First Impressions: Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

daimidaler 0112

The screenshot above is basically this anime in a nutshell, but if you’re still curious…

Right off the bat, someone in the anime tells us that “[m]ass produced machines are no longer enough.” Well, to be honest, the “good” robots are not much better:

daimidaler 0101

That’s gotta be one of the uglier robot designs I’ve seen in a while. Why does it have dreadlocks? So anyway, this ugly tin can marches off to fight against the equally ugly enemy robot. It’s definitely a safe bet that mecha aesthetics is hardly this anime’s primary concern. The enemy robot attacks with a cannon around its crotch. I repeat, it attacks with a crotch cannon. The good guy’s uggo robot ends up losing the fight. Aw.

So if mecha aesthetics isn’t this show’s primary concern, then what is? Well, have a look at the OP, which features a silhouette of a hand dragging itself across pictures of clothed girls. As the silhouette passes through the girls, their clothes disappear. Yep. Don’t worry, none of them have nipples so we’re in the clear. Just thought you should know this.

After the OP, we’re finally introduced to the show’s main character. He’s Madanbashi Kouichi, and like everything else in this anime, he’s also ugly as sin:

daimidaler 0105

What year is this? Is this really 2014? What was the budget for this show?

daimidaler 0102

It couldn’t have been much. So yeah, as you can see from the screenshot above, he isn’t wearing the proper school uniform. The guidance counselor swears she’ll make him wear the proper attire by force if he won’t comply peacefully. Naturally, our “hero” retaliates by sexually assaulting his guidance counselor:

daimidaler 0103

Instead of being disciplined, however, he just runs off with her chasing after him. He then comes across some female classmates, and proceeds to lift up all of their skirts in one move. This anime is like… a really sad wish-fulfillment fantasy. Shit, a lot of anime series are basically wish-fulfillment tripefests, but this one really dials it up to a really pathetic, neckbeardy level of sexual entitlement.

Usually, when a show is this blatantly rapey, e.g. Seikon no Qwaser or Manyuu Hikenchou, the show will also try to be ridiculously over-the-top at the same time. In Seikon no Qwaser, the protagonist powers himself up by sucking on girl’s breasts and drinking their breast milk–… oops, my bad. The proper word is “soma.” Whatever. As for Manyuu Hikenchou, large breasts are highly-valued in society, and our heroine can absorb other women’s breasts by touching them like some sort of Boobcula. I dunno, it’s offensive but farfetched at the same time, y’know? Now, Damidaler does have some farfetched things about it. Namely, the fact that the enemy is some wacky Penguin Empire. But the actual offensive part about it, well, I dunno… it’s not really all that farfetched. It may seem strange to argue that Seikon no Qwaser is somehow more excusable because its rapey elements are more ridiculously unrealistic, but… well, yeah. There’s just something worse about a guy who runs around groping girls’ bodies just for the shits and giggles, and the biggest outrage in the story so far is that he isn’t wearing the proper school uniform. Like holy shit, who even cares about the fucking school uniform when he’s blatantly molesting people?

At this point, I’m even wondering if it’s worth going through this whole episode. Hm… hmmmmm… nah. I mean, let’s just give you guys the highlights, then I can move onto watching another show. Besides, I heard Draggle will be watching this show so you can always bug him about its finer details.

So highlights… highlights… well, he thinks a panting girl is in heat. Humans do not go into heat. There are these weirdos:

daimidaler 0106

Hey, they’re not penises! They’re front tails! It’s what makes them unique compared to other penguins. Haw haw, so funny.

By the way, our hero is super powerful (of course), but only after he molests women. Case in point:

daimidaler 0107daimidaler 0108

Eventually, our heroine unveils another buttugly robot for our hero to pilot, but he’s unwilling to do so. As she’s trying to convince him to take up the mantle to defend the world from the evil Penguin Empire, the evil penguin robot is beating the crap out of the pilot-less mecha. This sight alone brings our heroine to tears. Seriously:

daimidaler 0109

The guy finally feels bad enough that he’ll lend a hand. But oh no, the robot, which is named Daimidaler by the way, is all out of Hi-Ero particles or whatever the fuck they’re called. And the only way to generate more is by groping the heroine’s breasts. Predictably, the girl is hesitant to let the guy grope her — who wouldn’t be? — but it’s a do or die situation, a.k.a. coercion. As a result…

daimidaler 0110daimidaler 0111

Sigh… With regards to Harem Hill, I’m leaning against including this show. It’s just outright trash, so it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


27 Replies to “First Impressions: Kenzen Robo Daimidaler”

  1. Actually, this is so bad and ugly that not even bashing it would be funny.
    So yeah, you shouldn’t write about it. Even harem hill needs standards I guess.

  2. “Seikon no Qwaser or Manyuu Hikenchou, the show will also try to be ridiculously over-the-top at the same time”
    So is this. I mean, it’s not good…at all…but it’s just as creepy and uncomfortable.
    Actually less so (in this episode, anyway) because it’s yet to throw in overt rape and molestation in a serious scene. Hell I remember a glimpse of a scene with the main villain of ManyHiken pretty much raping a villaige girl (with comically overlarge breasts) as she cried.
    Shit wasn’t funny. It was gross.

    I guess you can excuse Qwaser as the best of the three, but even then it’s not by much. It’s true that the “hero” here is far worse than the heroes of the other two shows, and I can see that in comparison it would make these shows look better, but it’s all crap in the end, ay?

    Harem Hill is more fun with stupidity like Shitoge & Co. and My Loli Dragon Can’t Be This Kawaii. If you stick with this I’d keep reading, obviously, but I don’t think anything will be lost if you dropped it. It’s not going to be fun if the show’s hero alone offends and makes you uncomfortable.

    1. So is this. I mean, it’s not good…at all…but it’s just as creepy and uncomfortable.

      That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that this show’s more realistic approach is actually more insidious in making the molestation seem normal and harmless. You can call the other two shows gross all you want, but that’s pretty much the point behind them. They want to be gross. It’s their raison d’etre. Their modus operandi. This show, on the other hand, is shooting to come off more as harmless fun, and I think that’s worse.

      I can see that in comparison it would make these shows look better, but it’s all crap in the end, ay?

      Sure, but why can’t we discuss the nuances as well?

      1. “I’m saying that this show’s more realistic approach is actually more insidious in making the molestation seem normal and harmless.”
        I’m sorry, mate, but I don’t see it, at least not here. Nothing is realistic about this aside from that they aren’t in feudal Japan or wearing obvious hard-anime clothes. If it’s about how the characters act, I think it’s just that the writing is worse than the other two shows, but they’re all the same to me.

        “Sure, but why can’t we discuss the nuances as well?”
        Ah My bad, but I didn’t mean to imply we couldn’t or it somehow offends my sensibilities in doing so. haha

        1. I’m sorry, mate, but I don’t see it, at least not here. Nothing is realistic about this

          No one said this was realistic, but compared to sucking breast milk to gain alchemical powers, a lot of things are more realistic in comparison. If you want to insist that there’s no sliding scale whatsoever, however, that’s your prerogative, but that’s unnecessarily simplistic to me.

  3. This is like a if production studio took an inaccurate parody written by an American who had never actually watched anime and decided to adapt it.

  4. I actually watched the first episode of this ‘unspoiled’ as I will give most mechas a chance, plus I quite liked DxD despite it’s trashiness – it had ‘heart’ or something.

    Ye gods, I’ve been watching anime for over twenty years and this really scrapes the barrel. ImoCho made you feel dirty, this just makes me feel sad.

    I was wondering if the bit with the physics defying van was some sort of homage to the infamous QUALITY car chase in Polyphonica but I’m pretty sure that’s giving too much credit to this trash.

    Might be worth keeping blogging for shits and giggles but it does seem too easy a target.

  5. I’m probably going to sound like a no-life SJW by getting all riled up by an obviously trashy show that no one in their right mind would take seriously, but… FUCK this show!!! Something about those screencaps made me rage with anger. If there is ANYONE out there who wishes he was in this “hero’s” shoes, taking advantage of others like this, then FUCK YOU TOO. Gah, stuff like this pisses me off. It’s not just a simple sexual fantasy. It’s rape personified. Well, maybe a step or two away from rape, but the same concept. Fucking betas, man. Have to grope something to ensure their supposed “manhood.” That’s it. I’m done. Calming down now. :/ I know it’s fiction, but when it’s so obviously not that far removed from what could be reality… and when it’s so blatantly… well, rapey… then that’s where I draw the line. There is no justification for this tripe.

    1. Most of those people have no taste anyway. Granted, there are a bajillion members, and most of them like either generic shonen or perverted weeaboo crap or the like, so it’s not much of a surprise.

  6. “Boobcula”



    Also, gotta love how the show end on a joke about how the only reason the guy didn’t rape her in the mech cockpit was that she bashed him over the head with a wrench. Near-miss rapes are suuuuper hilarious!

  7. Just watched the first few minutes out of curiosity and dropped it. I like the main character design though. Reminds me of oldschool GAR stuff.

    1. Funnily enough, the reason he won’t wear the standard school uniform is because it isn’t as manly as what he’s currently wearing. Hmm.

  8. This seems like someone realized they couldn’t make a good show and instead decided to make a parody, except it has become indistinguishable from whatever it’s making fun of.

  9. You’re watching the censored version; get Commie’s (or, if you’re impatient, some anonymus’ subs in nyatorrent) for the uncensored video with actual nipples. Don’t worry though, you can count their appearences with one hand and they’re not the focus of the scene.

    It’s just that the censor gets a little too obvious.

      1. Oh, I didn’t check so I didn’t know, but seems like Commie’s intentionally doing over-adaptated subs for this. Honestly, I think I’ll end up watching this jsut for the subs.

  10. I just watched the first 2 episodes of this shit. By the second one he grows tired of just groping her tits and can’t generate enough power. He then proceeds to forcefully remove her clothes to see her uncensored nipples. Also, the girl sits in a specially designed chair in front of him which rotates and moves so her chest sits comfortably near his face. That’s all she’s there for, she doesn’t pilot.

    I repeat: the cabin has an extra seat for the sole purpose of having a girl for the main character to molest.

    This is the first time in years that I’ve deleted an episode without even waiting to reach a ratio of 1 on the torrent. I was too disgusted by it to have it sitting one more second in my hard drive.

    1. But than again you’re the guy who seriously entertained the idea of censorship because you got buthurt over fucking Diabolik Lovers.

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