Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 18: The Nine Schools Nightmare is finally over

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1801

I have no words to describe just how badass Tatsuya looks right about now. You may think it’s silly for a guy to wear sunglasses at night, but it’s for our protection. Just one glance from his unprotected eyes are enough to impregnate anybody. Yes, even guys!

— First High has clinched the overall victory, so there’s a big party for all the students. But hey, where’s our Gary Stu? Why, he’s about to take out those evil Chinese gangsters, of course!

— Some guy tells the chairman, “In that case, you should be well aware that the Yotsubas haven’t relinquished their claim to Tatsuya.” Their claim? They own him like an object? I mean, I already know he’s a robot, but this is quite… well, everything about this show is ridiculous.

— Apparently, the Yotsubas will become too powerful in the near future if nothing changes. Welp… Gary Stu character, Gary Stu family.

— “In terms of combat power, the Yotsubas are head and shoulders above the other Master Clans.” My dad can totally beat up your dad.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1818

— But man, let’s quickly take stock of the last five minutes. First, the girls stand around at a party and talk about Tatsuya. Then, we see Tatsuya sit and talk in two different cars. After the credits, two old men are now sitting around, talking about Tatsuya’s wasted potential. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s amazing how people will say that my criticisms are full of hyperbole, but, uh, are we watching the same show? Do you not see these characters sit around and talk all day?

— Six minutes into the episode, this conversation about Tatsuya is still going…

“However, Tatsuya, on his own, is an asset on the level of a strategic missile.”

— Seven minutes in–… oh god, the scene has finally changed! We’ve finally changed to a different scene! And… it’s just a bunch of people sitting around a table, talking about Tatsuya: “But right now our priority should be to get rid of that brat. Tatsuya Shiba, was it?”

— Finally, we see Tatsuya infiltrate the enemy base after wasting a third of the episode… well, no, not really. Our Gary Stu is so badass, he can strike fear into his enemies’ hearts from another skyscraper.

— I love how these guys all look the same…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1802Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1803

— Yeah, that’s right, our Gary Stu bullseyes the bad guy’s eye from a mile away.

— The bad guys order their underlings to take Tatsuya out, but Tatsuya already has full control of said underlings. They then try to contact the outside world, but they can’t. The guy with the phone just instantly disappears in a wisp of digital effects. Tatsuya has full control of everything! We may as well be watching a giant, bratty toddler stomp on ants. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: how can people enjoy watching someone so overpowered? What’s the fucking point? Even if I was writing about myself, I’d make it seem like I could die because it’s just more interesting that way. I mean, I know I’m going to win at the end of the day anyway, so why not at least make it seem tense? I gotta say, it takes a special level of insecurity to not only insert yourself into your own shitty story, but to make your character stomp everyone around him as well. Seriously, what are you so scared of?

— Tatsuya: “I’ve converged the radio waves. How I accomplished that is no concern of yours.” Really? You’re actually going to pass up on the chance to talk my ears off for once? No fucking way!

— Eventually, one of the gangsters promises to pull the No-Head Dragons out of Japan… forever. Yeah, stay out of our borders, you dirty foreigners! What’s with these English first names though? Douglas Huang? James Zhu? Then it turns out the big boss’s name is Richard Sun. Dick Sun, man. Dick. Sun.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1819

— In the end, this badass mission has, well, no action. Tatsuya just stands in one place and talks to the bad guys. Yes, the bad guys magically disappear from time to time, but that’s it. This entire arc has taken over two months to complete, and this is how it ends? With Tatsuya having a leisurely chat with the Chinese gangsters?

— Dougie Huang begs for mercy, because hey, they haven’t actually killed anyone! They were going to, but they haven’t! Still, Tatsuya has no room in his robot heart for mercy: “You people incurred my wrath…” Wait, wait, what do you mean, “you people?”

— Wait, wait, it gets better: “I was finally able to unleash this demonic power because you drew out my one remaining emotion.” HE DIDN’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED… BUT THEY PUSHED HIM… TOO FAR. Yeah, okay, a 12-year-old wrote this. I don’t care what his actual physical age is. He’s mentally 12.

— Then the girl next to him has to overexplain the situation: “Built as a weapon, the one emotion Tatsuya has left… His feelings for his younger sister, huh?” Gee, really? Man, I had no fucking idea. Thank god you were there to tell me.

— Afterwards, we get a brief glimpse of Jumanji’s Monolith Code event, but just a very brief glimpse. Eventually, we see the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion sit around and praise Tatsuya for a job well done. Well, talking is what this anime does best.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1807

— Now, they’re talking about Sorcery Boosters. Ugh. This is how it goes. After a very anti-climatic showdown with the Chinese gangsters, the characters proceed to sit around and talk about… I don’t even care. I really don’t.

— Apparently, Sorcery Boosters are made of human brains. I still really do not care, though, so… I’ll just leave it at that.

— Boring medal ceremony. Then yet another party for the kids. Oh wow, we now even have a cheesy insert song.

— He shares some words with the Crimson Prince, who has apparently recovered. Tatsuya even tells Miyuki to dance with the guy. Oh boy.

— But then all of the girls want to dance with the Demon God himself! So this is how this shit ends… with a bunch of corny ass dances.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1808Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1809Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1810Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1811

This is as close as you’ll ever get to a harem ending, but despite this, our Gary Stu looks positively bored as fuck:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1813

Meanwhile, Miyuki is not pleased one bit:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1812

Oh well, all’s well that ends–… wait, one more dance?!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1814

Uguu, Jumanji… right here in front of everyone?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1815

Ooh la la, a secret tryst in a garden. How romantic! You really shouldn’t have! There are even roses! It turns out the Ten Master Clans are just as insecure as our Gary Stu, so they don’t like it when someone shows them up. There’s one easy solution to this problem, though: just have Tatsuya join the Ten Master Clans. In other words, marry into one of these families. U…uguu, are you proposing to me, Jumanji-kun?

— Sadly, Tatsuya’s possessive imouto just has to show up and interrupt the two men’s pure, passionate love for each other. Fine, fine, I’ll dance with you too~! I’ll dance with all of ya! More shitty insert songs, please!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 1817

Man, that’s a rather phallic fountain, don’t you think? But anyway, after 13 pathetic episodes, the “Nine Schools Competition” arc is finally done and over with. Christ, I need some liquor for this.


26 Replies to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Ep. 18: The Nine Schools Nightmare is finally over”

        1. I try to treat myself to some KBBQ before I start watching these shows. You don’t want to watch them on an empty stomach. Bad for the constitution.

  1. “However, Tatsuya, on his own, is an asset on the level of a strategic missile.”
    This is a lie. Strategic missile can only fly and nuke things, Tatsuya can do this and much more.

    1. ^ Insta-heal, regrow limbs, fly, nuke shit, desintegrate shit, elemental eye (basically sharingan on steroids x1000), dismantle shit, shoot lazorz and this is before he unleashes his “true power” that’s being restrained by the Yotsuba (don’t worry you’ll see next arc).

      Also let me add he revolutionized magic by literally making it what it is (yes, it was him who perfected CAD’s because it seems the people who crated them weren’t smart enough), creates new magic in his spare time, is a ninja, is a high ranking offucer in the armed forces, is a super soldier honed beyond the abilities of even normal super soldiers standards and pretty much makes the 50 or so strongest people in the planet crap their pants because apparently his nuking ability could be used to destroy the planet it self (maybe even more if he wished).

      It’s like watching the work of someone going through a chuunibyou phase, I mean come on “Demon King” and his other nickname is the name of hindu god of destruction, now sit there and process all of that.

      1. This made me think of when you play Skyrim or a similar game and by carrying out the various quest you end up being the Chosen One of half a dozen different ancient prophecies, Archmage, Master Assassin, and a bunch of other titles. Tatsuya is like one of those videogame characters, except we’re not having fun by playing in his shoes (which would maybe not be especially challenging, but would provide us with the fun of being a dick to everyone).

      2. I am a 100% sure that before the novel ends he will learn how to disintegrate himself and rematerialize, therefore obtaining teleportation powers, and his sharigan in theory can see the present, the past, the future, the spirit world, the information world and all around him, and has no range limit… yeah tatsuya actually sees her imoto while she takes a shower everyday no matter how far away they are…for all of eternity. Too bad the translation suckd….(sarcasm)

        His power is Demon Right, not demon light. Cuz well his left hand is for other sh1t.

        1. Anon, I’m assuming you’re a light novel reader? Could you give us a little hint of what we have to look forward to next arc? I’m not asking for spoilers but what kinda arc are we gonna end this show on?

  2. – But man, let’s quickly take stock of the last five minutes. First, the girls stand around at a party and talk about Tatsuya. Then, we see Tatsuya sit and talk in two different cars. After the credits, two old men are now sitting around, talking about Tatsuya’s wasted potential. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s amazing how people will say that my criticisms are full of hyperbole, but, uh, are we watching the same show? Do you not see these characters sit around and talk all day?

    And the fanboys say that Madhouse suck for not doing the light novel “justice”. Madhouse are working what they got…..which is nothing.

    1. It’s like this show doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, except it’s not about female characters not talking about male characters, it’s about non-Tatsuya characters not talking about Tatsuya.

  3. It’s been said before so I’ll say it again.

    Seeing overpowered-ness is boring. Being overpowered is not. That’s why stu-boy is a self insert character.

    1. It’s teenage-boy power fantasy at it’s “purest”.
      “Oh look how awesome I am with all dis powah, and look at all the bitches flocking to me like I’m shitting gold and pissing chocolate milk”

      Wish fulfillment at its most powerful state.

    2. It boggles my mind that these writers haven’t gotten this through their skulls yet.
      Compelling storytelling follows the rule of “how do we make this situation WORSE for our characters?” and what follows after is “how do our characters prevail?”

        1. The old man hasn’t finished writing yet (as far as we know). But there has to be a pay-off of some sort to leave the audience with. Killing off all the characters and setting the world on fire, no matter how gritty and realistic it might be, will surely leave a lot lacking.

        2. Breaking Bad is an excellent example of “Wow, this situation sucks, how will I get out of this?”-type of storytelling. The writers understand that Walt is an ACTUAL human being and thus is limited in solving the problem aside from his wits and gray-area moral code. A far cry from this excuse of a character they call “Tatsuya”, who basically thrives on a universe that’s written to bend to his will and not the other way around.
          I get it. This is a magical world setting, but that doesn’t mean that the MC just has God-powers for the sake of it. Challenge and danger need to be added to actually, guess what, make the MC face ACTUAL challenge and danger so he’s at the risk of losing something or everything. Not challenge and danger as a throw-away story plot point to show how he’s basically able to accomplish anything and everything.
          I don’t know how many people are still watching this (like how people are still “enjoying” SAO), but it’s incredibly how they can be entertained by something this incredibly shallow.

        3. I’m still watching because I can’t look away. This is the worst-written thing I have ever seen and there’s a definite guilty pleasure in both watching it fail categorically at everything a story is intended to do, and pondering who on earth could possibly write this dreck, and under what circumstances.

  4. What the hell’s up with shows that are BASICALLY harem (maybe softcore harem) but not being labelled AS harem. I’m pretty sure that SAO isn’t listed as harem either and that’s as harem as it gets.

  5. First of i like your line of work its like a anime cabaret show and it suits my taste.
    Although a “Fan” of the light novel series of this anime i can understand you criticism and you got your pionts and i say my self this novel andaption comes from the pits of hell and its basicallly (i suggest) a fanservice for the readers from this light novel.

    But let me try to deffend the plot :)

    First off i like the story line just because i got tiert of all the shrimps and whimps,crybabys which magicaly evolves in 24 ep or less in some world safer with many(accidentely) bathroom scenes nosebleed boobgraps and so one…….and guess what a romance tag with harem yeah sure
    so my suggest from time to time i have rather a op mc that dont blush every 2 sek .charakter development is pretty nice at least at the novel, my opinion at this magic spell to magic spell
    cut “anime” i said above alredy, i suggest you just read the novel at baka tsuki when you feel the need.

    but still keep up your good work and haters gona hate :)

    1. There’s a middle ground between a wimpy character and an overpowered Gary Stu.

      i suggest you just read the novel at baka tsuki when you feel the need.

      Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about that need ever coming up.

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