Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 7: Barf

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0710

The episode kicks off with Tatsuya leading his sister and some friends on a raid of a terrorist base. Despite the fact that their lives are on the line, it’s amazing to see how calm and collected these kids are! Clearly, however, these students have already been trained to face a room full of gun-toting terrorists. Nevertheless, Tatsuya plans it so that only he and his sister are in the picture when the leader of the bad guys are confronted. After all, this incest relationship wouldn’t be any fun if other people get to play heroes too, y’know? Wait, hear that? That’s the fervent cries of idiots insisting that there’s no incest in this anime. Try not to mind the peanut gallery.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0701

Naturally, the leader of the bad guys tries to recruit Tatsuya into his fold. Our Gary Stu, however, obviously didn’t come all the way out here for a nice, leisurely chat. As a result, the baddie unveils his hypnotic powers! What’s that? A new spell has been identified in Mahouka? Brace yourself; the autism is coming. Tatsuya proceeds to deconstruct the baddie’s spell and also explain what he had done to neutralize it. If you are ever looking for a way to suck the fun out of magic, boy, is this the show for you. Nevertheless, I can only imagine the writer stroking himself to this bizarre need to demystify everything and leave nothing to the imagination.

The baddie finally orders his underlings to do what they should’ve done a long time ago: open fire. Unfortunately for our merry band of terrorists, their guns immediately fall apart. How is this fun to watch? How does anyone derive enjoyment out of watching an invincible character dismantle his enemies with ease? Sure, turning on the cheat codes every now and then can be fun, but most of us don’t do it the first time through a game. Most of us tend to want that funny thing called a challenge. Yeah, what a crazy idea. But you know why I personally like challenges in my life? It’s because I know I can overcome them.

There’s just something very insecure about the wish fulfillment nature of Mahouka. It’s like we’ve given up. Why bother getting to know anyone and actually develop social skills? Let’s instead have all the girls — including your own sister, you sick fuck — slavishly throw themselves at Tatsuya from day one. Why bother suffering cuts and bruises as you take down the bad guys? Let’s just dismantle all of their guns at the same time. It’s not as if wish fulfillment stories are bad. They’re not, but usually, the protagonist doesn’t win until the very end of the story. Thanks to anime, however, these Gary Stus can start winning every single day. And let’s be honest, that’s kind of pathetic.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0702

Speaking of Tatsuya’s sister, he leaves her to deal with the rest of the now weaponless underlings: “You people are certainly out of luck. If only you hadn’t raised your hands against my brother, you would’ve gotten off with just a bit of pain…” She then starts to glow as she freezes all of the underlings in place. Again, there’s an air of insecurity that surrounds even Miyuki’s portrayal. Every single line she utters has to be about her brother in some form or fashion, or else he’ll die. Obviously, I’m joking about the last part. Nevertheless, the writer has contrived a character who hardly resembles a sister or even a real person. She has no personality of her own. She’s just this sadly dependent creature. “There, there, brother… the whole world hates you, but I will suck your dick for life.”

And yes, even when the underlings are being frozen to death, they have to identify Miyuki’s spell as “Wide-range Oscillation-Deceleration Type Magic… Niflheim!” After all, Tatsuya has coolly left the room to pursue the underlings’ leader. As such, who else is going to do the job? Clearly, the next best candidate is someone who’s about to die. I’d ask, “Who gives a shit,” but sadly, lots of people give a shit. And that hurts me in the heart. Honestly, it does. The world is full of wonders, yet we’re sitting here coming up with terms like “Wide-range Oscillation-Defecation Type Magic” to describe a meaningless magic spell in one of our cartoons.

Elsewhere, Tatsuya continues to see through walls, then he continues to dismantle people’s guns. Truly riveting stuff. The terrorists now surround Gary Stu with their cast-jamming rings, and naturally, this gives Tatsuya the tiniest opening he needs to revert back into a Wikipedia entry: “A vast amount of antinite… A military resource that can only be produced in ancient civilizations that prospered in highly-elevated areas.” Right… an “ancient” civilization. In any case, Tatsuya shrugs off the cast-jamming gimmick like he shrugs off everything else in life, including his emotions.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0707

But as the baddie backs away, Takeaki has managed to cut his way into the room. We are then treated to a grisly scene in which Takeaki chops off the guy’s forearm, and blood proceeds to gush forth like a fountain — a spectacle of a proud day’s work. No due process or anything. No protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Students from a nearby school are just allowed to engage in vigilantism and brutally maim a suspect. Any objection to this sad state of affairs will likely be met, I’m sure, with accusations of “bleeding heart, liberal pussies.” Well, what else can I expect from a world that has such a blatant disregard for the lower classes and their rights? Where “Fuck you, got mine” is the proud motto…

In the aftermath, Miyuki runs up to her brother to see if he’s okay. Right, as if he would ever break a sweat. We then get a bizarrely hilarious scene in which one of Miyuki’s victims — unconscious and bruised, of course — is being carried past the siblings on a stretcher. The girl looks concerned for a second, but the brother smiles and nods at her as if to say, “Gurl, I’m proud of you for kicking some egalitarian ass today!” Miyuki thus beams with pride and clutches onto his chest as she says, “Thank you very much.” And… fade to black… Woo, well done, guys! We totally knocked that scene out of the park!

The very next day, Tatsuya pays Mibu a visit. Of course, she has to remind the audience that she totally got the wrong impression of Watanabe Mari. Y’know, in case you’ve forgotten how the foolish peasant class can’t help but be blinded by their persecution complex. Tatsuya informs the girl that the school will not be punishing any of the students for getting themselves involved with Blanche. Oh, it’s not because the administration now suddenly cares for the lower class or anything. They just can’t be bothered: “Since the school’s accountability would come under scrutiny, they seem to want to keep it under wraps.” Make no mistake about it, people. In this “Fuck the poor” world, the only time the elites will ever throw a bone your way is when they can profit from it.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0708

When Tatsuya leaves the room, he runs into and grimaces at a pale-looking butler. Apparently, Hayama’s the butler’s name. We then see the same butler talking to some woman who looks suspiciously like the one who Tatsuya blames for augmenting his body with special powers. Nevertheless, she speaks ominously of Tatsuya. She’s confident he won’t betray as long as he continues to serve as Miyuki’s guardian. To be honest, I’m just describing this scene for the sake of completion. I really don’t give a fuck.

After a time skip, we pay Mibu one more visit as she is finally being discharged from the hospital. As Miyuki and Erika catch up with Mibu and tease the kendo girl about her relationship with Takeaki, Mibu’s father takes Tatsuya aside to personally thank him. It’s just funny how the scene plays out. Why couldn’t the father just thank Tatsuya right there and then? Nah, we’ve got to separate the men from the girls. The girls can stand there and talk their nonsense while us men discuss serious matters! By the way, have you noticed how all the guys in this show have ridiculously broad shoulders? Their torsos are at least four heads across. The girls are all twigs compared to their male counterparts.

Mibu’s father then name-drops a Major Kazama, which almost causes our Gary Stu to betray his emotionless facade. According to Tatsuya, this Major Kazama used to take care of him. I’m sure it must have been fun to read the Encyclopedia of Activation Sequences to Tatsuya every night before bed. But for whatever reason, this revelation eventually turns into a discussion of how Mibu was once in love with Tatsuya, and also how she has since jumped ship. Yeah, I guess we haven’t fellated Tatsuya enough yet, so we may as well polish his knob now: “Because he has something I admire… an unwavering strength.” Still, she adds, “But even as I felt admiration, I think I was also afraid. No matter how hard I ran after him, I could never, ever catch up to Shiba.” That’s right! The only girl fitting enough for this manly man is his lil’ sister!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0709

Finally, Mibu confesses, “I could never become strong like him…” Yes! We stamped that egalitarian streak out of you for good! You’re okay, Mibu, as long as you remember your place. Could you imagine being in Takeaki’s shoes though? Mibu goes on to explain why she’s fallen in love with him: “I thought that he was someone who would walk at the same pace as me.” Yeah, this guy… this guy over here is just too fucking awesome. So, y’know, being the peasant that I am, I settled for the sad sack of shit over here. Even so, Takeaki just blushes and grabs the back of his neck as if he’s been paid a compliment. Hey, whatever floats his boat.

Afterwards, the two siblings leave the hospital alone. I guess Erika decided to stay and hang out with Mibu a little longer. Miyuki thus uses this opportunity to express her desire to follow the Gary Stu wherever he goes. Barf. Even so, she worries! She worries because her brother is too awesome for First High School! He’s only doing it for her sake! In response, Tatsuya assures Miyuki that he wants to attend high school. After all, this is his only chance to experience an ordinary high school life! Right, a high school life full of discrimination and terrorist attacks backed by evil Communist China.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0705

Double barf.

After the credits, we are introduced to a couple of students at Third High School. One of them is apparently the infamous Crimson Prince. The two new characters briefly talk about the recent events surrounding First High School. Our red-haired prince then leaves his shower stall and flips his hair back at his cherub-faced friend:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0706

Triple barf. Anyway, this Crimson Prince lacks those broad, manly shoulders, so something’s up. Maybe a couple things in this scene, actually.


18 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 7: Barf”

  1. Man. Maaaaaaaaan. This shoooooooooooooow. And it’s still gonna be around once SAO II airs.

    Other than the fact that I saw what you did there, imagining an actual Wide-range Oscillation-Defecation Type magic was not very pretty. I did not think I would need that mental image until now.

    1. Man. Maaaaaaaaan. This shoooooooooooooow. And it’s still gonna be around once SAO II airs.

      Yeah, anime owns.

  2. And supposedly, there’s going to be a short series, 100% about explaining and “worldbuilding”.
    More barf.

  3. Why am I in physical pain just reading this? Considering how popular this is I wonder if the wider audience even realizes the wish fulfillment elements? I know they didn’t in SAO.

    1. Considering how popular this is I wonder if the wider audience even realizes the wish fulfillment elements?

      I’m sure they do. Many of them have even used it as a defense of the show.

      1. I honestly hate that “new” trend of taking these boring wish-fulling self-insertion light novels and adapting them into animes.

        I remember reading an article about how 90% of these light novels are these generic highschool council harem/imouto trash that otaku seem to love.

        I’ve heard many fans of SAO, mahouka koukou and mahou sensou(for example) who actually hated the anime adaption and admitted how bad they were but still defended the original source material but when I actually read the novel for myself to see the difference, it was just as awful, if not worst..

        1. Well, 90% of anything is crap, according to Sturgeon’s Law. 90% of light novels just happen to be crappy in the same specific way. Not that it isn’t still annoying as hell.

          It’d be interesting to see when the changes to light novel themes took place, like how we got from Legend of Galactic Heroes and Guin Saga to Is My Imouto Harem Really That Hot For Me? Still, thank Gd for the last 10%. At least LNs like Durarara and…others are still being written.

          I’m not watching Mahouka, but I thought the posts on reviewers sites were hilarious. Now, though, they’re getting kind of terrifying. It’s not even the material–no, that’s a lie, it’s the material, too–but the idea that there’s a fandom for this, that there is a (presumably, from the way they’re talking it up) group of people either ignoring the terrible things the characters promote and do, or even celebrating those actions. Never thought I’d say this, but this is creepier than SAO in the otaku Gary Stu category of terrible LNs.

        2. I honestly hate that “new” trend of taking these boring wish-fulling self-insertion light novels and adapting them into animes.

          The only trend that has ever mattered is the bottom line. As much as I dislike these adaptations, I’m sure they do sell very well.

        3. @Ultimatum

          yeah, it’s a good thing there are some good light novels like durara, but unfortunately the good stuff is oftem ignored and producers choose otaku pandering stories like SAO and mahuoka because they happen to “play it safe” with the gray-stu protagonist and cliche sets..

  4. They don’t specially the LN readers, I’m just waiting for Yokohama arc to shut up the Tatsuya defenders who say he isn’t a Gary Stu, now theres an arc I want to see get reviewed it’s going to be hilarious.

    1. Most Tatsuya defenders have read Yokohama- and beyond. Their counter argument is that Reminiscence and Visitor Arcs demonstrates firstly, why you cannot strictly proclaim Tatsuya to be a Wish Fulfillment Character, and secondly, the subsequent arcs shows that Yokohama’s resolution via pure brute force has ramifications and consequences – in short, the demonstration of the limits of the Gary Stu, in dystopia.

  5. Man, am I happy I dropped this show at early…

    you know what? I was willing to forgive that the show had a perfect gary-stu protagonist that cant show any emotions and his stupid one-note sister whose only character trait is that she wants to do her brother. The thing I hate the most though is the stupid weed discrimination premise along with this shows constant need to explain these random magic terminologies that pretty much fictional jargon nonsense known as “Magi Babble” on tvtropes..

  6. With light novels, I’m lead to believe that most of them target middle school / highschool boys as the primary purchasers, rather than the older Otaku crowd.

    Constantly churning out the same material can actually work if you’re always targeting the same age group: there are always a steady crop of buyers who don’t realize that this is the same stuff that gets churned out ever year.

    1. For example, I don’t know many SAO fans over 20, and I can’t imagine many at college age reading Mahou Sensou. If they’re targeting Otaku, it’s “otaku junior” types who aren’t very discerning and just jump on the latest bandwagon.

  7. Woah, it’s just sinking in that there are multiple other magical highschools nearby. This further stretches credulity in that the administration do not support the Blooms and Weeds discrimination. Why wouldn’t you just create different tiers of school in the first place if you’re making multiple schools, and going to have two levels of students learning very different material?

    Does every magical highschool have blooms and weeds at each other’s throats? How dumb is that, unless you actively WANT to create a magic-based system of resentment.

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