Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 8: Taking flight and crashing horribly

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0802

It’s the start of a new arc, so gear yourselves up for an incredibly boring set-up episode. When the episode opens, Miyuki is twirling and throwing fireballs in the air. It looks dumb, but she’s apparently preparing herself for some competition between the nine magical schools. Plus, oniichan looks on with approval, and that’s all that really matters in Miyuki’s addled mind. But then oniichan’s harem senses are tingling! Is that a big-breasted girl hiding the bushes? Why, it’s none other than the ridiculously-endowed Ono Haruka! It turns out she’s a Public Safety Investigator. It also turns out I don’t really care. Tatsuya agrees to keep her true identity a secret, though. In exchange, she’ll keep him abreast of any interesting developments. Isn’t that just swell?

After the OP, the guys are all playing some sort of magical soccer. Instead of the ball going out of bounds, however, some barrier allows the ball to ricochet back into play. I guess this allows the characters in this magical universe to make some sick-ass shots on goal. We are then introduced to Mikihiko, who kinda looks like Tatsuya, but he’s got a mole under this right eye so I guess this makes him effete or something. Hey, ain’t nobody’s going to out-man the man himself. Anyway, I don’t know what role Mikihiko will play, but it must not be important since he doesn’t have breasts.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0803

It turns out Mikihiko is Erika’s childhood friend. Erika then shows up in bloomers, which prompts our deadpan robot to make some pretty unfunny puns. While most of us in the audience are too busy rolling our eyes, however, Tatsuya nevertheless infuriates Erika with his jokes. Hey, our Gary Stu’s shitty sense of humor’s gotta work on someone. Leo starts babbling on and on about how schoolgirls used to sell their underwear to creepy, old men for money, which causes both Mizuki and Mikihiko to blush profusely. After all, these characters are such innocent children, and this topic is oh-so-dirty.

Anyway, it’s the beginning of a new arc, so you know what that means: an already exposition-laden show can become even more exposition-laden! Blah blah blah, Nine Schools Competition. Blah blah blah, head-to-head sports contests. Mayumi has to clarify to the audience that the contestants are chosen based on merit as if athletes have ever been chosen on any other criteria besides merit. But whoops, I forget that this is anime so everything has to be spelt out to the audience. So my bad! Please, continue with the exposition.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0804

The Student Council could really use some engineers to fill out the Technical Staff for the upcoming event. Boy, if only we had an aspiring engineer sitting amongst us! Somehow, Mayumi asks everyone to volunteer except for the Gary Stu himself. It takes Azusa, the dumbest character in the room, to notice that Tatsuya totally fits the bill. Being the emotionless robot that he is, however, Tatsuya is reluctant to take the job. Something about how no first year has ever been appointed to the position, and gosh, he’s just been standing out so much lately! Fine, don’t take it then. Who even cares? Obviously, Miyuki does. Uguu, can’t have nobody else touch my CAD but my oniichan.

Afterwards, I get to watch a scene in which Azusa creams her pants over Tatsuya’s Silver Horn, a pair of gun-shaped CADs crafted by the infamous Taurus Silver. Seeing as how Tatsuya is this genius Gary Stu who can do it all, he’s probably Taurus Silver too. Hey, why not? That would explain why this Taurus Silver is apparently a Japanese citizen around the same age as the characters themselves.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0805

More boring magic blueprint shit follows. I’m just going to skip over them because life is short, and I can’t waste it on such inane attempts at world-building. I thus hit the fast-forward button. One minute later, the boring magic explaining shit is still on-going. Whoops, better hit the fast-forward button again. Two minutes later, the scene finally ends. Flying apparently isn’t feasible in this universe… like hell it isn’t! Our Gary Stu will figure it out. Basically, Tatsuya is smarter than British researchers. Well, of course he is. Everyone knows that leviosa thing is just pure nonsense.

At a meeting after school, Mayumi nominates Tatsuya to become a member of the engineering staff. Notice how all the people voicing their objections are all guys. Then notice how all the people jumping to defend Tatsuya are all cute babes. Somehow, one of the girls even has to blush as she defends him. Apparently, having a guy fiddle with your CAD is a big deal. Trust is involved, okay? We may as well bang, okay? This anime is such a joke. Plus, it’s the same ol’, same ol’. Those jealous idiots doubt Tatsuya, the beastly alpha dog. The beastly alpha dog must now show everyone the true extent of his skills.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0801

Jumanji volunteers to have Tatsuya adjust his CAD. I’m sure Tatsuya is happy about that. Need I remind you of this scene from a previous episode? Tatsuya x Jumanji is obviously this show’s one true pairing. Anyone rooting for Miyuki are just sick in the head anyways. Wow, this anime is so bad, my media player just crashed. Alas, I have to finish this post… Unfortunately for our Gary Stu of the alternative persuasion, people somehow think it’s too dangerous for Tatsuya to fiddle with Jumanji’s CAD. Mayumi tries to throw her hat in the ring, but oh no no no. Only a man will do. As a result, Takeaki steps up to the plate.

We’re talking about adjusting a CAD though, so the following scene is not exactly action-packed. We thus get to see bars fill up on a computer screen. We see Tatsuya stare intently at said bars. We see a bunch of meaningless numbers and letters fly across the computer screen. We see Azusa stare slack-jawed with amazement at said numbers and letters. We see Tatsuya type at incredible speeds. We see those totally jealous beta fools complain about Tatsuya sticking to just the keyboard because using the keyboard is apparently “beyond old-school.”

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0806

They simply don’t get it though! Tatsuya is doing manual fine-tuning! It’s like programming with assembly! This alpha dog is beyond next-level. He’s taking the fucking warp pipes to World 8 when you fools are still avoiding flying cheep-cheeps in 2-3. Get on his level, son! More windows open up furiously. More numbers and letters scroll by furiously. And then… done. Tatsuya has finished. Prepare a change of underwear, ’cause you’ll need it.

Takeaki says the new CAD feels totally natural to him. But still, the beta fools continue to protest. Quick, we need a cute girl to valiantly jump to Tatsuya’s request. Alright, Azusa, you’re kind of dumb, but you’ll do in a pinch. In a twist, however, Hanzo also throws his support behind Tatsuya. Well, he’s lost to our Gary Stu in a duel before, so this particular beta fool simply knows his place. And just like that, Tatsuya joins the engineering team. Oh boy.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 0807

Later that night, someone contacts Tatsuya on a video call, and refers to our Gary Stu as Special Officer. Great, now he’s secretly a soldier as well. First things first, the guy wants Tatsuya to work on some gun, I guess. Our worst fears are realized: Tatsuya is the infamous Taurus Silver after all. Not only that, Tatsuya is warned that an international crime syndicate will be targeting the Nine Schools Competition. Oh, by international, we really just mean it’s a bunch of Japanese-hating hooligans from China. Those dirty mainland bastards! Why can’t everyone just leave Japan alone! Japan’s never done anything to anyone. After all, that’s what I read in my Japanese history textbooks everyday.

To cap off the episode, Miyuki brings Tatsuya coffee in an ugly outfit. Awkward. Tatsuya proceeds to levitate into the air. Yep, he’s figured out how to feasibly fly in just a single episode. That sure was hard. He then has Miyuki test out the spell. As a result, we get to watch her twirl around in the air while wearing that ugly costume. It’s kawaii, y’all. Whatever. Just end this episode already.



23 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 8: Taking flight and crashing horribly”

  1. Lol, I knew you would just “love” this episode, can’t wait to see what you have to say to what happens next.

    Tatsuya is like Phineas & Ferb, but without the fun.

    1. Don’t forget, this is two-cour. Prepare to endure this AND SAO II. At the same time. Coming to you this July.

    2. This show has made me believe that my previous hate (it is undeniably hate) for SAO was unfair. SAO looks like it can boast perfectly good quality in comparison.
      Or maybe it’s just that it’s been a while since I watched that garbage, so it’s horrors have faded from my mind.

      Either way, this show is what I imagine it would be like if Stephenie Meyer decided to write a book for boys. It’s equally as awkward to watch, because you can just tell that he thinks he’s Tatsuya and this is his private little fantasy. Barf.

      1. The writer of Mahouka has the same initials as Tatsuya: S.T. That’s the first warning sign on the “Mary Sue” checklists for fanfiction writers.

  2. “Oh, by international, we really just mean it’s a bunch of Japanese-hating hooligans from China.”
    OOF that’s where it gets really awkward. Anime just can’t drop the nationalism, huh?

    I’ve got nothing to say about Tatsuya. He’s just snowballing into a perfect example of male Mary Sue syndrome. He’s already worse than Cullen and Kirito, which is damn near an accomplishment.

  3. Oh my god. That seemed like a truly boring episode. Way to go, E-Minor.

    And… this: >Japan’s never done anything to anyone. After all, that’s what I read in my Japanese history textbooks everyday.

    Still laughing my ass off.

  4. And you still have fans asking you not to drop this pile of trash because “teh next arc is going to be so awesome & political”.

      1. And considering how you’ve got to pay quite a bit just to get two episodes in Japan, by the end of three months, you’ve spent more money than you would have for two PS4s.

  5. That’s not even assembly! Assembly is a low level programming language, but it still uses simply words such as int, reg, etc.
    It seems that it has become a TV trope. That when a character / actor is good at computer, he’s shown fiddling garbled letters and numbers which flashed through the monitor and disappeared before you have time to even read one line. What a joke. Even if somebody is a super genius who can decode machine codes like a walk in the park, the scene is still not plausible.

  6. man, am I happy I dropped this show around ep5. This show is sooo darn repetitious, we get the point already, he’s a “weed”, how many times are they gonna show this bland perfect gary-stu outdo everyone else, then show every character in awe of how awesome he is.

    And seriously, I’ve heard of patriotism but what’s with some animes and their obsession with making the premise of “everyone is out to get our great japan” thing?

  7. The thing that ruins this anime is how its apparently “action” based but I’m fucking staring at text during fights scene with them giving me tutoring lessons on there magic spells. If someones freezing them that’s cool, but I don’t need a stupid name for it and pointless dialogue – Shoutout from last episode ( I think ) Also you have a psycho sister who probably turns out to be a second cousin thrice removed, who blatantly wants to protect her “charismatic” rock for no good reason cause you know, what else would she do with her life, actually have one? Long story short, anime is retarded and I hate myself for watching this

    1. Long story short, anime is retarded and I hate myself for watching this

      There, there… we’re in this together.

    1. Because, you see… Stripping is only required if all your underwear is “virgin white” and you are the most perfect creature to ever have graced this inferior planet.

      The dude, as Mibu extensively informed us last episode, is merely mediocre and not of superior virginal purity. Nor does he have Tatsuya’s superior physique. It is thus not necessary for us to see him in a state of undress. His mediocre CAD can be sufficiently attuned to his mediocre magic without inflicting any mediocre nudity on the audience. All clear?

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