Log Horizon 2 Ep. 5: Chrismas is ruined

Log Horizon 2 - 0502

For most of the episode, everyone’s hunting for the serial killer, but Enheart is proving to be quite elusive. And as expected, he’s a People of the Land character. More specifically, he’s a rogue member of the Kunie Clan, and he’s somehow gotten his hands on a set of Royal Guard armor. Hell, there’s certainly more to Enheart than this. His actions don’t alert the Royal Guards one bit, his HP never drops, and his status bar is even all messed up and shit. Maybe Enheart is just an indictment on the players’ complacency. It’s crazy to me that no one has bothered to hit max level. Keep in mind, Enheart is only level 94. Sure, his armor makes him invincible, but nevertheless, you don’t give yourself a fighting chance when you don’t even bother to hit max level. And that’s the part that really puzzles me about these players. In almost every MMO I’ve ever played, people are in a mad rush to hit the max level. Here, however, no one seems to care all that much about this achievement. Why? You can perhaps convince me that the majority of the players don’t care, but you can’t convince me that not a single person out there is doing everything he or she can to hit max level. Oh well.

Anyway, this is the episode where Shiroe and Akatsuki both die. We briefly see Shiroe’s group fight a rather troublesome raid boss, and, well, that’s problem. Maybe William Massachusetts should’ve made his raid group grind to max level. But on a more serious note, I think the fact that we barely saw the wipe is a total waste. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see more of this encounter. In fact, we barely see any of it. At one point, Shiroe and Naotsugu simply get engulfed by flames, and we’re supposed to assume that they died. Well, it’s a safe assumption, but nevertheless, the impact isn’t there. I know players will eventually respawn in Elder Tale, but I still don’t think it’s the right idea to avoid showing death to such an extent.  Maybe we’ll see more of this failed encounter in next week’s episode, but I doubt it. Point is, we barely even saw what the raid boss could do. Wouldn’t it have been exciting to see Shiroe’s group struggle? Well, I think so, but if the previews for next week’s episode are anything to go by, Studio Deen disagrees.

Log Horizon 2 - 0501

We also see Enheart take Akatsuki down. Like with Shiroe, we don’t actually see the killing blow. One minute she’s jumping at the serial killer, the next minute she’s on the ground, ready to die. I really don’t understand why the show is shying away from the violence. It’s MMO violence, after all, so they can always gussy it up with digital effects or whatnot. Point is, it doesn’t actually have to be gory or brutal. There’s just no impact when you don’t actually see any of the blows connect. Can we not handle seeing Enheart stab Akatsuki or something? Anyway, not only is Akatsuki on the ground and about to die, she also shed tears as she wonders how Shiroe is doing. Some commenters seem to think I was too harsh on Akatsuki in last week’s post. Sure, she’s lonely, and sure, she hasn’t made any friends. Her problems aren’t all about Shiroe. Nevertheless, her portrayal has not only been one note, but it’s been heavy-handed as well. Her last words in the episode are literally, “I miss you, my lord….” Those same words would’ve had so much more impact if her pining for Shiroe had been less obvious.

For the most part, the fights in this week’s episode is just more of the same Log Horizon formula that you either love or hate. For me, I hate it. Just let Souji fight the damn guy. Nevertheless, the peanut gallery has to stand on the sidelines and prattle on and on about his special abilities and powers. This is not a book. This is an anime adaptation. Let the visual narrative do the storytelling, goddamn. I mean, it’s fine to narrate in a book. I can’t actually see the fight with my own eyes if I’m reading a book, so we can forgive the incessant narration somewhat. In an anime adaptation, however, this is wholly unnecessary. How dumb would it be if someone was watching the duel between Vader and Luke the entire time, and telling the audience how and what Luke should be doing? This isn’t necessarily Log Horizon’s fault, of course. This is Deen’s fault. They took the path of least resistance when they adapted the source material. Oh, is the book full of narration? Shit, let’s just lift it straight from the pages and onto the TV screen!

Log Horizon 2 - 0503

Anyway, the latter half of the episode wasn’t super boring… so there’s that.

9 thoughts on “Log Horizon 2 Ep. 5: Chrismas is ruined

  1. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    It really does seem to me like a lot of these novel-to-anime series adaptations don’t even look at better examples within their own field. ANY Satoshi Kon film (and its Making Of) would give these knuckleheads a glance at how it’s done.
    Actually, wait, I don’t think Tokyo Godfathers is an adaptation. …Meh, point still stands.

    When you were describing the serial killer’s weird status I immediately thought of AIDA from .Hack//G.U. and how certain characters were gifted sick abilities from a somewhat intelligent AI glitch in the game. In exchange for power they go batshit crazy and their characters get distorted somehow.
    _I miss that series, man. I hear Dot Hack has turned into some kind of terrorist hunting storyline with nukes and stupid now. If SAO and Log Horizon have at least yet to introduce retarded Illuminati nonsense why did the better MMO anime story have to fall so hard?

    Anyway, good points on the needless action censoring. Maybe they’re gearing up for ridiculous reveals like that one anime. You know the one. Its final eps were dedicated to showing how every death prior to that was a twist?

    1. Anonymous

      “Maybe they’re gearing up for ridiculous reveals like that one anime. You know the one. Its final eps were dedicated to showing how every death prior to that was a twist?” Which anime was that?

  2. Anonymous

    I blame DEEN for all the quality, missed scenes and bad directing in this adaptation. Source material isn’t best thing in the world, but still pretty good. I wonder how it would’ve looked with budget of F/S N.

    1. MrMister

      Hell, maybe if the moment they saw Santa Claws they started attacking each other instead of him, the real Royal Guard would whow up and maybe the rogue would get some too.

  3. bsul123

    Regarding why no1 hits max level, I believe it is because is not a American MMORPG but a Korean MMORPG they are portraying.

    Korean mmorpgs are known for their INSANE grinding.

    Just to give you an idea, back when I played Knight online, In the BEST grinding spot, with the best party I would lucky to earn 1.2% per hour.

    There was a 4 hour waiting time to start grinding and It was rather common for strongest guilds to come and fight for them.

    So given the limited amount of them, I Guess you could say that “rushing” doesnt help, is more about not burning yourself out.

    As an example, in wow I hit max lvl in less than 3 weeks, in Knight online i got to the last 10 lvls in half a year. each lvl after that would take 1 month or so.
    and accounts sold for 1k usd back when it was popular.


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