Akame ga Kill! Ep. 10: The softer side of Esdeath

Akame ga Kill! - 1011

Oh good, the general is just another clichéd anime babe!

— We kick things off with the Jaegers just outside a bandit’s fortress. Honestly, I don’t expect to see anything but a bunch of gratuitous slaughtering of human life to follow. But hurr, we gotta see the Jaeger’s powers firsthand!

— Tatsumi sees Seryu and rage insantly washes over him. He totally wants to avenge Sheele, but still, he holds himself back; he obviously can’t pick a fight here. Unfortunately, it sure as hell doesn’t look like he’s holding himself back.

— Tatsumi is clenching his teeth and shaking with anger, and even though Esdeath is in love with the guy, she doesn’t notice a goddamn thing. I think that’s just stupid.

— It’s just one of many quirks or flaws of the medium, depending on how you want to look at it. Characters always telegraph exactly how they feel through their facial expressions, and no one around them will notice. Personally, I don’t think this sort of facial emoting is necessary. You should just let the voice actor convey his feelings and emotions through the delivery of his lines alone.

— Speaking of Esdeath, she’s busy blushing because she’s put her hands on his. U-uguu… I’m in rabu~

Akame ga Kill! - 1010

— By the way, I don’t normally look at anime forums, but one of them linked to me and I couldn’t help but notice this brilliant gem:

“Esdeath is such an intriguing character, she’s supposed to be the enemy after all because she’s the wall that houses all these demons in the empire. Yet I have to say I really like her because she knows she’s dealing with demons, and realizes how weak they are.”

What a joke. Let’s just blithely ignore that Esdeath is a piece of shit herself.

— So Seryu’s gain a gigantic drill for a weapon. Something something pierce the heavens. She has other weapons but they’re too boring to even mention. And yeah, the Jaegers are just slaughtering scores upon scores of faceless bandits. There’s no real point to this scene other than to see the bad guys rip people to shreds. Not only is this scene pathetic in its cruelty, it’s also boring. ‘Cause, y’see, being over-the-top means you literally go over the top to the point of ludicrousness. Akame ga Kill! isn’t really offering up anything new, though. I’ve seen bloodier and more gruesome action elsewhere, so it isn’t over-the-top. It’s just a cringeworthy pretender. That’s why it has to rely on gimmicks like mass rape for shock value. The action just doesn’t hold up. And if anyone ever complains, “That’s just war for you!”

— The rest of the Jaegers show themselves off one-by-one, but I don’t care enough to describe any of the “action.” None of it is interesting enough to comment on. I don’t even care what their Imperial Arms are and what they do anymore. This scene is just neither interesting nor necessary. The whole thing is just masturbatory. There’s nothing important being conveyed here other than “Look how cool these mass murderers are!” And why would I be impressed? What am I, 12?

Akame ga Kill! - 1004

— Yeah, it’s escapism, but that’s the thing. Akame ga Kill! isn’t taking me anywhere I haven’t been. I can easily find a manga with a lot more fucked up shit than Akame ga Kill! Or I can just as easily start up Saint’s Row 4, murder people on the streets with a giant, purple dildo, and scream out stupid made-up names for my moves as if I’m in a terrible shounen. Escapism should take me somewhere I can’t go. Indulging in shallow, juvenile fantasies, however, is not that difficult.

— Uguu, it’s the first time Esdeath has experienced being in love. She’s not just literally a virgin when it comes to sex. Rather, she’s a virgin in every way! The lady who commands her troops to rape and murder a village is just so pure and untainted by the touch of a man… People, people, she’s a monster, not a whore. Let’s keep our priorities in order!

— Tatsumi then stupidly thinks he could convince Esdeath to become an ally. Yeah, seeing the suffering of thousands upon thousands of innocent people won’t even stir the tiniest of heartstrings, but this bland motherfucker over here thinks his shounen charms will do the trick.

— Our hero says it’s time he steps up and becomes a man. We then cut to him sitting on Esdeath’s bed as she showers nearby. Oh boy! Convince her with your dick, bro! Implant those seeds of contrition in her! REPENT WOMAN, REPENT FOR YOUR CRIMES!

— The sad thing is, Tatsumi’s just as big of a virgin as Esdeath, so what you’re about to see will just be maddening and dumb. He’s already wondering to himself how he got to be in this oh-so-messed-up situation. James Bond, Tatsumi is not.

Akame ga Kill! - 1006

— Great.

— Esdeath: “Well, I’m not quite sure what to do in this situation, either.” Trust me, I’ve always closed my eyes after telling my troops to rape people. I-I have no idea what it is that they do, uguu…

— Yeah, yeah, Tatsumi tries to turn Esdeath to the good side, so the lady just slaps him across the face. But let’s be honest: it’s pretty fucking stupid to try to convert the fucking general of the Imperial Army to your cause. But she quickly goes back to deredere form by licking the place where she slapped him, then assuring the shounen hero that she won’t have any other lover. ‘Cause that’s what’s important here.

— Truth is, Akame ga Kill! is too chicken shit to even take Esdeath’s character where it needs to go. She’s this super cruel, take-no-bullshit general, and yet she turns into just another boring lover in bed. Ah, but she’s a virgin! So she wouldn’t yet indulge in the cruel side of sex just yet. But that’s exactly my point. Even when a woman is a fucking mass murderer, God forbid she has a harem. God forbid she knows a thing or two about sex. We have to please the fans! And the best part? The implication here is that raping and killing people won’t piss the fans off, but making the general a sex-haver? Ugh, no!

— It’s always funny when people preach survival of the fittest without realizing that helping the weak survive ensures survival of the fittest civilization. But I suppose that shit doesn’t matter. We only care about the fittest individual. In any case, Esdeath will try to change Tatsumi, but we all know she won’t be able to because he’s the hero. It’s just too predictable, I’m not sure why the story even bothers. A better story might have the hero waver, unsure of what to do because he’s only human. But then again, a better story wouldn’t have Esdeath, so we’re back to square one. So we get to watch Tatsumi pout as he swears to Esdeath that he won’t ever change. Sweet.

Akame ga Kill! - 1007

— It doesn’t even matter what Tatsumi does anyway. The more he defies Esdeath, the more she just falls in love with him.

— Bols: “The trick to capturing your beloved heart… Never give up!” A restraining order means she’s just playing hard to get!

— The next day, our genius protagonist has a very difficult time coming to the conclusion that Kurome might just be related to Akame. The girl pretty much has to tell him straight-up that they’re related.

— Esdeath: “Mount Fake is Fake Mountain, of course.” ‘Kay.

— Lulz, we’re so meta. Needless to say, they have similar Imperial Arms.

— I then get to watch Tatsumi and Wave find off a bunch of sentient trees… one-eyed, walking pieces of wood… there’s a joke in here somewhere.

— So our protagonist uses his Incursio to escape, but Wave still chases him down. The latter just doesn’t realize that the Incursio user before is none other than Tatsumi. At the same time, I’m amazed Esdeath even let the main character out of her sight. So much for breaking his spirit and making him hers. Lots of intelligent people in this anime.

— Wave accuses Night Raid of committing murders and assassinating people. Tatsumi’s only retort? “No, we’re not evil!”

Akame ga Kill! - 1012

— Since Tatsumi won’t fight back, Wave does enough damage to the hero that he even starts to cough up blood. But it’s okay, because you can go into stealth with the Incursio! As a result, Tatsumi hides out long enough that… that…? Akame shows up to save him? Where the fuck did she come from? How did she even know where to find him? What? You’re going to tell me she just had a feeling she would find him atop this “Fake Mountain?”

— And just like that, Tatsumi has escaped from Esdeath’s clutches. That’s pretty lame, isn’t it? The badass general can’t even keep her own man secured.

— Afterwards, Wave gets punished, and Esdeath tells her underlings she won’t prevent them from killing him if they feel the need to. But the truth is, she doesn’t think he’ll die anyway. After all, if he did die, he wouldn’t be much of a man anyway! Survival of the fittest, after all! ‘Cause who’s the little, wittle shounen hero? That’s you! That’s yoooou!

— Elsewhere, Akame tells her team that Esdeath does have a weakness. Oh yeah? Let’s hear it. What’s her weakness?

Akame: “That she’s alive. She has a heart and a pulse. Given that, I’ll slay her.”

Wow, you really thought long and hard on that one, huh?

Akame ga Kill! - 1013

— And to put an end to this week’s episode, we see Dr. Stylish hot on Night Raid’s trail. I guess we know who’s dying next.


21 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 10: The softer side of Esdeath”

  1. Honestly the most frustrating part of this episode was that Tatsumi probably could have easily convinced Wave to join Night Raid, seeing as he’s like the least evil member of the Jaegers and they were alone in the mountains where they could have easily escaped

    He thought he could turn fucking ESDEATH over to his side, but for some reason it never even occurred to him to recruit this guy

    I get that Tatsumi needs an evil counterpart, and that expecting Akame ga Kill to pass up an opportunity to be astoundingly dumb is unrealistic, but STILL

    1. He thought he could turn fucking ESDEATH over to his side, but for some reason it never even occurred to him to recruit this guy

      Wave doesn’t have giant, virgin breasts.

  2. Not defending this show but lets be honest here whether Esdeth was a nympho or a virgin you would still have complaints about her character. The feelings for tatsumi make no fucking sense especially since wave is a carbon copy of him. Since esdeath loves only battle why not have her fall in love with Tatsumi after he has a high ass kill count that would make sense some what. I just simply do not get Esdeath falling in love I am sure there is a horrible joke there i am missing because it just like makes no sense to me. Also yea this writer has done a shounen fuck up where they start to like their characters and want us to stop viewing them as total bad guys. Like no I am not supposed to like these people you make it worse when you add rape and torture.

    1. Esdeth is the definition of “artificial” and “pandering”. What fans might call “quirky” is realistically just “inconsistency”.
      In lieu of what she does as a general, she should have gone to the DEEP end of S&M with Tatsumi. No mutual respect and no roleplaying like in REAL S&M, just full on rape that “she” apparently has a great taste for. Put a dog collar on him and smash his balls to mush with her heels.
      But no, we get some bullshit out-of-nowhere virgin-bullshit for no reason. Again, it’s pretty much excusable because she’s “hot” and “animu” I guess.

    2. Honestly if Esdeth was a nympho and a dominatrix, that would have made her character better and more sensical. Better, but not much better.
      She still strikes out with that whole bullshit of “falling in love with MC because he’s the MC of the story and this is ANIME”.

    3. Not defending this show but lets be honest here whether Esdeth was a nympho or a virgin you would still have complaints about her character.

      So? The point is we’d have one less criticism, not that I’d stop criticizing her character completely. The point is that the virgin bullshit makes her character worse.

  3. The lamest part about this lame anime is that they don´t even try anymore, just like it happened in the manga, it happen here, you can even count the scenes and it sure as hell will coincide with the frames in the manga! they don´t add anything! no extra movements, no contextual shots, no enviromental panoramics, not even action to the action scenes!
    This should be effing stillframes: the anime/ slideshow. Just pathetic. And the whole thing that is bad about this is everything, just remove all those assh oles, put one of those sentient trees there and maybe it could be better!

    1. The characters are all sad jokes. No, not parodies of anything; jokes that destroy the story.
      I feel absolutely nothing for these characters and that just makes anything they do or say almost meaningless.
      Even with all its flaws, Attack on Titan still has a good cast of characters and some mystery behind its premise. I could care less about these retarded obvious shounen anime items called Imperial Arms.

    2. This is what happens when you let fanservice get to be too important. Make one small change and everyone rages about how it’s not supposed to be like that. No such thing as creative license!

    1. But that’s not even a good comparison, since Hunter X Hunter villains are actually interesting even at their worst.

      To my shame I actually read this manga for awhile (It takes me longer to notice when something is terrabad cause I have this habit of spring boarding ideas off the stuff my consuming, which lets me go off and imagine interesting stories and can take me a bit to realize it’s not actually apart of what I’m consuming). But it defiantly wasn’t memorable at all, as the moment I stopped I completely forgot about it.

      The Esdeath thing is so weird since she’s at first such a specific fetish (Genocide dominatrix???), but then is also this ridiculous innocent lover thing. Nothing in this setting makes sense or even tries to, it’s all just a rebellion power fantasy (Those guys are evil but super strong so it’s gonna be a harrowing tale how we beat them). I’m not sure I could survive reading an anime forum discussing it’s… deep nature?

  4. Agk has a shouneny cartoonish art style so when I see multiple heads and limb flying everywhere and people literally getting grinded, I see it as more of a joke than something trying way too hard to be edgy. For example SAO is trying to be some psychological action drama when it’s just a gary-stu wish fulfillment, this show knows how stupid it is and plays it straight anyway.

    I don’t want to sound like those people that say that this is a parody(when it’s not) or this is just a show to turn your brain off to but I find this show is somewhat enjoyable if you don’t think too hard about it or take it as seriously, i look at this show as I would an over-the-top exploitative film.

    I read the manga too and tbh, I don’t like esdeath’s character either, she seems like a mix of weird fetishes personified along with being an insane mary-sue. And someone like her being a “virgin” apparently is just more fetish fuel.

    1. I see it as more of a joke than something trying way too hard to be edgy.

      A joke where people get raped.

      I don’t want to sound like those people that say that this is a parody

      But you do. You’ve said the same thing every time you’ve commented on an Akame ga Kill! post. I get it. You like the show. You don’t take it “seriously.” Gotcha. People can like whatever they want to like. But you’re not telling me anything new.

  5. It baffles the mind the way that Esdeath casually comes with the line: “I think I want to try falling in love.” And of all the people in all the cities in all the world, our protagonist Tatsumi is the one? Goodness me.

    And think how insane the tactics are: going to an event organized by Esdeath, participating in said event and demonstrating your skills, entertaining the possibility that all participants are being screened or monitored and the fact that the audience may be monitored for suspicious activity too.

    Tatsumi had the easiest break out EVER. I feel bad for Wave-kun.

    What the fuck is Stylish going to do? Don’t really care, but I want to see his smug faced being diced with a sword.

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