Akame ga Kill! Ep. 6: Another one bites the dust

Akame ga Kill! - 0603

Alright! Let’s see who’s going to die senselessly this week? I can’t wait to find out!

— For some reason, Tatsumi and Leone are in the red light district. Once our heroes have infiltrated one of the many sordid buildings, they find that the bad guys are using and abusing these “dumb slum broads.” Basically, they get these girls hooked on drugs, take advantage of said addiction to force the girls into the sex trade, and if any of the girls refuse or are no longer capable of fulfilling their duties, they get beaten. Naturally, one of the victims just happens to be someone Leone knows personally. Wow, you know, this all sounds really horrible. I sure do hope our heroes take the bad guys out and help these girls. And that’s what happens… noooooot exactly.  The reason why Akame ga Kill! feels so depraved is because it doesn’t actually care about the victims in its story. The anime continually conjures up all these horrific scenarios full of pain and suffering and for what? They’re just cheap justifications for our heroes’ relentless bloodlust.

Case in point, Tatsumi asks, “What’s going to happen to all those girls?” Good question, my shounen buddy! Leone’s compassionate reply? “That isn’t our responsibility, is it?” Wait, what? No one’s asking you to personally take care of each and every single one of these girls, but surely, you can do more than this. Leone then adds, “In the slums, there’s an old, retired doctor. And he’s still pretty skilled. I’ll explain the situation and have him take a look. He loves young girls, so I’m sure he’ll do it.” Oh, well, isn’t that just nice? The skeevy-sounding, retired doctor likes girls, so he’ll take a look-see. He’ll surely get to all these girls, and make sure they’ll get right back on their feet. And even though he’s retired, he’s “pretty skilled!” He’ll magically help them out! What’s that? You don’t buy it? Yeah, me neither, and this is the basic, fundamental problem behind the anime.

Akame ga Kill! - 0602

I mean, sure, you could get past the stupid characters. You could get past the lousy shounen action. You could even get past the comically pathetic villains. But my biggest beef with Akame ga Kill! lies in the fact that the anime is willing to exploit these incredibly horrible topics only to justify our heroes going on their vengeful rampage. The bad guys are this bad just so our heroes can kill them without any guilt or remorse. But when it comes to the actual crux of the issue — y’know, the part where you actually help the victims — all we get is a couple brief, throwaway lines. Oh, someone will look after those drug-addicted, physically and emotionally abused girls. It’s not really our responsibility, though. Our job is the fun job! We get to gut and torture the bad guys! As for the victims, eh… out of sight, out of mind, I say… I mean, c’mon, we’re badass assassins!

— The best part, however, is when the anime pats its characters on the back: “When all is said and done, you’re pretty nice.” Oh wow, way to go, guys. Way to put in 1!0% for the weak and the helpless! In fact, Leone even says the only reason she’s helping these girls out is because she knows one of them. Normally, she’d too cool to fucking help them and shit, but gosh, since she knows one of them, she may as well lend a hand to the rest of them. Uuuuugh, I can’t believe I’m even taking time out of my day to do this!!! Those “dumb slum broads” better be thankful!

Akame ga Kill! - 0618

— Leone then marks Tatsumi to be her mate. ‘Cause y’know, it’s the important thing to do right now. She then wonders if her friends are doing okay… uh oh, that can’t be good!

— The anime immediately cuts to Mine and Sheele attempting to make their getaway after a job well done (supposedly). Unfortunately, Seryu, the crazy dog lady we had just met last week, is lurking in the shadows. Alright, you just know someone’s going to die. Seryu looked so harmless in the previous episode, right? This just means she’s extra dangerous, because that’s ironic and unexpected! And the viewers will be caught totally by surprise when Seryu kills one of these two girls, or maybe even both! Well, probably not both. That’s just a waste of suffering that we can exploit later!

— Oh good, more shounen bullshit: “I didn’t feel her presence at all.”

— But despite the whole presence nonsense, Seryu blocks Mine’s hail of bullets by summoning a giant Snoopy reject:

Akame ga Kill! - 0606Akame ga Kill! - 0605

She then fights back with a pair of, uh, well they appear to work like submachine guns, I guess:

Akame ga Kill! - 0604

Seriously, what the fuck am I watching? We haven’t even gotten to the part where Sheele pulls out her giant pair of fuck-off scissors. Honestly, in another universe, this shit would’ve been a funny parody of bad shounen action. Hilarious, even. But then I’m reminded of Esdeath forcing a warrior to strip down naked and lick her boots like some sort of bondage slave. When she was tired of him, she kicked him to death. And just like that, I know that the show isn’t a parody. Why? Because who on earth would think this sort of shit is funny?

— …sigh:

Akame ga Kill! - 0608Akame ga Kill! - 0610

The action is so unimaginative. First, Snoopy will punch the same area a hundred times, which Sheele will have no problems blocking by holding her scissors up in one place. Okay, now it’s your turn, Sheele! Attack the same area a hundred times! Don’t even bother to strafe, swing high or low, or any of that fancy shit. The audience won’t notice. Yeah, you’re right, DBZ popularized this nonsense… over twenty years ago. You’d think after all this time, shounens and their ripoffs could come up with something a little more impressive-looking. If you’re going to borrow from the past, at least put your own spin on it. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

— At some point, Sheele manages to chop off Seryu’s arms, but if you think the crazy dog lady is down for the count, you’re dead wrong:

Akame ga Kill! - 0609

Yes… she has, uh, a gun in her right arm. Don’t even ask me how this is supposed to work. I like how her gun is shiny, too.

— So Sheele chops Seryu’s arms even further, b-b-but you haven’t even seen my final form! And by my final form, I really mean Snoopy’s final form. Great.

— After slamming back a few protein shakes, Snoopy is now able to crush Mine in its hands–… uh, I mean paws. Wait, does that dog have opposable thumbs? Wow, Imperial Arms are impressive!

— Anyway, this forces Sheele, who had been fighting Seryu by herself, to hurry back and save Mine’s life. But even though these characters have shown off their super speeds and perfect reflexes this entire time, this minor distraction is enough to allow Seryu to shoot Sheele in the back:

Akame ga Kill! - 0613

But wait, do you mean to tell me Seryu has even more guns hidden in her body?! Yes, yes she does:

Akame ga Kill! - 0614rolleyespuking

Seriously? What’s next?

body modifications

Hey man, I wouldn’t put it past this anime!

— Oh wait, we haven’t killed Sheele hard enough! C’mon, a bullet isn’t enough! We’re talking about Akame ga Kill! The anime has a reputation to uphold! Quick, do something cool and bloody, Snoopy!

Akame ga Kill! - 0615

Aw yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

— Mine wants revenge, but Seryu’s backup has arrived. But it’s okay, because even though Sheele has been severed in half by Snoopy’s vicious jaws, she still has enough energy to blind everyone around her with her stupid pair of scissors. This then buys Mine enough time to make her getaway. Man, imagine if the good guys had been smart and thus retreated from battle in the first place! But then we wouldn’t have this prolonged tragic moment to behold! Y’know, the super duper tragic moment where Sheele can still blind her enemies, turn her head, smile at Mine, and think to herself, “Mine, I’m glad I was useful in the end.” Jesus Christ, how are you still alive? Just fucking die already.

— Wait, wait, the dying victim now envisions her friends one last time! In fact, we get a montage of all the happy moments she shared with Night Raid, our group full of rascally assassins!

— She even apologizes to Tatsumi in her final, dying moments. Behold, history’s longest death scene.

— So I’m now actually watching a scene in which we see nothing but Sheele’s giant pair of scissors lying forlornly on the ground:

Akame ga Kill! - 0617

It even begins to rain as the camera pulls back slowly. Someone actually thought this would be a  poignant way to cap off Sheele’s death. What a sad, powerful moment!

— And that’s that. Mine returns to the base to deliver the bad news, which gets Tatsumi super worked-up. To make it sadder, everyone has to discuss the matter out in the rain. No one has the foresight to go indoors first.

— Blah blah blah, Tatsumi wants revenge, blah blah blah, Night Raid tells him he’s stupid to jump into action without a plan. Heh, Mine and Sheele should’ve heeded that advice. But that’s the end of that, and I couldn’t care less. I mean, Sheele literally had half an episode of character development, so you can’t expect me to get too emotional about her senseless death.


29 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 6: Another one bites the dust”

  1. Somehow I can’t like your post (did you disable that function?), so I’m just going to write it down here. If you recently (2 months at most) noticed in your blog stats an increase in views coming from the glorious country of baguettes and frog-eating people, that would be me. I really enjoy reading your posts, so uh, yeah, thanks for writing them. You’re inspiring me.

    As for this excuse of a show, the best part in this episode for me was when the crazy lady dog said something like ‘Father, I killed one of the Night Raid tonight!’. Yeah, sure, I don’t know if you noticed but your two arms are a little shorty now, aren’t they? At this rate, you won’t have enough limbs for all the Night Raid group…

    1. She has a gun in her throat. I repeat, she has a gun in her throat. I’m sure she can magically afford to get new limbs.

      1. But this is an edgy show you know, not those stupid shonen manga where nobody dies. So we can’t heal our psycho justice chan because it won’t be hardcore.

  2. I actually didn’t have that much a problem with the shonen action up until Seryu’s guns were revealed. Just felt like I’d be demanding too much from shonen action at that point with all the talking in-between actions and shit. But yeah once the guns were revealed, it got too stupid for me to handle (and proceeded to get stupider). How do you even fire those?

    Another problem I had with the red light district thing is that it had no importance to anything going on. You could have cut it out and the episode wouldn’t have suffered at all beyond having five less minutes.

    1. Just felt like I’d be demanding too much from shonen action

      Shrug, I don’t care. It’s not like shounen have feelings.

  3. Yeah. Those guns are certainly the biggest joke of current episode. As we can see, they are too big to fit in her slim arms, which she originally has. Where did all those material and metal come from? LOL. The stupidity of AGK doesn’t end here of course.
    But don’t spoil, people. Don’t spoil. It’s bad enough that somebody have spoiled everything about Esdeath last week. Geez.

    1. Forget about those hands, we are talking about having gun trapped within her throat & still not suffocating or being able to hide it without defect in speech. And that was real gun, not green lantern ring or something similar. Why can’t these guys progress beyond pseudo feudal age is beyond me. Then again, we saw what kind of great strategist lives here & the types that rule the empire.
      Btw about that hardcore thing was just being sarcastic.

  4. I usually have nothing but hate for this show, but i do have to say this. i am impressed by the abundant amount of intuition this crazy bitch’s boss had to know that this girl was gonna get her arms cut off at some point. kudos to you, General-implant-whatever-shit-is-lying-around-in-the-armory.

    1. kudos to you, General-implant-whatever-shit-is-lying-around-in-the-armory.

      Too bad he didn’t think to give them to himself.

    2. From my understanding, she no longer has human arms ever since we first saw her last episode. They are just shaped like human arms.
      Also the one who modified her body is not her father / general ogre / esdeath. There is a mad scientist who did it. You should see him soon.

      1. Yeah, maybe he have already attached weapons to all the other soldiers, *just in case* because you can´t be enoughly cautious! Who knows? Maybe they all will end with their limbs severed! Now that we are on it, maybe the men have other part of them replaced with gun-shaped limbs too, just saying, hehehehe

  5. I’ll be honest, those scissor weapons look like shit. They look like children’s safety scissors. At least Kill La Kill’s Scissor Blades looked intimidating.

  6. @e.minor this time in shinrayoki it episode with mix of action and drama compare to seirei which is just talking and get jealous

  7. Because of Last week’s spoilers, I decided to read the manga. It’s a pretty easy read in that it’s mostly action. Though the manga is seemingly becoming more deprived.

    As for the episode itself, ehh? I couldn’t be bothered to care about Sheele or those drugged up slum broads.They were as flat in the manga as they were here. When tragic moments like this fall flat, it always bothers me. Is it a problem with the storytelling or am I being the one too dismissive of the story? I tend to think about that stuff more often now.

  8. In my opinion, I think all the points you pointed out are true but are kind of like nitpicks rather than ground breaking flaws, firstly the whole idea about Leone and tataumi killing the smugglers but not saving the rest of the girls is because they can rest assured that someone would take care about them. the whole “he likes girls” was probably meant as a joke. secondly, concerning the gun in the arms and in the mouth, I do agree it is kind of absurd but then again it is just a small minor problem and even I. appreciate it for not going with the whole “talk my way out of this” card. Regarding the rest of the scenes, really minor nitpicks as well. just my 2 cents of this. also I have read the manga as well, yes the absurdity is there but it does get better. I do agree with the whole issue of morality being a too distinct black and white, but it fortunately reaches a grey area further into the story

      1. But please do elaborate on why these would be considered “great flaw” by your standards. they don’t cause the story to detract in whatever way or at least the way I see it

  9. Snoopy’s final form…

    The saddest thing about this series is that it seems like it could actually work really well as a parody series, hell it’s already probably 90% there, the only thing missing is an understanding of the joke.

  10. Aside from the long death, Snoopys half of the fight was pretty decent. He fought like a vicious berserker and looked pretty cool. I actually like the whole combining cute things into monstrosity thing. Sheele vs Gun Tonfa girl was just bad. A giant rampaging dog beast had more attack patterns than her that is pretty bad. All tonfa girl did was block in a static stance while sheele hammered at her with her scissors in a stabbing motion. I don’t get why the animators did not change this. Actually the animators are pretty lazy checked this scene out to see out it was in the manga and it seems the animators made it longer but at the same time didn’t add any scenes. Actually the only scene they made longer was the blocking scene they added dialogue to. No clue why they would make 2 blocking scenes longer. From the little I read so far all the anime does is add dialogue at that worse dialogue.

  11. I am currently watching episode one and I’m at 18m22s mark and I knew where the story was going once I saw the family being murdered and thought, “This show is really f*cking stupid.” Typed it into Google search to see if anyone thought the same and landed on your page. *SIGH* Anyway, off to see the young lady murdered!

  12. Really late to the party, just wanted to see if the hype around the show was true and I’m not happy. Point being is that Sheele herself admitted that if the user gets killed, then the Imperial Arms stop working/die whatever. She was literally less than three feet away from Seryu. She could have just diced her up and then the Dog would have dropped dead too. By the time, Sheele gets out of the woods and back to the Dog, the Dog would have already broken an arm and a few ribs. I wonder if Sheele was the straggler in terms of abilities and powers, so the show had to “off” her and get some feels out of it in the process?

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