Wizard Barristers Ep. 10: Exasperating

wizard barristers 1003

This animation, man. Sigh.

• Six years ago, someone brought Cecil back to life with summoning magic. What kind of summoning magic though? Hopefully, it’s necromancy. I mean, Cecil’s anime might suck, but at least she’d be a zombie. She’ll have that going for her, which is nice.

• Cecil tears herself away from Kiba, however, and demands, “Show me something that proves I can trust you, Sameoka-san.” Well, she had no problems trusting a hitchhiker she had never met before in a country all the way across the world. Oh yeah, let’s not forget how Shizumu would’ve have succeeded in kidnapping our heroine had Kiba not shown up out of nowhere to save her in last week’s episode. But you just hold on right here, Mister Kiba Sameoka! Where’s your proof, huh?

wizard barristers 1006

• Now it’s Moyo’s turn to conveniently appear from the shadows and grab one of Cecil’s wrists! Please, please, everyone just come pouring out of the woodwork. Yes, you too Kamakiri! Before you know it, our heroine’s own mom will have broken out of prison just to lead her on a wild car chase through Tokyo.

• Elsewhere, the rest of the, uh, familiars are having a meeting to discuss the fact that Cecil hasn’t come home since last night’s exciting events. You’ll notice, however, that all we’ve learned since the episode started is that Cecil had died six years ago, but summoning magic somehow brought her back to life. That’s it. That’s all the information we’ve been given. Don’t get your hopes on getting much more than that.

• The chicken says, “You need to calm down, koke. Cecil isn’t a child, koke.” Uh, she kinda is…

• The pig says, “I’m sure there’s a reason she hasn’t come home yet, kobu.” I’m sure 17 year old girls have tons of reasons to stay out all night and not come home.

• Of course, Nana Genie’s main concern isn’t that someone had murdered her or anything. Instead, he more worried that Shizumu might have bedded our young heroine! Gasp!

wizard barristers 1001

• Naturally, Natsuna’s familiar is just as much of a bitch as she is.

• Holy shit, this scene with all the familiars is just going on and on. Have we run out of material to cover or something? Why are you subjecting me to this nonsense?

• Kiba threatens to reveal Shizumu’s secret identity as a Wud if the latter refuses to release him from custody. In all his brilliance, Shizumu says, “Currently, you’re a suspect. No one’s going to listen to a criminal.” Well, no, a suspect is not a criminal, and I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to listen to a lawyer and try to understand why such an upstanding citizen of Japan would suddenly go nuts and destroy city property. Renowned lawyers don’t just suddenly snap and trash everything around them.

• Anyway, Shizumu tells his partner Quinn that they should totally raid Shark Knight’s offices because, uh, Kiba is “suspected of human trafficking.” Don’t you need a warrant for that sort of thing? And don’t you need to present some sort of evidence to back up a claim as trumped up as human trafficking? Or am I supposed to believe that some random detective can claim something that ridiculous, and everyone will just believe him? C’mon, any sort of believably goes flying out the window when you make the villains this stupid. Is it any surprise therefore that Quinn doesn’t buy Shizumu’s bullshit? She’s right! He has been suspicious as hell lately! You give him the what-for, girl!

Shizumu: “Once this is all over, I’ll explain everything. Will that work?”

No… hell no, man. That shit’s not going to fly! Right, Quinn? Right…?

Quinn: “You promise?”
Shizumu nods.

Oh what the fuck.

wizard barristers 1005

• In the very next scene, Ageha finds out she’s not allowed to even interview her client Kiba. Why? Because the police won’t allow it. That’s not even legal.

• Meanwhile, Cecil spills her guts to Moyo, who is so blatantly playing dumb, I’m amazed our Mary Sue hasn’t caught on to it. I don’t think it’s possible to exaggerate your disbelief any harder than Moyo’s doing right now. But anyway, apparently summoning magic calls forth beings from the demon world. Yes, the demon world. Apparently, we’re watching Shin Megami Tensei now.

• Moyo’s head looks really goddamn weird in this scene.

• So the raid on Shark Knight’s offices goes down, and apparently, a warrant isn’t needed. Alrighty then.

• When Shibuki jumps out of a window to escape, Shizumu chases after the guy and starts unloading his handgun on the defenseless civilian. Way to go, Quinn. We should totally let this weirdo do whatever he wants. It’s okay; he’ll explain everything later!

• Shizumu then reveals himself to Quinn as a magic-user, and knocks Quinn out cold. It seems rather careless of him to not finish the job though. I mean, it didn’t even look like he wanted to kill her. It’s very likely that she isn’t dead, and it’s very likely that when she recovers, she’ll out him to the entire world as a Wud. So again, are these characters just being dumb on purpose or what?

• Hoo boy, this episode is getting heavy though. Where’s my inappropriate breast-groping when I need one?

wizard barristers 1002

Ah, that’s better. Nothing like the juxtaposition of a dying detective and a 17 year old girl being sexually molested by her own trusted familiar.

• Elsewhere, we see that everyone in the justice system are in cahoots. This includes the head proseuctor, Director Makusu, the judge that had presided over the trial of Cecil’s mom, etc. In fact, that trial was rigged! Well duh… since the episode started, we still haven’t learned anything new other than the fact that Cecil was brought back to life with summoning magic. Sigh.

• Back at Butterfly Law Office, Koromo uses her powers of divination to make sense of our mystery. Naturally, we don’t get to see what she or the rest of her colleagues learned from it. Sigh.

• All of a sudden, Shizumu shows some concern for Cecil’s well-being. I mean, he still intends to use her as a “catalyst” for the summoning of, um, Lucifer…


…but the guy just wants to know what will happen to said catalyst after the summoning of Lucifer is complete. Nothing wrong with that, right? In any case, his dad has no clue what will happen to Cecil when they succeed ’cause, well, no one’s ever summoned Lucifer before. Who knows! Maybe Cecil will even become a vessel for Lucifer! Hey, it did wonders for Diablo in Diablo 3

• Natsuna made enough tonkatsu ramen for two, but don’t get the wrong idea! “It’s only because I was hungry,” she says, “and wanted to eat it, anyway.” Not like I wanted to feed you or anything. Uh-huh.

• That looks like a shoulder wound, dude:

wizard barristers 1004

• Cecil gets a text from Shibuki telling her to meet him alone in Ueno Park. Oh, we’ll surely learn something new and interesting now, right?

Shibuki: “Did you know that magicians Wuds were originally divided into two factions called Trailers ‘Macal’ and Wizard Brace ‘Labone’? We are Wizard Brace Labone. The Trailers Macal hate humans, and plan their demise. We, the Wizard Brace Labone, want to live with humans, so we’ve been opposing them.

Are you serious? This is the big revelation that I’ve been waiting to learn all season long? It’s not even all that revelatory. Yes, I’m sure most of your viewers have already guessed by now that the Macal and Labone are enemies, and that Grimoire 365 contains Wud prophecies. Way to go. Big whoop. Gold star. Sigh.

• Anyway, the episode closes with Shibuki warning Cecil to be wary of Moyo. Again, stuff we already know…


7 Replies to “Wizard Barristers Ep. 10: Exasperating”

  1. If we were watching Shin Megami Tensei the characters would have depth, names and symbolism would have meaning, the story would be intricately written, and Lucifer wouldn’t need to be summoned. He’d just be off messing with people, combing back his blond hair and fixing his tie as he tells Cecil “You should totally kill YHVH. Seriously. It’d be bomb.”

    Clearly we are watching Mahou Sensou, only instead of a school we have a law office, and instead of teenagers we have (wo)manchildren, and instead of a teenage protagonist who’s clearly predestined for greatness we have….uh….yeah
    …Damn, mate. Once again I’m just taken aback by how animes are just blending together…

    I can’t believe they had the balls to bring back law-related aspects again. They must’ve known they were going to screw it up even harder than ever before (my brain hurt just reading those parts. If I’d seen it I might’ve blown a fuse), hence the “Actually everyone in charge is just evil and in on it” bit.
    That’s seriously an overly common escape from doing actual research and writing legal proceedings realistically. I mean, we don’t really need to write this as if it’s happening in the real world with consequences since-Hey! Everyone is in on it. There’s your explanation for why people can get away with this shit.

    But whatever. Clearly it’s not the mystery keeping us hear, but the suspense…of what Lucifer will look like. haha Because you know they’re going to show him. Eventually. They can’t just tease it and never do it.
    Will he be a big ol’ monster?
    Will he look all SMT with the six wings and horns?
    Will he be a SHE and use their powers to Elfen Lied people right after being summoned?
    Will the summoning involve vaguely sexual connotations? I bet it will.
    Will Cecil have a magic battle aping the duel between Harry Potter and Voldermort, only with SATAN?! We can only hope with bated breath…
    “Sigh” is right, mate. haha

    1. One thing I forgot to mention (again) is that Cecil’s parents must’ve known something about all this Lucifer crap, but even after seeing his own daughter in danger during her brief excursion to Canada, the dad is still mum on the details. They are the best parents in the world.

  2. Did I miss it, or this is the first time we have seen those other familiars?
    Koke. Koke. Buhi. Buhi. Nyan. Nyan.
    What a total nonsense which adds nothing to plot development.

    Also, there is one question of mine which hasn’t been answered ever since episode 1.
    The normal humans are too weak. I see no reason why the wizards complied to their law.
    Why didn’t they keep fighting? Who cares about some magic prohibition law?

    1. What a total nonsense which adds nothing to plot development.

      They pretty much needed to kill some time, so they subjected us to a meeting of the familiars.

      Who cares about some magic prohibition law?

      ‘Cause the Wizard Brace Labone are goody two-shoes and they want to cooperate with humanity!

  3. If a man is shot and no blood comes out, are they still human?

    Not sure why it’s okay to show blood when Quinn gets hit and almost dies, but when the judge is shot we don’t see anything.

    I definitely see the similarities between this and Mahou Sensou. Maybe this takes place after all the war stuff dies down?

    1. Maybe his slick beige suit is just super absorbent!

      Maybe this takes place after all the war stuff dies down?

      I think it’s more that shows about “magicians” or “wizards” are always the same. There are always going to be two major factions, and one of the factions will always hate mankind. To a certain extent, you could say the same was true of X-Men even though the “magic” there was more “scientific.”

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