Going forward

looking kind of cool

Just some quick thoughts before the new season starts up…

Looking back… I think I’ve blogged for nine months straight now, and I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without taking a break. Furthermore, I can make it a full year if I just last three more months. I actually feel as though I have momentum. If I can last a year, why not two years? Why not three? Well, we don’t have to look that far down the line. I always used to get tired of blogging after watching a season’s worth of anime, so this has been a nice change. Even though it may seem as though I’ve been updating the blog more frequently than ever, I’ve actually taken steps behind the scenes to ensure that I don’t burn out. So yeah, I feel rather invigorated, actually. I wouldn’t say I’m proud to have made this long without taking a break, but I’m actually looking forward to the fall season. It’s not that I think the upcoming shows are going to be brilliant or anything, but I’m not dreading the thought of writing about these shows.

More content? Some people already think I write too much, but shrug, I do what I enjoy. I’m not going to quit my day job for Moe Sucks, ’cause let’s face it, I’m not going to make a living off of it. Still, I enjoy writing, and y’know, I’m actually curious what it would be like if I put more than two hours everyday into the site. So honestly, I intend to cover even more shows for the fall season. I’m just doing it for fun, too. These posts will never be professional reviews. I’ve long stopped worrying about whether or not episodic posts are worthwhile. I like discussing episodes as they come out, and I don’t think that’s going to change.

Where do I ultimately want to take the blog? I don’t know. I have no grand plans in mind. In my mind, Moe Sucks will always be kind of niche. It’ll always be a place where the seemingly cranky guy rants about shitty cartoons, then he’ll sometimes pontificate about stuff he likes. Still, the blog has grown quite a bit in readership since I came back in… late last December? Oh, I’ll always be too embarrass to say exactly how many views I get per day (it’s not high), but still, I’m thankful for the people who have stuck around for the past nine months to read and comment.

Do I ever plan on expanding beyond anime? Expanding to what? Video games? Probably not. The short-lived series of posts on Tales of Xillia was really my attempt to see if I could make something like that work. I don’t think it garnered much attention, so I quickly shelved the topic. I still want to do something for when Persona 5 comes out… just probably not a “Let’s Play.”

As for manga, the story is still the same. I just don’t read manga frequently enough to write about it.

People have asked if I’ll ever do podcasts or video reviews. First, I don’t think I have the voice for that sort of thing. But more importantly, I feel that I already say so much about anime on this blog that I wouldn’t have anything left over for podcasts and video reviews. Plus, it would be lame to listen to just one person talking for ten or twenty minutes.

Site redesign? Maybe. I’m kind of getting bored of this look, which I’ve stuck with for a couple years now.

What about a new writer? Some of you might have remembered when The Fin used to contribute to the blog. Truth be told, we weren’t all that similar in how we approached anime. Sometimes, I even disagreed with the conclusions in her posts or how she went about writing them. Plus, she was a fan of and wanted to write about stuff like Touhou and Hidamari Sketch, which are subjects that, in my mind, would never fit the tone of Moe Sucks. I’m not necessarily opposed to having someone else besides me contribute to the blog, but it comes down to finding someone who fits. I’m rather particular about how I run things, so for the foreseeable future, I think the blog will remain a one-man show.

Well, that’s everything I have on my mind at the moment. All that’s left is to wait for the fall season to officially start up. Well, I still have the last episode of M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane to cover, and one more wrap-up post to put up, but yeah, we’re about done with the summer.

36 thoughts on “Going forward

  1. Anon

    Yes please, I hope you do continue with this blog. The posts aren’t only fucking hilarious but insightful on certain topics as well. Not to mention your analysis on shows are always interesting to read. It still amazes me how you only put 1-2 hours on each post which are, on top of being insightful, also well written. It’s been a great pleasure following this blog.

  2. Someguy64

    I think it was around Summer last year that I actually found this site somehow & it might’ve been around like season 3 of Harem Hill. I actually spent like 2-3 months going right to the beginning before catching up, reading anywhere between 3-10 posts a day. So as others said, I’m interested in where the blog will go from here.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I actually spent like 2-3 months going right to the beginning before catching up,

      Even the very, very old posts? Man, some of the old stuff were no good at all.

      1. Anonymous

        Wuuut? Those are pure gold, man.

        I do love how much you’ve grown, though! I’ll be sad when I spend a week checking your blog and see nothing new. It’s been a fun ride thus far. I admire how bluntly-articulate your writing style is. So many ani-bloggers try to sound smart but their lack of grammatical skill when they try to construct sentences that are beyond them and it makes me question whether or not I should assume they know what they’re talking about. You, on the other hand, write quite competently, but don’t seem to care whether or not the reader thinks you know or care what you’re talking about.

        You simply write what you think. And interestingly enough, I think you actually do know what you’re talking about.

        I prefer your brevity over their posh and flowery wording. Please don’t stop being you. And try giving yourself some credit sometime. It blows my mind that you can write so many long, yet concise pieces and not get at least a little burned-out. It would be more understandable for me if you got burned-out to writing so much, period instead of being burned out to writing so much for so little, though the latter is arguably more admirable.

        That’s not a common skill among writers. Most people who really try struggle to find the words for what they’re writing about.

  3. Jovian Dreamer

    Since I discovered your site, it’s been a pleasure to read your blogging and the funny shit you put up on “Say What?” and “My Eyes…” and the images/videos you link to on twitter. I kind of lost track of the anime from this season, so I didn’t really get the chance to read up on your coverage of Zankyou no Terror and Tokyo ESP. I’ll probably read and perhaps comment on those posts when I get around to watching these shows.

    I don’t know anything about Tales of Xillia so I didn’t read your posts on it. I’ve never played anything from the franchise, but I definitely think something popular like Persona 5 would get more views and comments. But I think people (me included) are more interested in reviews rather than Let’s Plays, especially in written form. Short and sweet. I wouldn’t mind seeing a more in-depth, perhaps multi-part, look at games like MGSV and Silent Hills though. They’d probably prove more interesting to write and read about than JRPGs, at least in my opinion. I guess I’m biased towards games like that though, since I’m not much of a (J)RPG guy.

    Since this is an anime site, I think a manga post from time to time would be interesting to read, probably get more attention than video games too. I don’t really see the need to write about any manga other than those that interest you enough to complete them. You don’t have to do what you do with anime and cover a bunch of stuff at the same time, so you can pick and choose what you write about, whether it be good enough to praise and analyze or so bad that you just have to write about it. I’d recommend the one-shot and then serialization of Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice/The Shape of a Voice). It’ll end in November and total about 60 chapters, each about 20 pages. Or if you’re looking for something short, maybe Lychee Light Club (less than 10 chapters)? I don’t know if that would really be something that would interest you though.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I’ll probably read and perhaps comment on those posts when I get around to watching these shows.

      Tokyo ESP isn’t worth finishing, I have to say.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a more in-depth, perhaps multi-part, look at games like MGSV and Silent Hills though.

      I’d need a PS4 for that.

      1. Jovian Dreamer

        Yeah, I got bored of it. I didn’t really mind that it didn’t seem to be the kind of show with the most to say, but the uneven pacing, some boring characters (especially that Azuma guy) and poor handling of the things that did seem interesting made my opinion of it drop. Doesn’t help that the animation isn’t that good. But I like seeing things through, so I’ll just finish it. I mean, I finished Wixoss when I realized how shitty it was halfway through. Might take a while to finish TESP, since I’ll probably finish ZnT first and only watch an episode when I have nothing else to do.

        You don’t plan on getting one?

        1. E Minor Post author

          You don’t plan on getting one?

          I do, but I can’t just drop 500 bucks for a console plus a couple games.

  4. eternia

    I visit your blog every day.
    I prefer the funny ones when it comes to your writing.
    The writing on God Tatsuya is totally epic.
    Also, Nisekoi, when it comes to two season prior.
    Please write about the twin tails for this season.
    And Fate Stay Night. It would be interesting to see opinion of someone who doesn’t read the VN (?)

    1. E Minor Post author

      It would be interesting to see opinion of someone who doesn’t read the VN (?)

      Yeah, I haven’t played it. Hell, I hardly remember anything about the original anime adaptation. When I started looking at blogs was the first time I realized people actually liked it.

      1. Flawfinder

        Bloggers had a different mindset back then. And anyways, warning bells for the new F/SN rang even harder in my head when the news that the first two episodes would be hour-long establishment episodes. Oh joy.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Different mindset? You’re saying people still don’t love it now? Oh right, we’re supposed to belong to the cult of Utena.

  5. Herr Regisseur

    Keep up the good work mein freund, but don’t burn yourself out. I suppose even in this milestone of a post, I don’t have much to say. I’m not that much of a talker unless I sit down and think. Just know that I patronize your blog every day, and reading your experiences grant me new insights on how a medium such as anime is perceived, from another demographic mindset/angle and all that.

    Ah, Tales of Xillia. Truth be told, I awaited a new post with bated breath, but I understand that its coverage may not come up to par with anime reviews, and that it might end up becoming a much too time-devouring project. Perhaps you can have a go at Persona 5 once you’ve formulated another writing strategy to these games. Such as another commenter have said above me; “short and sweet”.

    P.S. I’m with eternia. That twin-tail thing is potential gold. The fetish is critical levels in the premise alone.

    1. E Minor Post author

      it might end up becoming a much too time-devouring project.

      It wasn’t a time-devouring project per se… just that I had no motivation to keep going since nobody read the posts. I’m not blaming anyone, of course. I just chalk it up to those posts not being very interesting to read.

  6. ArtemisDSII

    Hey so my cousin actually introduced me to your blog and I really like raeding your posts. Sometimes I feel like there’s so much to your posts, I need to have time set aside for it because I find most of your posts really interesting and heavy in content.
    I actually made my cousin start an anime blog because she wasn’t really doing much with her time and she had her own thoughts about anime so I thought I already have my own blog, why not one about anime? So around the time she got me back into anime we started the blog and I was thinking it would be really cool if you checked out one of HER posts if you have the time or are bored. We haven’t blogged in a while because…well, excuses really. But i feel like maybe you might like her content, idk. Personally I remember liking her psycho Pass posts a lot and her general anime posts.
    her username is striffy and our blog is called animeloot, you can just google it if you want.
    ANYWAY, so how much time are you spending on the site as it stands? and individual posts? I’m curiours cause for me I take between 30-45 minutes on average from what I remember and my posts are usually a lot more lax. I could just be slow though

    1. E Minor Post author

      Yeah, I recognize the name Striffy. If I have time, I’ll take a look at you guys’ blog.

      ANYWAY, so how much time are you spending on the site as it stands? and individual posts?

      I spend maybe two and a half hours on the blog at the moment? This doesn’t count the time I spend watching anime on the go.

      1. ArtemisDSII

        woow that’s seems so much to me but at the same time i think it’s pretty cool that you really take the time to write out your posts.

        Mind if I ask what you do outside of anime? I imagine it would get busy at times if you’re a student or work

  7. donchaka

    Your blog posts are always entertaining, and I enjoy reading them. Whether you post more, get another contributor, or even take a break, I just wanted to say that.

  8. E Minor Post author

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who has had something kind to say. I’m a bit taken aback by it all, actually, but still, I appreciate the words of encouragement.

  9. SP

    I’ve only recently found this site, & I’ll say it’s one of the better places to read review for ongoing anime shows. If any anime is good, you make solid defense for the show, & if it’s bad then your blogs are much enjoyable than the show themselves. I hope you’ll be intrested to continue blogging for a long time. Another thing I enjoy here is ranting about things that I don’t like in certain shows & not having to get ganged up with tons of “gtfo hater, you don’t understand the meaning of this great show” by “dedicated fanbase”.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve only rather recently became aware of your blog, but I really wish that I knew about it sooner. Your hilarious and insightful posts capture my attention (in addition to teaching me about the nuances of good and bad storytelling), and it has even become a pastime for me to look forward to reading your posts everyday, even if I’m not actually watching the particular show. Thank you so much for actually taking the time to type these posts.

  11. jahcoozee

    Just wanted to chime in a little bit;

    I’ve actually been lurking around your blog for the past nine months but I never really thought I had something to contribute in the comments, so I refrained from saying anything. But, as far as the blog goes, I really enjoy every single post that you manage to write up. You provide an interesting perspective to the shows that I end up watching in the season and, when I’m done reading those, I find your posts on the shows that appeal less to me both amusing and hilarious.

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve written up to this point and I am looking forward to the future!~ :^)

  12. BoyTitan

    The video game you picked was 1 I think a lot of people did not care about. To me it was a game I just will nver play so had no interest in. Your niche is finding bad stuff and pointing out its several flaws.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Your niche is finding bad stuff and pointing out its several flaws.

      Not in my mind. I think my posts on Ping Pong and Terror in Resonance are superior to the SAO/Mahouka shit. There just aren’t a lot of good shows to wax poetic about.

  13. akeem

    I realize I’m late but I didn’t want to miss the chance to comment on this. I’ve been having problems with my net. When I first found this blog it felt like a discovered a gem. I honestly had no idea blogs like this existed. I spent like the whole day for a week reading your older posts, posts even on anime that I didn’t watch like samurai flamenco. Moe sucks is always open in a tab when I’m on the net and I really wouldn’t mind reading a million of your posts. It’s almost become a part of my daily routine to visit Moe sucks. I literally can’t enough of the stuff you write.

    We don’t share the same tastes in anime but I how do I say this? I like that you like what you do. You’re views are always interesting and your analytical ability is amazing, your posts on Tokyo ghoul and Znt for example. I also like the way your posts are structured too, giving your thought on things that happen during the episode instead of a review of the episode.

    Well I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your work on this blog an while I wouldn’t mind reading a hundred daily posts I know that isn’t possible. Sometimes I even worry you might burn yourself out with all the posts you do. If you were to go on hiatus now It would be terrible.

    I realized tales of xillia wasn’t popular and though it’s sad I understand if you don’t want to continue it. I was gonna ask if you could posts outside anime too like the one on look in japan but yeah.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Sometimes I even worry you might burn yourself out with all the posts you do.

      Thanks for the kind words. I probably won’t burn out at this point. Like I said in the post, I’ve taken measures to prevent that from happening.


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