Black Bullet Ep. 13 (Finale): Add lolis and stir vigorously

Black Bullet - 1304

Oh boy, it’s Moe Sucks’ 1000th post extravanganza! And what do you guys win? A wrap-up of Spring’s worst series! Congrats!

— The dumbest thing about Takuto’s betrayal isn’t even the fact that he’s dooming himself and the rest of Tokyo in order to get his revenge on Rentaro. After all, maybe the guy is deranged. Unlikely, but if that’s the case, then why would he give a shit about himself or Tokyo? Rather, what’s utterly retarded is that he’s managed to convince other people to help him. One deranged individual? Sure. A bunch of them agreeing to doom themselves for one man’s mad quest for vengeance? Yeah… But it’s evident Black Bullet cares more about the twist than anything else. Just the fact that Takuto could show up and sabotage the entire operation is all the story cares about! Likewise, how plausible is it that Kagetane would now be working with the good guys? Not very, but the twist! The twist of him showing up out of nowhere to save Rentaro’s life! A story that relies on such cheap tricks for thrills is, well, cheap itself. By the way, the guy doesn’t even show up again for the rest of the story. Good stuff.

— Oh dear, what are we to do without any light? Out of nowhere, a bunch of floating lanterns descend from the sky and illuminate the area. These things are from the citizens of Tokyo, apparently. Even Cursed Children are amongst them. Don’t you just wanna go “Awwww!” at the sight of everyone working together in a crisis! They’re sending their hope Rentaro’s way (barf). Too bad the logistics don’t make very much sense. You’re telling me that people all sat together and gathered a bunch of material to make these floating lanterns? Yeah, I don’t know about that. And how are they floating? On another note, I thought only a select few were chosen to be saved. But, again, there are Cursed Children in this scene so who even knows anymore.

— Rentaro: “We will now commence operation ‘Rapier’s Thrust!'” Uh, poor choice of words for a show that sexualizes lolis…

Black Bullet - 1305

— So the battle is finally underway, and you’d think our characters would wear more combat-suitable clothing. Ah, but don’tcha know? A skintight seifuku is the best outfit to fight in.

Quality animation as always.

— It’s one parade of allies as Rentaro’s friends conveniently show up one-by-one to help him and Enju reach their destination.

— The bomb has been planted. I repeat: the bomb has been planted! Oh wait, we’re only seven and a half minutes into this episode! The bomb will fail. I repeat: the bomb will fail!

— Time for the main character to make a heroic sacrifice. He gives Enju a tearful goodbye, then knocks her out with a punch to the stomach. Uh, I don’t think it’s that easy. Yeah, you’ll knock the wind out of people by hitting their solar plexus, but c’mon. Why would she faint?  But apparently, everything can be solved by punching, because our hero’s going to punch Aldebaran hard enough in the hopes that he’ll re-trigger the bomb.

— But don’t you worry about your heartstrings! Even in Enju’s sleep, she’ll whisper Rentaro’s name softly!

— Aldebaran finally remembers it can spew “Varanium-corroding fluid,” which takes out Rentaro’s special leg. It looks as though our hero has failed. Luckily, good ol’ Shoma-nii has shown up in order to sacrifice his life. Oh, the twists and turns of this narrative. Rentaro doth protest: “No! You’ll die!” Uh, which is exactly what you were aiming to do just moments ago?

Black Bullet - 1306

— Even though Shoma’s power is the ability to destroy someone from in the inside, he still just punches Aldebaran. And that’s how the final fight comes to an end. What a failure of the imagination.

— And that’s that. What a lame final battle. Rentaro looks back at his troops and goes, “Is this… all that’s left?” But I like how the only important person to die is Shoma, who also willingly chose to die. War is so neat and tidy.

— Ugh, there’s still 10 minutes left in the episode. What on earth is left for the episode to cover?

— Well, Kisara confronts her older brother, who had commissioned the previous shoddy monolith. As a result, he’s the one responsible for the countless deaths in our latest conflict. Alright. Let’s use our evidence to bring him to trial… No, actually, I think we’ll have a duel to the death instead–… wait, what? But ugh, who even cares anymore? The big bad threat is over. Nothing is at stake for the viewers. I hardly know who Kazumitsu is, so I hardly give a shit that he’ll get his comeuppance at Kisara’s hands.

— Kazumitsu sure can talk rather coherently even though one of his legs has been chopped off, and he is likely bleeding out from the wound or going into shock from the pain.

— Of course, Kikunojo is linked to the crappy monolith. Of course, there’s a huge conspiracy surrounding the deaths of Kisara’s parents. The darkness of the Tendo clan! Sigh. Again, why on earth are we hearing this now after the series is just about over? Maybe the show wants to tease a sequel, but this just seems like poor pacing to me.

— Even better, Kisara reveals that she had cleaved her brother right in half:

Black Bullet - 1307

Somehow, it was just delayed! So really, the guy kept talking even though he had suffered such an injury! Very impressive!

— Meanwhile, Kisara is utterly gleeful that she has killed one of the people responsible for her parents’ deaths. This is how Black Bullet wants to end? On some weird note where Kisara cruelly murders a guy? Instead of devoting any attention to humanity’s final battle, we’re instead watching some twisted form of justice being carried out. Man, who the fuck worked on this adaptation’s storyboards? “And then after everyone is happy that the big, bad Aldebaran has died, we’ll have Rentaro’s primary love interest go semi-psycho and murder someone in cold-blood. Rentaro and Kisara will then argue over it! Yeah, this is the best way to cap this series off!”

— Kisara calls herself evil then walks away from both Rentaro and the lolis. Rentaro tells the girls that they may have just become enemies. Okaaaaay… First, Rentaro goes all fascist on everyone as a military leader, and now this.

— Anyway, Seitenshi gives a crappy speech about lifting the burden on the Cursed Children. Afterwards, Rentaro and Enju share a moment on a train where our hero sobs into her lap. H-he doesn’t want his loli to ever leave his side! And with that, Black Bullet is over.

— Final thoughts? Like a lot of shows lately, there’s always potential for something passably entertaining. I mean, c’mon, humanity is on the ropes, and the enemy are giant, monstrous beasts that our heroes can hardly comprehend. The premise is pretty much nothing original, but you could still do something decent with it. Actually, how can you even mess it up? Action and monsters. Just doing it competently would get you at least an average score. Hell, the whole series is rather Attack on Titan-ish if you think about it. So maybe that’s why we needed to add a twist. Maybe that’s why we needed something to help Black Bullet stand out on its own. I know! Let’s add lolis!

Black Bullet - 1308

I swear, half of these shows would be decent if you could just kill off anime’s obsession with lolis. I don’t enjoy Attack on Titan for various reasons, but I can at least respect it as a grim, serious work about humanity’s struggle to survive against a force of nature. Most of all, it had no lolis. Black Bullet takes the same idea, but then a loli pops out and goes, “HELLO I’M HERE TO RUIN DA SHOW.” Then you’re just like, “Holy fuck, kill me now.” Even better is when the anime tries to make you feel bad for the lolis with some very shitty depiction of discrimination. What truly takes the cake, however, is how sexualized these lolis are. Lolis are humanity’s last hope? Whatever. Lolis are being discriminated against? Pretty emotionally manipulative, but oh well. The lolis all want to marry the main character when they grow up because they’ve become dependent upon him? Alright, fuck you too, Black Bullet. Final grade? F-minus.

10 thoughts on “Black Bullet Ep. 13 (Finale): Add lolis and stir vigorously

  1. kaoknight

    I’ve seen many bad adaptations but man, this shows pacing was horrendous going from the loli harem jokes to a war where everyones getting killed off in a seconds.

    and the way they chose to end it off with yandere kisara killing her bro was really random(the fight was really anti climatic, saw that after cut thing coming from a mile away).

    Sadly, I saw people actually wanting a second season from this while some others wanted a complete remake(but I don’t see how this loli filled premise can be done “properly” even with better pacing).

    Some actually tried to defend/justify the use of lolis even after the blatant sexualization of the 10 year olds.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Eh, just a bad show through and through that we won’t remember after a few weeks of the summer season.

    2. TrashTroll

      So you guys just want your fix of naruto/bleech/one piece/dragon ball/whatever trendy shity anime next season?
      Well, dosent matters, fans will be fans and haters gonna hate.
      Still dont know why some people watch series they dont like, maybe to rant about some interesting topic they dont really understand?
      If you guys watch this kind of anime just for the sake of saying I watched and is trash, thats just silly, Im not saying is a great anime, heck probly not even good, but is not bad either, it deals with good topics that barely any other anime deals with; the lolis a.k.a. cursed childs are humanitys last hope and yet they are treated like trash, kinda remind me of the vietnam veterans and american troops who return from afganistan, the anime didnt quite deal with this properly but still was interesting to see it, the other issues like the virus threat, conspiracies, goverment corruption, etc. are not original ofcourse, but the fact that the katana girl actually killed one of the bad guys when the mc dude couldnt, was pretty satisfactory to see, Im kinda sick of goody good guys who let the villain escape. This anime actually had the balls to go for the revenge route, any of you guys can say the same of your favorite animes?

  2. Anonymous

    Duromg the whole Kisara thing I was thinking back at what the doctor told him a few episodes ago about him needing to help Kisara and stop her before before she goes full evil and then comes this episode and Rentaro does fuckong nothin but stand and watch like the bitch he is, really? He didn’t evem think ” Hmm I should stop her because killimg her own brother will scar her and I did promised to protect her so…” but no he remains the same bitch-ass protagonist through and through.

    So many dissapointing anime this season less than a handful actually ended on a good enough note and I’m not even asking for much in my anime but this season went to a whole new level of stupidity and the sad part is that people are acting loke these are the best anime evar, now I need to get mwntally ready for SAO season 2 which I’ll watch only to bitch about since I hate it to death.

    1. Anonymous

      See how this season has affected me, I can’t even write in proper english from how pissed off I am.

  3. eternia

    Yep. Worst anime of current season. Among all that I have watched.
    I dropped the naked loli dragon, the bitch with a blade, the girls with flags on their head, the imouto who wets herself from thinking about banging her big bro.
    They are probably worse, but I wouldn’t know.

    The story is originally shit, to begin with, how they incorporate the importance of lolis in a story of Humans VS Insects. But the anime makes it even worse, by doing one of the worst anime adaptation I have ever seen. What’s the point of us seeing Kisara’s battle? What’s the point of Rentarou and Enju in the train? The show has practically ended long ago. Why are they telling us that Rentarou lied to Enju about her corruption rate, when they won’t get to that matter in these 13 episode? Can they learn something or two from Noragami?

    I have to look up and remember this anime’s director and writer, because they are really dumbasses… and doofus….

    1. kaoknight

      Yeah, there were a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions for a show that will probably never get another season.

      I also wondered why they bothered mentioning the high corrosion rate when it’ll never get answered.

  4. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    Quite frankly, E Minor, I am seriously disappointed in your 1000 post “Black Bullet Finale” extravaganza. After all of this time I expected more from you and your judgement in anime analysis. To entirely dismiss this series as an F- is nonsense!

    Firstly, the whole point of Black Bullet was to depict the degradation of narrative under the constraints of Japan’s current media climate. Under the recent laws being enforced, manga and anime has yet to be free from censorship. Black Bullet is a rebellion against the laced booted plutocrats in charge of the governmental censorship laws which are “for the children’s sake”.

    In this sense Black Bullet takes on a metatextual narrative by adding in lolita characters, who are children. They represent the innocence of the youth that censors want to protect. Their admiration and subsequent affection for the main character, the individual the audience is meant to relate to like Winston in the classic literary masterpiece “1984”, shows how the next generation looks up to US for answers, protection, and affection. Their endangerment is initially meant to portray how they truly need protectors (i.e. censors) but eventually we see the difference between protection and imprisonment via the dialogue and subtext. It thus becomes a story much like Huxley’s “A Brave New World” wherein it predicts a contemporary future state using fiction as allegory to depict a world we are heading towards if we allow ourselves to consume “Soma” and dull our senses (or in this case, “lolis”).

    The at times pedophilic undertones show the encroachment of a society that both want to protect the youth and abuse them, much like extremist conservative politicians will abuse the concept of children to gain a higher status and appreciation from the people. Ring any bells? EXACTLY! It’s the selfsame premise used in Harrington’s controversial novel “Of Lolis and Me”, which was later abused by – you guessed it! – CENSORS and translated into a little known film called “M” starring Peter Lorre about a pedophile who roams the old European streets and is hunted by the parents of their murdered children. Very good film, actually, you should check it out.

    In conclusion, the lanterns represent hope and the unification of the departed, the downtrodden and US, the Loli-Soma consuming Winston Rentaro (who was not fascist but a man of the people, you should know better) against the Goliath force of censorship.
    _I have no idea what that Kisara shit was, though.

    Anyway, clearly the anime proved to be WAY above your level of understanding, and I would recommend a healthy list of impactful novels but won’t for fear of your violent, flabbergasting F Minuseses! A-good day, Ser!


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