Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 6: Pick yourself up by your bootstraps!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0610

Haven’t you heard? If you’re not lucky enough to be privileged in this society, you’re just a lazy bum with neither talent nor aptitude!

Episode Summary
The terrorists are after some classified research documents in the library, but our siblings show up in time to subdue them. There’s some back-and-forth between Sayaka and the siblings about the nature of equality, and in the end, the girl tries to make a run for it. Erika, however, manages to defeat Sayaka in a duel, and thus the terrorist threat is quelled for the time being. Afterwards, our Gary Stu plans to crush the terrorist uprising once and for all because they dared to threaten his and his sister’s livelihood. Oh man!

• Ono Haruka looks absolutely ridiculous with her beach-ball-sized breasts:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0609

Anyway, she hopes that Tatsuya, in his infinite Gary Stu wisdom, will show Sayaka mercy for accidentally getting herself involved in a terrorist group, but heh, Mr. Robotic has no time for such irrational appeals to emotion. He’s the next step in human evolution, after all, and only cold, hard, and erect logic will suffice. Bitches love my erect logic.

• Even when they’re running to stop the terrorists from destroying the school, the characters still feel the need to talk about magic. More specifically, we’re talking about Leo’s magic, the history of his magic, whether or not his magic is anachronistic, etc. It’s fucking hilarious. Sycophants always bitch about how critics are unable to enjoy any lambasted anime for what it is. Well, what do we have here? It sure as hell seems as though we are unable to enjoy an action scene for what it is. Nope, we have to vomit words all over it. Never have I seen an anime reach such neckbeardian levels of obsession over any topic.

Gosh, how come his glove isn’t breaking? Might magic be the reason why it’s not breaking? The simple truth is that any idiot with a clue would naturally think, “Yes, that’s probably why,” and just sit back and enjoy the scene. But of course, Mahouka isn’t just for your average idiot. Therefore, we have to painstakingly point out that a “Fortifying spell [has been] cast over the CAD itself,” and that this sort of magic totally suits Leo’s personality. After all, why draw the connections for ourselves when the story can do it for us. In fact, we should just give up this whole business of literary criticism! The story’s creator should just tell us exactly what everything means. Otherwise, a gun is just a gun.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0608

• By simply closing his eyes, Tatsuya can see where all the enemies are located in the library. Erika is amazed, so she says, “I definitely wouldn’t want to oppose you in an actual battle.” Just go home, folks. After all, what’s even the point of watching? Tatsuya has already won. He’s already fucked your girlfriends too.

• Haha, now I’m watching our Gary Stu bounce off the walls like fucking Flubber. As for Miyuki, she simply levitates herself to the second floor. Hey, we wouldn’t want m’lady to have to exert herself and break a sweat, now would we?

• Sweetass UI, dude: “ACCESS: Be allowed access to particular files.” Oh, uh, I guess Sayaka is now having her doubts. All she wanted to do was to end discrimination at her high school. All of a sudden, she’s involved in the thievery of classified research files. Her noble mission has been subsumed! Muh cause!

• Our siblings dramatically break through thick metal doors, and Tatsuya boldly announces, “Game over!”


As you can see, Mahouka does a good enough job mocking itself. But seriously, why are our siblings even students at this school? Why are they not teaching a class at this school instead? I mean, I would say how ridiculous it is that the terrorist organization decided to send such weaklings to attack the school, but remember, it’s not the terrorists who are weak. It’s just that Tatsuya’s an insecure kid’s wet dream. Why else would he be so overpowered? Why else would he be such an ideal wish fulfillment character?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0607

• In fact, where are all the adults? Yes, I know that the school is woefully understaffed. I had no idea, however, that this would mean none of the adults would be present during this terrorist attack. Perhaps they are adults, however, because they realize Tatsuya’s got this shit on lockdown. As a result, it would just be a waste of time and energy to even show up and help the students out. Our Gary Stu’s got this!

• Let me drop some truth bombs on you, son: “Ms. Mibu, this is reality. A world where everyone is equal and receives the same treatment. No such place exists. If there was a world of equality, where talent and aptitude didn’t matter, we would all be equally snubbed there.” First, this is a strawman. Only an idealistic twit would think that absolute equality is attainable. That’s the key difference here. Those like Sayaka desire equality, but only in a one-dimensional story would the same people desire absolute equality. After all, the notion of it is just patently ridiculous. But as I’ve said in earlier posts, Mahouka isn’t interested in having a good debate. It’s only interested in parroting libertarian talking points, which brings me to my second point: the idea that achieving equality means everyone would have to suffer. This is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the reality of the situation. In fact, it’s hilariously ironic how Tatsuya is so condescendingly hellbent on showing Sayaka the reality of the world around them when the truth is that he’s living in his own Randian-inspired fantasy.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0601

Inequality exists because the strong receives more than their fair share. That’s the real fucking truth. In fact, nobody is arguing that the strong is not allowed to exist, and therefore, we should drag everyone down to the same level (as an aside, oppression is when the strong do everything in their power to prevent the weak from ever becoming strong). Even socialists do not believe that everyone should be paid the same wage. Rather, you are paid what you truly deserve. If you put in more work, then obviously, you deserve to get paid more. The contention is not that some people are simply paid more. That’s just an insulting reductionist approach to the issue. Rather, it’s that those who own the means of production are profiting far, far more than the workers they employ. As a result, Tatsuya’s spiel about how talent and aptitude would disappear in an equal world is complete and utter horse shit. In a truly equal world, talented people would be duly compensated for their talents because guess what? That’s called equality, dumbass. The problem in the real world, as well as Mahouka, is that, again, the strong receives more than their fair share.

For example, Course One students treat the the Course Two students like shit just because they are Course One students. No one ever said that Course One students were not allowed to feel pride in their accomplishments. No one ever said that Course One students did not deserve the education that they are getting. Rather, it is that the Course One students unfairly discriminate against the Course Two students so much that they create an unsafe learning environment for the latter. They don’t even allow Course Two students to serve on the student council when I highly doubt magical aptitude is necessary in order to play pretend-government. Since the school has failed to enforce its own policies against the discrimination that Course Two students face everyday, Sayaka is more than justified in her desire to achieve equality. She simply made the mistake of joining the wrong group of people.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0602

• Oh god, it gets even better. Sayaka implies that she’s been mocked for her lack of magical aptitude. As a result, Miyuki argues, “In the end, no one despised you as a ‘Weed’ more than… you yourself!” First off, why the hell do we see the siblings naked? Like what does that even add to the goddamn story? Second, Miyuki’s reasoning is so asinine. Oh man, Tatsuya acknowledges Sayaka’s existence! She’s attractive because of her non-magic-related skills! Puh-leeze. None of this changes the fact that her peers look down on her literally because she’s a Course Two student. None of this changes the fact that she feels unworthy at her own fucking school just because of the scorn and contempt that is spewed in her direction every single day. You can go on and on about how her skillful swordplay and her beauty are ultimately what defines Sayaka as a person, but at the end of the day, she’s still being treated like shit.

Again, that’s the reality of the situation, and it’s just funny how the siblings are trying to obfuscate it with their double-speak. Is Sayaka being treated like shit or not? It’s a simple yes or no question. And if the answer is yes, does she deserve to be treated that way? Again, this is another simple yes or no question. Finally, if she doesn’t deserve to be treated poorly at her own fucking school, should she not try to combat this poor treatment because otherwise, she and her education might be adversely affected? You’re right! This is also a yes or no question! But of course, in this Randian-inspired world, it’s not up to the bigots to change their ways. Rather, Sayaka should just pick herself up by her bootstraps and ignore the fact that the upper crust of her society absolutely despises her. B-b-but muh swordplay! It’s so beautiful!

• Also, this. Are we going to yell at those children for hating themselves too?

• Anyway, Sayaka tries to escape, but she runs into Erika, who challenges her to a duel. Of course, Erika uses her magic to get the upper hand. Sayaka actually throws away her cast-jamming ring in some foolish attempt to make it a fair fight, though. In her eyes, she probably thinks it’s dishonorable to rely on anything beyond your own powers. It comes to nobody’s surprise, therefore, when Erika predictably defeats Sayaka with ease.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0603

• In the aftermath, Sayaka reveals that the only reason she started down this path was because she thought Mari had discriminated against her in some incident in the past. It turns out, however, that she was just mistaken! Mari never brushed the poor girl off! Instead, Mari was actually praising Sayaka’s skill! But you can see what the story is attempting to do here. It wants to portray Sayaka’s crusade for equality as nothing more than a foolish girl hastily jumping to her equally foolish conclusions because hurr hurr Weeds actually hate themselves more than the Blooms do.

The story is trying to reframe the issue; it wants us to think that anyone whining for equality are really just seeing things. In other words, they’re crazy and they have a persecution complex! Us elites have nothing against them! But c’mon, we’ve seen firsthand that discrimination does exist at this school. Alright, Sayaka was truly mistaken about Mari. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that Course Two students are being treated like shit. Even if Mari didn’t brush Sayaka off, this doesn’t erase the fact that plenty of Course One students continue to despise Sayaka just because she’s a Course Two student. One exception does not change the reality of the situation. Sorry, but Mahouka‘s cheap tricks aren’t going to fly.

• Uguu, this distraught girl only has one thing to request of Tatsuya-kun…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0604

…please just allow me to sob into your abs of bootstraping justice! But heh, it looks like a certain nii-chan’s going to eat it tonight, if you know what I mean.

• Yo, our Gary Stu ain’t going to just battle Blanche, the organization that claims to fight for equality. Naw dawg, he’s going to drop bows on these fools:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0605

I knew you would understand, Rock-kun!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0606

But it’s just as expected. After all, my bootstrapping abs are no match for yours:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0403

• Haha, Sayaka thinks Tatsuya is doing this for her sake. As if Mr. Robotic could care for anyone but his creepy-ass sister.

• So anyway, the students spend the rest of the episode planning their attack on Blanche’s base of operations. Out of nowhere, the guy who had picked a fight with Sayaka episodes ago reveals that he’s actually in love with her or some shit. Whatever, man. After all the right-wing circlejerking in this week’s episode, I’ve pretty much checked out mentally.


11 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 6: Pick yourself up by your bootstraps!”

  1. Even when debating about equality, all of Miyuki’s lines are still about her fucking brother.

    “Brother this, brother that. I love my brother no matter what haters say. Brother recognize you and you should be grateful for that, bitch.”

  2. “The story is trying to reframe the issue; it wants us to think that anyone whining for equality are really just seeing things.” Man I really wanted to watch this for how hilariously bad it is but this sort of of reasoning turns me off more than even the obvious otaku pandering. I have seen media(talking anime/games) from japan tackle discrimination and while they are very vanilla takes on it I never saw one demonize the marginalized group like this.

  3. even tough the rest of the children from the 10’s and the 100th families are ahead of the the rest of the students the siblings are far ahead coz of their fuken circumstances …

    tough i will really like to spill for the faggots but Keep calm and watch mahouka ..

  4. “The story’s creator should just tell us exactly what everything means.”

    He did. It was a series of eyebleedingly painful walls of text , that cannot translate well into animated format (not to mention it was awfully placed and very unsubtle exposition). The adapters decided to shift all those magic mechanics worldbuilding information, into special short episodes rather than include them in the main adaptation itself.

    I apologize for referring back to the source, but Mahouka is not an anime original show, so when you are talking about the creator, you are referring to the source.

    Speaking of which, you might want to explicitly state a No Spoiler policy, and enforce it with these posts….

    “t’s only interested in parroting libertarian talking points,”

    Is Mahouka really a libertarian show? Keep in mind that libertarianism has almost no traction among conservatives in Japan, and if anything, Mahouka is a show bearing the hallmarks of Japanese nationalistic conservatism, which if anything is statist and paternalistic.

    In any case, I don’t think the author is drawing from Rand and John Galt for Tatsuya. The aim is not to castigate the moochers, so much as to justify dominance over those moochers. If anything, Tatsuya is Nietzche’s Ubersmensch, who in his Gary Stuness, with his own set of alien values transcending that of the masses, working for the “common good” of humanity. A repulsive character, in a repulsive society.

    The problem in Mahouka, is that Magicians have come to dominate the Means of Production to varying degrees and extent. This includes the means of their OWN production – what we are seeing a Mahouka is a nascent pseudo-aristocracy, where Magical talent is passed down through families, through genetics. Tatsuya and Miyuki very much hail from that class, and their views are an apologetic for the emerging aristocracy, hiding behind the name of a meritocracy already killed by the implications of a society where some people have a very clear advantage (the ability to wield magic) over the masses.. Who are the siblings? They belong to a clan called the Yotsubas, one of the most powerful clans of magicians in Japan. They were raised as Yotsubas, they were raised as aristocrats, in a world where the said aristocracy are blatant superhumans, thanks to hereditary magic.

    Is it really that unrealistic that significant portions of such a class of people (especially children raised in such a class) would harbor the opinions they openly profess to the audience? I am proceeding here from an assumption that the author isn’t just trying to wave and shove certain ideologies down his audience throat, but is trying to explore how children raised in the society where Magic is Scientifically studied, and yet hereditary are raised to see the world by and large, through a Japanese lens. If this is meant to disgust us, it should be. Mahouka is supposed to be a dystopia where the Gary Stu apologizes for the said dystopia, while unwittingly revealing the contradictions in that dystopia. The past two episodes has been a blatant demonstration of a toxic hegemony in the world of Mahouka, of which the school is a subset of society.

    Or maybe I’m just giving Mahouka too much credit here.

    “But seriously, why are our siblings even students at this school?”

    Wet dreams, can turn into nightmares.

    As for your question: Tatsuya is only attending school for three reasons, two of which are not spoilers at this stage, the third is.

    1) Access to the Magical University Research and archives.
    2.) Net working (to a certain extent, but given how Mahouka the adaptation axes monologues willy nilly, the anime has quite likely failed there and will continue to fail in showing this)
    3.) Spoiler. Can’t say.

    He is not here for an education. He’s not here for a qualification.

    It will be more accurate to say he’s here for a vacation, but that’s not exactly correct either.

    1. You’re right. It’s more just right-wing bullshit than strict libertarian viewpoints. Still, those two philosophies can overlap at times, so you can see how easy it is to make this mistake. I don’t care enough about the show to address the rest of your points. I’m just here to make fun of it, not discuss its merits/demerits as though we’re in some sort of colloquium. Sorry to disappoint you, but this anime doesn’t deserve that level of effort.

      Or maybe I’m just giving Mahouka too much credit here.


      And I don’t give a shit about spoilers. If others do, they probably shouldn’t be reading a blog.

  5. I loved how in the end of episode 5 we have grenade launchers and shit, but in this episode we have one guy with a pistol and nothing else.

  6. Wow, and here I thought Tatsuya would be ripped. But if you look at the screencap where he hasn’t any clothes on, he’s just a skinny-minny with very little muscle tone. WOW WHAT A BAMF

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