Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga Ep. 2: More of the same

imocho 0201

Well, what do you know… it’s rape again! It’s only the second week of the season and this show has already run out ideas. Why else would the second episode be a carbon copy of the first episode? Pushy family members not giving the young girl the space she needs to feel comfortable? Check. Deriving pleasure from Mitsuki’s shame over urination? Check. Female-on-female sexual assault? Check. ImoCho just makes so easy for me to hate it.

There’s no point in analyzing the rape scene. That’s what it is, after all. Why? ‘Cause no means no. It’s as simple as that. If we can’t even agree on this, the following discussion would be a non-starter. What begs to be revealed, in my opinion, is the misdirection that occurs shortly afterwards. Hiyori pretty much tells Mitsuki to get over it because plenty of girls masturbate including her friend at school. Hm, true. Girls do masturbate, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. After all, it’s almost an accepted fact that most guys masturbate. But — and it feels like I’m taking crazy pills that I would even need to say this — ghosts fondling you in inappropriate places is not masturbation.

imocho 0202

Nevertheless, this isn’t quite what I wanted to highlight about this particular conversation between MItsuki and her unwanted hanger-on. The thing is — if you were the sort of “fair and balanced” commentator who tries to see the good and bad of everything — you might be tempted to say, “Well look, the show’s not all bad. It might be 99% bad, but there’s a 1% gem of goodness within it. While Hiyori shouldn’t have forced herself upon Mitsuki, the anime is right on the masturbation issue. Girls shouldn’t be ashamed of something so natural!” Sure, that’s true, but do you think the story actually gives one shit about female shame with regards to masturbation? Heeeeeeeelllllllll no.

It’s honestly just a very devious trick to change the subject. Like I’ve already said, what happened in the tub wasn’t even masturbation to begin with, but all of a sudden, we’re talking about it. Hmmm. So what really happened is that you take an actual issue — an issue that really does require discussion in a conservative culture — and you use it to cover up sexual assault: “W-why are you acting so embarrassed for? You’re just perpetuating female shame!” It’s so plainly obvious how selfish and self-serving this is, but I guess we can’t really be surprised, can we? After all, we’ve just made a poor girl piss herself just earlier in the same episode.

imocho 0203

Yeah, it’s as if last week’s resolution was an insult to urine enthusiasts or something. Like how dare we allow the girl to avoid pissing all over herself! I demand satisfaction! So of course, we go through the same song and (pee) dance again, but this time, Mitsuki isn’t so lucky. Even worse, she has to expose herself to her stepbrother. And to top it all off, yes, she pisses herself in front of her brother. We are even treated to glistening urine running down her legs like it’s fucking Botticelli. Ah, but if only she had to courage to tell him that she merely needed to go to the restroom. See, it’s all about how we shouldn’t feel shame about our bodies! /wink

You like urine? Cool, I don’t really care. I really don’t. Everyone has their kinks and fetishes. But why does it have to come at someone else’s expense? This then ties back to my post from yesterday:  why are we being so cruel? Too bad I won’t get an answer to this question. After all, as long as we get our rocks off, right?

imocho 0205

The question in the screencap above isn’t even that hard to answer. In fact, that was my entire point in last week’s post about the show. All you really have to do is use a teensy, tiny bit of imagination to put yourself in Misuki’s shoes. Oh, I know that this is a romantic horror comedy; I know that this is titillation for a predominantly male audience. But really, if you could just put yourself in her shoes and try to have a little sympathy…. That’s it. There’s nothing wrong with titillation. After all, who doesn’t require a release every now and then? At the same time, however, it’s not really asking the world of you to just have a little sympathy.

At the heart of all of this is supposedly a romance. We’re supposed to identify with Yuuya and how wholesome he is. Like amidst all the chaos between Mitsuki and Hiyori, look at Yuuya just being the most perfect oniichan! Nevermind that he was super pushy about dragging Mitsuki to the nurse’s office, he just really, really cares about her. You almost get the feeling that Mitsuki is being a real bitch to her family or something. I mean, look how cold she is to her mom. Look how she doesn’t respond to Yuuya’s worries. Your family just cares for you! And that’s what I don’t agree with. I don’t think she’s being a bitch whatsoever. If you take a second to put yourself in her position, you’ll realize she’s the most normal person on the show. But no, Yuuya’s the protagonist. He’s the hard-working oniichan who isn’t getting the thanks he deserve. It’s kind of depressing.

Two miscellaneous notes before we hit the road:

imocho 0206

• It’s amazing how literal this show is. Hiyori can’t get into heaven unless she literally crosses through the literal gates of heaven. She can’t reach the gates, however, until the literal steps are formed for her to climb her way there. The steps won’t form though unless she literally gains satisfaction, which is literally portrayed as a gauge on Mitsuki’s chastity belt. Everything is so literal ’cause maybe we’re literally too stupid to understand it otherwise.

I mean, just imagine the alternative. Hiyori died right before she could confess her love to her oniichan. She’s stuck in limbo, and can’t ascend to heaven for some reason. All she knows is that she has an aching in her heart that begs her to spend time with an oniichan. When she finally does so, she finds herself fading away. Like that dumb fox. Oh you know the one. Anyway, my point is that the anime’s right. Had this been the alternative, I would have just sat their scratching my butt, completely stumped at what just happened. Good thing the anime is so damn literal.

• Hiyori possesses Mitsuki during P.E. and manages to run the 100-meter dash in twelve seconds flat. So she’s less than a second off of the top ten records for girls under 18 in the entire world. Sure thing, anime.


2 Replies to “Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga Ep. 2: More of the same”

    1. I dunno, I guess it’s just kind of hard to watching something like ImoCho and not say anything. We all know tripe like Maken-Ki and Seikon no Qwaser are going to be taboo and unabashedly so. As such, I usually just say whatever to them. With ImoCho, however, it’s like the anime’s trying to pull an innocent act while simultaneously sexually assaulting one of its characters.

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