Nobunaga the Fool Ep. 6: Another one bites the dust

the fool 0607

We all knew he had to die at some point. It’s just history, man.

Episode summary: Nobunaga continues to be MIA as the day of his father’s funeral draws near. During the funeral itself, the conspirators within the War Council continue to insist that Nobukatsu becomes the next clan leader, to which the younger brother reluctantly accepts. Nobunaga finally shows up, but says nothing as he throws some ash and sakura petals around before disappearing off to god knows where again. Infuriated by his actions, Jeanne decides to leave once and for all, but when she hears a beast crying in the distance, she rushes to see what’s going on. There, she encounters Nobunaga training his body beneath a waterfall, but she also spots a sniper attempting to assassinate the protagonist. The sniper pulls the trigger, but Himiko appears out of nowhere to block the shot instead. Meanwhile, Mitsuhide has taken it upon himself to assassinate Nobukatsu. He thinks that if the younger brother assumes leadership of the Oda Clan, the War Council will never allow Nobukatsu to relinquish it. And seeing as how Nobukatsu is hopelessly inept at leading even a field trip to the zoo, I guess we have no choice but to kill the guy.


• That person on the left is supposed to be Nobukatsu:

the fool 0601

I honestly hadn’t realized how physically small the guy actually was. He looks like a small child next to Ichihime.

• It’s telling that Nobukatsu sits with all the women:

the fool 0602

If you’ll notice, all the men have weapons next to them, so you could say that the right side of the room is reserved for the War Council. Why Nobukatsu hasn’t been trained as a warrior, however, is beyond me.

• Even Ichihime’s like, “Man, I’m sick of your needy shit. Just grow up and make your own decisions in life already.” Still, Nobukatsu chickens out: “I will do it as my brother’s proxy.” Get a backbone, son.

• But you guys have to understand that this contrast between Nobukatsu’s effete demeanor and Nobunaga’s larger than life machismo isn’t just happenstance. The contrast is being put on display for a reason. Do you find Nobunaga appealing as a character? Do you like his brash, overly-compensating style of leadership? Now compare it to Nobukatsu and ask yourself which of the two you’d prefer. Personally, I think they’re both fucking idiots, but people like to take sides. People like divide themselves into teams (“I’m on Team Jacob!”). Call it cynical if you want, but I think it’s all too easy for storytellers to manipulate the audience. It’s all too easy to get people to swallow Nobunaga’s tripe when Nobukatsu is rendered as such a pathetic, little worm. The narrative is practically beating us into submission with the fact that Nobukatsu is weak and ill-prepared to lead. We almost want to beg Nobunaga to return under the pretense that he can somehow restore balance to the proceedings with his relentless masculinity. When you have the pushy advisors bully the little brother, the audience can’t help but think, “Enough already! Nobunaga would never stand for that shit!” That’s true, but… that doesn’t mean Nobunaga’s right either. Nobukatsu being completely worthless doesn’t make Nobunaga worthy by default. It’s an important distinction to keep in mind.

• Lo and behold, the macho Nobunaga is exactly what we get. In fact, he can’t just crash the party funeral. He has to enter with half of his broad, chiseled chest sticking out:

the fool 0603

And of course, he has to throw one of the many faceless guards around. Why? Because fuck… Nobunaga is manly!

• Even Nobunaga’s thundering footsteps are beast; the entire room is shaking from them and them alone.

• And the anime’s like, “Which would you prefer? An imperfect man who can make mistakes from time to time… or a child?”

the fool 0604

Well, if you put it that way, Mr. Strawman…

• Even the lack of words here from our protagonist is important to note. The title of the episode is “Strength,” by the way. I think you can draw your own conclusions.

• And with just a single glance, Nobunaga freezes his opponents in their tracks:

the fool 0605

His burning will alone conjures up a vortex of sakura petals. He is the tru3 warrior of Nippon.

• Make no mistake about it: the age-old trope that we saw in Buddy Complex is here in this anime as well. Y’know, the one about ineffectual governing bodies preventing men of action from doing what they need to do? Yes, these conspirators in the War Council are not exactly your standard bread-and-butter governing body, but the War Council is nevertheless analogous to one. And the implicit conclusion here is that had everyone listened to Nobunaga in the first place, i.e. had they taken the war to Takeda instead of waiting for Takeda to come to them, perhaps Nobuhide would still be alive today. But like Nobukatsu’s bizarrely effeminate portrayal, this is nothing but a strawman.

This isn’t some War of the Roses-esque struggle between several intelligent but devious leaders vying for power. It’s just a bunch of bumbling idiots fucking up so much that Nobunaga gets to win the people’s heart by default. Take the main crux of their argument. These men endlessly parrot the idea that Nobukatsu is fit to lead when it’s so patently obvious that the younger brother wouldn’t even be able to decide between having Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops for cereal in the morning. These “fools” are nothing but a strawman designed to make us side with Nobunaga. These men are so comically incompetent that, again, you can’t help but think Nobunaga is in the right.

the fool 0609

• And so we are told that “[w]ar is coming.” As a result, the Oda clan cannot afford to dawdle. It then becomes an issue of just picking the least offensive option, and of course, with all the strawman arguments that we’ve been getting, there’s really only one choice that the anime wants us to make.

• And if you can’t handle Nobunaga, it’s really your fault: “Unless you are strong enough to see his goals and to support him, you cannot hope to stay beside such a man in these war-torn times.” Again, it’s war-torn times, i.e there’s no time to think. There isn’t even time to talk as Nobunaga has clearly and succinctly demonstrated. Don’t even bother to understand any of his actions. Since it’s war-torn times, you just gotta stick with the warrior even if he’s an asshole.

• Nobukatsu is obviously naive if he thinks he can unite his people and avoid going to war with the rival clans at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that his naivete is purposeful. He can have good intentions, but ultimately, he can never be right.

• So Jeanne sees Nobunaga screaming over and over beneath a waterfall and this is supposed to convince her of what exactly? But it’s okay, because creepy childqueen got shot in the process. On the bright side, she finally got penetrated like she’s always wanted.

the fool 0606

Literally, her character’s only function within the anime is to bestow upon Nobunaga a Regalia, fawn all over his dick, then die in his arms as she continues to profess her unconditional support for him. I had no idea being a childhood friend with a Japanese guy was so contractually binding. In any case, good fucking riddance, creepy childqueen.

• I guess you could say…

the fool 0608

…Nobukatsu simply ran out of time!

cat seizure


7 Replies to “Nobunaga the Fool Ep. 6: Another one bites the dust”

  1. Man, I actually watched this episode for once since you took the time out to make this one it’s own review, and I now see what you meant by “not even funny bad”. I’ll admit, though, seeing Nobunaga’s screaming under a waterfall was hysterical to me. It’s like “No, crying alone is not manly enough! He must SCREAM OUT HIS PAIN ALONE UNDER THE PRESSURE OF A WATERFALL!!”
    Only the manliest of men, this Nobu.
    And then seeing Blondie cry over him as if she’s come to some revelation was pretty good. “Wow! He has feelings after all! This must mean he IS a good leader, not just that he’s a jackass and refuses to show fundamental human emotions in front of others.”

    What’s the saying? “A king who rules without love is a tyrant and a king who rules with only love is a slave”? Nobunaga’s fit at the funeral and his secret scream-crying show only the most childish of traits that an adult can carry. He’s clearly incapable of showing any emotion other than “MAN IS MAN I AM MAN”. Will the death of his wife and brother change this?
    No. It won’t. It’ll just make him even more brutal because there’s no catalyst for him to change OUT of his vengeful, warrior ways. He needs to show compassion, understanding, and wisdom outside of his sword/dick. I found myself siding with the strawmen, actually. Not that his brother is all that much better since he’s just a parallel of Nobu: a man without balance. I just mean that this douche CLEARLY is not fit to rule anything. He’s a swordsman and that’s it.
    -But no, he cries under a waterfall, therefore he has emotions, therefore he is a good leader.
    I mean, doesn’t that fact that it took Blondie to literally see him crying to realize he has emotions hint that maybe, just maybe, this guy is bad news?

    I laughed pretty good at the end, but you’re right about this show, mate. It’s trying so hard to tell an emotional tale about Nobunaga, but it’s failure isn’t (entirely) comical. It’s just bad.

    That aside: Da Vinci’s explanation of perception to Blondie was pretty good. It’s simple and not something new, but it was well done and worked thanks to its simplicity. Almost feels like another writer took over for a moment.
    Then again, maybe it was such a highlight for me because of how stupid everything else was.

    Here’s to hoping we see more manly tears ahead. I mean, if the loss of his father made him run off to scream-cry under a waterfall, what will this double-hitter of misery make him do? Scream-crying while punching boulders? Scream-crying while kick a bear in the face? I can’t imagine a more manly way to convey his sorrow

    1. And then seeing Blondie cry over him as if she’s come to some revelation was pretty good.

      Yeah I had no clue why she cried. What was even sad about the scene?

      He needs to show compassion,

      That’s the most outrageous thing about Nobunaga. Both Ichihime and Himiko keep telling Jeanne, “You gotta try to understand him. TRY. TRY. TRRRRRY.” Well shit, when the fuck has he ever cared about anyone else but himself? Oh, you mean he’s sad about his dead father? The same father he berated over and over when the old man was still alive? Okay, sure, let’s give Nobunaga some compassion. He definitely deserves it.

      I didn’t think da Vinci’s perception was very profound. It’s sort of like… something everyone should know if they’ve ever bothered to think critically, which, I’m sure, is rare for anime characters. So I guess it must’ve blown Jeanne’s mind.

        1. Maybe, but every single sex scene in Game of Thrones was skeevy. Jeanne’s only one girl, and childqueen is (hopefully) dead for good.

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