Everything Else, Spring ’14, Week 11: A need for assertiveness

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 1101

That’s my fetish, yo.

Atelier Escha & Logy – Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Ep. 9

two naked explorers

You know those floating ruins introduced back in the very first episode of the series? These anime characters are only now finally taking the necessary steps to explore the place. Unfortunately, Central intends to do this very same thing first, which leaves Escha crestfallen. It is her dream to explore the floating ruins before anyone else, I guess. I don’t know, the anime does a poor job of explaining why she has such an emotional attachment to the place. Still, the bad news hit the girl so hard, she gets herself sick from wandering aimlessly through the rain. A bit dramatic there, no? The whole thing is kind of silly anyway. I know the powers-that-be don’t want anyone to just explore ancient ruins willy-nilly, ’cause amateurs might damage a precious historical site. But if you can’t even trust one of your own branches to do the job properly, then why even have the branch in the first place? So the drama here is lame. But in the end, there’s a happy ending. Everyone eventually convinces the branch chief to allow them to form an exploration party anyway. Yes, even if Central disapproves. All this took was for two old men to reminisce about gay ol’ times (see above) and then brawl about it.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Ep. 11

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 1102

The first half of the episode focuses a bit on Sayaka’s backstory. She’s a mean ol’ number, however, so I don’t really care to learn about Sayaka. In the second half of the episode, Kazunari once again assumes the invisible hand that guides Ritsu through her life. In doing so, he helps the girl acquire her very first high school friendship. Wowza! Not only that, he helps her cross the streets so she can stay perfectly enamored in her novels as she walks home from school. Gosh, how did she ever manage to live without him? Oh yeah, she did. Nevertheless, isn’t Kazunari such a nice guy? Naive and hopeless romantics will watch this sort of show and think that they should emulate the main character’s behavior. After all, isn’t helping the girl when she doesn’t even realize she’s being helped just the most romantic thing ever? The problem here is when, y’know, reality doesn’t quite resemble our fantasies, and the girl doesn’t automatically fall in love with you just because you did her a few friendly favors. Then people get all mad and curse the opposite sex for not dating the “nice guys” that are right in front of them. I totally feel your pain, bros.

At one point, however, Kazunari whines, “Oh yeah, I don’t have her number or email address yet. I was beaten to the punch by someone she first spoke to just two days ago.” Christ, just ask her for them then, idiot. But it doesn’t stop there: “I knew this already, but I’m nothing to her, aren’t I?” Gee, I wonder why doing things for a girl behind her back doesn’t help her acknowledge your existence… I mean, c’mon, are you guys for real? Do you guys actually think like this? But alas, being assertive has never been a commonly found trait in anime characters. After all, Ritsu falls victim to the very same thing. Her newfound friend texts her constantly, so much so that the girl can’t even find the time to read her beloved novels anymore. So, uh, why not just tell the girl that you are going to be busy for the next few hour? Oh right, right… assertiveness is hard. Eventually, Ritsu thinks she’s going to go hang out with some book lovers at the library, but she ends up getting dragged to a mixer with… /gasp/… boys! U-Usui-kun, where are you! Come save this damsel in distresss!

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 1103

But yeah… assertiveness is not that hard.

Nobunaga the Fool Ep. 23

Nobunaga the Fool - 2301

Jeanne proves herself to be useless once again by proclaiming King Arthur the Savior-King. B-but she had to! Mitsuhide was threatening Nobunaga with a gun, and she doesn’t want her lover to die! Yeah, way to give up your only bargaining chip, though. C’mon, the bad guys are only after one thing, and as long as Jeanne has that one thing, she has power. But she simply gives it up without any struggle. In fact, the entire scene feels rushed because of it. Mitsuhide fires two shots, but they only manage to scratch Nobunaga’s skin. The guy still has a chance to be all heroic and shit. Unfortunately, Jeanne just never gives him the chance. She rather calmly proceeds with her prophecy despite her lover’s pleas. Naturally, as soon as Jeanne gives the bad guys what they want, she gets shot in the stomach. Normally, that’s a fatal wound, but I’m sure it’ll prove to be no big deal come next week’s episode.

Oh yeah, Kenshin is back. Apparently, he overcame his trials. It just took the guy a really, really long time. I’m just amazed though that characters like Kenshin and Monkey get to survive, but Caesar doesn’t. Hell, even previously dead characters are brought back to “life” as Perfectas. On the bright side, however, Himiko finally gives her life up for her betrothed, so I guess the show has redeemed itself there. Just listen to Nobunaga’s mancry though. Oh, after hearing his pure anguish over his loli queen’s death, I’m just so torn up! Pfft, good riddance. Now, if the anime could just finish Mitsuhide off too, it’d be the cherry on top of a series I have barely paid any attention to since the end of the winter season.

selector infected WIXOSS Ep. 11

selector infected WIXOSS - 1101

With every passing week, WIXOSS proves to be even lamer than before. Ruuko says, “I… I want to save Yuzuki, and Tama, and everyone else who became a LRIG.” Wow, that sounds noble! How very selfless of her, especially in a story where all of the other girls’ wishes have been selfish themselves (e.g. “I want to bang my brother”) or hopelessly pathetic (e.g. “I want to have friends”). I’m only being slightly sarcastic; it is a selfless wish, though we kind of all saw it coming. What else could the heroine of the series possibly wish for but her tomodachis? Nevertheless, Yuzuki warns Ruuko that this wish may never come true.

That’s right, the card game can only grant wishes that the girls can actually accomplish for themselves: “A wish that can’t be made true by a normal girl can’t come true.” Well shit, what’s even the point of this game then if the only wishes it can grant are realistic wishes? For example, Ruuko can’t even save her goddamn grandmother. Sorry, fighting old age isn’t something a normal girl can do. Wish for world peace? Nah, normal girls can’t do that either. She can’t even wish to restore Hitoe’s memories. Yes, something as innocent as that will never happen. Alright, fiiiiiiiine, I’ll wish for incest ’cause according to anime, every single normal girl out there can totally seduce her brother.

selector infected WIXOSS - 1102

Still, Ruuko’s wish might come true. We just don’t know whether or not it will. As a result, our intrepid selector presses on with it anyway. You’re probably asking, “What’s the big deal if the wish can’t be granted?” Well, if the wish can’t be granted, apparently the Eternal Girl may disappear for good. As a result, Ruuko has no clue what she’s getting herself into. The game might decide to grant her wish and free all of her friends. Or, she’ll just disappear forever, sacrificing her life to accomplish nothing. Oh darn. Seeing as how this anime is going to get a sequel, however, I can’t imagine either of those two outcomes coming to fruition.

I’m sure the show will have one last twist in store for us. After all, the mysterious white woman says, “There are exceptions. Not all Eternal girls are normal girls. Among them may be special girls who hold mysterious powers.” Gosh, I wonder who one of those girls might be. Until the anime decides to spill its beans, however, we get to watch as Ruuko battles through Iona’s tournament to face the final boss herself, blah blah blah. In the meantime, we can laugh at the anime for attempting to convince us that HItoe gripping her green scrunchie is meaningful and touching.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Ep. 10

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 1001

It turns out the Rain Kingdom has always tried to be rather isolationist. Its matriarch, Nike’s grandmother, is especially protective of their rain-calling abilities. As a result, this whole “Uguu, I threw my back out” thing was nothing more than a ploy to lure the princess back home. This way, they could lock her up while they try to erase Livius’s memories, thereby “convincing” him to nullify his marriage to Nike. Too bad for them, Livius sniffs out the plot. He therefore proves his love for Nike by jumping into a quickly-flooding swamp to search for a key that will free his beloved. Meanwhile, Nike professes her love for her creepily young husband. Ugh… I’m not sure who’s the good guy here, to be honest. We’ve seen Livius’s more abusive tendencies, but let’s not pretend as though Nike’s grandmother is a saint. She’s a domineering woman who controls her family with an iron grip. It’s bad all around. No wonder Nike doesn’t even bat an eyelash at her husband’s controlling tendencies. It’s just sad to see what passes for romance nowadays.

10 thoughts on “Everything Else, Spring ’14, Week 11: A need for assertiveness

  1. Mocha

    I know you didn’t watch Madoka because you disapprove of its magical girl nonsense, but if you had you would have had an opportunity to call out Wixoss for ripping off Madoka and snarking about how unoriginal anime in general is. Looking forward to your continued sarcastic coverage through its next season!

    1. flamerounin

      E Mino was already calling out Wixoss for ripping off Madoka a few episodes back.

      There you go boss. Ruu-chan is just a few steps away from becoming Ruukami as you (and everyone else) had expected :v

      1. E Minor Post author

        Ruu-chan is just a few steps away from becoming Ruukami as you (and everyone else) had expected :v

        I like to think we all expected it.

  2. Soulstriker R Vanquish

    So Kenshin did showed up late (a little) like I expected just not dramatic like I thought it would be. I guess only main protagonists and main antagonists are normally allowed to show up late and steal all the glory. Wow, Jeanne, after telling everyone that Nobu is the Savior-King. I don’t even know what to say about this.

    “Himiko finally gives her life up for her betrothed, so I guess the show has redeemed itself there.”
    I think you’re being too kind to say it has redeemed itself.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I think you’re being too kind to say it has redeemed itself.

      “…I guess the show has redeemed itself there.”

      1. Soulstriker R Vanquish

        Oh, right. Ok. I think I understood it earlier as “I guess the whole show has redeemed itself on that one event.” or something close to that.
        By the way, do you happen to know why my usual “Predator” profile picture didn’t appear on the comment above? I made a comment after that one earlier and the profile pic appeared again.

  3. Marcomax

    When talking about Wixoss, had anyone brought up Black Rock Shooter. The TV series which has a script by Okada as well. They both share the same kind of grinding melodrama.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Black Rock Shooter at least had a character shoot out macarons. WIXOSS has nothing quite as ridiculous to compensate.


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