Akame ga Kill! Ep. 19: These feelings of mine~!

Akame ga Kill! - 1914

Alright, alright. Here’s the belated Akame ga Kill! post.

— So what have I learned in the first five minutes? Suzuka is in love with Esdeath. Cool. Then Susanoo prepares everyone’s favorite meals. Great. Very interesting. Akame has a plate full of meat. Isn’t that funny? And dainty, little Mine eats nothing but a strawberry parfait. Fascinating characterization.

Awesome disguise.

— On a related note, Tatsumi and Mine sure are spending a lot of time with each other. Man, he’s really going to pick the tsunderekko, isn’t he? I’m not going to pretend as though I take any interest in their brazen flirting, though. After all, they’re such a charming couple.

— Puh-leeze, she still has eyeliner on. You can’t convince me that her eyes normally look like that.

— Really? Seryu wants to fight Mine while Tatsumi is around? That’s a surefire way to lose. See, Mine’s a hot babe. She’s also a hot babe that Tatsumi can totally get with. As such, there’s no way you can kill her with Tatsumi around. He doesn’t protect everyone, after all. Certainly not Bulat. If you’re a dude, you get to die honorably in the field of battle. If you’re a haremette, however, you’re good to go!

— Besides, this is the perfect opportunity for Mine to get her revenge on Seryu. Not only that, Tatsumi will lend a helping hand, which will just make the girl’s heart go all dokidoki.

— Oh good, Seryu’s now a mobile SAM unit from Civilization. She’s also not alone as Suzuka has decided to tag along. She draws Tatsumi’s attention, which leaves one girl with a big gun to duel against the other girl with a big gun. Whose gun will prove to be more ridiculous in the end?!

Akame ga Kill! - 1911

— There’s not really much to say. Seryu has a bag full of tricks, and we’re just sitting through them. It’s obvious too that they saved everything — money, creativity, effort, etc. — for this particular encounter. So in a vacuum, this almost looks like a fun, exciting battle. But why judge things in a vacuum, especially when this is the nineteenth episode of the series. And the truth is, I don’t particularly care what happens here because Mine and Seryu are both boring, generic characters. All the gimmicks in the world won’t make me care about their fight. It would’ve been better served as a one-off animation that you see all the time on Youtube or, back in the day, Newgrounds.

— Mine’s mini-spiel can be applied to the rest of the Jaegers: “You… For someone who always talks about justice, you blindly trusted Ogre and Stylish. You couldn’t see that they were evil. And that twisted laugh of yours… It’s no different from those evil men.” C’mon, this isn’t complicated. This isn’t a complex play involving the various shades of morality. The Jaegers are comically, one-dimensionally evil. I can’t believe people are so invested in defending Wave and Bols, too. Who gives a shit if they’re just following orders? Do you seriously want to go there? Because the German soldiers at those concentration camps were just following orders. That is the weakest, most juvenile defense ever. It’s not my fault! It’s someone’s else fault! I just couldn’t do anything about it! Bullshit. They’ve all got Imperial Arms. They’re not weaklings. Who gives about whatever debt it is that Wave owes. You rather honor a debt than defy a bunch of mass murderers? That says more about his character than any bland shounen traits he can pretend to exhibit.

— I’m going off on a tangent here, but I don’t care. The fundamental problem is that we have a penchant for creating heroes. We want some chosen one to just show up and save the day. Jesus, Superman — and for the naive hopefuls six years ago — Obama… the list goes on and on. But the reality is that no one person can solve all of the world’s problems. How does the saying go? It takes a community to raise a child? Well, that’s just a child. You want to do good and you expect some superhero to do that for you? Not a chance. And the scary thing is, the flip side is true as well. Speaking of Hitler, he wasn’t some maniacal supervillain. He was an evil man who took advantage of a unique set of circumstances to rise to power, but let’s not fool ourselves. A countless number of people stood idly by to allow Hitler’s atrocities to happen. We want to pin all of the world’s ills on just a handful of dastardly supervillains, but it takes a community to commit genocide. Likewise, the amount of mental gymnastics it takes to defend the Jaegers — including Esdeath — is hilarious. Oh, she just values strength. Oh, she really cares for her soldiers. It’s really Honest who’s evil! We just have to kill him, then everything will be peachy keen! Yeah, sure. All those corrupt people that Night Raid has been assassinating this entire time will just magically slink away into the shadows! Wave will just retire to some fishing village and live to become an old man fileting fish on the beach! Now that’s hilarious.

Akame ga Kill! - 1912

— Blah blah blah, you’re taking Akame ga Kill! too seriously. Yeah, that’s the sort of attitude that would condone Wave’s actions.

— And every once in a while, the show falls back on the outdated shounen conventions.

— Plus, these characters are so simple. One side stands for absolute good. The other side stands for absolute evil. The fact that Seryu thinks she’s an agent of justice means nothing. She’s just flat-out wrong. So if a proper fight scene is an externalization of the conflict between the characters — and there is no interesting conflict at hand here — then this fight boils down to nothing more than a pretty light show. Again, it’s the sort of thing I might appreciate on Youtube as a demonstration of some amateur artist’s dedication and skills. In an actual story, however, this is just junk food.

But I like junk food. And there’s nothing wrong with junk food.

Sure. I indulge in a bag of chips every once in a while too. But let’s call a spade a spade: this is anime junk food, and if you’re like me, it’s not really satisfying to watch. And now that you know where I’m coming from, take my assessment with a grain of salt. If you enjoy it — if it meets your criteria — why does it bother you that I personally don’t? I don’t give a damn that people enjoy this anime or Sword Art Online. I really don’t. We like what we like. I take an exception when people defend someone like Wave, but I couldn’t care less what others enjoy.

— Elsewhere, Leone tries to get back at Kurome, but oh look, it’s boy hero Wave to the rescue! Thank god he’s there to defend a poor and innocent girl like Kurome. She’s just with the Empire to stay alive! She’s good in my books, guys!

— Well, I’ve always heard that they don’t like to keep things trimmed in Japan, but this is quite extreme of our evil general.

— Then in the middle of a fight, we get a shitty flashback. Great storytelling. Way to interrupt the pacing to suddenly get all introspective on these characters. But that’s the thing. One flashback isn’t going to convince me to suddenly buy into these characters. Mine is still a boring character, and a 30-second diversion changes nothing. It’s just filler to pad out the story’s length.

Akame ga Kill! - 1913

— Mine manages to cleave Seryu in half, but wait for it… waaaaaait for it. You think Mine will be able to survive this encounter without any help from the bland shounen hero? Hell no. Tatsumi’s gotta save the day, baby. Plus, Seryu will have some stupid hidden gimmick like last time.

— Because like the late magical shoujo assassin Chelsea, these characters are stupid. Why the fuck would you stand there and listen to Seryu cackle maniacally? I don’t give a fuck if she’s literally in two pieces. The piece of shit is still talking and laughing. I’d finish the hell out of her. But of course, Mine just stands there and does nothing, which give Seryu the time to do something about her little predicament.

But this happens all the time in anime!

Again, who cares? Just because everyone does it, it’s suddenly right? Man, let’s start holding ourselves to a higher standard and stop excusing shit just because other shows are equally shitty.

— Lo and behold, Seryu has a new final move. Gee, who would’ve guessed?

— The fact that Mine’s Pumpkin has overheated also doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a contrivance. It just means this highly-seasoned assassin carries no other weapon on her for whatever stupid reason.

— And of course, in Mine’s “final moments” — we know they’re not her final moments — she thinks of that bland shounen hero that all the girls can’t help but fall in love with! Awwww.

— When Mine opens her eyes, she finds herself in Tatsumi’s arms. Welp. That was easy to call. I’m done. Nothing else in this episode matters anymore.

Akame ga Kill! - 1910

See you guys next week.


34 Replies to “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 19: These feelings of mine~!”

    1. No objection. Pink hair FTW.
      And they totally gets it on in the manga.
      Sure, it wasn’t explicitly
      But we have two teenagers in love, alone in a room, french kissing with the girl sitting on the guy’s lap.
      They can’t possibily stop there.
      RIght? RIght?

      1. Where does this happen? I read the manga yesterday starting from the chapter the anime is on to its current part but I didn’t see it. I only saw a kiss.

    2. I personally don’t mind them as a couple, in fact they would really cute together and it might bring out the inner strength in Tatsumi to protect Mine from any danger.
      Plus Mine might show even more of that softer nature that she has hidden. Though I, personally, doubt that even if they were together that it would last for very long. For example, Esdeath coyld easily kill Mine and enslave Tatsumi: They way they both are now.

  1. I have long suspected that the anime will have original ending.
    Even though it has been super faithful to the manga until last week’s episode.
    And it finally starts going down that path in this episode.

    They fought Esdeath in the manga. And surprise, surprise, Susano died there.
    Oh, and this isn’t a spoiler since the anime has already taken different path.
    Also, judging from next episode preview, I think they totally skipped several chapters.
    Including Tatsumi and Mine’s relationship.

  2. Also if you want to point out dumbness, I think Seryu’s repeated heckling of Mine even after hearing how her Imperial Arms is powered by emotion counts. As far as budget goes, this week was free from a lot of the contraints that helped hamstring the fight scenes before, but the two combatants were as insufferable as they come

    Also, it seems that with this week’s episode it seems the series has done the inevitable and split off from the manga. On the plus side, there probably won’t be some crappy sequel hook at the end. However, if the script manages to get any worse then it already is, we’ll have an idea as to why.

    PS: It seems we’re skipping the arc with the pedo rapist clown http://i.imgur.com/bDa07jU.jpg?1

  3. Mine’s mini-spiel can be applied to the rest of the Jaegers: “You… For someone who always talks about justice, you blindly trusted Ogre and Stylish. You couldn’t see that they were evil. And that twisted laugh of yours… It’s no different from those evil men.”

    What really bothered me during that speech is how she delivered it: adjusting her imperial arm WHILE turning her back to Seiryu. WTF
    Seiryu have hidden weapons even in her ass and Mine has the boldness to do that and succeed, they’re supposed to be seasoned murderers but this show can’t help but fall back in these dumb shounen antics.
    Anyway this fight meant nothing to me, is a hollow accomplished vengeance, whats the point of allowing Seiryu live this long if this show can’t even capitalize in that.

  4. Actually esdeath fans know she is a complete monster. For some reason the anime wants to turn down her brutality. So instead of a human killing,torture machine equal to alucard from helling in brutality. We are treated to I love tatsumi bullshit more so than in the manga.

    1. I’m a fan of her character to the extent where I think her brutality is refreshing and adds to the story. Personally, I think this softer side has to do with the influence of her childhood. She kills because its fun; she is brutal because it is fun. I view esdeath as having the mental capabilities of a child at times :0 because she doesn’t understand common ‘moral’ issues. She sounds confused when Tatsumi made it known that he disagrees with the Capital; as if to say, ‘what else would or could you possibly do? What else is there?’
      Anyways, I think this Tatsumi obsession is rather funny. It makes all the angst and character death (that I care about) light hearted for a bit.

  5. Also still don’t agree on the whole taking orders makes you evil things. Even when you use Hitlers soldiers I mean the hell were they supposed to do defy the government and die.

    1. I hope that you’re joking. Regardless of the soldier’s reasoning, it doesn’t change the fact that they still committed those atrocities.

    2. If they defied as a collective whole :0 dont you think they could have overthrown him? Though, that aside, they were brought up as a generation brainwashed to believe in propaganda so it’s unlikely anyone would but those who did were prepared to die then torture and murder.

  6. Esdeath must be the worst bodyguard ever, she let Tatsumi escape twice, she let those corrupt politicians die and now she knew Night Raid’s target was this religious leader and she STILL let him die on her guard? hahahahaha fucking brilliant!
    They died because they were weak, right Esdeath? lol

  7. Since you’re not a fan of “anime junk food” what makes you tolerate “movie junk food”(considering you mentioned how you like the Transformers films)? Both have mindless action with bland characters which makes it hard to even invested in the action sequences.

    1. I’ll let E. Minor explain his actual reasons, but it should be noted that by junk food, he means what “he” considers junk food. Plus, while I’m not a big Michael Bay fan, I wouldn’t keep paying money to see his films if I thought pandering to teenagers was the only thing he could do.

      1. The man could shoot good action scenes,but the biggest problem is he feels the need to stretch these films out to nearly three hours with a bunch of filler. Films like these work best at 90 minutes.

    2. Has it occurred to you that there could be degrees of quality within “junk food”?

      If you want to compare Akame ga Kill to Transformers (granted that your claim that it is indeed junk food is true), then fine. Transformers has consistently good action scenes that help compensate for it’s shortcomings. Akame ga Kill does not.

      1. Am aware that popcorn entertainment varies in quality. I used Transformers as an example since it’s aimed at the same group of viewers.

        “Transformers has consistently good action scenes that help compensate for it’s shortcomings”
        We’ll have to agree to disagree on that. A few decent actions scenes don’t make up for all the other schlock(plus half of the action scenes are just a jumbled mess of CGI). I’ve digressed long enough with this though.

        1. Transformers is barely and I mean barely better than this. The first movie was good I will admit that as a transformers fan. The rest of the movies how ever are shit. Horrible action choreography. Useless fucking characters. The Gillian’s actions make zero sense. Several times the humans just like because the plot says so. Patriotism being force fed down my throat etc.

          1. I disagree, but this isn’t the right place for me to defend Transformers and say why I think it’s a smart film about Optimus Prime’s hypocritical ideology. I would need like 5,000 words to do so anyway.

        2. Optimus Prime’s hypocritical ideology while a good idea theme does not make a good story. Its filled with crap. If you ever do a movie blog ripping apart the later transformers movies would be a joy. His ideology is so hypocritical he comes off as stupid literally.

  8. I agree a bit on Peter Jackson(he really the dropped the ball on the Hobbit). I still think Bay is worse with since the films are just based around poorly done MacGuffins; along with a bunch of shitty frat-boy humor thrown in for good measure.

  9. I’m not sure I’d agree on the “junk food” thing, because it’s honestly giving AgK too much credit. Junk food is supposed to at least TASTE GOOD. A “junk food” anime would be something more along the lines of SAO – not very well-written or intelligent, but it’s at least pretty to look at (until recently I guess) and can effectively convey emotion to some degree. This show has bland art, lazy animation, one-dimensional characters, and pretty much requires you to completely turn off your brain just to tolerate it. The Akame ga Kill experience is more akin to eating literal garbage and convincing yourself it tastes good.

    1. But again, it’s subjective. Not all junk food tastes good to everyone. Lots of people like Doritos, but I sure as hell don’t. Lots of people enjoy Akame ga Kill, but I sure as hell don’t. But the “junk food” moments in, say, Kill la Kill are, on the other hand, more palatable. I still think the junk food analogy works.

      The Akame ga Kill experience is more akin to eating literal garbage and convincing yourself it tastes good.

      And some people would argue that junk food is garbage because it’s processed. I mean, it just depends on the person you ask.

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