thing and I suppose we’re to expect it after the popularity of its predecessors. Though that also means it will likely get worse as time goes on…

    Oh, also there seems to be an awful idea of “If we’re not related, it’s okay” which will TOTALLY be brought up in this anime, of that I have no doubt. It’s a crap excuse for this kind of thing and frankly it completely invalidates the sense of family in adoption and the like, as if “It’s not incest because since you didn’t shoot out the same womb I did you’re not really my family!”.
    I doubt you’ll continue this show, though I’d read on if you did because of how you write, but I’m certain that if you did, you’d run into that line at some point.

    1. Regarding a lot of the cultural things you brought up, I’d hesitate to draw too distinct of a conclusion. Even if there’s a pattern within the anime/manga subculture, we have to keep in mind it is may not exactly be representative of Japanese society at large. It would be kind of like other countries harping on America for our love of guns, but I haven’t seen or touched one in person in my entire life. I have no desire whatsoever to own or even use a gun. Yeah, the subset of the population that’s into guns certainly exist; I would never deny that! But you can’t extrapolate from that small population. I think the same applies to anime/manga.

      I do get what you’re trying to say about the escalation of the taboo in the medium. There is this thought that when anime became an international commodity, anime otakus felt that the medium lost a certain je nais se quoi. I mean, it used to be this nerdy thing for nerdy people who felt as though they were rejected from society at large. It was their thing, their passion that they could delineate from the society that had ostracized them. But all of a sudden, shit like Miyazaki films starting receiving international acclaim. Anime was becoming respected. You weren’t automatically a disgusting otaku just for watching anime. So as a result, it’s almost as though this escalation in the medium toward extremes is a way to reclaim anime. Maybe it’s too late to reclaim anime. Maybe that’s not what they’re doing at all. Rather, they’re carving out a niche within the medium that gets more and more debased every season.

      Anyway, I’m not exactly making this shit up. There’s this cool book called Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture, and it contains a lot of interesting essays and interviews with actual people involved in the industry. Y’know, not just random internet dorks shooting the shit online. I can’t remember their names anymore, but one of the interviewees advanced this very idea that I just gave a brief summary of above. Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s not. But when I read it, it did give me pause. And I bring it up now because, again, I think we should be very careful about drawing any conclusions about Japanese culture from just anime alone, especially if certain shows are going to extremes just to carve out that niche I just talked about.

      1. I see your point. Nice use of the gun analogy.

        “Y’know, not just random internet dorks shooting the shit online.”
        Haha! Nice and true. Yeah I think I might look into that, if at least for the interview where what you summed up is discussed.

        Here’s hoping things don’t get worse, but after already having a show starring a victim of molestation-turned-sexual zombie, a show about super fighting people who get powered up by forcibly drinking the lactation of young women, and now…this… How much worse can it get?

  3. On another note, it could perfectly work as an horror. In fact, a show taking all these tropes and turning them into a psychological horror would be the perfect jab at all these ShiSis (Shitty Sister) shows. Then again, that’s why I enjoyed so much the psycho imouto from NouCome.

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