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Mahou Sensou Finale: Would you be interested in a sequel?

mahou sensou 1221

Pretty please? Pretty, pretty please?

• When the episode starts, somehow we’re back in the real world. Seriously, I don’t remember how or why we’re here at all. I could rewatch the previous episode, but who the hell would wanna rewatch a Mahou Sensou episode? So I guess my confusion will just have to suffice.

• That animation though:

mahou sensou 1201

By the way, Twilight is no longer Eterna. Her name is now… *drumroll* …Nightmare! And she’s even in chains now just in case the audience hasn’t realized that Gekkou is evil and shit. Wow, very edgy. So dark. Much scared.

• Nightmare then proceeds to kick our hero’s ass, but Gekkou calls her away just before she could land the finishing blow. Y’know, just standard villain stuff. And like all villains, Gekkou now climbs onto his podium to reveal earth-shattering revelations. Did you know… that both brothers are wrong about the events surrounding Gekkou’s accident from three years ago? They both initially thought that Takeshi had shoved his brother in front of the moving car, but it turns out this wasn’t the case at all! According to Gekkou, their mother had asked Bishop, Camelot’s leader, to kill Gekkou! Yes, one former magician asked another (presumably) magician to murder her youngest son, so the other (presumably) magician devised a cunning plan in which he’ll simply shove the kid in front of a moving car. Ah, the world’s greatest mage assassin! He always gets the job done!

mahou sensou 1202

I mean — and this may sound crazy — did he ever consider, y’know, using magic to kill Gekkou? Or how about that “I’ll trap you in a box then teleport said box to the bottom of the ocean” bullshit that we saw in an earlier episode? But instead — and with magic at his fingertips — our wannabe assassin decided that the best way to kill a kid was to shove him in front of a moving car. Real?

mahou sensou 1203

• Should we even care to answer Takeshi’s question at this point? The astounding stupidity of the assassination attempt itself is enough to render me completely apathetic to this apparently shocking plot twist. But just in case you guys are curious, Gekkou tells his brother that even he couldn’t figure this part out. Welp.

• We then get a flashback where we learn Takeshi’s mom has been having nightmares where she sees Gekkou becoming Kazuma. The plot twists! They just keep coming!

• Takeshi then asks Gekkou how he could hurt his own mother. Y’know, this is right after Gekkou had just revealed to our hero that his own mother tried to have him killed. Look, Gekkou is still a creepy asshole who wants to rape Kurumi. Nothing’s changed on that front. But to be fair, I think he has a pretty good reason to hate his mom if he’s telling the truth.

• The animation, man, the animation. Here’s Gekkou standing right in front of Takeshi:

mahou sensou 1204

In another cut, they’re still pretty much standing in the same place:

mahou sensou 1205

But when Gekkou gets mad and launches an attack at Takeshi, all logic goes flying out the window:

mahou sensou 1206

Now they’re standing nowhere near each other. And not only that, the street Takeshi’s standing in is freaking gigantic in the latest screenshot. See, this is laziness. A show like Samurai Flamenco may not be to your liking, and that’s fine, but its writing is anything but lazy. Mahou Sensou, on the other hand, is lazy, and it needs a fucking rocket up its own ass.

• And the writing’s lazy too: “The Gekkou standing before me is who Gekkou is now.”

• So Takeshi charges up his sword, which causes it to crack…

mahou sensou 1207

…thereby revealing an even greater sword!

mahou sensou 1208

It no longer has a cross-guard but I’m sure Takeshi will manage.

• Madhouse then treats us to an amazing spectacle of white and purplish-black ejaculate flying at each other at supersonic speeds:

mahou sensou 1209

I lost faith in Madhouse’s anime adaptations after Moryo no Hako and Aoi Bungaku, but watching Mahou Sensou has finally set me straight. That’s why I can’t personally wait to watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei!

• Then in the middle of their battle, mages from both sides of the war appear out of nowhere. Again, what happened to the Trailers headquarters and why are we all here in the real world, floating high above Takeshi’s home?

mahou sensou 1210


• But nothing really changes as Takeshi and Gekkou continue to fight each other one on one.

• Until Gekkou starts crying crocodile tears, and this is enough to get Takeshi to lower his guard.

mahou sensou 1212mahou sensou 1213mahou sensou 1211

Boy, anime protagonists will never learn, will they?

• And naturally, Kurumi has the time to scream out Takeshi’s name, fly all the way to his location, and plant herself right in front of Gekkou’s attack… before either guy can react. Yep, Takeshi doesn’t move an inch, and Gekkou couldn’t stay his sword. Kurumi is just that fast, son.

mahou sensou 1214

As if Takeshi isn’t already enraged enough over the death of his own mother, he now snaps because his faux-girlfriend has taken a mortal(?) blow. But of course, Kurumi has something she needs to tell Takeshi… and it’s something we don’t get to hear! Yes, amazing revelations left and right, but we don’t get to hear this one even though it’s the last fucking episode.

• Instead, we get to watch the two brothers continue to scream each other’s names. Meanwhile, Kurumi has already told her secret to Mui, who proceeds to just sit there and cry. I repeat, she just sits there and cries. She keeps muttering, “Please… stop this…” but she does nothing but fucking sit there.

• And out of nowhere, the injured headmistress of Subaru Academy shows up. Well, not really. She’s floating off in the distance, watching everything unfold. Yes, her own allies and students are dying, and yes, we’ve gotten no explanation whatsoever where she’s been this entire time and how she’s managed to find her way here. But don’t worry, ’cause she won’t hesitate to feed us exposition by talking to no one in particular about how the two brothers are starting to lose control of their powers.

• Our headmistress then shoots off a black ball of magical energy into the center of the city, leaving behind nothing but a giant crater. Elsewhere, Kazuma and V pay Takeshi’s mom a visit… right before they reveal yet another pair of shocking revelations! First, Kazuma is really Takeshi…?

mahou sensou 1215mahou sensou 1216

And secondly, V is really Kurumi? Oh boy, time-traveling in my anime!

• Anyway, we finally return to Takeshi, and he finds himself back at Subaru Academy. But everything’s still intact! Off in the distance, he spots a familiar-looking teacher:

mahou sensou 1217

We… we’ve gone back in time!

mahou sensou 1218

But… there’s Kazuma:

mahou sensou 1219

But we also just saw Kazuma refer to Takeshi’s mother as his own mother in the scene right before this one:

mahou sensou 1220

Not only that, Gekkou’s here too! Right before the episode ends, Takeshi thinks back to what his mother had wanted to tell him in last week’s episode. Y’know, that important thing she needed to say but he cut her off? He then goes, “Mother must have…,” but the episode promptly ends. Once again, we are left in the dark. What does this all mean? Well, here’s my theory…

who cares

Final thoughts? Stupid anime, stupid ending, stupid Madhouse. That’s all I’ve got to say. The show’s over. And until Madhouse hilariously decides that they want to waste any more time, money, and effort in creating a sequel to this terribad anime, I won’t bother trying to piece this ridiculous plot together. I will instantly stop caring about this show as soon as I click the “Publish” button in 3, 2, 1…

18 replies on “Mahou Sensou Finale: Would you be interested in a sequel?”

Hahaha, good job, dumbass! You let your waifu get stabbed because you’re a naive little urchin. Man, I’m all up for forgiveness, compassion, and innocence, but there comes a point where you’re just being beyond stupid… especially when it gets someone else hurt. What an idiot.

Well here we go with another bullcrap ending.
Also if I get the names wrong (I don’t give a flying donkey punch)
Well letsss gooo with the explanation.
Number one- The dumb assassin. Got me on this one. Maybe he just wanted to frame Takeshi who knows.
Number two- V (Kurimi) Well shit still got nothing
Number 3- Takeshi (Kurmia) Now this is one I can talk about. THANK GOD! Well firstly we know it’s him because of the photo and V talking about him saving her life then, in turn saves Takeshis.
Number 4- Insane time travel, well this happened because of the headmaster (loli hoe) bombed Geko and Baka to the 90s. Well Geko when further back in time since, everyone can’t choose what time they go too. Also this could have happened since they stopped caring about their composure and went Super Saiyan causing a time warp.
Number 5- Lastly everything in one shot. Well the ending was how I say really broken. They tried to introduce a whole new twist right at the end. Which never works but, ha who cares. Well first the mom figured out that Geko is a manic righteous serial killer so, she tried to kill him via pushing him. Yeppppppp award goes to the her for the mom of the year. Also Baka and Geko are only half brothers to be exact. When Baka time travels he meets Kazuma and trys to change history (which fails) and he ultimately how I say becomes Kurmia (Geko kills main Kurmia). Also Baka saves V before all this crap from the evil wizard brace (90s wizard brace). Which inturn makes her fall in love with him. Now Idk how people connect V to be Kurimi but, ha fuck it let them believe what they want.
Truth is another season would instantly make this a better anime but, in all they did terrible pacing and had a bad director so whocares im done forever MWAHAHAHAAH!

Now who said that Buddy Complex is the worst? Mahou Sensou is total bullcrap! And here I thought Log Horizon’s final episode was shit. Yet it’s pale in comparison to this.

I thought that his mom has died! That’s why Baka said that, in the end, he can never find out what she’s about to tell him back then.

But she’s alive!! She’s freaking alive! And she even has time to go back to her house! What a super awful writing! Why didn’t she tell Baka what she’s about to say back then. Before returning home? Why didn’t Baka inquire her too? Like, “What is it you are trying to tell me back then?”

This anime. Arrrgh. This anime. What a total waste of time. I might stab myself as punishment if I ever bring myself to watch this kind of shit once again. I even dropped anime which was supposedly better, such as Samumenco (?)

Madhouse did a crap job, the end. This anime does deserve a season 2 and a remake as the studio (Madhouse) basically did a shitty job in this anime. Maybe a studio can’t handle the pressure.

Maken Ki 2 is worse than this anime. While Mahou sensou is bad, it doesn’t really matter. The ending (not the ending song if Nano which was appaling in reality) sets up season 2 perfectly. While people may laugh at the prospect of a season 2, No one’s going to laugh when they know that Ufotable, studio that created the Fate zero will be handling the season 2.


It was good if u have the right mind set but only smart people understand how good anime this anime is except that ending I’m actually posed with that ending

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