Isshuukan Friends Ep. 3: Gossip girls

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Oops, forgot to add a little blurb at the start. Oh well, nobody reads these posts anyway!

Episode Summary
When Kaori tells Yuuki how she wishes she could have lunch with a whole lot of friends, the latter tries to integrate Shogo into their little lunchtime activities. His best friend ends up saying some insensitive things about Kaori, however, as he doesn’t immediately buy Kaori’s story. In fact, he accuses Yuuki of being far too trust, so things are frosty between two of them. When a couple of girls say mean things behind Kaori’s back, however, Shogo tells them off, which redeems him a bit in Kaori’s eyes. In the end, he comes around a bit and believes that Kaori is suffering from some form of amnesia, albeit an atypical one.

• Oh look, Kaori actually takes the time to measure out her ingredients. I really, really hate the trope where the girl is really terrible at cooking, but the male love interest chokes down her food anyway. No, I don’t believe that girls should be inherently good at cooking or anything like that. I just think home cooking isn’t difficult. All you have to do is follow directions and take pride in what you do.

• I like the art style in general, but it’s rather difficult to differentiate Kaori from her mom. In other words, her mom looks like a slightly older teenager.

one week friends 0302

• That’s a lot of eggs though. And who’s going to eat all of that?

• Welp, apparently Yuuki will. That’s a whole lot of cholesterol, buddy. And oddly enough, they’re all different preparations of scrambled egg. Even Yuuki says, “I can’t believe each one has a different flavor.” Sure, I’ve cooked for my girlfriend plenty, but honestly, this is not something I’d ever do for a mere friend. By this, I don’t mean just cooking a meal. I’m talking about the way the girl painstakingly put together several different preparations of scrambled eggs just to see which one Yuuki would like best. That’s a lot of effort for a mere friend. As a result, I must wonder if Kaori’s feelings for Yuuki has deepened that much already even if she probably isn’t aware of them yet.

• I know guys generally don’t cook for their female friends in real life, but still, what would be the harm in having it occur in fiction? For once, I’d just like to see a guy put together a bento for the girl. Why not? Who would this even offend? Subverting the trope wouldn’t even be radical, because c’mon, it’s just a bento. It’s not like we’re not asking the male character to undergo a sex change.

• Another thing about the art style: Shogo has such a deep voice for someone with such a baby face.

one week friends 0303

• Nobody else in their class likes Kaori very much, but as harsh as this might sound, it’s just not very surprising. When you’re quiet, people tend to think that you’re standoffish and arrogant. Still, I dislike how Shogo thinks Kaori doesn’t smile enough. Why can’t people, especially girls, just have a neutral expression when they actually feel neutral on the inside? Why do we always have to put on a front?

• Yuuki has to be careful, though. Just because she’s comfortable talking to him these days doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to open up to every single classmate of theirs. Not only that, making friends has to be something she wants for herself, not something Yuuki pushes onto her because he thinks it’ll help her situation.

• Well, Shogo cuts right to the chase: “Are you guys dating?” Seriously, who makes bentos everyday for a friend if there isn’t romantic interest? But unfortunately, this is anime, so the characters are incredibly unaware and/r shy about their feelings. As such, the story just cuts away from the scene without either of the two main characters addressing the fact that they’re already acting like a couple.

• Hmm, Kaori doesn’t even know why she has anterograde amnesia? So her parents never bothered to tell her what happened to her?

one week friends 0304

• Well, now Shogo’s just being mean. Sure, you could be cynical and accuse Kaori of lying, but what does she stand to gain from it? That’s a lot of work with nothing to gain. Plus, this is what I was talking about earlier. Yuuki obviously has a positive disposition towards his friend, so he’s going to look at the bright side of everything. I have no clue why he thought introducing Kaori to the blunt, indifferent Shogo would be a good idea. Shogo doesn’t have a stake in this, so he doesn’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Yuuki’s over-eagerness has bitten him in the ass.

• Shogo then accuses Yuuki of being far too trusting, but just like Kaori has nothing to gain from lying, what does Yuuki stand to lose from trusting her? In fact, he gets free lunches out of this! Being too trusting only matters if the possibility of exploitation exists, but Kaori hasn’t asked Yuuki for anything but his company in return.

• Now, if our two main characters were level-headed, they’d just brush this encounter off, i.e. Shogo was just being an asshole. But we wouldn’t have drama if those words don’t end up lingering in Kaori’s mind. Nevertheless, there’s a silver lining here. If she doesn’t write this experience down in her diary, she’ll forget all about it in a week’s (or less) time. I wonder if she’ll opt to do this.

• I guess she feels guilty for the strained relations between Yuuki and Shogo, but I don’t really think it’s a big deal. It’s the sort of thing friends would just forget all about in time. Still, the girl approaches Shogo on her own anyway, so she’s really putting herself out there despite all the horrible things Shogo accused her of. This episode is really about Kaori continually going above and beyond for Yuuki.

one week friends 0305

• Haha, who does that though? Who sees two people looking at each other and just decides to interrupt the conversation? But this is exactly what happens: a random female classmate butts in to ask Shogo a question, and this ends up scaring Kaori off.

• When Kaori leaves her diary behind in class, she tries to get it but she overhears her classmates gossiping about her. This is thus the perfect setup for Shogo to redeem himself as he not only retrieves the dairy for her, but tells off the gossiping girls as well (a bit peculiar that girls are generally the gossipers so mean in anime). Still, Shogo says something that I find to be rather silly: “If you don’t tell people that yourself, they won’t understand.” I know he took exception to the fact that Yuuki was doing all the talking for Kaori on the rooftop, but why should this matter? Would Shogo had held his tongue if Kaori had explained everything to him herself? I doubt it.

• Somehow, Kaori then gets the courage to explain to the two gossiping classmates why the notebook is so important to her. Except… she kinda doesn’t. Since they don’t know about her amnesia, her words are more confusing than anything else. I guess the takeaway here is supposed to be that Kaori summoned the strength to defend herself even if her defense wasn’t very effective.

one week friends 0306

• Oh dear, the number 18 triggers something in Kaori. Not only that, she even remembered cooking all those damn scrambled eggs as well as Yuuki’s name. She doesn’t remember much else, but baby steps, I guess.

• But she does remember Shogo… ’cause he’s not a friend. Yet, anyway.

Closing Thoughts
I don’t really have anything else to add. I felt it was a decent episode. There was nothing wrong with it in particular, but nothing outstanding either. This episode merely maintains the status quo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


5 Replies to “Isshuukan Friends Ep. 3: Gossip girls”

  1. Should I be worried that this will turn into a romance tale?

    I mean it has “friends” in the title sure, but they do act like this is some form of relationshippy love story waiting to happen.

    Iunno, the girl cooking eggs for a mere friend without some form of sharing screams “This is gonna be a tragically-induced romance about a guy who falls for a girl who will always forget him as the week ends, right?”

    Iunno, Japan’s take of friendships between the opposite sex that do not leads into some romantic connotation IS uncommon in anime. Either from the story, or from fanshipping. Hell, even the same-sex friendships are growing with some romantic suggestions nowadays.

    So really, I am more worried about the direction. I don’t want another cliched romance anime. I want a friendship. Just a friendship.

  2. This is the part where the series starts building a larger cast, otherwise we would only have the main couple every week doing friend things.

    This is just the beginning and I am looking forward to the rest but I find this series very enjoyable,
    As unrealistic as they main couple is I still love them.

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