No Game, No Life Ep. 10: A bigger fish to fry

No Game No Life - 1001

Sure, sure, we could jump right ahead to the match against the Eastern Federation. But don’t you think it is more important to properly introduce Sora’s new haremettes to the rest of his harem? Why, of course! Anyway, stray observations as usual:

— The siblings’ own citizens are protesting them. After all, Sora is putting their status as one of Exceed’s sixteen races on the line. Without Imanity’s Race Piece, the ten rules do not apply to them. This also means other races could subjugate them through other means than playing some dinky games. It’s kind of understandable why the masses are unhappy. Few people want to be used in this way. It doesn’t matter if your king’s the smartest, most capable monarch in the world. Few people would feel at ease knowing that their own lives are on the line.

No Game No Life - 1007

But anyway, you’ll find out later that Sora is purposefully riling the masses up. This way, they’ll watch the game intently, and therefore, it’ll be harder for the Warbeasts to cheat. I don’t see how this is actually clever, though. As a citizen of Imanity, wouldn’t you want to watch the contest either way? Even if Sora had not bet Imanity’s Race Piece, I think most people would want to watch their representative face off against another race. After all, this isn’t your average sporting event, and average sporting events already draw a lot of attention as it is. Vast territories are on the line here, so who wouldn’t want to watch the contest and watch intently while they’re at it? So I don’t think Sora has really been as clever here as the show would like us to think.

— Instead of just jumping into the next game, No Game, No Life is really dragging this out. Sora claims that for everyone to work well together, they have to have a proper introduction. Sure, the logic checks out, but why can’t this happen offscreen? Why do I care about them introducing themselves to each other? But anyway, Kurami won’t introduce herself properly. Therefore, Sora rattle off facts about the girl, which includes her three measurements. Since he received her memories and everything, he must know all sorts of private stuff about her that are a lot worse than her bust size. Creepy.

— Jibril has murdered a bunch of Fi’s people. Let’s see what it would take to get Fi to forgive the Flugel:

No Game No Life - 1002

Welp, Elven lives are pretty cheap.

— Stephanie also has a bone to pick, and it’s with Kurami. Kurami did cheat, after all. Sora doesn’t care, though: “It’s your fault for being fooled.” I sure hope someone else is in charge of overseeing Imanity’s meat packaging industry.

— It turns out Kurami’s a slave. In fact, the Elvens are all dirty slave owners. Okay then. Fi totally wants to abolish slavery, though. She’s a freedom fighter! In fact, she’s even okay with the Elven Garde being destroyed as long as Kurami’s safe. Hell, she doesn’t even care for her own familyl. I can’t say I really care for a bunch of slave owners either, but then why was Fi so worked up about Jibril?

— And no, we still have yet to move onto the contest between Imanity and the Eastern Federation. So far, Sora has done nothing but try to creep on Kurami. It turns out verbal introductions are not enough! Kurami will have to get naked and bathe with the rest of Sora’s harem as well. And of course, Sora will be sitting nearby. It’s almost onanistic, but the guy just hides behind the screen as usual. Naturally, Kurami doesn’t want to bathe with Sora’s harem, but somehow peer pressure wins out in the end.

No Game No Life - 1005

Still, we haven’t seen a legit game since the siblings went toe-to-toe with Jibril. I didn’t think the title “No Game, No Life” was meant to be taken literally.

— So we get our bath scene full of naked girls, including Sora’s own pubescent imouto. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, this show isn’t very ecchi at all!

— Afterwards, Kurami simply replaces Stephanie in the story. Not literally, of course. But you know Stephanie’s role. It’s her job to stand there and doubt the siblings. It’s her job to go, “Duhhh, can you actually win? Are you sure? Are you suuuuuuuuure?” This time, it’s Kurami asking these same questions, and thus, Sora gets to give his standard response: Blank can never lose, Shiro is awesome, etc. Ho-hum.

— The protest rages on. I’ve already explained why Sora got them all worked up. Still, I don’t understand why the rioters feel the need to stand outside the palace with sticks in hand. Do they think they can bar Sora from leaving the kingdom and challenging the Eastern Federation? Shouldn’t someone would’ve reminded them of rule number two?

No Game No Life - 1006

— Sora is really concerned with the Warbeasts possibly cheating. He went to all that lengths to recruit Fi to his side just have her mere presence at the match. Her observation alone will also deter the Warbeasts from cheating too obviously, I guess.

— Then there’s some bit about how Izana never gets to enjoy the games that she plays. Ah well, sucks to be her.

— When the game finally begins, it’s actually four vs. one, i.e. Blank, Jibril and somehow Stephanie vs. Izana. All five of them each sit in some sort of contraption which transports their consciousness into some kind of virtual reality video game. Somehow, the virtual reality they’re transported to resembles Tokyo, which freezes our siblings in place. They can act all confident and shit in Exceed, but an empty, virtual Tokyo freaks them out. Alright, that’s not an actual weakness. That’s just contrived stupidity. But whatever, I’m sure the siblings will get over it soon enough. Unfortunately, we had to waste an episode on a build-up episode. It’s a common theme for the tenth week of the season, apparently. If you look across the anime landscape, it’s full of episodes where absolutely nothing happens because studios feel they can waste an entire week.


7 Replies to “No Game, No Life Ep. 10: A bigger fish to fry”

  1. Is it me or is the formula for anime as goes:

    Episode 1: hoho flashy effects, radical character introductions, epic cg scenes.

    Every other episode: We really have no creativity other than trying to attract your attention by bringing you the same old crap. If you’re a fangirl/boy even better, we’ll just throw in a bunch of exposition and “feels” stuff to make the illusion that this anime is actually going somewhere.

    Whoops!! Forgot our fanservice episode time to add in our hotsprings/beach/bath/pool/shoppingmall scene.

    But honestly this really seems like a common thing t

  2. @e.minor actully blank weakness is the outside world even if it fake Tokyo because like you seen in episode 1 they never been outside of their room that why they been feared

  3. also this episode bring intresting question which is:how would the warbeasts know about Tokyo and akihabara?(the place they was land in. If not Mind Reading, if not using one’s fear against them,then what?

  4. “Vast territories are on the line here, so who wouldn’t want to watch the contest and watch intently while they’re at it?”
    You could say the same about real world international politics, but yeah this is pretty stupid.

    Interesting thing to note about the anime week there. I wonder why they think they can just get lazy like that. Is it because their competition is doing the same thing “so why not”?

    1. You could say the same about real world international politics, but yeah this is pretty stupid.

      Plenty of people do pay attention, though. That’s my point. Not everyone will, but plenty of people will. So there’s no need to cook up some silly scenario in which people are outraged in order to get them to watch the match. It’s just the anime trying to pretend as though it’s clever or that it understands human nature more keenly than everyone else.

      1. about how the warbeasts know about tokyo and this place this is my guess: think the warbeasts probably have intel on the real world possibly because they have been to it already. They could possibly also have intel on Sora and Shiro as well.

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