No Game, No Life Ep. 6: Sexy word play

No Game No Life - 0601

Sora erases both the mantle and the crust first, right? Then shouldn’t they have started plunging into the core as soon as he had done so? Maybe I’m missing something here…

earth cutaway

Oh well, it’s just a fanservice-y anime, and boy, what a fanservice-y anime it is. The “real” moral of the episode is that the other races continue to underestimate Imanity, and as a result, this arrogance will lead to their downfall. Nevertheless, this is not a very deep or compelling message. At most, it’ll only take up like half the episode’s runtime. It doesn’t help much either that the jokes are about as sharp as a child blindly swinging a mallet. Well, I mean, you can only milk the “Stephanie is a dog” thing so much before it runs dry, so y’know, we’ve got to find some way to fill up the rest of the time. Ah, I know! Let’s just have tons of not-quite-explicit sexual imagery.

First up, Sora and Jibril rub each other’s erogenous zones. Of course, it’s not what you think, mm-hmm. Jibril just wants to make sure Sora is really from another world, uh-huh. Plus, seeing as how Jibril’s a Flugel, the girl is turned on by having her wings rubbed. And despite her vast love for knowledge, she ends up rubbing one of Sora’s nipples — under the shirt, mind you — but hey, we have to keep this PG-13. Still, you get to unnecessarily hear an anime character climax onscreen all just so that Sora could learn the term “spirit circuits.”

No Game No Life - 0602

Second, the siblings and Jibril proceed to play a game of materialization shiritori. I won’t explain how shiritori works because you can just look it up; it’s a fairly simple game. The materialization gimmick merely makes things appear or disappear depending on whether or not said things currently exist. For example, Sora erases both the mantle and the crust by merely saying those words. When he then said “lithosphere,” which is a part of the planet that is comprised of both the crust and the upper mantle, both of the crust and the upper mantle should’ve reappeared… but hey, let’s not think too deeply on it! After all, we’re here to discuss the fanservice, aren’t we? So naturally, being the fanservice-y anime that No Game, No Life is, Sora rids the girls of all their clothes. Ah, but don’t worry! He makes sure to remove their private parts first, so we just get to see a bunch of naked, shiny mannequins.

Supposedly, this is all a distraction to help Sora discern a weakness in the Flugel. Still, it seems pretty dodgy to me. After all, Shiro’s like what? Twelve at most? And I’m supposed to believe that this is “[c]learly suitable for all-ages?” Yes, clearly the only thing that’s inappropriate about showing under-aged nudity is that the girl has nipples and a vagina. Otherwise, it is just perfectly clean fun. But even if you could some how remove Shiro from the story, I still have to ask how something like this can be sexy. Like I’ve said, they’re literally mannequins. Lingerie can be sexy because it teases the imagination. Here, I’m looking at featureless, plastic bodies attached to nascent, doe-eyed faces. It boggles the mind how this can even be considered effective fanservice.

No Game No Life - 0603

In the end, Sora not only gets his library, but Jibril joins his ever-growing harem as well. But it’s fine! It turns out she’s been searching for a new master all along, so she’s more than happy to become a servant to some creepy perv who can’t be separated from his imouto for more than a second. As for Stephanie, the poor girl literally dies during the more serious portion of the game, but hey, she is brought back to life when it’s all said and done. Plus, Sora pats Stephanie on the head and thanks her for distracting all the crazy monsters they had summoned, which makes the girl blush profusely and forget all the humiliation she has been through. If anyone asks, you can just say she obviously asked for it. Perhaps the show should just instead be renamed No Harm, No Foul.

As usual, the siblings are invincible, the titillation literally lacks tits, the game isn’t clever enough, and Stephanie’s a dog. Most of all, however, I’m hard-pressed to say I’m watching a bunch of NEETs in action after six episodes. Our siblings are too capable, too smart, too sociable, too charismatic (to the characters in the universe), and ultimately too perfect. Sure, the siblings will cower every once in a while from the open air or the bright sun, but c’mon, that’s just paying lip service to the idea that these characters are NEETs. Ultimately, the show is not so much, “We’re flawed creatures in our ideal world,” but more, “NEETs are just awesome and superior compared to you 8-5 plebes” In the end, that feels disingenuous and, well, I spare you guys the dreaded P-word for now.


19 Replies to “No Game, No Life Ep. 6: Sexy word play”

  1. “Our siblings are too capable, too smart, too sociable, too charismatic (to the characters in the universe), and ultimately too perfect.”

    They would have gotten that by playing MMOs and other games that require interaction with other players and leadership.

    1. 1) Unlikely. MMOs and multiplayer games in general don’t really cultivate charisma, but even if they did, the Blank duo seemed to have mostly stuck to themselves.

      2) Even if this is the right explanation, the anime itself has not remotely conveyed this much less do it convincingly.

      3) Being social and charismatic in a video game hardly guarantees that the same skills will translate to real life interactions.

  2. From what I understood, the “mantle”, “crust”, “lithosphere” thing was a small blunder on Crunchyroll’s part, or rather a sacrifice they made to keep the game still making sense in English. In the Japanese original he had said “mantle”, “outer core” and then “crust”, and that’s when they started falling.

    1. Even disregarding the subs, he clearly said mantle and lithosphere, and the latter includes the upper mantle. As such, the upper mantle should’ve reappeared.

      1. I believe it was mantle and outer core (not crust). If mantle refers to the lower part, then lithosphere would take remove the upper mantle and the crust. Besides if the upper mantle did reappear, wouldn’t it fall towards the core? Well, this is just me expressing what I believe to be true.

        1. Besides if the upper mantle did reappear, wouldn’t it fall towards the core?

          Then why didn’t the lithosphere fall towards the core when the mantle and the outer core had been removed? You mean to tell me the crust alone was enough to hold things intact? Again, I don’t really care though. I’ve already stated in the post that this is just a fanservice-y anime. But if you insist…

      2. Lithosphere has another meaning, that which is connected to the hydrosphere and the atmosphere: the solid part of the biosphere. He was probably referring to this definition and not the layers of the Earth paradigm.

        1. This definition still includes the uppermost mantle since there are areas on the planet in which the uppermost mantle is exposed.

      3. I disagree. Above the mantle lies the Mohorovičić discontinuity, and above the Moho lies the crust. The Moho has never breached the surface, so it follows that the mantle (i.e. the upper mantle) has never breached the surface. Otherwise, if material has crossed the discontinuity (e.g. magma), it is no longer part of the mantle, as the Moho defines that which is above it the crust, and that which is below it the mantle.

  3. @e.minor i didn’t understood the last part of the game with the littlesphere and the they was able to breath even if jibril was make the air disappear by saying the word?can somone explain to me?

    1. 1) First they made all the external layers of the Earth except for its core disappear (there’s some debate on the terms they used but that’s the gist of it), so they found themselves floating in space, with only a molten iron ball several thousands kilometres under them. At that point, air was still there;
      2) Then they made oxygen disappear. Not all air: only oxygen (atmosphere is composed mostly of nitrogen);
      3) When Jibril called back “air”, nitrogen disappeared but oxygen reappeared, as air is a mixture of both. Oxygen, in high concentration, is poisonous;
      4) After “atmosphere” was made to disappear entirely, there was nothing to propagate sounds any more so they couldn’t speak;
      5) Jibril thought she had the last word with her magic writing, but then Sora was able to counterattack with his paper sheet where he had written “Coulomb’s force”. That’s the fundamental force of physics that keeps atoms together – without it, the planet would collapse into a neutron star, which is exactly what happened. The following blast of energy coming from the violent collapse, the hypernova, was what killed Jibril.

      It’s a bit rough around the edges here and there but it sort of makes sense – for how much a magical planet-destroying word game can make sense, really.

      1. For the breathing part – the air in the players’ lungs at that time did not disappear. For Jibril and Steph, that didn’t change much. But Sora and Shiro “exchanged breaths”, buying themselves another few seconds. The air people breath out is of “worse quality”, but not yet “completely spent”, so this works as a desperation measure.

  4. Imo, NGNL is a pure W.F(wish-fulfillment) anime that’s just there to cater to the REAL neets and otakus. This show is almost at SAO level of W.F(I didn’t want to bring it there) but a little more honest with their shamelessness.

    This show reminds me of that abortion known as outbreak company, you know, that show about some unemployed otaku getting a job in another world with elf loli’s etc(I don’t want to say anymore since it’s giving me a headache just thinking about it)

  5. here more clear translation for the game without english words
    Hydrogen bomb (suibaku)
    Kuli Anse (kurianse)
    Spirit Circuits (seireikairou)
    Horse (Uma)
    Pu**y (ma**ko
    Beach (bi-chi)
    Nipple (chikubi)
    Bikini (bikini)
    Luggage (nimotsu)
    Whirlwind/Gale (tsumuji)
    Women’s clothing(joseifuku)
    Giant Moth (ru-ooshiga)
    Outer core (gaikaku)
    Clock (kuro-ko)
    Sonata (sonata)
    Seed Planters (taneue)
    Atmosphere (atomosufea)
    Coulomb force(ku-ronryoku)

  6. :I
    You made NGNL sound so bad. It’s just a story probably planned to make it as interesting as possible ~3~
    You can’t blame too much of the logic since this is an anime based off of an LN. Even if they are remarkably similar you can tell there are differences that would make sense if you actually read it. And it is originally a Japanese novel so translations can’t come off the most clean. If you really don’t like it then go to some other way to pass your time, I’m sure anime isn’t ever completely rational.

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