No Game, No Life Ep. 12 (Finale): Setting up shop for the sequel

No Game No Life - 1201

Well, the season finally comes to an end, but Madhouse would be dumb to let the sequel slip out of their fingers. . Oh sure, I don’t like the show, but I’m not blind. The show has been a surprise hit with a lot of people, and to say otherwise would just be obtuse. Still, I’m not changing my tune. While the first episode had set the stage for a potentially interesting story, the rest of the anime turned out to be mostly unfunny, pandering schlock. Having said that, I will credit No Game, No Life for one thing: most of the games have generally been creative in their execution. There’s an undeniable energy to them as well. Still, there’s too little here to make up for the show’s negatives. If every episode had gone for broke (e.g., like the shiritori episode) then maybe, but too much time was wasted on making a fool out of Stephanie, forming the harem, or delving into the past of two siblings I don’t care to learn about. But enough about that. Let’s just wrap up the series, shall we? And don’t worry, I won’t blog the sequel whenever it does get made.

— Since Izuna is having so much fun, I guess she’s going full furry. You never go full furry.

— The show does the fake-out thing again, but the siblings actually allow themselves to get hit this time in order to really convince everyone that they had lost. Then through the calculations — yeah, I’m not going to recap it all — they’ve arranged it for Stephanie to unwittingly take the winning shot.

No Game No Life - 1202

Oh ho ho, winning the game because no one expected the dumbest, ditziest character to be a threat. This is part of what I mean, though. Imagine if the show had gone for broke every single time it could. Compared to the shiritori match, however, this love-sim FPS game is relatively ordinary, and its ending is ho-hum compared to people falling into the fucking core of the planet. Seeing Stephanie take the winning shot, on the other hand, my only reaction was, “Eh.” I expected a big finish, I guess. I think a show like No Game, No Life would only work for me if each and every single match became nuttier and crazier than the last.

— The Izuna having fun thing is pure fluff. I don’t think it’s important to address.

— Unfortunately, the match is over already with more than half of the episode to go. As a result, more fluff comes in the way of fanservice. Oh well, time to skip through this boring shit.

— This is the other part of what I mean. The pacing of the show is only top notch for people who want to see Sora’s harem bathe each other. I don’t, so the pacing is pretty shit. In twelve episodes, we only got to see three big games. The rest of the time is wasted on pandering schlock.

— I don’t even know how the “bald monkey” insult is supposed to work when you could arguably called the warbeasts “bald dogs” in return.

No Game No Life - 1203

— Miko finally meets with the siblings, and she’s none too pleased with the way things have played out. Thanks to their loss, I guess, everyone else is gunning to challenge the Eastern Federation. She thus swears revenge on Sora and even threatens his life in the process.

— So they play a game of coin toss. Pretty lame, guys. Anyway, since Miko practically didn’t want anything from the siblings in return — in fact, she just wants to ensure her people’s safety — he games it so that the coin toss ends up being a draw for the both of them. This way, everyone can win… or lose, but why would you pick that? Gosh, imagine if Miko had actually wanted revenge.

— Are the siblings ever going to play a game with anyone that isn’t a hot anime babe, though? Besides Tet, of course, but let’s be honest. When will the fated match between the siblings and Tet ever take place? After all, there are fifteen other races, and the siblings spent a good chunk of their time just defeating themselves.

— I feel like the siblings are going to have the same talk whenever they defeat someone.

“What are you planning to do?”

“We want to defeat Tet!”

No Game No Life - 1204

“You actually think it’s possible?!”

Seriously, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this stuff before.

— Anyway, seeing as how Miko’s a shrine maiden, she must have a god. So the finale episode ends on the siblings encountering one of those gods. And that’s it. Not really much of an ending, but I suppose it’s enough to excite the fans. As for me, this chapter comes to a close for good. One season is enough for me. After all, I’m sure any sequel to No Game, No Life would just stick to its established formula, and I’ve said everything I needed to say on the anime.

24 thoughts on “No Game, No Life Ep. 12 (Finale): Setting up shop for the sequel

  1. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    Oh, please, Brynhildr… Come on, Brynhildr… We need more hilariously retarded finales and less boring drop-offs into the “sequel season”.

    Welp, as least you survived the banality, mate. Honestly, though I’m serious when I say I’m always with your blog, I’m relieved you aren’t taking up any more of this crap show. No Game, No Life indeed. There are barely any games, and the show had practically no life to it!
    HAha-Wait, I think you made a joke about that already. Nevermind.

    Speaking of: I think I might’ve mentioned this before, but dude is it just me or has this idea of “pilot episode is promising, series degrades to crap” become a horrible trend in anime?

    1. mrfatso

      Actually, i think you did that for him, oh well, i guess he will have to make another no game no life pun.

    2. E Minor Post author

      Speaking of: I think I might’ve mentioned this before, but dude is it just me or has this idea of “pilot episode is promising, series degrades to crap” become a horrible trend in anime?

      Well, I think the possibilities are endless that early on, and perhaps we are optimists.

  2. newtothelulz

    The show should have been called No Ecchi, No Life, instead. It was no fun, nor nothing to me. I only know about it because my significant other loves watching these pandering shows, so you can’t even imagine how grateful I feel for you to make entries. Sorry that you have to watch it, though.
    I’ve been reading your blog for about three months, and today I had to tell you that this blog had been the savior of my sanity. Thank you very much for the hard work!

  3. Don't hurt me no more

    I also come here to keep my sanity intact xD:
    Ngnl is now ranked 18 overall in MAL and it keeps rising.

    It’s the very 1st time I don’t fully understand why a show is rated so high. (not the top 300 high like SAO, the top 20 high)
    Even if i dislike shows like highschool DxD, SAO or bakemonogatari, I can understand to some extent why they are loved.
    Maybe it’s due to an influx of new anime fans around 13-15 year old, seeing a sexualised shiro is arousing for them?
    Maybe they are more prone to be an arrogant shut-in gamer thinking highly of themselves like Sora? They feel intelligent watching him owning(both definitions) a stupid big boobed princess?
    Did I mention the furry loli?lol

    Just how many people matching those points exist?Never tought there will be so many.

    While browsing MAL forums, I found the vocal minority of ngnl fans to be far worse that the vocal minority of mahouka fans (never thought I would say that) :
    they are all circlejerking about ngnl and are eagerly awaiting Death Note/Mushishi/TTGL/Cowboy Bebop fans with an obvious smug attitude like “it’s near top10 now, whatcha gonna do about It?”

    Oh well, it’s not like it will keep me from sleeping tonight, it’s kind of funny actually, in a bad way.

    1. jka22419

      I know, I am tearing my hair out at it being so high on MAL! I just really don’t get how this happened…

    2. E Minor Post author

      While browsing MAL forums, I found the vocal minority of ngnl fans to be far worse that the vocal minority of mahouka fans

      Well, my solution is to never worry what MAL thinks. It’s ranked where? Nowhere in my mind and that’s good enough for me.

      1. Don't hurt me no more

        Agreed, like I said, it will not keep me from sleeping^^. Even if it reachs the #1 rank, it won’t stop me from thinking that this show is ridiculous.

        There is much more to what I said who help push ngnl to the top, this guy on MAL say it well:

        “This stopped being about the actual show itself weeks ago and more what it means to be part of the community experience.
        I know how important it is in particular that this show attain as high as ranking as possible for its audience since it seems desperate to be as acknowledged as possible.
        I also wouldn’t doubt if some people think its ranking going into the top 10 on MAL increases its chances of getting another season.”

        The fans also rely on fake accounts like this one :
        to give ngnl a 10/10. (I don’t know if it’s a common occurence)

        All of this together (various fetishes, power fantasy, sheep-like attitude) is fueling the ngnl worshiping.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Well, MAL rankings to me are about as important as, say, a movie’s IMDB ranking. And the instant I accepted this, all the significance it has goes up in flames.

        2. Anonymous

          One good thing is that being on page #1 of the top anime will drive a lot of people to watch it, those who are not in it’s core demographic. This should drive the score down to something reasonable. It’s just finished airing, the scores are mainly weighted in favor of the big fans who caught every episode as it aired.

  4. rafer

    Sora is basically every nerd dorky otaku’s fantasy.
    1. his whole entire life revolves around games.
    2. he is better than you. period.
    3. you think you beat him? just kidding, you never had a chance to begin with.
    4. he’s a virgin that just want chicks, and he gets those chicks.
    5. he gets to act all smug over anyone. every nerd’s dream is to dominate, to be the alpha male, especially if you get to impose your will on the opposite sex.
    sora is the prime example of every loser’s power fantasy. he is wish-fulfillment at its finest. and there are tons of losers out there pretending they are sora while watching this joke of an anime.

  5. rafer

    No game no life had such good potential.
    the concept was there. disboard is basically reality and games united into one place.
    sora and shiro would have had to deal with their issues with the real world so that they can enjoy the games aspect of their new world. and what could have happened is that their characters would have developed to fit in with the real world and at the same time be challenged with exciting games.
    too bad the author just turned this into a harem power fantasy.

  6. Anonymous

    NGNL is successful to link escapism to achievement. The game metaphor of RL as a game with 70 Billion of players with no explicit rule is so appealing to NEET, which do not like or cannot conform to the implicit rule of RL.

    It is also successful because it appears that you do not have to be very clever to be the HERO of the world, as someone mentioned most tricks Sora are plain simple. It is easy to imagine what you will do if you are Sora, which makes NGNL so close to NEET.

  7. Anonymous

    Consider in EP02 they even spent 3 or 4 minutes to explain a plain game of rock scissor paper along with the simplified version of minimax strategy of game theory, they have positioned the audience as very uneducated and dumb. So they choose not to include the details complex game like Bridge playing or Chess. Maybe it will take 1 whole episode to explain the rules of the game, then another episode to explain the moves and so on. So every intense game is actually won through MAGIC stick of Cheating or Unlimited computational power of Shiro/Heuristic Answer finding of Sora.

  8. Anonymous

    On the other hand, who will really like to spend time to learn every game details as well as the Aha! of the wining moves if there are 10 complicated different game in the Anime? Why not just spend time to actually play the game and enjoy 10 times fun from the game itself?

  9. Sparklecosmos

    Tet and Shiro could’ve be a cute couple together but once again this is for man children who can’t function and Don’t know reality or how to deal with it. Why is Japan so scared of little boy characters anyway? Why do they feel the need to people please to get an audience? Shiro should’ve spent more time with tet and a relationship gradually could’ve blossomed between the two but noooo she HAD to be have a brother complex just because.


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