Sidonia no Kishi Ep. 4: Taking matters into your own hands

Knights of Sidonia 0403

Well, it’s nice to see you again, Eiko.

Episode Summary
Sidonia undergoes an uneven acceleration in order to avoid impact with the Gauna, but this results in a massive loss of lives and infrastructure. Nagate is assigned to a group tasked with retrieving a lost Kabizashi as the rest of Sidonia braces itself for another encounter with the Gauna, but the mission goes awry when the Gauna suddenly reveals its ability to launch a beam of Higgs particles at the retrieval squad. With everyone but Nagate out of commission, our hero suddenly takes it upon himself to attack the Gauna head on. Nagate’s gambit ends up working, and the Gauna is destroyed. He then ignores orders once again in an attempt to retrieve Shizuku before she is lost to cold, deep space for good. The episode thus ends on a cliffhanger.

• Hm, the cold opening is just a recap of last week’s ending. As such, no need to comment on these events a second time.

• What exactly did Sidonia just launch at the Gauna? Considering how this is a last resort measure, whatever it launched must’ve been important. She calls it the “Heavy Mass Driver,” but that’s too vague of a name to really tell me what the object was.

Knights of Sidonia 0406

• Sidonia undergoes uneven acceleration in an attempt to get away from the Gauna. As a result of this, the gravity in Sidonia will be all fucked up. The students are advised to quickly attach themselves to a nearby railing, but I don’t know… those harnesses still don’t seem very safe. If Sidonia gets jerked around (you never know what might happen), I can see the characters being flung very hard against the rails, and that would be quite painful.

• Lots of students end up not securing themselves to a railing in time. We thus get to see the entire society flip on its side as these unlucky students find themselves falling out the windows and to their untimely deaths. I think the 3-D works here. I think the same scene would have been difficult to animate while maintaining a sufficient level of detail. Sure, you could always throw more money and thus more animators at the problem, but this is a TV series, not a Studio Ghibli film, so that’s not exactly a feasible option.

• The massive blood splatters, however, are a little unrealistic to me.

• Did Kobayashi give the right orders? At the moment, I can’t really say, but it does raise another interesting problem: even if she’s wrong, who will hold her accountable? Since Sidonia’s society is mostly composed of kids, who even has the qualifications or know-how to criticize Kobayashi’s actions? This is a potentially intriguing dynamic for the story going forward.

Knights of Sidonia 0405

• It’s clear that the Gauna is faster than Sidonia. It is thus just a matter of time for the alien lifeform to adjust its course and resume chasing the spaceship. As a result, I wonder why Sidonia had not prepared more than just the Akai squad to deal with the Gauna threat. After all, it’s obvious that Kobayashi’s desperate maneuver is an attempt to buy Sidonia enough time to prepare more Gardes for combat. It seems the spaceship should have had a plan B going into the initial encounter in case the Akai squad failed, which it did.

• As we can see, even the students who had secured themselves to a railing are bloodied and beaten. Seems odd that after a thousand years, this ends up being Sidonia’s best contingency plan for such a scenario. On a related noted, Yuhata seems to be in perfect health. I wonder where she ended up hiding.

• Nagate ends up in a group of four students tasked with retrieving a lost Kabizashi. Ichiro warns the four of them, however, that if they end up outside the designated area, they won’t be able to return to the ship nor will the ship decelerate to save them. Could you imagine just floating through empty space, waiting for your oxygen supplies to run out? It’s basically a new way to be buried alive.

• Man, look at all those Gardes on standby though:

Knights of Sidonia 0401

I’m sure Sidonia likely believed that the Akai squad would’ve gotten the job done, but I’ve always subscribed to the idea that’s it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m sure they had other squads that could’ve backed up the Akai squad. And even if 99% of the Gardes you see here are being piloted by less-than-qualified students, I can’t imagine why this hadn’t been Sidonia’s plan all along. It seems like a massive oversight from the person in charge, which I would assume to be Kobayashi. On a somewhat related note, the frame rate here kind of took a hard hit, which is distracting.

• In fact, the frame rate is very low in a lot of the follow-up scenes. This is disappointing, to say the least. This is the worst it has ever been in the first four episodes, and it really takes away from the viewing experience.

• If the show had time, perhaps we could’ve seen more of the camaraderie beginning to form between Nagate and the Akai squad. Unfortunately, we only got to see them visit the sea together, so Nagate’s words here are not as impactful as they could’ve been: “I can’t believe I’ll never see Akai and the others again.”

• One of these flashback scenes doesn’t fit. Why would Nagate have a memory of what Mochikuni had said to Momose when the two of them were in their own private bathysphere?

• What’s the significance of being down one Kabizashi?

• The Gauna oddly changes its course and is headed for the retrieval squad instead of Sidonia itself. This is like going for table scraps when prime rib roast is in front of you… unless there’s just something special about our hero, which you can never put past anime.

Knights of Sidonia 0402

• Huh, the Gauna opens itself up and fires a beam of Higgs particles at the retrieval squad. First, the whole thing seems a bit phallic. Second, it really makes you wonder why the Gauna had chosen not to use this ability until now. Or did it somehow get stronger by devouring parts of the Akai squad?

• Shizuku’s Gardes goes out of control, forcing the girl to eject herself into deep space. I gotta say I like the way this particular scene is executed. I’d take a screenshot, but I don’t think it would do the scene very much justice.

• I expected Nagate to ignore commands, but I thought he would do so in order to save Shizuku’s life. Instead, he quickly detects a weakness in the Gauna, and thus launches himself towards the alien lifeform. Ballsy. It seems crazy, but I almost wonder if this had all been setup beforehand in order to test Nagate’s skills. After all, why would Sidonia have no backup squad on standby in case the Akai squad failed? After all, Kobayashi doesn’t even seem fazed to see Nagate fly off as a one-man army. Granted, she almost always has the mask on, so you can never tell what’s she thinking, but her actions or lack thereof are odd nevertheless.

• In the end, Nagate saves the day and the Gauna undergoes a “bubble disintegration.” I would have liked a more kick-ass demise for the alien, but maybe the explanation for why Gaunas disintegrate the way that they do will make up for it… if we even get an explanation. On a slightly related note, I suspect a certain Yuhata will be even more obsessed with our hero after today’s events… after she mourns her brother’s death, of course.

Knights of Sidonia 0404

• I wish the characters noses would be more defined. You can barely see them on the female characters. I had to squint to make sure I wasn’t just staring at dust on my monitor.

• This Samari person sounds pretty old, but knowing anime, she’s probably just in her late 20s.

• Okay, now he’ll play the romantic hero and rescue Shizuku against his orders. Still, why are they concerned about him going too far? I thought the whole point of “We won’t decelerate to rescue you” was because of the Gauna threat. Since the Gauna has been eliminated, however, can’t Sidonia do whatever it takes to rescue Shizuku, or is it somehow still too much of a risk?

• It isn’t hard to see why this episode has been titled “Choice.” Nagate saves the day by deliberate disobeying his orders, and it seems as though he’ll save Shizuku by disobeying his orders again. Will this become a recurring theme throughout the series? Will Nagate eventually butt heads with those strange elders who seemingly rule the massive spaceship?

Closing Thoughts
Anyway, this is what I’ve been asking for all along. Cut out all the fanservice bullshit, and just give me a thriller in space. From start to finish, this episode has been both suspenseful and action-packed. Sure, not every episode can be this way. Sure, the characters will need to slow down and develop their interpersonal relationships. But it’s not as if I mind the possibility of a romance forming between Nagate and Shizuku. Rather, I just don’t want to see more of those cringeworthy “Hurr hurr I walked in on the girls changing and they punched the shit out of me” moments. They’re not funny nor do they add anything to the story. Anyway, if anything mars this episode’s quality, it’s the horrendous frame rate. It’s not likely something that will be fixed in later episodes either. Too bad.

Knights of Sidonia 0407

Still, if future episodes are more like this one, then Sidonia no Kishi may join the three shows I have pegged as my favorites for the season.


22 Replies to “Sidonia no Kishi Ep. 4: Taking matters into your own hands”

  1. Since the Gauna has been eliminated, however, can’t Sidonia do whatever it takes to rescue Shizuku, or is it somehow still too much of a risk?

    I imagine Sidonia would have to turn around in order to retrieve them. Perhaps there isn’t any material consequence if they were to maneuver the ship with more care (though it would take much longer), perhaps the anime hasn’t quite gotten to the political/structural consequences of basically murdering a large portion of your population. Doing that again just to save two people seems kind of imbalanced from a layman’s perspective.

    Also, that Gauna laser wiped out/sabotaged the retrieval crew’s Gardes when it only grazed them, and Tanikaze had to reboot his own mech in order to operate it. But when it tears Tanikaze’s arm clean off the second time around, there’s no electrical damage to be seen. How might this make sense?

    I haven’t commented on here for a while by now, huh.

    1. Doing that again just to save two people seems kind of imbalanced from a layman’s perspective.

      All they said was that they wouldn’t decelerate to save anyone. Since there’s no Gauna threat anymore, deceleration doesn’t sound too extreme of an idea to save the guy who just singlehandedly destroyed the big bad baddie.

      As for why the Tsugumori didn’t require another reboot, beats me. Maybe the laser blast wasn’t as strong the second time.

      I haven’t commented on here for a while by now, huh.


  2. >”Since Sidonia’s society is mostly composed of kids”

    I don’t see how you came to this conclusion. Most of our main characters are kids (I presume age works the same way after centuries of genetic manipulation), but that doesn’t say anything for Sidonia’s population. I think Akai would have been in his early twenties, and even then there’s plenty of random extras in the backgrounds who aren’t teens.

    Luck maybe? That isn’t an uncommon theme in military scifi action scenes.

    Also, about the consequences thing, recall that in earlier episodes, someone refers to ‘the time gravity failed a hundred years ago’. The last Gauna they saw was a hundred years ago. Coincidence? I doubt that. Standard procedure seems to be to liken such incidents to accidents, natural disasters and technical failures, instead of conscious decisions on part of the commanders.

    1. That’s what I’ve been told. If I simply ask questions, I get told off. If I repeat what my commenters say, I get told off. Good times.

    1. Wouldn’t really be yaoi if she’s a hermaphrodite who acts and looks like someone of the female gender for all intents and purposes.

  3. If the framerate is throwing you off (as it does to me) you should really consider usint SVP to watch Sidonia.

    On being down one spear and its significance: as Honoka #2 said, .now they have 27 left. So if there is a limited number of these (for whatever reason not yet explained by the anime), you don’t want to lose a single one.

    Also, good call on reflecting upon how the overwhelming young population doesn’t have the know-how to criticize the captain. That said, she REALLY didn’t want the Gauna entering Sidonia at all costs.

    1. So if there is a limited number of these (for whatever reason not yet explained by the anime),

      Well, I’m implicitly asking why we can only have a limited number of those spears.

  4. I’m pretty sure the mass driver is just a cylinder of metal or something. Nothing special. The Kabizashis, however, they can’t make more of, so every one they lose is one closer to having none at all.

    I’m getting more pleased with this adaptation every episode. It’s turning out quite well, but I’m wondering where they’ll try and end this. Will the ending be of the anime original or manga-ad cliffhanger type? The only semi-natural ending point I can see seems just a little too far to get to, though I could see them cutting some of the less consequential bits in between now and then.

    1. I am thinking the asteroid battle might be a good stopping point. It doesn’t resolve anything but it was one hell of a battle with massive casualties on all sides.

    2. I’m pretty sure the mass driver is just a cylinder of metal or something. Nothing special.

      Can a self-contained environment afford to jettison any of its raw materials?

        1. Maybe they do, but I’ve got no reason to assume that with any certainty considering what the adaptation has shown me. In any case, I’m just asking questions. It’s not really important to me whether or not the mass driver has any significance.

  5. The Guana attacking was not for training way more people would have died if that thing was allowed in Sidonia for just 2 minutes alone. Just a really horrible plan somewhat well actually Akai squad handled the situation horribly, they pretty much fought with out thinking thus threw their lives away, they were fully capable of easily killing the Guana but blew it. The Guana went for the Kabizashi because that is the only thing that can kill it, and it knew it no clue how they know this. The extremely large squad was more so to retrieve the Kabizashi at all costs than to kill the Guana.Really no clue why the ship can’t just decelerate the series is not doing a great job at explaining how the ship works.

    1. They shouldn’t have put Akai and Momose in the same squad. People tend to act irrationally when their lover is in danger. Akai is already on direct course for stabbing the Gauna, and his crews has pummeled laser on it to reveal it’s core. Everything went to hell when he changed his course to save his girl who got entangled by tentacle. And to think they are soldiers. Sigh.

      A lot of people seem to question why the ship can’t just decelerate. But I think I know why. It has something to do with how the gravitation in Sidonia works. Can you imagine what would happen if earth’s rotation suddenly slows down or becomes faster? We are screwed. It’s the same case here. They keep the G in Sidonia normal (9.8 m/s2) by moving in a determined speed. Accelerating or decelerating means another SPLAT to the passengers.

  6. The mass driver is not a big deal.It is just a last resort because I am sure they do not have the materials to spam it plus it sucks versus moving targets. Why would anyone design a weapon that sucks versus moving targets goes way over my head really.

  7. From what I’ve been told by someone who’s read the manga, the reason the spears/weapons are so valuable is because they are literally incapable of producing any more of them due to not having the metal they’re comprised of available/at hand (or something to that effect) so it’s essentially a case of if they lost all of them, they would be defenseless. Furthermore, these spears are made of a metal that’s apparently unbreakable/the only thing to easily defeat the Gauna, which is why they’re so important in the first place (which also raises the question: why only these specific spears/metal? What are the Gauna to begin with, and where did they come from? and so on)

  8. “Anyway, if anything mars this episode’s quality, it’s the horrendous frame rate.”
    It’s as simple as some serious issues with standard 30fps encoding from HS and Underwater subs. Watch the 60fps episodes that are available on nyaa to truly enjoy the glorious CGI animation. You won’t believe how much difference it makes until you see it.

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