Hitsugi no Chaika Ep. 8: The Aristocrats!

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0801

So this week, our heroes find themselves in the clutches of the Neo Gaz Empire, an organization that hopes to rebuild the fallen empire. No wait, they’re really a band of thieves and swindlers. They either steal from the rich or trick unsuspecting travelers into joining them, and Toru and his friends just happen to be the latest victims. No wait — yes, once again — these thieves and swindlers initially did want to find a new home for former citizens of the fallen empire. They’ve just been led astray because times are so tough! They are hoping to take advantage of our heroes too, but you can’t really pull the wool over a saboteur’s eyes. Not only that, Julia, the girl who’s pretending to Princess Chaika, goes and gets herself captured when she attempts to steal once more from the rich. Thankfully, Chaika’s childlike naïveté gives these guys the second chance they totally need in order to turn their lives around! And y’know what, I can’t help but feel cheesed.

First, Chaika is hopelessly stupid. She knows she’s being hunted, but despite this, she endangers not only her own mission but her friends’ lives as well by refusing to follow Toru’s more-than-sensible advice. And for what? A promise? Seriously, she literally spends ten minutes talking to Julia, and that’s enough to make the clueless girl think she’s found a true, genuine friend. Yeah, yeah, she’s meant to be this way, because you could even say she’s “incomplete,” but that just leads us to the second problem: Chaika doesn’t even learn anything from this ordeal. After all, this band of merry thieves and swindlers merely needs a single event — one solitary event! — to reform themselves. Ah, who knows how long they’ve been preying upon unsuspecting travelers and stealing from the faceless rich! But nevertheless, Chaika’s good will towards them is enough to convince Julia, a girl that had once said, “That girl’s a real idiot,” to find a new goal in life! So Chaika is proven right in the end, and they may as well help every other poor sap they encounter.

Hitsugi no Chaika - 0802

What cheeses me the most, however, is that this episode feels like a complete waste of time. Despite all my complaints about Chaika’s character development being at a standstill, you can say her optimism is what makes her special and that I’m just a cynical old man! Fine, fine, we can just agree to disagree with Chaika’s portrayal. What’s worse in my eyes, however, is how the plot goes absolutely nowhere. Alberic and his crew are still doing the same thing they’ve been doing since the first damn week the show started airing. Man, this Gaz guy sure is mysterious! Let’s look into this some more. Aw man, I spent all day reading, and I learned nothing again! Gosh, what a mystery! Likewise, our heroes learn nothing. Oh, this band of merry thieves and swindlers used to be citizens of the fallen empire? Sorry, they don’t know jack shit about Gaz after all. To top it all off, we see a completely new character to the story murder someone in cold blood, but this is never touched upon again until the very last seconds of episode. Then it turns out this new baddie won’t return a floating fortress and-… whoops, show’s over! Move along, folks! Nothing to see here!

But seriously, this feels like a filler episode.


3 Replies to “Hitsugi no Chaika Ep. 8: The Aristocrats!”

  1. About the whole episode I didn’t like it but it made think about having and finding goals in life. Someone starts a project in life but the situation is tough at the beginning and this person needs to readjust his/her initial goal to something else in order to gain some stability. At the beginning this change is temporal but as the time goes by the status quo is strong and the initial goal is lost.

    So these guys trying to restore the Gaz empire made me think of two things. First, at the end of the episode they get back to their initial goal, has the situation changed from the beginning when they drifted? Are they more mature (as individuals and group) to finally chase after their initial goal?
    Second, they want the status quo back, for some reasons they felt better with a monarchy than with the current government. Reminds me of mexican revolution where not all the people were benefited from such war at the end of it.

    About the poem that Julia was reciting, I wonder how much culture/art is lost in wars. Normally the guys who win the war overwrites the defeated culture with theirs. It is sad that a culture that is being defeated is doomed to also be forgotten.

    Also, at the end of the episode I think they hinted that the Gaz emperor was not that bad, even I think that they implied that probably he was not the bad guy in the story. Mostly because they mentioned that the rumor about “Gaz emperor using people for experiments” was only heard at the end of the war. Of course many trues are revealed at the end of wars but also the guys that win a war decides how to manage those trues.

    Finally; Chaika by herself could not survive in that world or at least she could not be able to acomplish her goal. Toru by himself (even with imouto) would still be lost in his path on life. Probably they complement each other by sharing the same path in life. You help your parter to acomplish a goal and your partner help you by giving you a direction to follow, then together you grow, suceed, fail, adquire new goals, etc. I see them as a married couple starting a new project in life….with a magic cat and imouto.

    1. Are they more mature (as individuals and group) to finally chase after their initial goal?

      I can’t swallow how they matured in just a single night. How can you exploit people for so long and just decide to give it up in an instant?

      Also, at the end of the episode I think they hinted that the Gaz emperor was not that bad,

      I don’t know… did we ever really have a reason to think he was evil? The show has never been big on world-building, and I feel as though this episode returned us back to square one. The former citizens weren’t unhappy, but that still doesn’t tell us much of anything.

      I see them as a married couple starting a new project in life….

      This is what the show goes for, but I don’t find their relationship very intimate. I’m not talking about sexual intimacy either. I just don’t feel this closeness between them that defines a married couple. He feels like a babysitter — an exasperated one at times.

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