M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 23: The Lightless Realm keeps trucking on

can't keep getting away with this

The show still isn’t over! Why is it not over? She can’t keep getting away with this!

— The Akashi-Heito duo saves the day for all of about thirty seconds, then the latter goes back to being the same creepy, rapey bastard he’s always been. Sad part is, Okada killed Aoshi off just to squeeze this guy back into the picture. I don’t understand why he continues to be such a necessary component to the story. Like what would have been so bad with just keeping Heito dead and sticking with Aoshi till the end of the story?

— But let’s just pull random shit out of our ass to justify this asshole’s existence! First of all, Heito was born with high resonance. Second, becoming Necrometal has only enhanced the previous fact. Oh boy! It’s not good enough that Akashi was paired up with his brother. Nuh-uh. That’s why we’ve brought back this totally original character.

— Here’s the biggest twist of all: Heito ain’t even a LIM. His spirit is just drawn to Akashi. How does this work? Well, y’see, Akashi is just a really sensitive soul, and… ugh, does anyone even care for the explanation? No? Good. I’m going to move on. This is the 23rd episode. I don’t have the patience for this bullshit, especially when it feels like things are just being made up at the last second to justify a really dumb turn of events.

— So Akashi tries to do battle with the Corpse, which has only grown since we last saw it. Why? Shrug. Does it even matter anymore? The entire time, Heito’s just molesting Akashi’s body. But right, right, Akashi’s the one’s drawing Heito here, so it’s kind of like he’s asking for it.

— The battle is pretty… ugly, because everything’s so dark and monochrome. I’m just watching white and black mechas slam into each other. Seriously, just take a look at this:

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2302

What an eyesore.

— The Corpse then picks up and flies away. Just like that.

— Akashi now finds himself face-to-face with Tsugumi. It’s like listening to a bunch of babies talk. Tsugumi tells Akashi that the deity will now punish the sinners. Naturally, Akashi counters that he’s a sinner too. Blah blah blah. There aren’t really competing ideologies here. No one has anything interesting to say. It’s all just super basic, and I’m fittingly bored out of my mind.

— Tsugumi doesn’t understand why everything bad happened to her instead of Sasame. After all, they’re so alike! Well, y’know, except for the batshit crazy part. But really, what’s the goal here? I’m not talking about Tsugumi’s goal. Naw, I’m talking about Okada’s goal. What does she want from the audience anyway? Is it for us to sympathize with Tsugumi? Is that what Okada wants? If it is, she’s failing hardcore. I don’t see how I’m supposed to feel sorry for Tsugumi when she’s 99% responsible for everything that has happened to her. Who told her to follow the elders’ orders so strictly? Who told her to flip her shit when she couldn’t find her friends after a game of hide-and-seek? Who told her to proceed to sit in the Lightless Realm for years upon years, doing nothing but crying and feeling sorry for herself? Seriously, it’s got to be fucking boring in there, isn’t it? I’m just sitting here, watching the anime, and I’m bored out of my mind. I thus can’t even imagine what it’d be like to be Tsugumi. Even if you’re the craziest, yandere-iest bitch in the world, who the fuck sits in one place for years with nothing to do? Why wouldn’t you just go, “Man, fuck this. I’m outta here,” and leave? That’s why Tsugumi’s character sucks. That’s why I can’t feel sorry for her. Any other person, no matter how crazy they were, would’ve just taken some goddamn initiative. When something is painful, we move away. Meanwhile, all Tsugumi did was sit there and fucking cry. This is supposed to be the tragic villain at the center of all this mess? This is what you have to give us, Okada? C’mon, you’re fucking with me, right?

— Akashi tells the girl that she’s trapped in her past. She ain’t trapped in her past. She put herself there.

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2303

— It’s not like Akashi is any goddamn better. He closed his heart off as a kid because they couldn’t be there for his birthday? Puh-leeze. You guys are just a bunch of whiny losers.

— But on a more important level, what is your life like that you can even write something like this? Between Akashi, Tsugumi, and Mahmu, it just strikes me that they’re all self-absorbed, self-pitying idiots.

— Then right before Akashi can talk some sense into Tsugumi, the equally crazy Minashi shows up. He reveals that he’s been infected with Necrometal, but it doesn’t really change much. His stance is still the same: “Let’s become one, everyone!” I get it. His sister died along with her dream. Minashi is now hellbent on realizing his sister’s dream, even if it means accomplishing some perverted version of it. And that’s really just it. All the motivations in this fucking show boils down to, “Well, they’re insane now.” Why is Minashi doing all of this? Well, he’s been driven mad by the truth behind his sister’s death! Why is Tsugumi causing all this trouble? Well, she’s been driven insane by staying in the Lightless Realm for so long, thinking that everyone had betrayed her. And she’s a little boy crazy too. Why was Natsuiri such a bastard? Well, people didn’t believe in him, so he went mad off of that. What’s wrong with Heito? You get the picture. You get the goddamn picture. We don’t need compelling motivations that make sense. We just need to make everyone a nutjob, so you can then have them do whatever you want them to do. This is such hack storytelling.

— For a while, Akashi was trapped in his own psyche (I think), but he just screamed super loud that he is willing to resonate with anyone. As a result, he resonated with his own damn mecha and thus escaped back to the Lightless Realm. Yippee, what a prize.

— Akashi and Minashi proceed to fight each other with their mechas, but because they’ve both become one with their respective mechas — Minashi has pretty much ditched Sasame — we need to see them wrestle each other in real life too. So, uh, Minashi stabs Akashi in his inner… thigh?

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2304

I guess so.

— Akashi has Minashi on the ropes, but hey, what kind of bad guy would Minashi be if he didn’t have a trump card? The latter thus calls forth the Corpse, which has now turned into this behemoth of a thing. The Corpse then proceeds to suck everything into its giant maw, including our hero. The message is still the same. Everyone will become one and there will be no corruption (magically). And that’s it for the episode. Next week’s episode will likely the last, and we can only be thankful for that. I’m expecting Minashi’s sister to magically appear out of nowhere and talk sense into him.


4 Replies to “M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 23: The Lightless Realm keeps trucking on”

  1. Man, this show is awful. You’re a trooper, mate.

    I remember when my biggest gripe with the show was the lack of give-a-damn put into the aesthetics of the otherworldly Lightless Realm. Who would’ve known that the entire show would boil down to: EVERYONE IS CRAZY! CRAZY AND ENTITLED BRATS! AAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!

    Though I can sympathize with Akashi about the birthday thing.
    To this day I’ll never forget the time my cousin nudged me in the car ride back from Disney World. I dropped my Mickey doll to the floor of the car, and when I reached down to get it I bumped my head on the back of the driver’s seat.

    From that day on I closed my heart to the world…

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