Anime Rail Wars! Series

Rail Wars! Ep. 4: Trains, trains, trains!

Rail Wars! - 0402

This episode is all about trains… and this hot idol in her breast-hugging top. But still, it’s all about trains!

Rail Wars! - 0403

Jesus Christ, even a suit in this universe can’t help but hug a woman’s chest tightly. Not only that, I’ve never seen such a shiny suit bef–… what am I saying! I should be talking trains, train models, train lines, train schedules…

Rail Wars! - 0401

…train employees courageously breaking a woman’s fall…

Rail Wars! - 0404

…and thus become hopelessly sandwiched between two buoyant pairs of breasts. My, my, my, what a difficult and dangerous job Naoto has.

Rail Wars! - 0405

D…did he just get knocked out by a pair of breasts?

Rail Wars! - 0407

Yes, yes he did, because those breasts are public enemy number one. Fathers! Lock up your sons! The breasts trains are on the prowl.

Rail Wars! - 0410


Rail Wars! - 0411

Trains. Trains.

Rail Wars! - 0412

Trains. Trains. Trains.

Rail Wars! - 0413Rail Wars! - 0416Rail Wars! - 0415Rail Wars! - 0414


Rail Wars! - 0417

I now understand where last week’s animation budget had disappeared to. It’s like animation triage; some episodes are just more important than others. And with all the expertly rendered trains sitting before me, I must admit Passione has made the right call.. In fact, there’s even hardcore penetration in this week’s episode!

Rail Wars! - 0418

“Young Japanese Virgin Forcefully Penetrated Onstage”

Rail Wars! - 0419

Quick, somebody save Naoto! (Psst, zoom into her breasts while we’re at it.)

Rail Wars! - 0422

Dude, this is the best train ever.

You’re probably wondering what this train is even train. Trains, obviously. But more specifically, a train enlisted to promote trains is being trained:

Rail Wars! - 0408

So it’s up to the train trains to protect our train. Don’t worry, though, because in the train, they save the train and apprehend the train. Why didn’t Train die from the training? Well, y’see…

Rail Wars! - 0423

…never leave train without traintection, kids.

And as a result, the hot, sexy train is now in train with our virgin train:

Rail Wars! - 0420

Ah, another beautiful train about young train. I hope this has been an educational train about trains for you guys. Personally, I learned a lot about trains today!

2 replies on “Rail Wars! Ep. 4: Trains, trains, trains!”

Ok, am I the only one who has noticed that he keeps getting praised for literally having done nothing? It’s like he wants to compete with Jesus-Tatsuya for who get the most praise and I’m going to guess that we will see Kirito joining into the competition since he will become the become the best ggo player next episode (I haven’t read the LN, nor do I wish to) he will get praised while he uses his hacked account, so it will be a three way praise battle.

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