M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 24 (Finale): The nightmare finally ends

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2410

What’s this? The final episode to M3? Have my dreams finally come true?!

— Everyone gets to cry! The first few minutes of the episode is just one giant sobfest ’cause nobody has a clue what to do about the Corpse’s insatiable appetite. Tsugumi cries when she realizes that not everyone’s going to judge her the same way (duh). Raika cries because… uh, she “won’t let anything else precious be taken.” Mahmu cries ’cause she’s just a crybaby.

— So what does Raika, who’s been relegated to the sidelines for 99% of the series, decide to do? I mean, surely, this is her time to shine, right? Well, she rolls right up to the Corpse and starts screaming for Akashi. No, really. She screams that she won’t forgive him if he’s really dead. Wow, girl, you totally took major action there. Iwato follows suit, and you almost feel like he’s just doing it out of some obligation to his love interest. Gotta support the missus…

— We then cut to Akashi, who exits from his mecha to explore… well, shit, the Corpse looks like everything else we’ve seen. Black, grey, and more grey.

— But eventually, the guy comes across… the past. Yeah, he sees the whole gang as children, running away from both Tsugumi and the Corpse. Y’know, it was the whole incident that started this mess. No matter how many times I watch this scene, I just can’t feel any sympathy for Tsugumi. I mean, c’mon, Akashi promised to be with her forever? Sasame stole him away? Even if you argue she’s just a child, I just don’t think children act like this.

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2411

— Akashi starts blaming himself: “Why the hell didn’t I take Tsugumi with me back then?” Oh, I dunno… you were a child? See, the ones who ran away seem realistic to me. MInashi now shows up and claims, however, that this space is created from the memory of Akashi’s sins. His sin of what? Getting scared as a child and running home to his family? Are you serious with me right now?

— Nice nail job, Minashi.

— Hm, I know where this is going…

— The voice acting here is really weak, I gotta say. Minashi is delivering his villain speech, but it feels like his voice is going to crack at any moment. I realize he’s trying to come across as emotionally vulnerable, but I don’t know… I think it just sounds goofy. It doesn’t really sound like someone who has really swallowed up all the regrets floating around in the Lightless Realm (or so he claims).

— I don’t really have much to say here, to be honest. So far, this scene is just a repeat of everything we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Minashi wants everyone to be one. Akashi doesn’t. Finally, Sasame shows up to help Akashi… and she really just says the same thing as him: she doesn’t want an ending where everyone becomes one. Yaaaaawwn. There’s nothing to comment on because we’ve been down this road before.

— Oh, here’s something new… rejected by both Akashi and Sasame, Minashi thrusts his tendrils into the ground, then all of a sudden, the Corpse forms around him. B-but I thought we were already inside the Corpse…

— So what’s Sasame’s response? This:

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2404


— Aw, Sasame simply disappears in a column of light, and her mecha appears from the ground magically. I thought she was going to morph into a Corpse-like thing too!

— Minashi then commands the Corpse to eat Akashi… again? Okay, okay, I know this “space” around them is supposed to reflect the memory of Akashi’s sins.

— At the end of the day, you’re just saying that a girl’s job is to be in the back and support the hero. Kinda lame.

— Akashi feels that piloting his love interest feels even closer and warmer than with Aoshi. Poor Aoshi. It’s not like he didn’t try to connect with his lil’ bro. And what does he get? He gets killed off for no damn reason just because Okada wanted to bring Heito back into the picture. Meanwhile, Akashi and Sasame… honestly, they don’t seem like much of a couple. They spent one short night together, but the story wants to convince me that they’re soul mates or something. Shit, after she became a LIM, she and Akashi hardly ever interacted, so y’know, I just don’t see it. I really, really don’t see it.

— I sometimes wonder how awkward it would be to work as a voice actor. How can you say these lines without laughing your ass off? I don’t think I could. They’re so goddamn campy. Hell, I feel even sorrier for the guy who has to do the Corpse’s moans.

— Elsewhere, the rest of the team shoots their way into the Corpse after seeing that Akashi is still alive. Why didn’t they do this in the first place?

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2412

— It’s all for naught anyway. Minashi gets the upper hand and starts trying to absorb Akashi again. His friends try to save him, but they can’t. So what now, you guys? What…. now!

— The Corpse starts crying now of all times. Finally, all the hate and painful emotions got the Corpse, so now it no longer wants to fight. Why now, though? Why now, especially when the Corpse hasn’t really been much of an entity? Honestly, the whole thing just comes out of left field. The Corpse has received almost no development as a character. It’s just been this big, bad boogeyman. All of a sudden, it cries, so Tsugumi cries, then she atones for her sins, then the whole LIghtless Realm disappears… just like that. What?

— Rather, I think Okada ran out of time, man. If the Corpse was so goddamn pivotal to solving this whole predicament, then why didn’t it get more attention? Why didn’t we play up the fact that the Corpse had feelings too? Instead, she springs this super major plot point on us at the last second, and then the show’s over! I can’t even sympathize with the Corpse because I didn’t know I was supposed to!

— Just seconds ago, Minashi wanted to annihilate the entire world and wipe humanity out (in a sense), but hey, we’ll just shake hands and let bygones be bygones! Yeah, that’s just how it is, you guys. The Corpse started to melt… I guess? So everyone shot Minashi out of the Corpse, and Akashi promised that he’ll try to reach to Minashi over and over even though they’ll no longer become one. Magically, Minashi is convinced this time as opposed to all the other times they’ve discussed the same goddamn subject. As for the Corpse, I think it reverts back to being a stone or something, and appears magically in Tsugumi’s arms. Everything’s magic.

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2413

— M-m-montage time! So to revert the effects of all the Necrometallizing stuff, you simply need to restore your memories! Or something like that. I don’t even know. I’m tired of this anime.

— Iwato beats Raika in a game of basketball. Gosh, not letting your girlfriend win. That’s a bold move. Let’s see how that works out for him.

— Even Heito gets to survive. And he now has his “Rosebud.” Great. Aoshi is still dead, though. He doesn’t deserve to live, ’cause… uh…

— Then we see a recovering Minashi with Tsugumi by his side. Man, when I first saw Tsugumi, I thought she was a ghost or some shit, y’know? Then when we met her again in the Lightless Realm, I still thought she was a ghost, because c’mon, how the hell did she survive in there all these years? What did she eat? What did she do to bathe herself? What happened when she went through puberty? Did she just fucking freebleed in there? Maybe it just turned into metal, so you could just scrape it off. It sounds like I’m nitpicking, but seriously, if she’s actually a real, living girl… then how the fuck did she manage to survive for so long without basic human necessities?!

— And yeah, Emiru is slowly recovering too. Everyone else gets to be alive and awake. Even Heito is rolling around in his bed, snuggling his teddy bear like a dork. Emiru, however, stays unconscious. Other than a small smile, we can only infer that she’s communicating to Mahmu through Mahmu’s reactions. I’ll never get why Mahmu got to be the action girl while someone like Emiru barely got any lines to finish this show off. Okada really hates Emiru for some reason.

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane 2414

— Sasame is even worse off. She’s still stuck in some sort of tube.

— Aaaaand that’s it. The M3 nightmare is finally over. This was not a good anime, you guys. It was painfully drawn out, painfully overwrought, and painfully nonsensical. Will I watch the WIXOSS sequel? Heeeeeeelllllll no. I need a break from Okada and her dramatics.

9 thoughts on “M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane Ep. 24 (Finale): The nightmare finally ends

  1. mochirochi

    I was really excited when I first heard about this anime, simply because it had psychological in its genre group. Now I’m just surprised I stuck with it all the way until the end. It’s a bit disappointing how bad this ended up being.

  2. John Barnes

    I thought of that image of Homer Simpson kicking and screaming when he was dragged off to basic calisthenics would be your response to watching this finale. But, you made it. The mecha nightmare is finally over.

    So, all that angst magically disappears through redundancy breaking through our troubled duo at last, which was terrible writing. It’s supposed to be a happy ending, but it sucks that some of the interesting characters are still unconscious & can only talk to their friends telepathicly (hell, we don’t even hear their thoughts).

    So, ugh. I would have called this the worst mecha of 2014 (but, other than Sidonia, there was NOT an adequate show), but the Buddy Complex finale reconfirmed why I hated the show months ago.

    I. Am. Done. With mecha. And anime in general. Nobody gives a shit anymore.

    1. E Minor Post author

      And anime in general.

      Eh, not every show was bad. I think mecha in general is just a disappointing genre these days. Let’s see if the Gundam anniversary stuff turns anything aorund.

      1. Herr Regisseur

        “I think mecha in general is just a disappointing genre these days.”
        Oh? Could I figure that that opinion is due to the stagnancy of the mecha genre’s pool of conventions? I’m really curious about this. Do you feel that mecha can be defined as a dead horse genre? That it’s to pander to mecha fans, never to produce anything avant-garde even as a secondary element? As a mecha fan myself, I just want to know your thoughts behind this.

        And what mecha shows in the earlier ages of anime did you like?

  3. flamerounin

    This series could have at least been bearable if Okada hadn’t been a pretentious hag and just went with her more straightforward love what-the-fuck-gons and melodrama. At least, there would have been something interesting to see.

    Gotta admit though that I did like some moments of the epilogue (even there, Raika and Iwato are just lame). Heito hugging that teddy bear was just downright hilarious (tsk, we really should have gotten more of moe Heito). I also kinda liked that scene with Mahmu and Emiru, as well as the final one with Sasame. And, hey, Tsugumi properly clothed is strangely sexy cute (okaaay, so I have strange tastes). Also liked that shot of her with the corpse on the tree.

    Man, if only the entire freaking show was even worthy enough of those scenes.

  4. Herr Regisseur

    Wow, the show really suffered from having 8 characters. You’d think that with how this was made out to be a character-driven show, they’d at least get good, solid lines for the final episode. Each and every one of them. And Mahmu is still the odd one out.

    I guess after the weeks and weeks of writing this even Okada decided she’d had enough with GRIMDARK. Time to let the pigs fly and have everyone couple up happily in the end.


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