Sword Art Online II Ep. 15: Do it for Tonkii!

Sword Art Online II - 1517

I guess we’re back in fantasy land for now.

— Right off the bat, we’re not in an MMO, but at this point, I’m pretty sure everyone’s expectations have hit rock bottom.

— Apparently, someone has found an incredibly rare sword in ALO. It’s not Kirito, because he was too busy finding hot babes in other games. But the funny thing is that the damn thing has only been found. Nothing else. No one’s actually gotten it. I remember how Absolute Virtue in Final Fantasy XI remained this unbeatable boss for years and years, so it’s kind of the same thing. Absolute Virtue’s loot drops were “found,” but not actually acquired unless you managed to glitch and kill the boss. Too bad that also landed you in GM jail. Long story short, it wasn’t until Square-Enix dropped a ton of hints after a ton of player backlash before people knew how to properly beat the damn mob. Even so, I don’t think I mind this sort of thing in MMOs. I kind of like the idea that there are pieces of equipment so rare, only a few people would ever have access to them. It adds to the mystique of the world. The only problem, of course, is what do you do with the dungeon? Suppose someone eventually clears the dungeon and gets the incredibly rare sword? Now what? Are you really just going to leave an empty dungeon sitting there? It doesn’t make any sense to any MMO developer from a practical standpoint.

— We finally see scenes of an MMO, but… it’s a slideshow. And Kirito’s just narrating. C’mon, A-1 Pictures. Don’t pull a Terra Formars on me. I’ve seen enough slideshows today. No, really, this is an embarrassment. This part can be a montage all you want, but holy shit, at least animate it. You’re a fucking anime.

Sword Art Online II - 1513

— So they find a giant humanoid thing attacking a giant jellyfish thing. Leafa, in her infinite wisdom, tells Kirito to save the one that’s being bullied. Sure, these mobs totally have complex AI and can understand what it feels like to be picked on. No, I’m not even being sarcastic. I totally, totally acknowledge that something like this might be possible. Seriously, what if we had the ability to populate our virtual worlds with virtual creatures with intelligence to what you might find in the real world? Wouldn’t that be fucking neat? Wouldn’t that raise moral questions about killing these virtual creatures even if they’re not real and any GM can spawn them? It’s analogous to the Yui being a fake virtual child who nevertheless has real feelings. It’s analogous to Kirito feeling sorry for the NPCs when Asuna wanted to use them as bait in the first season. Remember that? I sure do. But here’s the part that I do quibble with. Again, this part of the anime is a fucking slideshow. Not only that, it’s being narrated in a rather dry, as-a-matter-of-fact fashion. Explore the idea of treating MMO creatures like virtual pets, and whether or not we can feel the same level of attachment to them? Naw dawg, make it a fucking slideshow.

— So they fly up to the sky where they find the golden sword we had just talked about. Just look at Kirito’s face. I wonder if ever looks at Asuna like that.

— Wait, what? He’s been spending all his time in New Aincrad? I don’t know how people have the time to play more than one MMO anyway. By nature, these games are such grindfests, I don’t think I could devote my time to multiple characters across multiple games like that. But hey, this guy is such a poopsocker, they literally had to represent it as him being trapped within a game for years and years. I guess this sort of thing should come easy to Kirito.

Sword Art Online II - 1514

— I don’t know why Kirito is so perplexed that other players could find Excalibur, especially when he just sat there and told us how he found it. What? Are other people not special enough to save a jellyfish and ride it to the sky?

— Kirito: “Sugu, there’s more to a VRMMO than looking for rare items.” Yeah, especially when you can build yourself your very own harem — a harem that includes your cousin!

— But then he immediately goes back on what he just said: “But I think Tonkii wanted us to find it, and that’s why he showed it to us.” Yeah! I’m not getting the weapon because I personally desire it. I’m getting it for Tonkii, our flying jellyfish! It wants us to clear the dungeon. So as you can see, going on this quest to get the sword would be a selfless action! Man, I’m such a gracious Gary Stu!

— Seriously though, I like how he has more urgency here to get some fucking sword than he ever had during the entire ALO arc. Remember, kids… a golden sword is far more important than your e-waifu.

— Seven people can ride Tonkii, but they don’t know who to stick in the last remaining spot. Kirito’s rattling off a bunch of names, but it’s fucking obvious who he wants to come with them. He’s just making Leafa bring her up first. Hey, hey, it wasn’t my idea to bring Sinon along! Leafa suggested it! But anyway, it’s to be expected that Sinon would now tag along with the rest of Kirito’s girls like some doll in his collection. This is a harem, after all. And of course, Klein’s there as the best friend who will never get any.

Sword Art Online II - 1502

— Yes, let’s talk to Asuna… who just happens to be completely naked. So what does she even do in this sequel? Run to Kirito’s side and get naked, I guess. The duties of an e-waifu are hard. You stay-at-home waifus know nothing!

— The whole scene is dumb, anyway. She bemoans the fact that she wants to see him one more time before she goes back to Kyoto. Obviously, she wants to spend quality time with the guy. She’s then super happy when he tells her about the quest they’re all about to embark on. Can’t she also play VRMMOs with him in Kyoto? So what difference does it make? My point is that this quest isn’t really quality time. The fact that she alludes to her physical location should have been played up more. No matter how real these VRMMOs are, you can’t make up for the intimacy that comes from being together in the real world. She can go on quests with him no matter where she is. That’s the entire point of MMOs. Friends across the world can play together. Sword Art Online should’ve instead explored the idea that she perhaps feels as though their relationship isn’t deepening, because they don’t put enough of an emphasis on what they can do as a couple in the real world.

And it’s okay to include a subplot like this even though I constantly complain about the fact that the Sword Art Online sequel often features its characters outside of an MMO. After all, you’re drawing a sharp contrast between what the virtual world can offer and what the real world can offer. How are relationships impacted by the advent of simulation? Will people start taking certain traditional aspects of relationships for granted when they can rely upon the virtual world for everything? This would be an interesting topic to explore. But as usual, Sword Art Online drops the ball. We simply see the dutiful waifu beam with happiness when she gets a call from the Gary Stu. Besides, even in her private, most vulnerable moment — she’s literally naked and taking a shower — she’s just thinking about the guy. Asuna is a terribly written character.

Sword Art Online II - 1515

— New OP time, I guess. This song is less annoying than the previous one, but it’s still not very good.. I don’t care enough to sift through it for clues about the upcoming arc, though. I just think it’s pathetic that we continue to see Kayaba being featured in a less than villainous way. I guess it doesn’t mean dick that he trapped a bunch of children in a video game without any remorse.

— Since Klein’s helping Kirito get the Excalibur, he asks Kirito to help him get another weapon in return. But our Gary Stu just whines, “That dungeon’s so freaking hot, though.” It’s my show! I don’t want to help you get a penis extension!

— In fact, he’s got such a one-track mind. Sinon would also like to receive a legendary weapon, but he complains that she’s only been playing for two weeks. Dude, this is what you do. You help your friends get cool shit, because helping them makes you feel good. But so far, two people have asked for favors, and he’s done nothing but whine.

— Yui finally arrives to tell her “daddy” that no one’s gotten to the mid-air dungeon yet. Don’t worry, Kirito. Your shiny golden dick is still sitting there waiting for you to retrieve it. Please don’t beat your daughter anymore.

— Asuna: “And evidently, it isn’t a very peaceful quest, either.” I wouldn’t expect a golden penis to be easy to get.

— Oh lord, this is incredibly cringeworthy:

Sword Art Online II - 1503 Sword Art Online II - 1504 Sword Art Online II - 1505 Sword Art Online II - 1518

Yeah, everyone’s posing with their stupid weapons as a rock song plays in the background. Sinon’s the only one not smiling. Silica’s weapon gets to be on her ass, I guess. Asuna doesn’t even get to pose with her own boyfriend. She’s on the same level as Leafa, the cousin who wants to bang her “onii-chan.” Naturally, the badass Gary Stu stands alone.

— Lisbeth: “In RPGs, the samurai has been a “warrior plus black magic’ class for a long time.” What? That’s not true in any of the games I’ve ever played. What she’s describing sounds like a ninja, not a samurai.

— And now Yui’s explaining sword skills to us. Great. Look what you’ve started, Klein. What does the guy do? Run to Kirito for help. I guess he’s a haremette too. Hey, why do you think Kirito wants to add yet another sword to his collection so badly?

— It’s hilarious how he looks across the room and sees nothing but female faces staring back at him. No, no, no, the hilarious part is how they’re actually females in real life too. Uh huh, sure.

— Kirito thanks everyone for coming. In fact, he’ll find a way to express his gratitude in the future. Oh, like helping your friends get the weapons they want? Just a thought…

— This is what Sinon has been reduced to: a mere catgirl that Kirito can now toy with whenever he pleases. Man, Asuna, you were right! This sure is quality time that the two of you are having!

Sword Art Online II - 1508

— Still, I’ll give credit where credit is due. We actually see a potentially captivating MMO locale in this week’s episode. That was one of the big problems with the GGO arc. MMOs are full of interesting locations, but GGO had nothing. And sure, you can call it an MMOFPS all you want, but at least have some nice set pieces for people to look at. Unfortunately, the previous arc was unimaginative from start to finish. It’s not like the frozen landscape you see above is mind-blowing either, but at least it’s a fucking start.

— Leafa simply whistles and this calls Tonkii to her. Hm, she’s lucky no one’s killed it yet.

— Yo, this thing ain’t even cute. But still, even this blatant rip-off of an elephant is something different to look at. I’m not saying GGO should have had flying elephants, but c’mon, at one point, Death Gun rode a fucking horse to chase our heroes down. Where’s the imagination?

— You can totally fit more than seven people on this mount. Of course, we only arrived at the figure seven because that’s all the haremettes Kirito has for now. Yes, I now consider Klein to be a haremette after what we just saw in the previous scene.

— As they fly to the dungeon, they see players taking advantage of a jellyfish-tyrant duo to hit the jellyfish. I would expect this sort of thing to happen all the time in MMOs, though. Of course, the point here is that everyone feels sorry for the jellyfish, but why? This is a question that Sword Art Online should try to answer, but it seemingly can’t. It merely touches on the issue and nothing more.

Sword Art Online II - 1510

— Plus, who is Sinon talking to? Leafa’s boobs?

— All of a sudden, this lady appears behind them. She’s Urd, Queen of the Lake, and she has a quest for them. She wants them to save the land from the tyrants that we see everywhere. Yui suddenly interjects to say how this NPC isn’t using a set response. Oh my, this NPC’s request is coming straight from her e-heart!

— Again, if this is something that’s totally possible, i.e. emergent AI within a complex VRMMO, I really wish Sword Art Online would actually delve into it. Can simple NPCs suddenly just “evolve” like this and acquire sentience? I don’t know, but it’s the sort of sci-fi topic that captures the imagination, doesn’t it? In Sword Art Online, however, topics like these are merely touched upon and nothing else. There’s just so much wasted potential in this goddamn universe.

— Case in point, Yui flat out tells Kirito that Urd has acquired artificial intelligence. It’s just something that’s stated. It’s not explored, it’s just a matter of fact.

— Then we get some backstory about the location, how Excalibur came to exist in said location, blah blah blah. Just standard RPG lore, really. The problem is that this lore ends up taking up a significant chunk of the second half of the episode.

— What is happening during this scene, though? Is Tonkii just floating still in midair?

Sword Art Online II - 1516

— Oh, but it gets worse! The evil tyrant king wants to eventually cover all of ALO in snow! And other adventurers have been tricked into doing his bidding. He didn’t offer them the chance to win Excalibur at all. He’s just using them to commit mass jellyfish murder. In other words, talk, talk, talk, talk. But hey, I wouldn’t have expected any less from Sword Art Online.

— Of course, I can’t help but think that Miss Urd here needs a better advertising campaign. If you’re in such a dire situation, why are you appearing to just one group of adventurer? Even if you argue that the other players won’t believe her, it doesn’t hurt to try.

— Finally, our heroes reach the floating dungeon, but the episode is practically over. We’ve done a whole lot of talking and touched upon some interesting ideas, but that’s pretty much does it for the new SAO episode. Plus, I’m not sure we saw Asuna and Kirito interact with each other whatsoever. So much for that quality time.


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  1. Poor Asuna she’s so desperate for some quality time with the Gary Stu
    she crave his real golden sword, just look at her masturbating in her bathroom
    I’m sure that’s what it is, nobody assumes that position in a bathtub for so long.
    This episode was so boring, it almost feel like a really bad beach episode, both big expositions were terrible, why they can’t find a cool way to tell us this, even a old videogame like Yoshi’s Island could do that better.

    1. “Show, don’t tell”.
      And a lot of anime are guilty of this. Show us how the universe works. Like y’know, in a medium that’s ALL ABOUT SHOWING. More gum-flapping like it’s the cool thing to do.

      Maybe SAO should’ve been a audio book or some shit. There’s barely anything cool to look at.

  2. Thinking about it, a primarily-female group of heroines with only a couple guys would be cool to see if it were anywhere else but SAO. Have any of the female cast spoken to each other so far? Shown any signs of friendship or interest towards anyone who isn’t Kirito?

    I could really go for a version of SAO where Kirito isn’t in it, to at least force the writers to give the other characters some development. Sinon has been the best part of SAOII so far because she felt like a character… Until Kirito.

  3. Finally ! The harem is now complete ! All aboard the harem route guys. We even got an homo route option !

    Sadly, there isn’t even quality time between kirito and his harem, they just talk all the time, also slideshow. I’m also pretty sure this arc will suck a lot.

    1. I don’t care if it’s spoiler, I’ll say it: I’m *SO* happy that after this there won’t be more harem in this story for the next 3 seasons!!! (If they ever come of course, which they’ll more likely do)

  4. Remember that stuff I said before about how this series emulates a harem feel but isn’t technically a harem?
    Welp, I guess that’s over with. SAO is finally, truly a harem. Looks like the CAT is out of the bag! HAHA–heugh

    No but really, what’s with the tail-pulling fetish with catgirls in anime? Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be for someone to just gleefully grip a sensitive, protruding piece of your spine whenever they wanted a giggle?

    Anyway, it’s a shame that SAO doesn’t take more cues from Dot Hack in terms of how it introduces and handles the dissonance between reality and MMO fantasy. I know SAO technically, apparently, came out first, but it just does this poorly. It seems like the writer was either afraid to indulge in these kinds of deep topics or he just figured no one would want to read that when we can have five pages of Asuna moaning.

    And yeah, speaking of, what’s with the Asuna drop? She’s basically the female mascot of the show and yet she’s being treated like a scarcely memorable side-dish.
    _I actually know the answer to this one, though. It’s perfectly illustrated in the atrocious handling of the Spider-man/Mary Jane relationship in Marvel comics. See, when a writer (or writers) focus exclusively on the protagonist and forget to give his lover a proper role, she becomes an after-thought, and after a while she turns into a burden for the writer. She is then relegated to cameos as outside of brief glimpses she doesn’t have a real personality outside of worrying for the protagonist’s safety during his heroics.
    _This issue is easily negated when you simply write a human relationship for the protagonist and his/her lover. Just because they aren’t personally related to the plot doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Make them the anchor to the hero’s heart, the healer of their wounds. Keep their interactions real, human, and in doing so you’ll maintain the relationship on a relatable level.
    _Of course this would mean making time for the lover as a character and not only making the hero dependent on his/her lover (to the natural extent we all are in relationships), but also making the protagonist fallible. They must be weakened, humanized, in order to give them a need for the care of their romantic partner, and this is the bane of the wish fulfillment character, the “Gary Stu”. If a character is brought down to our human level they cease to be wish fulfillment. This is why Marvel broke up Spidey and Mary Jane, and why Asuna won’t be more than a reoccurring reference in SAO.

    tl;dr Asuna is now Mary Jane and Kirito is shooting his web fluid all over his haremettes. Haha!

    1. As much as I fucking hate the “bitchy-wife” trope that we see in Western TV, at least they have a real presence in the show. Asuna is like nothing; she has almost no weight on Gary Stu right now.
      I’d rather see Asuna being a real Queen-Bitch than a fly.

  5. 1. Slideshow? Really? What a great way to show off that A1 knows what they’re doing and that they’ve got their budget locked up tight. Maybe instead of extending the GGO arc into boring bullshit territory, they should’ve put more effort into this episode by animating those segments. You know, what animation studios are supposed to do: their jobs. Get punched in the dick storyboarder who thought that this was a good idea.

    2. We’ve known for months now that SAO’s as deep as a rain puddle. Kawahara slaps on an interesting bendy fridge magnet and then just leaves it there. It doesn’t hold a toddler’s drawing for mommy and daddy to look at; it’s just “there” and nothing else. Well, other than making him sound pseudo-intellectually pretentious.
    The post’s points of the meeting in-game versus in real life and the possibilities of evolving intelligence in AI’s are good points. And it’s always been funny that these posts have more thought put into the story than the actual source material. Is it hard to think critically? Maybe, but it’s the writer’s responsibility to do that to his or her story in the first place.
    Honestly, it’s standard SAO/Reki fare. Interesting questions were asked at the very START of SAO and have just been left out to dry. For somebody who can’t get simple MMO mechanics and logistics rights, I doubt he could even touch the surface of the complex machinations of Artificial Intelligence.

    3. As much as I hate the “characters” of SAO, I really feel for Asuna. Because, yeah, she’s supposed to be the MAIN GIRL. She pretty much got thrown to the side once new-haremette Sinon comes around. Sure we get a internal look at Asuna finally but as the post points out, it’s done in a naked fan service scene. Yeah, what a great time and frame to give a semi- emotional point in the story. We’re totally supposed to listen, nay, even care about what Asuna’s thinking while we’re ogling at her body. Again, not even an ounce of fuckin’ respect for even the main heroine.
    Like, I would like to think that Asuna’s naked in this scene as a symbolic meaning to her vulnerable state of “need”, but I don’t think Kawahara’s bright enough to think of anything in subtext. Nah, we just need something pretty to look at I guess.

    4. Yeah, the OP is terrible and I haven’t expected anything else. And seeing Suguha, Lisbeth and Silica in the OP makes me ask myself why they’re still in the show. They’re just nobodies. Yeah, I guess you can’t have a harem with only two or three girls. A harem-lead’s importance is only as good as the amount of slave-women he’s surrounded by.
    Oh! And welcome Sinon to the harem. Your “special”-card that you have enjoyed immensely in the GGO arc has been determined by our Lord and Master Reki Kawahara to now be null-and-void. Again, welcome to the harem, get on working your “tits” and teenage boy ass.

    5. Klein should just change his avatar into a skimpy female-samurai avatar. I don’t care how he does it, but he should. It’d probably be the most realistic thing that will ever happen to the show.

    6. Again, hilarious and sad that Sinon’s been reduced to regular haremette. Great, like this wasn’t wholly apparent when we first laid eyes on her in episode 1. Harem level up I guess.

    7. Going back to the high-fantasy setting just asks the question of: Why the fuck did we even have GGO in the first place? What was wrong with following the trend of fantasy settings? Couldn’t Sinon just have stabbed the robber and develop a case of “trauma” of blade weapons that she needed “exposure therapy” for in Aincrad or some shit? Whoa, then maybe the rest of the harem could’ve actually been RELEVANT since they were already playing.
    Did Kawahara just get bored of fantasy and wanted some Star Wars in his story? Who cares, so I guess we’re back in the magical land of swords and magic and shit.

    PS: Oh, right. Now I remember why Suguha’s still here: her cow mammaries.

  6. This episode has been the one that killed my hopes for this franchise. After the whole Harem addition thing ended, and the “Calibur” Arc was announced, I was honestly excited, thinking they would recover this amazing arc which was skipped, and letting the anime fans enjoy this story. Sadly, I expected too much…

    Before starting, one little thing about your review: When he says “New Aincrad”, he means the floating castle that appeared at the end of season 1. It was a new area in ALO, and the new “main goal” in the game, no that the old “reach the roof of the giant tree” was over. So shortly, he’s still only playing there (He never really played GGO for fun, so he inmediately returned to ALO, not without first bringing his new haremette there).

    I’m not going to talk about the Asuna scene because it was just plain stupid. That just didn’t happen in the novel, it’s pure fanservice to sell, and was not neccesary at all. The entire argument, as you said, lacks of sense.

    And the reason Yui says the NPC doesn’t have a fixed pattern of answers is because she noticed it’s not a simple big quest made by the GMs, but the “full version” Cardinal system, which has the ability to generate the quest on-the-go.

    Ok, what follows is about the differences with the novel, which you probably don’t care and can skip, but gives a lot of sense to the story:


    First of all, this story (in the original novels) has a previous contex. And I mean, a BIG previous context. If you don’t care about the novel, just skip this, but I will probably take info from here which wasn’t in the anime to complain about other situations later on…

    -In the first ALO Arc, after the fight during the peace treatment’s signing, if you follow the Anime you just see Kirito and Leafa getting to the center city. But in the novels, you can see that prior to that they’re swallowed by a giant worm-like creature, and sent to Jötunheim, which is quite a problem, as it basically meant they would take a lot more time to get to the city. Then, the scene described in the episode slideshow -Oh man, I can’t believe only that shitty slideshow survived from all of this- happens, although Leafa has a more “anti-bullying” argument when deciding to save the white creature, which was at clear disadvantage with the ice giant.

    – After saving “Tonkii”, named by Leafa, he starts evolving (as his relatives, he didn’t have wings at the beggining), but then a big group -around 20- of “blue race” (Don’t remember the name) players are hunting down all mobs in the area, Then they see the hurt Tonki recovering, and try to kill it, as any normal player would in a game like this. Obviously, Gary Stu must protect it, even if it means respawning so far away from the city that he can’t save Asuna, and actually he’s almost beaten up (IIRC, this was because Leafa felt feeling towards Tonkii as a pet, which is a terrible reason to do this instead of saving your girl, but whatever). Luckily, Tonkii heals, and evolves, into a flying beast, saves them from the blue players, and take them flying to the top. During the flight, Yui explains the mob developed an AI.

    – It can be a good moment by now to remember that ALO is not based on “The Seed”, the lite version of SAO’s server, but on the original system, which includes the entire Cardinal system (Where Yui comes from). That incredibly advanced system is obviously not that easy to handle, and actually worked by itself during the SAO incident if you remember. We’ll get back to that later on.

    – Anyway, back to the original story: Tonkii takes our hero (and his haremette) to the roof of the place, which is impossible to get to in any other way; that being because fairies cannot fly in Jötunheim, as mentioned pretty quickly in the episode. Tonkii suddenly stops, and they have two choices of where to go: Wither upstairs to the city, or go to a dungeon where they see a golden sword (you imagine what that goes). Kirito decide the most important thing is to go to the city (Because Asuna is like, in death danger you know; in the novels, he actually cares about one girl in specific, but that doesn’t sell in anime, does it?). They leave the sword for another day, and go on to what we see in the city episode.

    All that I just explained, they turned it into one simple fucking slideshow, making it look like they just killed a mob, and saw the incredible item, and noone ever saw it again. All I just shortened above is why it’s weird that other players notice the sword, as they knew about it from a quest, and not because they saw it on the dungeon, which is a pretty weird stuff in a game like this, being a Legendary weapon.


    Anyway, that’s all I want to say for now. I probably bored the hell out of you with all this explanation you didn’t ask, but I needed somewhere to let it all out. After this episode, I wished they had just skipped this whole arc and made the next arc longer, even knowing the depressing it will be… I’d rather suffer to a sad story than suffer a shitty production.

    PS: Sorry if I made any mispellings, English is not my main language :)
    PS2: Yeah, I was the one who suggested you to read the novel on ask, sorry I won’t take you as someone who cares about them again…

    1. I haven’t actually seen any of season 2 besides the first episode yet, but I felt the same when I heard about the “Calibur” arc, which I honestly felt was the best part of the ALO arc. It sucks to know they still decided to essentially skip over that bit by making it into a slideshow instead of animating it. I understand this is technically how he recaps it in volume 7 and that would have been fine if they had actually animated it in the first place, but no, they skipped it. You can’t recap something that was never animated to begin with. They could have just spent 1 episode to animate it and had a total of 25 episodes like last season instead of 24 if pacing was a problem. They even animated new filler scenes for the recap portion of the OVA, yet couldn’t devote any time or resources to animating this backstory. *sigh*
      Also, to add onto your explanation, the story does mention there is a picture and description of the sword on the main website, which is how it was known in the first place, but no other players ever located it before. Kirito and Leafa were the first ones to ever spot it and later challenged the dungeon with Asuna and Yui, but failed miserably and decided to challenge it again once they got stronger, at which point was it left alone since it was still a secret between the four of them and they were busy with New Aincrad.
      I do like how they’re being consistent with the chronological order of the side stories though.

  7. Seeing the episode made me groan throughout the show. In fact this is how the entire series feels now to me. No longer a tint of rage, but rather one big “ugggggggghhhhh”.

    For one, I agree that there is not a lot of legitimate interaction among one another if it is not involving video games or how wonderful Kirito is in video games. There is a form of sadness that the girls in ALO don’t even make their own friends or their own adventures that does not relate to Kirito. (hell, a spin-off novel involves Silica admiring a girl who dresses up LIKE Kirito who is INSPIRED by Kirito’s leet gamer skillz).

    Which sorta makes me joke that Kirito isn’t making just a harem nor some lovely group of friendly players who simply, but a legitimate “Cult of Kirito.” where each member competes to become Kirito’s main lover (Which kinda… sorta happened. I do know that Kirito really favors Asuna and loves her in the novels, but it was so reduced in the anime to make more way for harem equality. Fight for your right to be top waifu! She didn’t even get Kirito’s THANKS for touching her hand in the last episode!)

    Another problem I had is that as much as the Novel does put in the information it needs to suck a little less, the anime nulls and voids any good detail that is best shown, not told. That is a problem with adaptations, really. The adapter should be standing on it own even though source material won’t. So it’s just “Oh, this is Sentient.” and moving on. I mean, Kirito giving the two skanky leader gold was because they were short on funds in the novel, but they ain’t gonna show that. Show us in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL on Asuna’s tentacle rape. PLEASE.

    I need a drink. maybe some rounds on GW2.

  8. “There is a form of sadness that the girls in ALO don’t even make their own friends or their own adventures that does not relate to Kirito. ”

    Actually, the next arc after this is confirmed to be Mother’s Rosario, which is pretty much a major Asuna-centric story. Well Kirito’s there, but not the main focus. Unless they change it drastically for the anime, the next arc (which will be after the current arc ends in the next two episodes) should be different from most of SAO’s previous arcs.

    Also, at the risk of spoiling the story this arc has Sinon deliver the coup-de-grace in a most satisfying manner.

    1. “Actually, the next arc after this is confirmed to be Mother’s Rosario, which is pretty much a major Asuna-centric story. Well Kirito’s there, but not the main focus. Unless they change it drastically for the anime, the next arc (which will be after the current arc ends in the next two episodes) should be different from most of SAO’s previous arcs.”

      Yeah, though after a while of being disappointed with the arc and their lack of actually giving good meat and instead turn into melodrama MMO with boobs and ass…. yeah, pass.

      Plus, I’m sorry for being a bit bashy but, not…too fond of Mother’s Rosario. It feels like… Asuna melodramaingly deciding to fight for her right to be Kirito’s waifu because her lesbian girlfriend’s dying of AIDS.

  9. [quote]– Again, if this is something that’s totally possible, i.e. emergent AI within a complex VRMMO, I really wish Sword Art Online would actually delve into it. Can simple NPCs suddenly just “evolve” like this and acquire sentience? I don’t know, but it’s the sort of sci-fi topic that captures the imagination, doesn’t it? In Sword Art Online, however, topics like these are merely touched upon and nothing else. There’s just so much wasted potential in this goddamn universe.[/quote]
    you will really love- no scratch that, you will totally worship the alicization arc of sao.

  10. Seriously,read the light novel! All questions can and will be answered there, and yes, the anime after the first 12 episodes did a bad job of accurately telling the story.

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