Cross Ange Ep. 1: Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse

Cross Ange - 0119

More shows to watch? Yeah, more shows to watch. At the moment, I’m going to cover every show that interest me. Eventually, some of these shows will be relegated to my weekly “Everything Else” posts, so don’t worry. You won’t have to read eight gajillion posts from me every weekend.

— So what do I know about this anime before we start? Well, I know some princess gets exiled to some island because she doesn’t have special powers. And there, she will end up piloting a mecha to fight against dragons from another dimension. Yeah, really, extra-dimensional dragons. Who came up with this premise? Oh, right, it’s Sunrise. I guess I’m not so surprised after all. Still, not that I didn’t want to watch this show anyway, but man, where are those Garo subs? Yeah, I’m still waiting.

— We go from a sweet, little memory of a little girl riding a horse to, well, this:

Cross Ange - 0101

I still have the image of the little girl in my mind, so this boner is all wrong. All wrong! But seriously, c’mon, is this really necessar–… oh right, it’s Sunrise. Still, the T&A here are just too strong for my sensibilities.

— A portal opens, and a bunch of dragons of various sizes come pouring through. A fleet of girls then start attacking said dragons with their mechas. The mechas look pretty whatever to me, but I’m not a connoisseur of mechas to begin with so take that with a grain of salt.

— So, uh… why all girls? Y’know, other than the obvious fanservice reason. But surely, since they’re all girls, we’ll pass the Bechdel test, right? So at least we’ve got that going for us.

— The OP is nothing too speci–…

Cross Ange - 0106

…oh man, I don’t know if I want to watch this anymore. This was a bad, bad idea.

— Holy fuck:

Cross Ange - 0107

What am I watching?

Cross Ange - 0108

No, really…

Cross Ange - 0109

What am I watching?

— So we’ve established that there will be some guys in this story. Weird, dickless, Ken-doll guys. All of a sudden, the prospects of passing the Bechdel test just took a major hit.

— Right after the OP, we see a bunch of girls compete in what looks like space-age lacrosse. Or polo. It’s some combination of the two, but with hover crafts! But yeah, we’ve turned back to clock to see Ange before her life has been turned upside down.

— That’s a pretty lazy-looking crowd for such a new anime. They’re just… dots.

— Our princess didn’t win the match because she had to help a teammate in need. Everyone still praises the ground she walks on, though… except for her brother. I guess he’ll soon become the primary antagonist of the show. Was that him in the OP? Y’know, the part where the girl runs away only to have the burlap sack she was wearing burst into pieces? T-there’s not going to be creepy incest in this, right? Oh wait, it’s anime…

— As the royal siblings leave the place, we see Ange’s face pretty much plastered everywhere. It’s apparently her birthday, so this will make her fall from grace hit even harder. Apparently, she’s at the right age for some Baptism Ritual, and that’s when we’ll find out she has no magical powers. How much you want to bet, however, that she really does have powers but they’ve just been sealed in some way or fashion by her evil, evil brother?

Cross Ange - 0120

— Their trip suddenly hits a snag when they run into a Norma baby. Just a baby. And yeah, that’s the term for people who can’t use Mana. And apparently, Normas get treated like shit. That’s right, I read something about how the world is so prosperous and everything, but at the same time, people exploit the Normas. Funny how that works. So the princess is going to become one of the Normas and learn to fight for the underprivileged people, huh? This is really a story about revolution, right? We just have to battle dragons in skimpy clothing for a while before we overthrow the ruling class. Makes perfect sense to me.

— But for now, Ange is just a bitch like the rest of them: “The Light of Mana, the ultimate evolution of humanity… The Norma reject it. They are instinctively violent, antisocial monsters.” She says that as she walks towards a mother desperately trying to protect her daughter from a bunch of men armed with nightsticks. Hilarious. The irony is lost on her, I guess.

— The Norma baby will be taken away, because, uh, it’s apparently not human. This is despite the fact that the princess just explained to us that Normas are simply humans who don’t accept the Light of Mana. But maybe it’s the true Scotsman argument! Yeah, Normas are not true humans! And uh, the baby somehow rejected the Light of Mana. Even though it’s just a baby. I’m sure it stomped its cute, little feet and said, “FUCK THE LIGHT OF MANA.” I can see that. Hey man, don’t ask me about the logic behind this show. Just wait until the T&A show up again.

— What’s Ange’s solution to the crying mother’s problem? Just bear another child — a proper child, she adds! Subtlety is a fine art, and we’re like raging bull in a china shop. Childbearing is so easy, man! Why, I do it all the time, and I’m not even a woman!

— This is how Ange’s mother greets her late at night:

Cross Ange - 0111

Wowza! Oh, Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise… Child, I see that you are burdened with anxiety. Gaze upon my perfectly-sculpted breasts. Perhaps they will calm you.

— Ange goes and says she loves this world. Yeah, she loves a world where babies get hauled off: “This world, freed by the Light of Mana from war, inequality…” Freed from inequality? Freed from inequality?!

Cross Ange - 0112

Ah man, I can’t even finish quoting the rest of the sentence. I’m just laughing my ass off. Why have they written such a fucking stupid character? I know this is supposed to contrast the change that she will undergo when she realizes that she herself is a Norma, but c’mon, this is ridiculous.

— Oh, only women can be born Norma. Fancy that. Our princess then tells her mother that she wants to exterminate the Norma. She literally thinks this will make the world more beautiful. She’s beaming as she says it. Today’s the first day she’s ever seen a Norma in person, and it’s a crying baby reaching out to her mother. And this is the conclusion our super gracious princess comes to? Between all the T&A and the princess advocating genocide, I don’t know what to think anymore. This premise has been thoroughly ridiculous from the very start. Seriously, though, a-are we sure we really want to watch her become a good person? She is just so thoroughly despicable at the moment, why even bother! Let’s just cut our losses! She’s so ugly on the inside, and this is such a beautiful world!

— We cut to Ange’s brother snooping around in the darkness. Yep, he’s going to fuck with the Baptism Ritual, and Ange will be screwed out of her rightful place as the eventual ruler of this kingdom. But honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a better person!

— So the very next day, Ange gets inside this contraption:

Cross Ange - 0113

I like how it’s a bit of a crucifixion. But alas, the machine suddenly shuts down and sounds the Norma alert. Oh no!

— Ah, I was wrong: it turns out she was always a Norma, and her father was trying to disguise that fact. But the resentful oniichan will have none of it!

— Is it really necessary for the wheelchair-bound imouto to bare her “cleavage” too? According to Sunrise, yes… yes it is.

— So now we have a reversal of fortune: Ange’s mother tries to help her Norma daughter escape from their pursuers. In the end, she gets captured anyway. Not only that, her mother dies trying to protect her.

Cross Ange - 0115

Welp, karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

— The evil oniichan then walks up to the imouto who has since passed out from all the shock. As he rubs her lips, he says, “We’re about to get busy, Sylvia. We have to rebuild the tainted royal family. Just the two of us…” Hoo boy…

— So that’s where the extradimensional dragons come in! Basically, they force Normas to become soldiers on some island. They thus have to wear practically nothing and fight against said dragons! Cool!

— Even now, the princess just isn’t very endearing:

Cross Ange - 0116

Yeah, she still thinks she isn’t a Norma. Sunrise has a helluva job on their hands. It’s going to be very difficult to convince me that I should root for our heroine after such a start.

— So the Norma officer slices Ange’s dress right down the middle, then pins the girl down on a table…

Cross Ange - 0117

Sigh. Yeah, she gets a cavity search for some reason. Up until this point, the anime had been so ridiculous, it was even kind of funny, but this… this is just too much. As unlikeable as Ange’s character had been, I don’t need to see the girl get violated in such a fashion. Just gratuitous. Ugh.

— Welp, that left a bad taste in my mouth. Right off the bat, our heroine probably got anally violated, and her brother intends to do something nasty with their imouto. I don’t even want to know what they did to the baby after dragging it off to god knows where. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to watch another episode.


38 Replies to “Cross Ange Ep. 1: Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse”

  1. This is certainly…something else. The discrimination reminds me of Mahouka so the premise was already stupid and it sounds so gratuitous it’s disgusting.

  2. Actually racism being biased hatred makes sense, A prince fucking with in the family has happened before makes sense. Aside from all the tits and ass I will give this series a watch.Have not watched the first episode yet even.

    1. The problem isn’t that it doesn’t make sense. The problem is that it’s gratuitous and overblown. What is there to get out of this show when it has no insight and it totally tosses any concern for its characters out the window for the sake of being what it thinks is dramatic? This episode also had the worst dialogue I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever.

    2. Actually racism being biased hatred makes sense, A prince fucking with in the family has happened before makes sense.

      Missing the point.

  3. Okay, so the fan service is waaaay off the charts. And that implied rape is definitely too much. Now let’s see how Sunrise pull off nasty predicament they have gotten themselves into

    I still have a bad aftertaste left in my mouth from Valvrave’s infamous episode 10 (yes, specifically “that” scene). Funny how the fanboys were insisting that Sunrise had the, ahem, balls to pull off that scene, when in fact nothing came out of it and the studio suddenly cowered from tackling the consequence of that come the next episode. Now, if this series actually have the guts to at least touch upon the obvious implications and consequences of the gratuitous (for now) fan service/disservice, then I would be pleased.

    1. Not only does it appear you will probably not be pleased, at least based on what people have said about the next episode and the preview, I can’t say I share the rest of your opinion either.

      Not that it’s worth talking about that too much, since I’m not going to be keeping up with this show myself. Nothing that I’d consider interesting happened in the first episode, that couldn’t be found elsewhere at least, but that’s my perspective.

      1. Nah, I don’t even have high hopes for this series either. But hey, I am always open for pleasant surprises. And if that doesn’t happen (which is more than guaranteed that it won’t), at least I get my obligatory stupid Sunrise trainwreck of the season to laugh at.

  4. Next to the Gundam Seed Destiny OP3 levels of fanservice in its opening, the fanservice, and the terrible impression of the main character, the premise was butt-fucked when stated that the Norma are all born women. So the main character, her mother were supporting the discrimination while knowing the fact that they will be in the same position. This is worse than Mahouka’s take on it, and that is an accomplishment within a years time.

  5. Every season needs a trainwreck to rant against & have some thirst for good quality shows. This looks like that type of show for this season where reading mock blog is several times more enjoyable than actual show.

  6. We are overdue the annual Sunrise trainwreck. The OP is basically a straight rip of SEED destiny which with Fukada involved…dunno. Thought the very self aware next episode preview was interesting, maybe it is some sort of bad taste parody of Sunrise’s past excesses.

    1. Yeah, I actually found that self-aware preview amusing. Either they are just trolling, or they already know just how bad this series is going to be.

  7. I’ve gotten to a point where I mostly stopped caring about the story in these mecha shows. The characters blabbing and drama has taken the back seat behind cutting to mecha pretty much shooting each other and duking it out.

    And the mecha just look gaudy in this show, even more so than Star Driver’s designs which looked just stylishly dumb. It seriously looks like they tried to incorporate the word “swag” into past Gundams, and the obvious results being less than stellar.
    And don’t get me started on the pilot suits. Like I get it, 90% of this show is going to be fan service and you gotta show off the girls, but wow. These are some seriously bad suit designs. It’s actually a turn-off.

    Git gud Sunrise.

    1. actually, Fukuda is listed as producer. Director position is Yoshiharu Ashino. Still, with the man involved, this really will only go wrong soon.

      1. You are right. I was wrong.Still, this anime will be super bad with that man involved. Apart of that, if i am not wrong the producer has a lot of influence in the anime industry, part of that Fukuda has a lot of influence in sunrise. This anime will be garbage.

        Gundam Shit Season 3.

  8. Just watched the first episode
    Butt-fucked karma up in this bitch
    I was about to shed tears for the little kid taken away more than Ange getting a “physical”
    The only twist I can see that the Light of Mana is the real monster in the series ie “Light is not good” Also finding out the little sister is also a Norma. Heck if the prince’s incest produces a child that becomes a Norma, Incest would not be Wincest.
    Maybe Ange may get better, maybe she’ll get worse. But right now she is an utter POS at the moment
    Finally, did someone blackmail Ms. Nana Mizuki to do this role?

    1. I just hope that this series doesn’t take itself too seriously

      It’s not like taking a bad role will preclude her from future roles.

  9. This show wants to twist us into thinking that a girl getting anally violated is ok because she’s a bitch. And judging by some commenters above, it worked -_-

    1. ???

      You mean NOBODY? No one in the comments above stated that the “ass rape” was justified. The heroine being shitty, sure. That she deserved to be violated? Nope, not here.

      Buddy, you might want to brush up your (critical) reading skills or actually post in the right comments section.

      1. Even still, it’s not much different from saying a character deserves being murdered for being a horrible person, which happens all the time (just look at Joffrey in Game of Thrones!). Most of the time anime characters get cruel and awful punishment that doesn’t fit the crime to generate easy drama. This is fiction, and people have different expectations and standards for characters in stories than they do for those in real life. It doesn’t make Cross Ange any less awful, shameless, or gratuitous – and it is… good lord it is – but it also doesn’t mean people are being mislead into thinking anal probing is ever a just punishment for an actual person.

        1. It’s very sad, but in anime, the punishment often far exceeds the crime.

          That action alone, no matter how unlikable they make the character, has voided any sympathy I will ever have for the show. And it’s the FIRST FUCKIN’ EPISODE!

      2. Look at the comment right above:

        “Butt-fucked karma up in this bitch”

        Sure sounds like that slimeball thinks the character deserved getting raped.

        1. Call me a slimeball, but I’m not a hypocrite.
          You really want to me to feel sorry for someone who would had kept the unnecessary, unjust Norma discrimination and support its genocide who would had kept it going if she had the BS mana? I don’t support rape, but right now it’s like trying to defend Hitler.

  10. What the fuck just happened?!! I didn’t even bother watching Cross Ange, but seeing the shots and description alone tells me this is an absolute trainwreck in the making. I’m sorry, but if there’s gore and rape in the first episode alone, I’m not even going to make a conscious effort, and the crappy mecha shows as of late have only made me even less interested in the genre. Tomino’s work so far hasn’t been impressive, and unless the quality of Reconguista picks up, mecha anime might as well be a dead genre that nobody should even work on.

    If Sunrise keeps making bad anime (their batting average has sucked since 2007, when they started the first season of Gundam 00 & Code Geass, and halfheared recent endeavours like Buddy Complex & Valvrave have not helped), they may end up losing stature in the anime industry, which will hurt the bottom line, and that is overall income. Shows like this will be popular amongst the perverted crowds due to the fanservice and intentional violations, but as far as taking it seriously, I doubt it has the standing. Besides, it already had the problem of being a Fukoda show, so in case he wanted us to hate him all over again, Mission Accomplished.

    Boy, I’m done ranting. Thanks for taking a bullet for all of us. You might as well put this into the “Rest Of…” section in a week or two.

    1. mecha anime might as well be a dead genre that nobody should even work on.

      There are other shows to watch, at least.

      You might as well put this into the “Rest Of…” section in a week or two.

      I’ll probably put it to a poll.

  11. I got so much cancer from reading the comments on this site. Is just a damn physical, you people are acting is if this “rape” is over done and the worst thing that could happen to any female. It is not!

    If you’re in prison and you’re gonna get a cavity search, chances are that you’ll resist and scream just like Ange did. Specially if just hours prior you were royalty.

    Gory murder is perfectly fine but oh god forbid penetration is ever presented in it’s unadulterated form. Disgusting and hypothetical comments. First time and last time I visit this site, it seems everyone is of the same mind set so I’ll be better not exposed to this sort of sheltered ecosystem.

  12. I got so much cancer from reading the comments on this site. Is just a damn physical, you people are acting is if this “rape” is over done and the worst thing that could happen to any person. It is not!

    If you’re in prison and you’re gonna get an anal search, chances are that you’ll resist and scream just like Ange did. Specially if just hours prior you were royalty.

    Gory murder is perfectly fine but oh god forbid penetration is ever presented in it’s unadulterated form. Disgusting and hypothetical comments. First time and last time I visit this site. It seems everyone is of the same mind set so I’ll be better off not being exposed to this sort of sheltered narrow minded and hypothetical ecosystem.

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