Mahou Sensou Ep. 8: Sibling love…

mahou sensou 0813

…sibling love everywhere.

Episode summary: Gekkou enrolls at Subaru Academy and reconciles his oniichan. Meanwhile, Takeshi gets a brief course in Wizard Brace’s deep, dark past.


• Just look at this screenshot:

mahou sensou 0801

Look at all those parents getting involved in their kids’ education! Doesn’t it make you feel warm on the inside? Gosh, I can just imagine their words of encouragement: “Sweetie, you’ll be the greatest magician ever! Just be sure to study hard in this school that has such a low amount of security that students end up getting kidnapped and brainwashed left and right. And oh yeah, once you graduate, you have to go to war with a rival magic clan that’s hellbent on destroying everything you know and love… study hard!”

• Kurumi: “It’s just like the way we did things in our old world.” Thank God for that. It’s crazy enough that people can cast spells in Mahou Sensou. Could you imagine if the rest of the anime was different as well? I couldn’t. It’d be too scary. I might actually be interested in the show.

• Kazumi’s so impressed by the education he has received from Subaru Academy that he has decided to enroll his imouto as well.

• Kurumi whispers, “She’s so cute!” “Very cute…” agrees Takeshi.

mahou sensou 0802

Yo, we get it. She’s an imouto. She’s kawaii. You guys can stop giving her the rape eyes now.

• Kazumi: “I can’t deny that she’s cute, though.” Rest in peace, little sister. We knew ye well.

• But remember, you don’t gain magical powers unless you come into contact with magic. So how did Futaba manage that? Well, y’see, she was invited to a birthday party by a little boy. Y’know, one of her classmates back in the normal world. Her big bro, however, heard that she’d be the only girl at this little boy’s birthday party, so he forbade her from going. Oh right, did I mention that Futaba is still in elementary school? Mm hmm, her big bro forbade her from going to a birthday party hosted by a little boy in elementary school. Hey, he’s just looking out for his precious imouto, okay? And you can never tell with those sick freaks in elementary school! They might play pin the tail on the donkey! And we all know little boys’ birthday parties are way more dangerous than this magical academy she’ll be attending. So he and his sister got into an argument, and his magic somehow manifested itself. Voila! I can’t believe my little sister can be so magical!

• But forget about that for a second, ’cause here comes the big revelation. Slo-mo, please! Stunned expressions, please! ‘Cause it’s Takeshi’s kawaii otouto!

mahou sensou 0803


• Takeshi: “Then one day, something happened that I’d never expected.”

mahou sensou 0804mahou sensou 0805

Dear Penthouse…

mahou sensou 0807

…he’s definitely grown since I last saw him…

mahou sensou 0806

…my heart pounded in my chest…

mahou sensou 0809

…forgive me, my lord, for what I am about to do.

mahou sensou 0810

The next thing we see are sakura petals fluttering through the air. I think we all know what happened that night.

• Magical training in action:

mahou sensou 0811

Madhouse’s really pushing themselves to the limit here with the giant, glowing octopus and students surfing to and fro. I sure hope they leave enough left in the tank for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. We wouldn’t want that anime to suck now would we?

• Meanwhile, in a separate location, Mui’s big bro asks her, “Which made you happier, Nanase’s gift or mine?” Haven’t you heard? When you keep it in the family, magic happens!

• Gekkou sees Violet-sensei in the hallway. He says hi to her. She just smirks. Top notch security and background checks at Subaru Academy, guys. I’d enroll my imouto in a heartbeat if I had one. It’d keep her away from those shady birthday parties.

• Ah, sibling love. “Stop checking on me during class!” Futaba whines, but we all know she’s asking for it, what with those pigtails and all. If imoutos didn’t want to their privacy impinged upon, maybe they shouldn’t look so imouto-y!

• Kazumi replies, “Why shouldn’t I come watch my cute little sister in action?” Yeah! Never stop watching all imoutos everywhere.

mahou sensou 0814

• That night, after Gekkou took a bite out of Takeshi’s fish, our hero gets a nightmare where Gekkou steals not just Kurumi away, but Twilight too. Oh no, not my sword-turned-pinku-haired-shoujo! I think the fish was a metaphor for Kurumi or something.

• So when Takeshi wakes up, he notices Kippei, one of the villains, hanging out by his windowsill. Kippei’s all, “Yo, wait up! I got a history lesson to teach you.” And Takeshi’s like, “I know you almost got my friends and me killed, but okay! Let’s hear what you have to say!” Then a really boring story follows where Kippei claims that the Wizard Brace clan used to murder and torture other magic users. We get the following exchange:

Takeshi: “Wizard Brace did that?”
Kippei: “Meowth! That’s right!”
Takeshi: “Well, gee, I have no reason to believe you, but okay, you have convinced me to doubt my teachers and everything they’ve taught me!”

• Then Kippei continues by telling a really believable story about Kazuma, the leader of the Trailers:

Wizard Brace: Join us!
Kazuma: Never! I refuse to be your pawn!
Wizard Brace: k ur parentz r ded

• Finally, Takeshi learns about the Great Battle of Tokyo Tower:

mahou sensou 0812

The Trailers realized how ugly the tower was, so they wanted to tear it down. But those stupid Wizard Bracer magicians stood in the Trailers’ way like the jerks that they are. And so a war broke out.

• Dun dun dun, according to Kippei, Takeshi’s mom used to be a wizard too. In fact, she’s the original owner of Twilight! I told you guys… this shit runs in the family.

• Takeshi: “Why are you telling me all of this?”
Kippei: “Because I’m trying to recruit you, obviously! Jesus Christ, what do they teach you kids here? Nothing, apparently.”

• And just like that, Kippei’s gone and Takeshi wakes up again. Was that a nightmare, or was it real? I’m at the edge of my pants here!

• The following morning, Takeshi decides to have a talk with Momoka just as Kippei had suggested. And boy, Kippei was right! Takeshi’s mom was a wizard. Then does that mean Wizard Brace did murder Kazuma’s parents? Takeshi freaks out and storms away from Momoka’s office. The school’s headmistress, however, just stands there, thinking to herself, “To expect him to judge the Trailers righteous simply because he’d glimpsed the darkness of Wizard Brace’s hidden past would be foolhardy.” Wouldn’t it? Therefore, I should just do nothing and let one of my students scare himself shitless. I mean, I could go after him and make sure he doesn’t do anything reckless. I could clear the air and alleviate his confusion. But… naaaaaah. Why bother? ‘Cause “[i]n the end, each person must decide himself” with no help whatsoever from the adults at this school! The best school with the best education led by the best teachers and administrators! Only here… at Subaru Academy! Call now to receive an informative brochure!


12 Replies to “Mahou Sensou Ep. 8: Sibling love…”

  1. How could I NOT enroll?!

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve read a review for this show, let alone watched it, let alone heard of it. Maybe it’s just because THIS was my introduction to the show, but it was pretty interesting.
    -Or maybe that’s just because plot was happening and lately most animes have just been meandering messes…

    I wouldn’t mind a reverse Harry Potter, though, despite it drowning in incestuous overtones. Would’ve been nice if it turned out the school was secretly some 1984 totalitarian regime disguised as a “school fer wizerrdz”, but judging from how you just tore into this episode (very funny, too), I guess this is no where near as interesting.

    On another note: I really like Fire Emblem: Awakening. It has a mostly good cast and fun gameplay, but most of all the writing was refreshing. No, not the “unity/friendship = victory” trope. I mean how when shit happens, the characters discuss it IMMEDIATELY.
    -Someone important dies? They don’t let their family brood for eight chapters and talk it out.
    -Main villain comes by to throw a revelation at the protagonist and recruit him? As soon as he’s gone, the Protag IMMEDIATELY tells his allies “Yeah, that evil guy said some mind-blowing stuff and wants me to go evil. What do you think?”

    I’m just reminded of FE:A because of the ending of this anime and how much contrived bullshit has happened in literally every anime you’ve reviewed lately simply because a lack of proper communication. Not even Kill La Kill is exempt from this because of Ryuuko’s irritatingly stupid conclusions at the 11th hr.

    Why can’t writers these days find ways to bring drama and plot about WITHOUT resorting to this character/logic breaking nonsense? Damn it

    1. Anyway, this is the first time I’ve read a review for this show,

      I prefer my previous post to the show.

      Last Fire Emblem I played was the one on the Gamecube. Fun game. But I haven’t had a Nintendo console since the Gamecube so I haven’t kept up with the series.

      1. “I prefer my previous post to the show.”
        Okay, I’ll go check it out, then.

        “Last Fire Emblem I played was the one on the Gamecube. Fun game. But I haven’t had a Nintendo console since the Gamecube so I haven’t kept up with the series.”
        Not a Nintendo fan? Or just don’t want to waste money on new consoles?
        I’m the same way about PS4/Xbox One etc.

        1. Not a Nintendo fan? Or just don’t want to waste money on new consoles?

          A little bit of both. I used to own every Nintendo console up until the Wii. I just got tired of their “We know better than you” attitude with regards to practically everything, e.g. proprietary disc format, subpar graphical technology, outdated system for online gaming, etc. I won’t get a next-gen system until a game comes out that I really, really want. And since Persona 5 was announced for the PS3, there’s nothing on the horizon that really tempts me enough to plunk down half a grand.

        2. When Nintendo went to the Wii, I stopped caring as well. The motion control thing was terrible and the games stagnated. Except for Mario Galaxy. That was awesome.

          But yeah, I’d rather play the GC version of Twilight Princess.

          1. You basically nailed it. Zelda was always the one thing that nudged me over the edge. I have had my doubts about Nintendo since the N64 days, but I still bought a Gamecube just to play Wind Waker. But after Twilight Princess, which sorely disappointed me, I just stopped caring. I’m sure Skyward Sword is fun, but as a series, Zelda is no longer magical enough that I’d be willing to plunk down hundreds of dollars for a console just to play it anymore.

            1. Personally, I found Skyward Sword to be the large disappointment. I wasn’t big into Twilight either, but god! The helper character in SS was terrible and its padding is moronic. Not to mention the anime-esque cliches added in, and not for the better. Total crap.

              Wind Waker is amongst my favorite Gamecube games, but I also really loved Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. That was a really creative, really funny one.

              1. Personally, I found Skyward Sword to be the large disappointment.

                I haven’t played it so I wouldn’t know.

                Paper Mario in all its incarnations were always decent games — and yeah, I’d agree that The Thousand Year Door was the best of them — but since I played the hell out of Super Mario RPG as a kid during Christmas vacations, it was a real disappointment to learn that future “Mario RPGs” wouldn’t be the same.

  2. Hey, at least the octopus looks cool.

    By the way, have you noticed sometimes on things like CG models and the skirts of anime girls, the textures look really good, but almost too good, and aesthetically stand out from the rest of the composition? Something I have noticed. The octopus seems to have this [problem].

    1. Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I’m sure they probably think it looks good though. It stands out too much not to notice, and if it was obviously bad to them, I don’t know why they would keep it in.

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