Amagi Brilliant Park Ep. 5: 99% slapstick

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0501

This week’s episode is pretty much 99% slapstick and 1% drama. In way, this is… okay, I suppose. If you screw up drama, it can turn out pretty badly. Terrible drama can be a huge turn-off. On the other hand, if you screw up slapstick, well… you’d just have bored viewers, right? I mean, between this episode and last week’s episode, I guess I slightly prefer this one more. It doesn’t make me laugh, but it’s better than the slipshod drama we got last week. The only problem is that you can totally skip this episode and not really miss a beat.

But yeah, the episode doesn’t make me laugh. And honestly, I don’t really expect Amagi Brilliant Park to make me laugh. I just prefer my jokes to have a little more irony to them. Watching our heroes run through an Indiana Jones inspired obstacle course, on the other hand, is just whatever. So with little to no drama, and not a single funny joke, I can only conclude that the episode is inconsequential. It’s just there. I’ve watched it, and now, I’m ready to forget all about it. It isn’t a bad episode, but at the same time, it isn’t a memorable one.

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0502

The park is out of money, so they can’t make payroll. Legend has it, however, that there’s a great treasure hidden in the labyrinths beneath the now-defunct sports stadium across the street. So of course, instead of rolling up their sleeves and working harder, our heroes waste precious time by looking for said treasure. Naturally, they don’t find any treasure, but they do find an attraction full of traps, a mythical dragon, and more. And oh yeah, they gain some loyal employees. Last and very least, they also locate Dornell (is it a ferret?), who everyone thought was dead.

Dornell simply became a hikikomori, wasting his days away by watching anime, playing MMOs, and collecting figmas. So to temporarily solve the park’s cash flow problem, our heroes sell all of Dornell’s collectibles. Apparently, this is enough to keep the park afloat for about a month. But at the end of the day, nothing is really solved. So again, the episode is inconsequential. Well, Kanye now has access to an attraction that he can market, I suppose. He also has a stadium he could always renovate, and as a result, he could host big events… but meh.

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0503

The show’s premise isn’t bad. I do want to see how one might go about fixing an amusement park. Nothing in this episode really lends itself to fixing up an amusement park, though. It’s just our heroes goofing around for twenty-four minutes. Likewise, Kanye’s special ability is pretty cool. You can learn a lot about human nature by reading their hearts. More importantly, we finally see him use said power! Unfortunately, he uses it to answer the mythical dragon’s question. Kanye didn’t exactly waste his power, but he isn’t using it to its fullest potential either.

And that’s the episode in a nutshell. It could’ve been interesting, but it decides to goof off instead. For the show’s target audience, I’m sure the episode is a lot of fun to watch. If you actually love these characters, then why wouldn’t you like seeing them survive an attraction full of traps, orcs, and a mythical dragon? But for me, it’s just another week of wasted potential. Again, it’s not outright bad. Other than Sylphy, nothing makes me cringe. It’s just… inconsequential. If that’s okay with you, great. Personally, I’m already in the process of forgetting it.


5 Replies to “Amagi Brilliant Park Ep. 5: 99% slapstick”

  1. I liked a few of the jokes personally (I cracked up at how the money problems were solved) but the existence of the attraction itself made me laugh more. Entertaining guests by threatening to cut them in half. Yeah that’ll close you down.

    1. Entertaining guests by threatening to cut them in half. Yeah that’ll close you down.

      I just didn’t pay any attention to it, because obviously, the entire premise of the story is unreal.

      1. Well, the author’s schtick has always been “take mundane premise and insert something out of place in it”. That’s how Full Metal Panic was born, and from what I gather, Amagi is the dude greatly exaggerating the problems that Disneyland employees face. It’s hard to accurately judge how much you’re allowed to get away with that before you just fall into full-on “can’t take you seriously” parody mode (Tokyo Shock movies, Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, Geass and the Sunrise mecha that try to out-do Geass), but I’ll just say that personally, I’m still liking the contrast between happy mascot surface and messed-up underbelly for now, even if the execution has been kinda awkward.

  2. You’d think they’d try and focus more on the problem at hand because they only have a single cour; this isn’t a JUMP anime. There shouldn’t be room for filler content. But it’d more worrying if there was because that would just mean they don’t have enough material to fill 13 episodes otherwise.

    I almost wish that this was a harem anime so that I could throw this into the “meh” pile and no longer be interested in it. Let’s be honest here, with the character cast and set-up it’d be super easy to just drop it into the harem genre.

    1. The thing I want to know is… how does this episode even read in its original light novel format? Is it really just a chapter full of wacky hijinks? Really?

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