Buddy Complex Ep. 9: Geniuses in action

buddy complex 0910

This is so stupid. I’m not even going to do my standard long-form post for this episode because it’s just that stupid. So Elvira’s mentor shows up out of nowhere, and requests to see a demonstration of the coupling system. Yes, now. Right now. No, it cannot wait. I will fly my ship out into the middle of the ginormous Pacific Ocean to board the Cygnus and observe the coupling system in action now. What’s this? You’re telling me that this is a war zone? You’re telling me that the Zogilian army has been constantly hounding the Cygnus every step of the way? Eh, I’ll take my chances. Clearly, the fact that I’m a professor doesn’t mean I have any fucking common sense.

So Dio couples with Aoba for the billionth time, and he notices that his partner is depressed about something. Why, lemme just go have a talk with the guy who’s supposed to have my back in battle. I mean, it’s the least I can do.

buddy complex 0901

Pow! Right in the gabber, mate. That’ll teach you to have a bad day! How dare you! How dare you, I ask! I swear on me mum’s grave I’ll kick your ass some more if you’re depressed around me again!

buddy complex 0906

So our two heroes proceed to beat the shit out of each other for a good two or three minutes just because Dio takes offense to Aoba’s demeanor. But unlike other mecha shows, Aoba hasn’t even been all that whiny and emotional. He’s just… I guess ‘quiet’ would be the best description for the guy. I mean, Aoba hasn’t even had the chance to sulk, but Dio just goes HAM on the him out of nowhere. Whatever. They get thrown into the brig, and the professor stops by to imply that time traveling is totally possible, dudes.


But y’know, only for elemental particles. Suddenly, Zogilian forces attack again.

Like how is that even possible? We’re in the middle of the damn Pacific Ocean and, presumably, the Cygnus has been flying in a straight line for Hawaii ever since they rescued Aoba from that island in last week’s episode. So y’know, how is it that Zogilia keeps managing to catch up to the Cygnus, gets defeated easily, only to then catch up once again… just to be defeated once again? It’s like the Super Mario Kart of mecha warfare or something. The good guys always manage to get away, but the bad guys have a catch-up mechanic! But the best part is that it’s a surprise attack each and every single time.

buddy complex 0912

The crew of the Cygnus aren’t even expecting it, ’cause if they honestly did, do you think they’d be casually eating a goddamn steak dinner with the professor? They’d say, “Yo professor, you should really get out of here. It’s not safe for you.” But they don’t, ’cause they’re literally not expecting Zogilia to attack them even though Zogilia’s been attacking ad nauseum. Damn… the marbling on that steak would imply that it’s Kobe beef too. Kobe beef on a military ship? What the hell is this!

It turns out Margaret’s job is now on the line thanks to her numerous recent failures. In her infinite wisdom, the lady decides to join the frontlines this time. Yes, she’s going to hop into a mecha and fly her ass out there into the middle of a battle to… to… do what, exactly? I’m not even sure. She didn’t do anything, actually. All she did was sit in her mecha and scream at her army to keep firing missiles at the good guys. Hey, I bet she could’ve done that from the safety of her ship too! But nah, putting yourself into the middle of danger is the only way to redeem yourself as a Zogilian! It’s just their culture!

buddy complex 0907

Naturally, the good guys prevail again, and Margaret’s mecha gets ripped to pieces.

buddy complex 0908

But unlike Lord Dolzief, she doesn’t die. I’m not even sure why the anime bothered to spare her life, because we learn at the end of the episode that she’s losing her job anyways. But oh well. It’s not particularly important to me whether she lives or not. Rather, what I don’t get is how stupid these people are.

Even though Dolzief is this ultra important person to Zogilia, they allowed him to participate on the frontlines, and this got him killed. Margaret, knowing exactly what happened to Dolzief, sticks her dumb ass out there anyway. Oh sure, she was confident that her plan would work. Y’see, they theorized that the coupling system can only last for five minutes. So if the Zogilian army can just hold out for more than five minutes, they’re sure to defeat the Cygnus! Zogilia doesn’t realize, of course, that these are the main characters they’re going up against, and the main characters will always exceed expectations. Naturally, Aoba and Dio manage to go beyond their time limit long enough to kick Margaret’s ass.

So here’s the thing. It’s all fine and dandy to come up with a good-sounding theory and then test said theory, but didn’t anyone ever teach you guys about the concept of risk assessment. Shit, even if I am confident that the coupling system would surely last for only five short minutes, I would still consider the possibility that there’s a teensy, tiny chance that I am wrong. And if I’m wrong, I’m screwed. I’d be a sitting duck to those new-type mechas. Therefore, I shouldn’t stick my dumb ass in a mecha and fly it into the heart of a battle. Gosh, I don’t even have to be a secret special agent to come to that conclusion!

buddy complex 0909

But Margaret shouldn’t get too down on herself. At least she got to keep her life unlike the other “genius” of the episode. That’s right, Elvira’s mentor bites the dust. He willingly put himself in the direct line of danger just because he had to see the coupling system in action now.

buddy complex 0911

But look, he was holding onto this photograph of him and Elvira from when she was younger! How sad! Uguu, why do smart people keep dying?! I just can’t handle all these feels~

buddy complex 0913

Oh yeah, the episode ends with an introduction of Hina’s father. Seriously, it just ends on this as though I’m supposed to be blown away by his sudden appearance or something. I mean, why should I really give a shit about this guy? Is he the purple turtle shell of the anime or what? Naw, I’m just kidding. Sunrise is totally right; this old man’s arrival totally blew my socks off. Hell, I’m going to hop onto a forum right now and type up all these possible scenarios that might involve Hina’s father!!!

8 thoughts on “Buddy Complex Ep. 9: Geniuses in action

  1. flamerounin

    man the appearance of that doctor is so utterly pointless, doesn’t even add to this show’s story (if it even has any). but i gotta say, that look on margaret’s face while her mech is being destroyed was just hilarious and priceless.

    and oh, look! the whole coupling system works much better when our little couple are having their lovers’ quarrel RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT. how cute.

    and anyone wanna bet that hina’s father is actually a good guy and will do the “Go, my daughter! run to your beloved and be happy!” speech before hina defects?

    1. E Minor Post author

      man the appearance of that doctor is so utterly pointless, doesn’t even add to this show’s story

      Pretty much.

      and anyone wanna bet that hina’s father is actually a good guy and will do the “Go, my daughter! run to your beloved and be happy!” speech before hina defects?

      I think he’ll die because of a ruthless Zogilian move, which will seal the deal for Hina to defect.

  2. watanabe43

    “Clearly, the fact that I’m a professor doesn’t mean I have any fucking common sense.”

    Eh, having worked a fair bit in academia I can confirm that much tends to be true. But still.

  3. John Barnes

    See, I was right about Margaret topping herself in being a complete idiot. You can’t just go out there and shout orders and not expect to be a sitting duck. At least take into factor random intangibles and plan for a worst-case scenario other than trying to use an escape pod that would not work if the power was turned off. She was damn lucky to survive… but with Zogilla, maybe it would’ve been better if she took the dip.

  4. Soulstriker R Vanquish

    If you watched episode 6 you would know Dolzief was sent to the frontline because the higher ups wants to show to the citizens the power of a military division which happens to be led by Dolzief. And Dolzief is a field commander and squad leader so it’s completely natural for him to be leading his forces from his own mech instead of watching from his ship.

    As for Margaret… I don’t know how to defend her brilliant decision. Maybe they spared her life cause they’ll make her have a change of attitude like Lady Une from Gundam Wing and start talking about peace. Or like Kriemhild from Valvrave, which discovers some bullshit is going on behind the scenes.

    1. flamerounin

      But lady une was a badass, and so was kriemhild (too bad valvrave ended up wasting her as a character). but here, margaret’s actions is just… i don’t know. it doesn’t seem worth it to watch if she changes her views cause she really didn’t do anything big in her appearances.


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