Wizard Barristers Finale: Let’s ignore Lucifer for now…

wizard barristers 1203

Because we obviously have a bigger fish to fry.

• Ah, good ol’ Wizard Barristers:

Someone: “Is she even allowed to defend him?”
Ageha: “Makusu personally selected her so the court can’t oppose it.”

That is so silly, I’m just speechless.

• Well, if it isn’t our favorite incarnation of Lucifer:

wizard barristers 1201

Look, I don’t want to interrupt this super-important Makusu circlejerk or anything, but uh… shouldn’t we do something about the fact that Moyo just happens to be a fucking demon from hell?

• Moyo gets all jealous at the fact that Natsuna is now friends with Cecil, and begins to spin around around in the women’s bathroom. The girls look on with bemusement as if they’re thinking, “Welp, that silly Moyo!” So I’m guessing that either Cecil hasn’t told her coworkers a single thing about Moyo’s true identity or she has no memories of being possessed by Moyo. Seeing as how even Cecil can’t be this much of an airhead, I guess the latter is the only option that makes sense? If this is really the case, Moyo’s character is so pointless then. Why even have her around if you’re not going to get any closure about the fact that she’s Lucifer?

• Elsewhere, Cecil meets with the now-detained Makusu to hear his side of the story. All of a sudden, he’s willing to confess about everything, including his involvement in framing Cecil’s mom. According to Makusu, he just wants to make it up to Cecil. But why the sudden change of heart? Can we really trust a guy who just tried to summon the fallen angel? Obviously not.

• Afterwards, everyone swears to lend Cecil any help that she needs. Who the hell is the plain Jane with the glasses:

wizard barristers 1204

And y’know, there’s Lucifer right there next to Natsuna. I was half-serious when I suggested that Cecil has no recollection of her brief demonic possession, but I guess this is actually the case. Oh Wizard Barristers

• Haha, what is this nonsense? The prosecution won’t indict Makusu on the fact that he’s been posing as a government official despite being a Wud all this time. Why? Because they want a speedy trial, and somehow, they wouldn’t get a conviction out of the jury anyway! What’s even better is how the judge accepts such a flimsy explanation. To top it all off, the prosecutor claims that he’ll allow Makusu to post bail because he isn’t a flight risk. Yeah, the guy who can summon a magical mecha and fly off into space isn’t a flight risk. How any of this isn’t blatantly suspicious to the judge is beyond me. I would have to assume the judge is either incredibly inept at his job or that he’s in on the nefarious plot as well.

• So now even though Cecil is technically Makusu’s defense lawyer, she’s trying to force him to testify. As for the prosecution, they’re trying their damndest to punish him with nothing but a slap on the wrist. Oh the irony!

• Cecil then pays a visit to the scene of the crime. When she gets there, she meets up with Quinn who’s just having a smoke break on one of the broken walls. The two of them begin to speak fondly of the late Shizumu… ’cause it’s not like he murdered a whole bunch of people or anything.

• At Makusu’s trial, he turns everything around on Cecil. He accuses Cecil of killing Shizumu. Uh, wasn’t Shizumu shot to death?

wizard barristers 1205

Yes, yes he was. Shot by his very own father as well. As a result, shouldn’t forensics thus be able to link the bullets in Shizumu’s body to the gun in Makusu’s possession? I guess the gun has just plain disappeared as well as the bullets in Shizumu’s body!

• All looks lost for our Mary Sue when Ageha and Seseri show up to the courthouse with Shindaiji in tow, i.e. the judge that had presided over Cecil’s mother’s case. We presumed him to be dead because Makusu had personally shot him in a previous episode, but it was all a ruse! Thanks to our heroes, Shindaiji knew Makusu was coming for him all along. Sigh…

• It’s funny how apparently useless Cecil is in this scene. All she’s doing is shouting at Makusu “Uguu, you said you would confess!”

• Then of course, Cecil inadvertently summons Grimoire 365 from the bracelet that Shizumu had gifted her. Some strange book is all the evidence she needs to convict the corrupt former Supreme Court judge! Makusu then breaks free from his restraints and tries one more time to kill Cecil, but his efforts are futile. Aaaaaaaand that’s it. The trial’s over. Even better, the show’s over.

• And yes, Cecil doesn’t remember a single thing about Moyo being Lucifer:

wizard barristers 1202

This anime…

Final thoughts:

This episode is a microcosm of Wizard Barristers in general. Most of it may have taken place in a courthouse, but there was nothing particularly judicial about it. In the end, all the stuff that actually has to do with the law is silly and thus brushed aside. The good guys win through the use of magic and magic alone. This time around, however, Cecil didn’t even realize what she was doing. Somehow, Grimoire 365 just appeared out of nowhere and she wins! And sadly, that has been the persistent pattern all throughout the series. Obviously, most people do not find the law and its practices very exciting to watch, but Wizard Barristers didn’t even try. It didn’t even believe in its own premise, so how could it attempt to sell its own premise to the audience? So instead, we get a by-the-numbers anime series about a Mary Sue and her magic. How utterly uninspiring. It’s no wonder that the show kept us in the dark for so long about the details surrounding the event from six years ago. Because once you find out what the cultists are up to, you quickly realize that Wizard Barristers doesn’t have much of a story to tell. Oh well.


7 Replies to “Wizard Barristers Finale: Let’s ignore Lucifer for now…”

  1. thanks for saving 24 mins of my time… i just wish that i had dropped this series sooner, but a part of me just kept on wishing that, for fk sake, there’s the word barrister in their title, hopefully we will see something law related, it doesnt have to be like phoneix wright or detective conan but still… please be good?

  2. Well shit. Not even a Harry Potter inspired Cecil VS Lucifer magic duel.
    Just ends on a vague note about something WE LITERALLY WTINESSED

    This also goes to show just how disjointed the anime was as a whole and how even [not so]shocking revelations like Moyo being the fucking devil incarnate are just filler for the non-story.

    At least it gave us last week’s episode, and at least it didn’t try to cling on for a second run.
    …I still say a Magic Anime Rumpole would’ve been interesting.
    That or the 11hr McCoy and Briscoe car-fondle-fest

    1. Ending felt rushed. It’s just like bam, Grimoire 365. Bam, Makusu goes nuts. Bam, Cecil casts one spell and he’s done.

  3. Defendant is allowed to suddenly frame somebody else during his trial? I believe that it’s something that has to be said beforehand. Lol.
    Aaaaand. The Familiars’ mouths didn’t even move when they were talking during the final scene. This anime and it’s piss poor budget.

  4. I was actually intrigued by this anime for the first 3 eps or so, but dropped it when it became extremely apparent that the writing was on par with a primary school creative writing class. Such a shame…”wizard barristers” was such a cool concept with decent potential and they just squandered it.

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