Hitsugi no Chaika Ep. 4: I won’t say that aitch word just yet

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0409

…but please no.

Episode Summary
The trio battles Dominica for the remains of the late emperor. It turns out Dominica is really Dominica’s dragoon. The real Dominica has died a long time ago. After defeating the dragoon, it introduces itself as Frederica, a blonde-haired loli. Also, it’s going to join the rest of the heroes on their fun, magical journey. Yay.

• I can’t skip the OP fast enough. It’s just the song, really. More specifically, it’s the singer’s voice; it makes me shudder.

• How come Dominica doesn’t recognize Chaika? Count Abarth did.

• Bit odd to see Dominica walk all the way back to her mansion with the rest of the gang following closely behind her in their vehicle. They didn’t offer to give her a ride? Or is the mansion literally just a two-minute stroll away from where they had initially started?

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0408

• Toru is talking about how “a surprise attack won’t work,” but I thought he had suggested in last week’s episode that they should first try to negotiate for the remains. Yes, yes, this is exactly what he said: “About gathering the remains… I think we should work out a policy to follow from here on. … We’ll meet this Dominica Scoda that Guy told us about and negotiate for the remains.” Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. Obviously, he’ll end up fighting Dominica either way. It just wouldn’t be a very interesting show if our saboteur simply sat at a table and hashed it out with every single opponent he encountered.

• Ever the naive princess, Chaika wants Toru to request lodging from Dominica. Right. Somehow, the diminutive girl has forgotten why they’re even here in the first place. Man, this show would be a whole lot better if Chaika had just been normal. I bet I’ll get flack for this, but her character isn’t currently good for anything except to act cute. Yes, she’s the catalyst that gets the plot of the show in motion, but none of this depends whatsoever on her current personality, which is just annoying as fuck.

• Dominica’s mansion is amusingly littered with statues and paintings of herself. This part is at least funnyh, unlike Akari’s deadpan joke about the forbidden love between her and Toru.

• That cat though…

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0401

I bet it’s a spy. Maybe it’s even the dragoon in disguise. See, that’s the thing. The trio knows Dominica has one of Gaz’s remains, and as such, she likely has powerful magic at her fingertips. I thus don’t understand why they’re so comfortable talking about Dominica so openly in her own home. Chaika even says she feels as though she’s being watched, which is an obvious clue to the audience, but apparently not to the character themselves. I wish our heroes were just a skosh smarter.

• Chaika feels it would be ungrateful to attack Dominica, but Toru insists that Dominica is their enemy. I suppose this is necessarily true if Chaika really must recover her father’s remains at all costs, which is why I don’t really get what Chaika is thinking. What exactly does she want? Is this mission of hers really all that sacred if she keeps forgetting about or wanting to abandon it just because someone is nice to her?

• The next day, Toru comes right out and requests Gaz’s remains at the dining table. Gosh, at least finish eating first before picking a fight. It’s easier to negotiate on a full stomach.

• Afterwards, Akari is pissed that Toru had referred to his master, i.e. Chaika, as “someone precious.” Yay, incest! It’s stupid because it feels like Toru is the only sensible protagonist in the show. Yes, I know he and Akari are not actually not blood-related, but they grew up together and refer to themselves as siblings.

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0402

If you want them to be lovers but don’t want to be accused of endorsing incest, then don’t make them act like siblings. If you don’t want to do this, then don’t complain about the incest charges. It’s not fucking difficult.

• Toru explains that Chaika has given him a place in life as a saboteur. I get what he’s saying, but I simply can’t sympathize with it. Just because you’ve been trained as a saboteur doesn’t mean you’ll always have to be one to be happy in life. It’s a sad existence to think that all you’re meant to do is to fight. In fact, I’d take it as an insult to humanity itself. Blessed with all this intelligence and wisdom, and your only purpose in life is to fight? That’s rather fatalist, and ultimately, a damn shame.

• Ah, Toru suspects that this Dominica is not the real Dominica because she doesn’t recognize Chaika. It must be the dragoon then.

• This time, the siblings are fighting together, but not really. It feels as though they’re just taking their turns at Dominica.

• It turns out Dominica really is the dragoon. When Chaika finally gets off a clean shot, the dragoon reveals its true form:

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0403

Or apparently, just one of its forms: “No… This is the form you sought.” I’m a bit hesitant to find out what it’s talking about exactly…

• After its defeat, the dragoon reveals that “Dominica prematurely died of illness” because she no longer had a purpose in life after the war ended. Well, I’ve already voiced my opinion on this matter, so I won’t comment on it any further.

• This week, we get eyeballs!

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0404

They’re neatly encased in crystal prisms so you won’t have to worry about the squick factor!

• Aaaaaand all of a sudden, the dragoon turns into a blonde loli with giant curls.

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0406

That’s just fantastic. I guess this is the “true” form. Or maybe not, because the dragoon is also a cat:

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0407

So close, so close… But yeah, it’s Frederica now, and even though she claims she wants to kill Toru one day, she’ll tag along with him for the time being. Uh, that was fast. I guess she’s no longer hung up on her former master? What about all those statues? All those paintings? Ah well!

• Despite Toru adding a third girl to his traveling troupe of grave robbers (I’m just joking about the last part), I won’t say that dreaded aitch word yet (to repeat this post’s subtitle). Still, you can bet on this: Akari will have even more reasons to be jealous and thus mad at Toru in future episodes. And boy, isn’t that just exactly what we want?


7 Replies to “Hitsugi no Chaika Ep. 4: I won’t say that aitch word just yet”

  1. This episode was a mix of stuff I love and stuff that makes me roll my eyes (the fake incest and loli dragoon being the main ones). Still there is enough here to keep me following.

    I really hope they do something with Toru’s issue of self-image as a saboteur in the story. It’s an interesting thread that deserves a look. I’ve taken a liking to his character.

  2. I was decently enjoying the show till the loli dragon crap That was just B.S. fan service for crap I am not a fan of. Also why no notes on Chaika neck it litterlly looks like her head was freaking cut of and sewn back on.

  3. They used the bath scene to show the scar on her neck. It goes all the way around her neck, which suggests it isn’t simply because someone, or she herself, tried to slit her throat.

    My guess is that the ‘fake Chaikas’ are clones of Chaika, or rather, all Chaikas are clones. I can’t be sure of this because any short person with white hair and black eyebrows could claim to be Chaika, but then, that isn’t exactly a common hair color combination.

    1. They used the bath scene to show the scar on her neck.

      I guess I mentally blocked out that scene.

      My guess is that the ‘fake Chaikas’ are clones of Chaika, or rather, all Chaikas are clones.

      Yeah, I already suspected this a while ago.

  4. Shame on E Minor for not noticing the mark on Chaika’s neck. I thought you are a better observer than me.
    The mark on her neck sure seems like the mark when you had a surgery and had your skin sewn back after it was sliced open.
    She is probably died once after all.
    And revived as a zombie.
    Hence, coffin princess.
    Also, a partial loss of intellect as the side effect of becoming a zombie.

    1. I mentioned the possibility of her being killed and revived a long time ago, and nobody cared, so I don’t even care anymore.

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