Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Ep. 9: Mean girls

inari 0904

Talk about a drama bomb.

Episode summary: Some of the girls in the class are ignoring Inari and her friends, and she can’t understand why. One thing leads to another, and Inari ends up using her divine powers recklessly once again. Uka is forced to put her life on the line in order to calm Inari down, but this just ends up worsening the former’s condition. Inari eventually finds out that Uka is in danger, so the episode ends with our heroine desperately trying to find her way to the Celestial Plains to return her divine powers to the goddess.


• According to Amaterasu, she locked Uka away so that the latter can “remember who she’s meant to be.” Well, y’know what, being a god sucks. I’d much rather be who I want to be instead of always having to conform to what others expect me to be. Plus, Uka has had to deal with this problem from everyone: her creepy brother, her narcissistic mother, and now the sanctimonious Amaterasu. When you put it that way, maybe losing her powers is a good thing. I still think she could do a whole lot better than Touka, but man, screw being a god.

• Just when you think the drama with Minami is over, it storms right back into the story somehow.

inari 0905

For a second, I couldn’t even remember who she was, so to refresh your memory a bit, she’s the girl who relied upon Inari to deliver a letter to Kouji, but Inari had “accidentally” lost it to the wind somehow. So to make up for that, Inari transformed herself into Minami in order to confess the girl’s feelings to Kouji. Yeah, it was a pretty pointless subplot that I thought we would’ve moved on from by now, but I guess not. The real Minami eventually finds out that Inari had never delivered her letter, and now there’s going to be some serious fallout over this. Ah man, this is what I get for watching a show about kids in middle school. Remember when this show used to be funny? Yeah…

• Meanwhile, Touka’s grades are apparently suffering because he misses Uka. The taming of the tsuntsun has now commenced. The sad implication here, however, is that he fell in love with her because they played the Wii together. That’s it. Did we ever see them have an honest, heart-to-heart conversation? Nope. Did we ever see them spend time doing anything besides playing video games? Nope. Do they even know all that much about each other? Nope. They played video games together, and Uka once transformed herself into a human to help a lost young Touka find his way home. That’s apparently enough to spell true love in this anime. I mean, at least give us a childhood promise or something!

• Inari: “You’ll be fine! The otaku in all those romantic comedies are pretty much real-lifers by the end.” Sure. The only problem is that it’ll take a billion volumes to get there.

• Man, I used to think you were cool, Keiko, but it turns out you’re just a jerk like everyone else:

inari 0901

Yeah, I get it. Her classmates are stupid for ignoring her and her friends. And yes, they shouldn’t be whispering about other people behind their backs. But when Keiko started grabbing a classmate by her hair, she ends up being just as bad as the rest of them. Her classmates might be passive-aggressive bullies, but Keiko’s an aggressive bully. Oh wow, she’s “not afraid to hit a girl.” Man, what a fucking badass middle school kid! Sigh, no one’s likeable anymore in this anime.

• Yes, I know they’re all immature children, but with a show like this, you gotta have a least a single person to root for. Otherwise, why even bother watching it? I’m seriously considering just dropping this show. The only thing holding me back from doing so is that I’m so close to the end that I may as well see how this farce plays out. But seriously, dropping the show would at least free up my Wednesday nights till the new season.

• I guess Kouji hasn’t done anything wrong, but he’s not even a real character. He’s completely underdeveloped and one-dimensional. Y’know how in some stories, the hot girl is just a trophy for all the stupid guys to compete for? That’s what we have here, but the genders have been reversed. Kouji has no personality whatsoever. We hardly know anything about him other than that he plays basketball, he took a day off to take care of his ailing mother, and he once gave Inari a piggy-back ride to class. Sorry, but that’s nothing; the depth of his character is paper-thin. He’s just a pretty-boy trophy that “normal girl” Inari will win over eventually, but we probably won’t even get to see this happen in the anime adaptation.

• Yeah, I really don’t like a single character in this anime anymore:

inari 0902

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think those mean girls are in the right or anything like that. But Inari’s friends are just as bad. Maru’s trying to be all tough and shit as you can plainly see in the screencap above, so I don’t even feel sorry for her when she got knocked to the ground by the girl she attacked. She picked a fight, and she got it. What’s worse is that Inari’s friends are responsible for escalating this conflict. Your classmates being cold to you is no excuse to start getting physical with them. Fuck that.

• Plus, these girls aren’t even being cruel just for the sake of being cruel. They rightfully believe that Inari had betrayed one of their best friends. Put yourself in their shoes. It certainly would look as though Inari is the offender.

• So Uka somehow escapes from her prison briefly enough to calm Inari down, which allows for all the girls to clear the air. Inari ends up apologizing to Minami, and Minami’s friends end up apologizing to Maru. Uh-huh, sure, but I don’t see Keiko or Maru apologizing to anyone. This is so stupid. Plus, the conflict hasn’t even been resolved whatsoever. We’re just punishing the wrong person. Thanks to yet another mess that Inari has created, Uka will now pay the price.

• So Touka did what Uka should’ve done right from the very fucking start: he finally clues Inari in on the fact that the more our heroine exercises her divine powers, the weaker Uka becomes. Even the girl doesn’t understand why nobody has told her this till now: “Touka, why would she tell you something so important but not tell me?!” You want to know why, Inari? Because you’re in a drama. And as required by any cheap, low-budget drama, everyone has to be colossally stupid. Uka didn’t tell you something so gravely important because she thought it was in your “best interests” not to know. Yes, it is in an immature, overly-emotional middle school girl’s best interest not to know that using her divine powers willy-nilly would spell the death of her best friend. Sound logic to me!

inari 0903

Like I said, colossally stupid.

11 thoughts on “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Ep. 9: Mean girls

  1. brianwuzhere

    I was thinking it can’t possibly get worse than this, but the finale could just as well end in even more waterworks and I’d totally forgotten about that guy playing basketball or taking care of his mother lol. He really is more of an afterthought in the grand scheme of the teenage drama.

    1. E Minor Post author

      He really is more of an afterthought in the grand scheme of the teenage drama.

      Like I said, just a pretty boy trophy.

  2. eternia

    I think Inari’s friends are pretty believable for middle school kids? It would be weirder if they analyzed this situation calmly and solved it like adults are. We were once kids too, and we know it pretty well how it goes. If anything, I am baffled at how they reconcile so easily.

  3. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    OOF! This episode hurt. I mean it was a “burn on the pad of your thumb” type of hurt.

    What the hell happened to this show? It was a fun, jokey show about a nerdy goddess and a clutz for a heroine bonding over her middle school crush. Then as the episodes went by more stupidity leaked in, staining the script with a black sludge that retarded all progression while suffocating the characters and comedy like dinosaurs in tar. Senseless melodrama plumed in until everything was enshrouded in a fog of lazy writing so thick it caked against the screen.
    What I’m saying is: this show’s gotten bad. heh

    I’m with yah all the way no matter what you choose to do from here, but I doubt anyone else would really be disappointed in you for not continuing with Inari. I mean, unlike NobuFool which, as awful as that is (and it really is, especially since Child Bride is still alive), at least is giving you a decent amount of stupid fodder to lash the fun cynicism at, THIS show isn’t even showing those glimpses of mock-worthy sustenance. It’s not interestingly done, like Samurai Flamenco, and it’s not genuinely fun like the way it was in the beginning. It’s just devoid of all proper sense, plotting, likable characterization, humor…

    Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha is a visual famine of entertainment.

    Anyway, I can understand your desire to see this through to the end, though. I know I’ll be seeing it through simply because, like you, I’ve wasted enough of my time on this to at least reach the finish line. It’s just a shame that the final lap isn’t a motivated jog, but a frustrating slog.

    1. E Minor Post author

      What the hell happened to this show?

      People will say they don’t love drama, but they do. This, however, isn’t the type of drama that entertains me.

      1. ChaosCallMe

        Well, I was talking about the shitty people and they’re constant “bullying.” More like they had no life and were constantly infiltrating each others’ lives with strange accusations, violence, and crap. This continued through college. Maybe it’s because I live in this cesspool called the Deep South. Meh. :/

        1. E Minor Post author

          Maybe it’s because I live in this cesspool called the Deep South.

          Maybe. TV shows led me to believe everyone had to deal with bullies, but I’ve never met one. For what it’s worth, I grew up on the west coast.

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