Amagi Brilliant Park Ep. 6: Wasted chance that I’ve been given

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0602

Kanye’s looking to hire more people, which seems harmless enough. Seems. All of a sudden, Fiddy’s feeling all inadequate again; the girl has a serious self-esteem problem. Maybe Kanye should just give her a hug and a pep talk. In any case, she has a nightmare where she sees herself being replaced by not just anyone, but a trio of cute girls. Gee, why cute girls? I mean, if Fiddy was really worried about her own personal job performance, shouldn’t she have had a nightmare in which she was replaced by candidates that were… oh, I don’t know… qualified? Instead, she’s afraid that a trio of cute girls will erase her from Kanye’s mind. Sounds like certain someone already has a crush on Kanye. Oops, nevermind. She later spills her guts on this issue anyway. And as you probably already know, Fiddy has a hard time opening up to people, so Macaron sneaks a heartsleeve fruit into her breakfast curry. What does it do? It makes you spill your guts, I guess. As a result, she now can’t seem to do anything but open up to people about her problems. Still, this whole set-up is a little odd. After all, hasn’t Queen Latifah literally given Kanye the ability to see into people’s hearts? Welp, I guess we won’t be needing it here….

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0603

Anyway, the whole thing is dumb because Kanye is both equally uncaring and oblivious. I mean, I love this heartsleeve fruit! What’s the number one problem plaguing every single drama out there, from the east to the west? It’s when conflicts are fueled by a lack of communication! Every where you look, whether it’d be TV shows or movies, characters run into trouble simply because they can’t talk to each other. So finally, Fiddy can spill her guts! She literally tells Kanye why she has a problem with Eiko, one of their newest applicants. Not only is the prospective new hire a dead ringer for one of the girls Fiddy had seen in her nightmare, Eiko inadvertently leads people to believe she used to be a porn actress! Oh my! And Fiddy even says she’s afraid Kanye will hire this girl to be his new secretary. Oh dear! But does it matter? No! Because Kanye is oblivious as fuck, and that’s the problem with this entire scenario. It has so much potential, but it’s being wasted. No matter how forward Fiddy is being with her true feelings, Kanye is ignoring them. So what’s the point of being able to communicate if the other party doesn’t even want to listen. This was a golden opportunity for the anime to separate itself from the rest of the pack, and it dropped the ball.

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0601

Everything feels like a waste. Kanye has the ability to read hearts, but he barely uses it. Fiddy can finally communicate her feelings, but no one’s listening. The peanut gallery only want to know how many times she masturbates a week. The story has cool ideas, but cool ideas don’t mean much if you don’t actually use them. The anime opts to go for the cheap and easy laughs like some weird oniichan with pantyhose over his head. C’mon, give me a break. In the end, all of the girls from Fiddy’s dream end up being hired, including the twin-tailed shoujo with fuchsia-colored hair. Fiddy doesn’t have much of a problem with her, however, because she doesn’t think the newest girl can seduce Kanye. Oh, I don’t know about that. But this isn’t that important. Afterwards, that cheesy sax piece plays, and our heroine finally decides to say something. It’s just not an interesting something. Uguu, I have problems interacting with people. Sure, that’s a problem. But no, that’s not fucking good enough, man. You like this guy, you’re afraid to be replaced. Those are the primary problems that should be communicated. Instead, we finish with this softball bullshit that totally bores me.

Amagi Brilliant Park - 0604

In the end, Amagi Brilliant Park doesn’t deviate from its safe formula despite giving itself every opportunity to do so, and that’s a pity. The final results are completely generic. After torturing herself all episode long, Fiddy somehow walks off with a smile on her face, and the guy is left wondering what that was all about. Lame, lame, lame.


7 Replies to “Amagi Brilliant Park Ep. 6: Wasted chance that I’ve been given”

  1. Being “people” is so hard sometimes.
    Using the “misunderstanding”-thing can bring out comedy gold if done right. It’s in this show but it’s so mundane that I don’t get much out of it.

    I’m also getting pretty tired of the Apathy-Is-My-“Charm” kind of MCs. Only in the wonderful world of anime-land where nothing has to make total sense does that schtick work.

  2. Wasn’t the power given to Kanye only able to be used once per person? If I remember correctly Fiddy tricks him into using it earlier on her so she can’t have her heart read again.

    Regardless, like you said, they’re playing it very safe, so many more interesting things/scenarios could’ve happened, sigh…

    1. Yes, I know about the limitations to his power. At the same time, it feels like a contrivance so the story can excuse itself from having to fully explore the possibilities and consequences of having such a power.

  3. I want to see more parts of him improving the park. Not useless stuff like this. Like, almost all the interviews could have been skipped and just show them already being trained.

    And her having feelings for him is fine but that whole magic heartsleeve fruit was pointless. Maybe it wouldn’t have been if she wouldn’t keep covering her mouth, (might as well have just had the anime let us hear what she’s thinking if she’s not going to say it out loud fully.) or if he wasn’t so oblivious, like you said.

    Of course I know, there has to be funny parts but I would like the funny parts to be them on the job or idk, I’m bad with explaining what I mean.
    I just want to see the story progress with improving the park. Because I feel like everything is going to be improved all at the last few eps and they will rush it…

    1. Everything about Fiddy was designed to be main-girl.
      She’s almost generically main-girl.

      Well, other pretty much stealing Madoka’s Mami rifle designs/idea. I mean, why else would it be a rifle or based off a magical flintlock musket in the first place?

    2. Well, hiring a good team is one way to fix up the amusement park. The problem is that Amagi Brilliant Park doesn’t take it seriously enough. Yeah, yeah, it’s a comedy, but you can still tell a story and be funny at the same time. Instead, the show wastes a bunch of time on these job interviews with characters we’ll likely never see again. The end result feels like another wasted opportunity. In any case, I don’t feel as though KyoAni has huge ambitions with this show. It’s almost like a walk in the park for them, no pun intended. This is something to fill the time while they get their eggs together for another big project. That’s why it feels like there’s no passion being put into Amagi Brilliant Park. It’s just a mishmash of everything else they’ve done.

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