Sword Art Online II Ep. 11: More talk, more butts

Sword Art Online II - 1114

Sigh. Man, all of a sudden, it feels as though I’ve aged a thousand years. Oh, what’s that? It’s another episode of Sword Art Online II. Yip…pee…

— I thought that maybe we had moved on. It’s a new week, a new episode, a new start. Why not let bygones be bygones and put the past behind us, right? Wrong. This sappy scene is still continuing.


— I just don’t understand how they can afford to sit there and talk about this shit. I thought we were in the middle of both a tournament and a mission. Like fine, if this conversation had taken place outside of BoB and maybe even GGO as well, it would make some sense. I’m not against characters talking about their feelings. I praised Tokyo Ghoul for focusing on Ken’s feelings. I just don’t think yet another discussion about Kirito’s goddamn trauma. Shit, we spent an entire episode on it. But more importantly, Death Gun is still out there. He can still kill people. I thought our “heroes” wanted to stop him and save lives. So why are we just sitting here, talking about our feelings?

— And again, it’s stupid how the two of them can just hide out in this cave, and it’s magically safe to do so because the satellites can’t see them. So how many of these “save spots” exist out there on this map? It was bad enough Kirito could just strip naked and avoid detection in the river, but this is so much worse because at least he was vulnerable doing that.

Sword Art Online II - 1101

There’s no risk here! How many asshole contestants can just extend this game indefinitely by camping out in some cave for however long they want? Oh wait, lemme guess: Kirito’s the only genius in this entire game to think of hiding out in some cave, right? I just think the entire idea of Kirito and Sinon sitting on their asses, having all the time in the world to “recover” and talk about their feelings is incredibly ludicrous. This isn’t just some hastily thrown-together, amateur tournament. This is supposedly one of the biggest e-sport event in SAO‘s universe. This isn’t even the first BoB tournament. And yet, if Kirito and Sinon really wanted to, they could honestly just hide out in this cave until most of their competitors have died. Fucking skills, son! I totally proved I’m the best PvPer in the land by hiding! But really, if you’re going to write about MMOs, esports, and online gaming in general, for the love of God, get a fucking clue about them. Seriously.

— Kirito tells Sinon that he’ll never forget the faces and voices of the people he’s killed. Sinon then wonders, “What do I do?” I don’t know…? Get therapy? Stop trying to use an MMO as a form of exposure therapy? Don’t fall in love with the Gary Stu? Don’t mind me… I’m just throwing random things out there.

— Our Gary Stu then goes on and on about how he thinks it is necessary to never forget: “Doing that is the bare minimum of atonement I can do.” What atonement? This is so needlessly dramatic, and this applies to the fucking both of them. Believe me, I’m not the first person to defend the Gary Stu, but he killed a bunch of people who took joy in killing innocents. Laughing Coffin was a bunch of asshole PKers. Yeah, it sucks to have to take a life, but he did what he had to do to prevent more from dying. So y’know what? He should actually be proud of himself. That’s the hilarious thing about this whole thing! He should be proud that he had protected other people by taking out a bunch of irredeemable PKers. But I guess praise has become too passé for the Gary Stu. He’s bored of praise. He knows what really moves the hearts of the people, and that’s pity. Oh, woe unto me! I have killed (a bunch of evil bastards). Give me your pity, for I am a wretched murderer!

Sword Art Online II - 1115

— What’s even sadder is that you can’t even compare his trauma to Sinon. Look man, he killed people in an MMO. So what happens when you kill someone in an MMO? They just disappear into thin air right? Right, because it’s an MMO. Yes, his victims died in real life, but it’s not like Kirito had to sit there and watch them bleed to death. It’s not like he had to listen to their death rattle. It’s not like he had to see his victims’ eyes stare back at him as life ebbed slowly out of them. That’s not the case for Sinon. She had to actually watch someone die right in front of her. The two situations aren’t even really all that comparable. I know the show wants to be all, “MMOs are just as important as the real world!” But I watched the first season. People did not die in gruesome, bloody ways. They just disappeared. There’s no visceral quality to death within the games whatsoever. So y’know, I can somewhat understand Sinon’s trauma, but fuck Kirito. It feels like he only even has any trauma so we can get on this trauma train, and ride it all the way to motherfucking Pitysexville. Baby, baby, please… I too know what it’s like… let’s fuck.

— After the opening, we’re still in a cave. Fuck me, man… In fact, Sinon’s head is back in Kirito’s lap. Whoo, the taming of the tsunderekko is complete. Trust me, I would never let some girl put her head in my lap when I have a girlfriend.

— Sinon: “Death Gun… Whoever is wearing that cape is a real person, who actually exists, aren’t they?” Thanks for this stunning conclusion.

— The anime keeps panning to this red-colored pool, because it’s like, “Shit, what do we even have to pan to? It’s a cave! Go back to the pool!”

— So Kirito and Sinon are just sitting there, wondering how Death Gun is managing to kill people by simply shooting them–… are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Somehow, Sinon’s ass gives the Gary Stu an epiphany.

Sword Art Online II - 1116

— Yeah, yeah, Death Gun can only kill people by getting to them in the real world. We all came to this conclusion episodes ago. B-b-but how does Death Gun know where to find his victims? Why, at the governor general’s office, of course! Remember? You can enter in your name and address in order to receive a cash prize from BoB should you manage to win the whole thing! For some reason, Sinon initially thinks it is impossible that Death Gun could’ve stolen people’s sensitive information this way. Yo, the dude has an invisibility cape.

— But man, this just brings up yet another stupid thing about the MMO in this universe, and that is how they submitted sensitive information like their address by going to a terminal within the game. Like really? You couldn’t do this in a more secure way like say visiting a site outside the game where it’s harder for people to spy on you? You really had to go to some location within GGO? The whole setup for this universe is stupid. Like yeah, I can understand making certain things realistic to add to the immersion of the world. For instance, I’m currently playing an MMO where a cow mount will also take dumps in the middle of the road, and if player characters try to pick up the cow shit, they can pass out from the stink. It’s silly, but it harmlessly adds to the immersion of the MMO. Meanwhile, there’s absolutely no good reason why anyone should ever have to enter in their real world information by logging into GGO, walking to some terminal, and physically typing out their name and address. This is something that could have and should have been handled outside the game, but again, the writer doesn’t seem to give a shit about the logistics of MMOs, esports, and how the two of them should realistically operate. It’s all contrived bullshit to create his ludicrous story.

— More unnecessary shots of Sinon’s ass. Even A-1 Pictures is like, “Man, this scene sucks donkey balls. The viewers are going to be bored if we keep panning back to that pool, so let’s just stare at the girl’s ass.”

Sword Art Online II - 1117

— But Sinon’s ass isn’t big enough for how long and boring this scene is, so sadly, we must inevitably return… to the pool! But there’s a lizard this time! And yes, by staring at the lizard‘s ass and noticing that the animal has two tails, Kirito comes to yet another brilliant epiphany: Death Gun is really a multi-person operation! Gaaaaasssssssp! I never knew asses could be so inspiring! SAO II and the magical asses that could!

Double Death Gun? What does that mean…?! P-plus, how can the killers just break into someone’s home and kill them? Well duh, our victims thus far have been MMO nerds living by themselves. Oh no, who else lives by herself!

— It really does make you wonder why these headsets are so… well, unsafe. You’re completely unconscious in the real world when you log into any of these VRMMOs. People can literally break into your home and do whatever they want, and it’s unlikely you’d realize the predicament that you’re in. Why is there not some sort of detection system so that if you’re in game, you will be alerted if there’s any noise or movement around you in the real world? Or maybe just set up a camera feed, so that you can always check your surroundings while you’re in-game.

— Sinon’s only purpose in this entire scene is to offer up weak ass refutations to Kirito’s theories that the Gary Stu can easily shoot down.

— Haha, look at this corny ass shit.

— Guys, guys! What if doing the cross motion is just a way for Death Gun to check his watch? In other news, why does he even need to wear a watch? Even the most ratchet MMO out there has a clock built into the UI. BUT NOT GGO, DAWG! THIS IS THE REALEST MMO OUT THERE. YOU WANNA KNOW THE TIME? YOU BETTER WEAR A WATCH! IMMERSION, BITCHES.

Sword Art Online II - 1118

— Kirito asks Sinon if she lives alone. Yeah, but the door’s locked! Oh no, the chain! The chain! Fuuuuuuuuuck. Kirito speculates that Death Gun’s partner could very well be in Sinon’s room right now! No, like right now! He (or she!… nah, who am I kidding, the major villain is always a woman in SAO) is just waiting for the go-ahead to kill Sinon! So this is where the girl disqualifies herself from the BoB tournament, logs out of the game, and makes sure she’s safe, right? Right? I mean, you can’t tell me some dinky esports tournament is more important than your fucking life, right?

— Uh, why did the anime just cut to this? Well, to be honest, this is the most action I’ve seen so far in this week’s episode.

— So Sinon starts freaking out and her heart rate goes up. Kirito then goes, “No, Sinon! If you automatically log out now, you’ll be in danger.” Uh, why? First, he doesn’t really  have any proof that the bad guy is already in Sinon’s room. Second, if they have a rule that they stick to so badly — and the rule is that the Death Gun won’t kill someone unless they can do it in-game and in the real world at the same time — then why would logging out be any less safe than staying logged in while your body remains unconscious in front of some asshole?

— Well, it’s time for a change of scenery, so let’s check up on Kirito’s harem! And guess what? They’re still watching the BoB feed even though nothing — absolutely nothing — is happening! Anyway, you know Kirito’s employer? The guy who recruited our Gary Stu into this whole mess? Yeah, he actually shows up at this bar to talk to the characters. No, you can’t log out and meet each other in real life. It’s much easier if the government official logs into his elf character to discuss these very important matters.

— The best part about this scene? It contains absolutely nothing new. This Chrys guy is just telling Kirito’s harem exactly what we had learned in the first goddamn episode. Would it have been too difficult for the anime to treat us to a time skip?

Sword Art Online II - 1119

— More importantly, why is a government official even answering these kids‘ questions? So what if Kirito’s harem is oh-so-concerned for their Gary Stu? Like seriously, just because they demand to know what’s going on doesn’t mean he should actually tell them details about an active investigation. It’s just not how this sort of thing works. This is not how any of this works.

— Oh my God, this is all old information. Leafa is now telling us how scared her brother looked last night. But we just saw this episode a few weeks ago!

ive seen it

Do I really need a reminder already? SAO‘s pacing sucks ass. It’s so goddamn amateurish. Just random recaps and flashbacks for no apparent reason!

— Klein tells himself that he would’ve converted to GGO if he had known what Kirito was up to. Yo, you think the Gary Stu wants your ass around, stealing the spotlight?

— So after an extensive recap of the situation for no apparent reason, the characters have proceeded to suck the Gary Stu’s dick. The haremettes are all shedding tears, moaning on and on about how heroic Kirito is. Uguu, he didn’t tell us ’cause he wanted to protect us! What a manly Gary Stu!

Sword Art Online II - 1120

— Lisbeth: “In fact, he’s probably protecting someone who’s supposed to be his enemy right now.” Really? Really?

— Asuna demands to know where Kirito’s body is currently located. And of course, the government official will spill the beans because why wouldn’t he! This anime babe in ALO is just so intimidating! So intimidating!!! Look how she stomped her foot and made dust kick up! Bwaaaah, don’t hurt me, little girl! I’ll tell you everything about the investigation, including the location of my agent!

— But oh god, Asuna’s going to now rush to Kirito’s side and just wait for him to log out, huh?

Yes, yes she is. Action heroine Asuna was first reduced to a bird in a cage, and now this. Oh man… then when we move onto the next arc, Sinon can be just as useless as well!

— Alright, now that we’ve figured out what Asuna’s going to do for Kirito, let’s revisit the Gary Stu! Oh, there he is! He’s just embracing another girl!

— So what’s Kirito’s plan? It’s so easy! They just have to defeat Death Gun: “Then his partner will disappear, unable to do anything.” ‘Cause look, if I see my partner-in-crime about to die in-game, which doesn’t mean anything anymore because this isn’t Aincrad, I, too, would just disappear like a fart in the wind. I wouldn’t try to kill you! I wouldn’t think to do anything at all! I would just leave this defenseless girl lying there in her bed, every strand of hair untouched! But so help me God, if you log out before you defeat Death Gun, then I will kill you! Yeah, yeah, this logic makes perfect sense.

— The truth is, this is all just contrived bullshit to keep Sinon logged in at all costs. The tsunderekko is never allowed to leave the Gary Stu’s side! But shh, this can be a secret between the anime, my readers, and me.

Sword Art Online II - 1121

— So what now? They’re going to leave the cave and prepare to defeat Death Gun, right? Wrong. They will sit there and discuss how formidable Death Gun is.

— Sinon then warns Kirito that other players will soon realize that the two of them are hiding out in this cave. So I guess there’s only one fucking desert cave, and everyone’s closing in on them.

— Kirito then has to fucking tell the girl that she’s a sniper, so she should stay out of sight during the actual battle. Good lord.

— Oh look, the live broadcast camera has found our two lovebirds. I hope Kirito’s haremettes are watching.

B-baby, please! When I’m in GGO, it’s all about you! Actually, Kirito’s only response is, “Hurr, people will think we’re lesbos!” But our tsunderekko doesn’t mind, because this means less people will pursue her! Wouldn’t want others to get in the way of her love for the Gary Stu!

— They’re still talking! For the love of God, do something with the one minute of runtime you have left in the episode!

— These two are so boring, the live broadcast camera literally left.

— The characters wonder what Sterben means as a name, then the episode just… sort of ends. Not with a bang, but not even with a whimper either. The episode is just over. Whatever.

Sword Art Online II - 1122

— Another week, another boring episode of SAO full of pointless chatter. And people think this season is superior to the first one. I’d take the first season’s uninspired world-building over this train wreck any day of the week.


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  1. If Eiken can make me hate boobs, this show will make me hate asses.
    And people want this system in real life…..WHATEVER! I’ll be enjoying my 3ds here, see you two years. Don’t die on the first minute.

  2. wait… people prefer season 2 to season 1? WHY? Sure, the novel made it sounds more interesting that it is, but just watching it made me feel, i am so bored, so darn bored.That i just gonna go back to bed.

  3. First off, Reki, if you consider yourself a “writer” (scratch that, a human being), punch yourself in the dick and then disown SAO. Leave that shit next to the trash so the alley cats can piss on it.

    These are probably the dumbest group of characters that I’ve seen in a long time. Just every single person in here has a broken brain. As a child, they all fell from trees or hit their heads on iron walls or something. Well, maybe other than Klein, but I’m just saying that because he’s been an absolute non-entity. And also his design isn’t some boring high-fantasy knitted potato sack.

    I absolutely face-palm every single time when re-caps and info-dumps happen. It’s absolutely the most unnecessary time-filler there is. And to make matters worse, it’s done in a medium where the viewer WATCHES what’s happening on screen. No matter how great the art is or how hot the characters are, watching mouths and words coming out for an extended amount of time is just criminally boring. If I needed a re-cap, I’d read a history book. If I need an info-dump I’ll go read a technical manual for a Honda Civic. At least those will be more interesting than whatever garbage SAO II thinks it needs to remind the viewers again.

    Can SAO II get anything right? Does ANYONE at A-1 Pictures know how to draw an ass for Sinon that doesn’t look like it belongs to a 12 year old boy? Give Hiroshi-san the janitor a try, he’ll probably draw the most juicy, ghetto rap-MV ass there ever was and that’ll be much better than whatever we’ve seen thus far. You’re fuckin’ fired artists; you guys can’t even do FAN SERVICE right. The easiest shit ever. Seriously, a zoom-in on an ass. It literally takes one Google search of “SEXY ASS” to know what one looks like.
    I know that was a little overboard, but you’d think the studio can at least do the easiest thing for any anime: distract viewers with overboard fan service so they don’t pay attention to the plot. Like, Christ. Even a sweaty dude with a Wacom tablet drawing dojinshi for Comiket can do a better job with making the female body more appealing.

    PS: Really? Did people REALLY believe that Sinon WASN’T going to become a haremette? Like, are we really watching the same show? I won’t say it was the most obvious thing ever, but it was the most obvious thing ever.
    PSS: Even though I don’t give two shits about these character, I feel for Asuna. You know, for being treated akin to a dirty tissue after a wank and being thrown away into rubbish. As flat and nothing as she is, it’s still fucked up.
    PPSS: The decline in this show is unreal. Like, an African country’s GDP on a line chart.

    1. PS: Really? Did people REALLY believe that Sinon WASN’T going to become a haremette?

      People adhere to a very strict definition of what a haremette is, and that requires the girl to have an equal chance of winning the harem lead’s love.

      1. I’d say it’s clear as water that Sinon’s as applicable to the harem as Lisbeth, probably moreso. Hell, she has more presence than Asuna does and might as well replace her.

        Well, other than the SAO-apologists that insist that there isn’t a harem. Like, c’mon, it’s indisputable that there is.

        1. I’m pretty sure the definition of what constitutes a “haremette” has been loosened to the point that if a girl is perceived to show a romantic interest in the MC she can be counted among the hens. Writers will “cheat” and sometimes try and create characters that skirt the line, but they rarely come off as that subtle. So honestly, if the writer intends a female character to have feelings for the MC, then basically it means that the female character has feelings for the MC.
          Pro-tip: if there’s another guy in between that female character and the MC and if that guy is portrayed as an asshole or wimp, guess what? The MC is just right for the chick.

          And Sinon? If the past two episodes have shown anything, it’s “romance” towards the MC (notice the quotations). It might not look like it to the layman, but this degree of finding comfort in the MC and using their lap isn’t what normal people do just to anybody willy-nilly, especially not towards the opposite sex. Although, it’s just Reki Kawahara not knowing what “humans” are and how they operate, and what or how romance works.

  4. Fuck this show and Kawahara Reki. Ha ha ha.
    Glad I stopped watching at episode 2.
    I am a bit lost about the information stealing part.
    How did Death Gun see what people typed?
    Did he really have a Death Cape which makes him invisible?
    Whoa. That’s the most broken FPS game one can make.

    1. I am a bit lost about the information stealing part.
      How did Death Gun see what people typed?

      Walked up to people in his invisibility cloak and watched them enter in their info, I guess.

  5. Honestly, I was kind of hoping to like this season. I didn’t expect it to be good enough to totally redeem SAO as a series, but it looked like it might at least be decent on its own merits. I was fully prepared for that not to be the case – but I still wasn’t quite prepared for it to be THIS goddamn slow and tedious.

    Like, how do you squeeze so little action out of a game with guns and lightsabers and cool vehicles and not much else?? I guess probably because of the way the whole story is set up. With it focused so heavily on Death Gun and Kirito’s mission, there’s not room for much of anything else. The scale of the plot just feels awkwardly small compared to SAO or even ALO, even though actual people can die again. As dumb as Kirito getting sucked into unrelated game drama in the Fairy Dance arc was, I honestly think this arc would benefit from more of that kind of stuff, like the battle with Sinon and Dyne’s group near the beginning.

      1. Does Log Horizon get way better after the first 10 episodes or something? I gave it a try a while back because I kept hearing it was SO MUCH better than SAO, and… like, I guess it technically is in that it doesn’t really suffer from SAO’s numerous specific problems, but I honestly found it even less entertaining. The art style was super bland and the battles were confusing and usually ended with the whole “our genius protagonist had this PLANNED ALL ALONG” kind of thing. It wasn’t awful or anything, but from what I watched I really couldn’t see what was supposed to be amazing about it. I’m probably going to give it a second chance before the new season starts though I guess.

        1. While it doesn’t have SAO’s flaw, at the same time, it’s totally unremarkable. It feels like a story that any average joe can write. I watched the whole season, and if somebody were to ask me to point out something good about it, I am going to shrug my shoulders. My suggestion, don’t waste your time on it. Unless you are hardcore MMO fans.

    1. Like I’ve said elsewhere, this arc feels like a side story with the way its missing half of the characters. GGO really should’ve just been a five or six episode arc at best. But maybe by this point, SAO is all Kirito, one new girl, and nothing else. Still, by stretching the arc out so much, there’s hardly any story or action. There’s just a bunch of people sitting around, repeating stuff we already know.

  6. man… the complain just escalate as the new episode coming. really, what do we expect from SAO?

    Ravages of Time plot?

    everyone know that SAO is an excuse for ero dojin material like Gundam Seed series. so better get the doujin and pretend that is the story.

  7. Man, the haremettes’ reactions to all of this is a mere “OH KIRITO <3". Man imagining meeting these people IRL, I'd think they would be some kind of Gamer-based Cult or some shit.

    Overall, very boring. You'd think that there would be some action in a shooter MMO… hell, actual action.

      1. Yeah. So apparently they will show Mother’s Rosario in the next cour? Since I feel they’ll drag it on to be a two-cour. I can’t wait for pointless Asuna wants to be a waifu drama. <3

        Actually no. hate that. Especially Terrible Female Thane Krios.

    1. One of the biggest problems with this show is Reki forgetting if the scene takes place in a MMO, real life or a fantasy story.
      At first glance, it’s not a big deal but once you start noticing it, it just shows how much he thought about this shitty story. Meaning, none.

  8. Thank you, this is such an amazing smart review that makes fun of the faggots who criticize this show. The nitpicking, the holier than thou attitude, the trying to point out things that are dumb in the show which only makes you look dumb because you fail at pointing them out. God, it’s just so glorious. Thank you, thank you for this smart commentary on the elitist pricks who act like this show is the cancer of the anime industry, when really they’re acting just like the fanboys and jumping on a bandwagon.

    1. You’ve already been banned once, so you get a new IP just to call people faggots? What are you doing with your life, buddy? Look at what SAO has done to your brain. In fact, you’re so mad that people don’t like this show, you come back to read every single one of my posts. Actually, I should thank you for that! Thank you, loyal fan!

      1. See the thing is I like to read the stupid people who hate SAO, it’s fun to see how dumb their critiques can get, and how far they’ll go to try and slander SAO (which it’s fine if they dislike as long as they remain reasonable), making themselves look quite ridiculous. However, even the worst SAO critic doesn’t block people who hold a different opinion than them. That’s why I dislike you. You sit there thinking you’re better than everyone else because you say your opinion in a blog, and anyone who disagrees with you is inferior. I usually respond with counterarguments for the claims people make about SAO sucking, like I might offer an explanation for a question they had, but for you, you who says I don’t care what other people have to say, you’re the very worst. So please, keep being a hypocrite publishing your own opinion while silencing others. It makes you looks so amazing.

        1. I didn’t ban you the first time because you disagreed with me. I banned you because you were annoying, harassing other commenters when they didn’t respond to you in the way that you wanted them to. Do you remember that? No, of course you don’t. People like you often have selective memory. And you’ve only proven yourself to be more annoying by obsessively trying to reply to me last night. I saw your comments pile up in my spam folder. Don’t deny it. And look! You’ve managed to get through today, because some of us have work and can’t stick around to deal with your unhealthy need to continually come back to this blog when it’s clear that nobody likes you. But seriously, get some help.

        2. wow, just wow. You really don’t remember saying, “And if anyone actually tries to defend this episode in the comments, I will blacklist you. I don’t even care.” I posted a comment saying how I thought that was a stupid thing to do, silencing other’s opinions because you disagree with them. Next day, you blocked me. Bravo! biggest hypocrite in the world here ladies and gentleman. Pat yourself on the back, god damn, I hate you even more than I hate Makoto from School Days and DraconisMarch combined, and I despise them. By the way, you might want to get some help with your own selective memory.

          1. wow, just wow. You really don’t remember saying, “And if anyone actually tries to defend this episode in the comments, I will blacklist you. I don’t even care.”

            I did that because it was funny, not because anyone disagreed with me. I wanted to see if anyone was so desperate to defend SAO at all costs, they would ignore my warning. It was meant to be facetious, but I’m not surprised humor goes over your head. You take SAO so seriously, you’re literally commenting over and over on this blog, giving me views even though you detest me so much. It’s okay. The more money you give me, the more I can silence your super important and super logical counterarguments.

            I posted a comment saying how I thought that was a stupid thing to do, silencing other’s opinions because you disagree with them. Next day, you blocked me. Bravo!

            See, you understand nothing. You think you were blocked for that comment when you were blocked long before that post. Dude, give it up! Get some help! Why are you so obsessed with commenting here? Don’t you have a life to live?

  9. Oh boy, next arc will be mother’s rosario. Since apparently there is a severe lack of gary stu in that arc, maybe SAO can redeem itself a bit? Nah.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much. Our Gary Stu will make it in somehow. I don’t put much stock in A-1 Pictures to do anything right, plus he’s too “valuable” of a whatever not to put him in. Apparently, the haremettes talk about Gary Stu so much that he might as well be in there.

      Well, if whoever’s in charge of the money flow got their head screwed on straight, we wouldn’t have to suffer through a third season.

  10. Yeah. SAO kinda lost its charm now that it lost its set/background designer from the first season, who really just brought everything to life. I mean those backgrounds alone basically carried the entire show and it’s a real shame to have lost that, but on the other hand Sinon’s butt. :33333333333333333333

  11. I really don’t understand the cultural baggage around Sinon’s trauma. Like OK, I get that she’s traumatized by what she did, but… what the hell is it with Japan and just assuming anyone who kills is a murderer? It’s come up in other places too that I’ve seen, there is no distinction made between killing someone haphazardly or accidentally and premeditated murder. People treat her worse than DEATH GUN for crying out loud. Her actions are quite literally exactly the opposite of murder, she was acting in self-defense and defense of others against some thug who ALREADY MURDERED SOMEBODY ELSE FOR NO APPARENT REASON. If people know enough about this story to know she killed someone, why is it nobody has any sort of context for this? Or if they do have the context, why are they treating her like a leper? Is everyone just THAT insensitive? There’s not even an ounce of distinction between her act of self-defense and Death Gun’s premeditated murders in the eyes of people like her classmates? Surely killing in self-defense is a thing that people are aware exists, right? Did they think preteen Sinon just felt like icing some dude and went all Boyz In Tha Hood on his ass? Come on.

    Also I don’t really understand the Kirito/Sinon “I’ve killed people too” equivalency thing. Like yes, OK, both of them have killed someone. But Kirito’s situation… really is not the same thing, at all. Kirito didn’t kill people, he killed in-game avatars of people with the knowledge that doing so would cause them to die IRL. Obviously that’s still legally homicide, but it’s missing a tremendous degree of connection. Nobody in SAO actually had to watch a person get their brain fried and die however they died in real life. They just saw a person vanish. Sinon shot a guy multiple times and watched him die in front of her (after watching him MURDER SOMEONE ELSE AND THREATEN HER MOTHER IN A PLACE SHE THOUGHT WAS SAFE, even), got his blood on her, all of that. And the writer has the stones, the absolute balls, to suggest that Kirito admitting he PK’d some dudes in a game where you died for real if you died in the game is even remotely equivalent to violently ending the life of a threatening stranger in a rapid sequence of events? Bitch please. You can’t possibly sit there and parrot that real life and the video game are the same and then have a girl shooting an adult man in the forehead and splashing herself with his blown-out brains put up against “oops, HP = 0, time to turn into light and disperse now.”

    Yeah OK fine, maybe Kirito’s just trying to empathize in some lame-ass way so that he makes her feel better. But that would require a degree of capacity to understand her feelings (and his own) and deliberately choose to risk equivocating the two situations in the hope it will help and not just piss her off for his audacity to even compare the two. And that’s a level of subtlety and risk and emotional vulnerability neither Kirito nor this show would demonstrate.

    1. I really don’t understand the cultural baggage around Sinon’s trauma.

      It’s just contrived nonsense because the writer doesn’t know what a real tragedy is.

  12. I know I’m late but I just now watched this ep today I just wanted to add my little thoughts about a killer that may be in her room. It kinda got my heart racing. I got so scared for her because I had someone in my home before while I was alone. (I went to hide and they stole some stuff and left so everything was fine in the end but anyway…)
    I just thought maybe it would have been best for her to ask Kirito to hurry and log out and call the police that someone was in her house. Even if it turns out that there isn’t anyone there, at least he will know she is safe.
    Because I think she would be in danger if she logged out and the killer really was there. What if he doesn’t run away seeing that she’s waking up? what if he kills her anyway, even if it’s not the pattern?

    i don’t think this is a good anime either but that part about someone being in her home made me shake just thinking about that >.<

    You're right, they should have had a detection system or something and it shows a camera feed to the player and it will ask if they want to call the cops or not.

    If I was about to play a game where I wouldn't be aware of my home surroundings, I would only play if my husband was home and awake.

    1. I just thought maybe it would have been best for her to ask Kirito to hurry and log out and call the police that someone was in her house.

      But he would disqualify himself from the tournament and we can’t have that! So everybody should just put their lives at risk, defeat Death Gun in the game, and y’know, hope that Death Gun’s accomplices in the real world will just give up. But no, I agree. It’s a scary thought that the guy could be in Sinon’s room at that very moment, waiting to strike. But then you think about it some more, and it becomes even more ridiculous. Like why is the guy just waiting to harm her when he could do it right now?

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