Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 8: Meet the parents

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0803

This is going to be another short post because I don’t really know what to say about the story. It seems to be advancing as a snail’s paced, which is evident by the fact that the first half of this week’s episode is a continuation of last week’s battle. There are some differences, of course. The G-Self gets this rather cumbersome-looking backpack. I’m not even sure what it does, so this makes me want to ask the following question: do you guys actually enjoy the action in this show? Personally, something about the action scenes just makes them very hard for me to follow. I never really know what’s happening on a macro scale. The fight only ever seems to come to an end when the main bad guy has to make his retreat. The fate of the rest of his unit never seems to matter all that much. It doesn’t help either when Captain Mask is screaming stuff like, “What’s an island doing there?!” In my head, I’m just like, “What?”

Luckily, Mick is pretty useful this week, so she serves as a nice contrast to Aida. I’m beginning to think our princess is completely and utterly inept. The battle is still raging on and around her as she runs up to and hugs her father. She even giggles as she does so. Why is she even out there? Why is she even on the front lines? First, our princess never seems to actually contribute to the actual success of any given mission. But if you really think about it, what does she do outside the mission? I don’t really know. To be honest with you, if you asked me why her character even exists, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. She can pilot the G-Self, but she hasn’t done this since the very first episode. She’s a huge burden on the team as she constantly needs saving. The only impression I get is that she wanted to run with the pirates, and there was nothing her father could do to stop her:

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0802

Aida’s Father: “I’d like you to try and persuade her as well.”
Captain: “She’s at the age where she’s least likely to listen to adults, you know?”
Aida’s Father: “Oh, adolescence….”

“Oh, adolescence?” That’s it? Isn’t this the military? If she can’t actually contribute anything, then why is she here? Then again, these are the same guys who allow Raraiya to run around freely during numerous dangerous conflicts. Luckily, Noredo is all but forgotten in these last few episodes. But really, this show’s female characters aren’t faring too well as a whole.  Anyway, Aida’s uselessness doesn’t end there. I guess she finally realizes that her previous rifle isn’t very useful for actually sniping anything, so she finally gets herself a more suitable weapon. It’s just too bad she decides to take off by herself to try and take out some unknown aircraft headed towards them from the Capital Tower. In other words, it’s Bellri’s mom Wilmit. Needless to say, without taking a closer look and realizing that the unknown aircraft is nothing more than an unarmed glider, Aida would’ve killed Bellri’s mom had he not followed the princess and hip-checked the her mobile suit out of the way. Christ, what is Aida good for?

Anyway, we only get a tiny bit of plot development, and it’s tucked away near the end of the episode. Lots of things are taboo in this universe, including astronomical observation. The Amerian army has also been preparing itself for the imminent threat from space. What’s the threat from space, you ask? Shit, your guess is as good as mine. All we know is that the Amerian army has been keeping a close eye on the moon, and as a result, they’ve noticed a lot of human activity going on up there. This is why the Amerian army is constructing a space fleet. This is why they want to revive Universal Century technology. Aida’s father goes so far as to suggest, “If the threat from space becomes more concrete, you won’t have time to take issue with us, you realize?” Shit’s about to go down, but unfortunately, the show’s taking it’s pretty little time to unveil everything. But isn’t this what the Capital Tower is also doing? Isn’t the formation of Capital Army a reaction to this space threat? Or was that just Klim’s mistaken assumption? After all, Wilmit seems to react very negatively to those pictures of the moon.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0801

I don’t quite comprehend the situation, though. This is largely because the dialogue feels… incomplete? I don’t know how else to put it, but the show’s dialogue resembles its action scenes in a way. I can’t quite grasp what the characters are talking about, because they’re often referring to something that only they know, because what they know isn’t something that the story has even bothered to introduce to the audience yet. I find myself often having to rewatch a conversation just to get what they are trying to say. Anyway, I’m starting to suspect that the Capital Army is actually working with those moon people. Furthermore, I bet the anti-science taboo isn’t to prevent another apocalypse. Rather, it’s to keep the people on the surface from mounting any sort of actual resistance to whatever they’re cooking up on the moon. But again, maybe I’m wrong, because honestly, the show’s just kind of difficult to get into. Maybe one of you guys can tell me what you got out of this scene.

In the end, Mask is the only character I kind of like. I can relate to his story and motives. Still, how many times do we have to see the guy attack Bellri and company to no avail? I mean, I realize this is a Gundam thing. The bad guy will attack over and over and fail. Still, it’s repetitive for a 2014 anime. If you’re not interested in G-Self’s different backpacks, there’s nothing to take away from these battles. Yeah, Mask’s unit had the upper hand at first in the last skirmish, but it was only because Raraiya had taken the G-Self out on a joyride. If Bellri could’ve responded to Mask’s threat right from the very start, would the battle still have played out the same way? Probably not. And considering how the Kuntalas are looked down upon, these losses are beginning to mount. Not only that, the previews for next week’s episode suggests that Mask is back at it again. How many times can the guy fail to overcome the G-Self before he gets stripped of his position? Then again, if he’s a guinea pig for the Capital Army, they might not care if he loses…


17 Replies to “Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 8: Meet the parents”

  1. This is really starting to feel like a fifty episode series. I’ve seen nothing official to indicate that’s the case, but we’re nearly 10 episodes in and the greater conflict has yet to even start to kick off. I guess a space invasion could get underway quickly, but 8 episodes out of 24 just for setting the stage seems a little excessive. I’ve enjoyed each episode so far, so I’ll reserve judgement till later.

  2. Oh no you not getting shit is just how tomino works his story enjoy. As for the fights I am disappointed with gundam as a whole this season. In this series the fights are deadlocked till a captains unit gets damaged or destroyed out of no where and then the whole squad decides to retreat and stop fighting or their fighting happens off screen which is just sad especillay after gundam unicorn and even gundam age put a huge focus on grunts fighting and only had retreats when 1 side was having mass amounts of units being lost or losing territory. As for gundam age the fights are the exact opposite where as Reconguista gives us deadlocked fights age has just been giving me 1 sided curb stomps all season. Actually both Gundam series have been a disappointment me this season. I will how ever say mask screaming during combat is very amusing. His angry remarks usually highlight the ridiculousness of his predicament. If his piloting skills where just a bit better he would be a worthy char clone. So far tho he has just been losing which is bad. As a char clone he should be feared on the battle field.

    1. @BoyTitan
      True, gundam age has some of the best grunts units in the franchise.

      I like that this anime shows rather than tell, it may feel weird, but that is better than an anime with a lot of exposition(fate stay night). I think that “Mask” is losing, because the G-self is way stronger than the others mobile suits, probably with a superior mobile suit “Mask” can defeat Bellri. G-Reconguista has it flaws, but i don´t think is a bad anime, i think is decent, mediocre in the worst case.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s showing us anything, though. We haven’t seen anything but iterations of the same fight between the pirates and the Capital Army. The only thing that ever changes is the backpack that the G-Self carries.

        1. You are right, i failed to express express my point of view(english is not my first language, sorry for my mistakes). What i wanted to say is that the show instead of telling us all like “Fate Stay Night”,”Reconguista” give us small portions of information in every episode so we can deduce for ourself what is happening, if you pay attention you can understand what is happening(at least I can).

        2. Thank You =D. I am a super fan of your reviews. Your blog is the Best.

          Sorry, I think that I did another mistake(sorry again, sometimes i use literal translations of phrases assuming that they have the same meaning that in my first language), when I said “if you pay attention you can understand what is happening(at least I can)” i was not trying to be arrogant for being able to understand what is happening nor trying to dismiss your review, what i wanted to say is that if someone pay attention to the story, that person can or will be able to understand what is happening. Sorry if i failed to express myself in my previous comment :(.

  3. I had to read your post to understand what the episode was talking about. The story with the religion banning technology has potential, but it’s going pretty slowly. I’m also not a fan of the randomness and wackiness in this series. And Aida seriously needs to be sent to pilot school.

  4. I still enjoy the action, it has an very old school style we don’t see anymore. About the story, I think I only started to have a vague idea of the bigger picture, but this probably the type of story that things are only clear at the end.

    1. The story doesn’t need to be spelled out. I just want to feel like we’re making progress, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  5. I’m not even sure what it does, so this makes me want to ask the following question: do you guys actually enjoy the action in this show?

    The talkiness of the action scenes just makes me dizzy. Come on, do the characters even need to say out loud every single freaking thing that is happening to their mobile suits onscreen?! And Mask realizing only near the end that it was a balloon just makes my eyes roll. They are practically zipping past it closely and they never even notice that it was drooping?

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