Getting ready to wrap things up

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So I’ve been sitting here, waiting for the latest Amagi Brilliant Park episode to get subbed. It doesn’t look like this is happening any time soon, but that’s alright. People have lives and whatnot. So I got to thinking… 2014 is about to come to an end very soon. We only have a little over a month before we reach 2015. I certainly intend to do a catch-all post to sort of recap the past year and collect my thoughts, but before I do that, I want to hear from you guys. I know the fall season isn’t over, but I think we more or less have a good idea how the rest of it will play out. So try and answer a few (hah) quick questions for me. I want a part of my year-end post to be a reaction to what you guys have to say.

  1. What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
  2. What was your favorite action anime of the year?
  3. Comedy?
  4. Drama?
  5. Harem?
  6. Mecha?
  7. Romance?
  8. Slice of life?
  9. Sports?
  10. Supernatural/horror?
  11. What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
  12. Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
  13. Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
  14. Which anime should get a do-over?
  15. What was the most memorable scene of the year?
  16. What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
  17. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
  18. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?

Anyway, you guys don’t have to answer all of these questions. Just answer the ones that you can. I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say.


49 thoughts on “Getting ready to wrap things up

  1. Good Taste

    1.) Ping Pong
    2.) Tokyo Ghoul
    3.) Space Dandy 2
    4.) Parasyte
    5.) Didn’t watch any
    6.) Knights of Sidonia
    7.) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    8.) Didn’t like any
    9.) Ping Pong
    10.) Parasyte/Tokyo Ghoul
    11.) Too many boring slice of life anime and otaku pandering light novel adaptations. I would like to see some more Sci-Fi shows and Seinen manga adaptations.
    12.) a.) No Game No Life was the most overrated anime this year. b.) Ping Pong didn’t get enough love from the general public.
    13.) a.) Tokyo Ghoul was a very pleasant surprise! I was surprised by how much fun I had watching it. b.) Psycho Pass-2 and Zankyou no Terror were slightly disappointing (I still like them)
    14.) Not sure what you mean. Psycho Pass-2 I guess?
    15.) The Christmas scene in Ping Pong.
    16.) I think Ping Pong will be a cult classic. People will still remember popular shows like Fate and SAO. Space Dandy might live on in people who care a lot about animation.
    17.) Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake.
    18.) I just like seeing people discuss anime.

    1. Miraclezify

      1. Really hard to say. Probably Terror in Resonance, or depending on how it goes, Garo.
      2. Garo
      3. Sabagebu/Space Dandy
      4. Not sure what constitutes a drama anime. Perhaps Psycho-Pass?
      5. Witchcraft Works
      6. Aldnoah.Zero or Knights of Sidonia. They were both extremely disappointing.
      7. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
      8. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
      9. Ping Pong
      10. Parasyte
      11. Too much harem, but that’s every year. More non-mecha sci-fi would be nice, or more specifically cyberpunk.
      12. Overrated: No Game No Life. Yeah. Underrated: Garo .Check out forums and other blogs, most people seem to dislike it.
      13. Surprised: Sabagebu. Was really not expecting it to be any good. Disappointed: Akuma no Riddle. I loved it until the last 7 minutes of the last episode.
      14. Which anime should get a do-over?
      15. From Mahouka, Tatsuya flying above the battlefield symbolising a Christ-like figure shooting his revival gun and taking their pain 150x over. What a beautiful scene. Oh how they showed Tatsuya’s pain.
      16. Maybe Parasyte. I can’t see many other shows still being talked about. I mean everyone already forgot about No Game No Life and that was extremely popular.
      17. Hopefully just good anime.
      18. This year was the first time since 2011 that I watched anime as they aired. I guess what kept me going is the fact that legitimately quality shows come out, and shows that aren’t too great are much easier to digest when I only need to watch them 20 minutes a week. Also, I get to join in the discussion.

      Would also like to say, despite me not commenting very often on your blog, I do love your work. I read almost every single one of your posts, even on shows I don’t follow (though TBH, I don’t quite get why people seem to enjoy the harem hill posts so much). Keep up the awesome work!

      1. E Minor Post author

        (though TBH, I don’t quite get why people seem to enjoy the harem hill posts so much).

        Beats me. It gets me a lot of views, though.

    2. Anonymous

      What was your overall favorite anime of the year? Mushishi, Bahumut(newer series so it could count for next year and it hasnt been finished yet)
      What was your favorite action anime of the year? See above
      Comedy? nothing was funny this season, rather just watch actual comedians do their thing than think anime could ever be funny again
      Drama? Parasyte
      Harem? no.
      Mecha? Cross Ange Just kidding!
      Romance? Anime hasn’t done romance right in forever. (although neither has much western centric media but whatever)
      Slice of life? Don’t remember any good ones.
      Sports? I hate sports anime with a passion.
      Supernatural/horror? none
      What genre did we get too much of this year? Otaku pandering panty shotted incest harem “romance” with asexual bland main characters
      What genre would you like to see more of? Whatever genre Bahamut/Garo falls under
      Which anime was overrated? Zankyoku no terror Which anime was underrated? Mushishi, I swear that should be the #1 anime of all time
      Which anime surprised you the most?none, I pretty much knew from the first eps of each show which ones were going to suck, also a lot of anime this season came from pretty shitty source material (Akame ga kill is the best example of this) so that wasn’t suprising Which anime disappointed you the most? Zankyoku no terror, started off great, had a silly mid part, decent ending but I just. . .didn’t like the middle so much that I dropped it untill I could marathon the rest of the show
      Which anime should get a do-over? 12 kingdoms, from start to the true end(that didn’t get shown in the anime. . .and answered all the questions it raised, maybe even lets us meet tentei etc etc)
      What was the most memorable scene of the year? Eren getting eaten by the titan (or was that last year, I forgot)
      What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come? Mushishi

      What are you looking forward to most in 2015? Mushishi, Uh, other than that, I’m not keeping my fingers crossed for next year, I usually barely find one or two shows worth watching per year.

      And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
      depends if a decent manga is getting a show, or maybe getting a chance that there’s at least ONE show that is awesome.

  2. hurr

    1.Ping Pong The Animation
    2.Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders, Shingeki no Bahamut and Garo being runner ups. HxH aired 2011, but it was still great.
    3.Space Dandy (even though that is more of a weird SoL for me); haven’t finished Nozaki-kun yet but I enjoy it as well.
    4.Ping Pong The Animation.
    5.All harems are shit. Ore Twintails is a guilty pleasure, though.
    6.Gundam Build Fighters Try, followed by Knights of Sidonia. Daimidaler was terribad, but kind of fun as well.
    7.HxH, maybe Nozaki-kun once I finished.
    9.Ping Pong The Animation
    10.Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Mushishi for actual horror and supernatural tropes. Pupa, Cross Ange, Mahouka and many others for the horrific realization that some people actually like this kind of stuff and are willing to buy it for obscene prices in Japan – maybe even importing it.
    11.We get too much shit and need more anime with decent writing in general. We got too many shows with Gary Stus this year, though.
    12.Fate is always grossly overrated, along with Aldnoah, NGNL, Shigatsu, Brynhildr, Akame ga Kill, Zankyou no Terror and basically every other popular anime with writing that only pleases 13-year old twats.
    13.Parasyte’s first episode was a disappointment, the other episodews positively suprised me as a manga reader after Madhouse’s bad track record in the first half of 2014. Terror disappointed as well.
    14.Sailor Moon Crystal, PsychoPass 2.
    15. The Christmas scenes and the arrival of the hero in Ping Pong.
    16.Ping Pong, Mushishi for their timeless quality; NGNL, Mahouka and Cross Ange as negative examples of where Japan went wrong.
    17.A lot. Blue jacket Lupin, Death Parade, Arslan Senki, Yuri Kuma Arashi, Ninja Slayer and a few manga adaptions like Souma or Jojo SC 2. AlsO: Pluto by MAPPA or BONES, if the rumors turn out to be true.
    18.My love for the 5% good anime and the desire to trashtalk all the shitty 95%, lamentating the state of humanity’s culture overall – especially Japan’s anime culture.

  3. jstorming

    1. Garo
    2. Garo
    3. Ore Twintails
    4. Parasyte
    5. No Game No Life (default since I generally am uninterested in harem anime)
    6. Knights of Sidonia
    7. I tend to avoid this genre.
    8. Silver Spoon 2
    9. I suppose Free 2 counts? I didn’t watch much sports aside from Kuroko 2 and a bit of Haikyuu.
    10. Garo (Parasyte isn’t really “horror”)
    11. Too much harems and high-school settings. Would like to see more ambitious epic fantasy/sci-fi world-building ones like Garo and Shingeki no Bahamut.
    12. Overrated anime: No Game No Life. Underrated: Nobunaga Concerto (seriously, it’s more underrated than Garo–which actually seems to do quite well with many anibloggers).
    13. Garo surprised me–it was better than expected and as good as I hoped. Many disappointments this year as well, unfortunately, probably AldNoah.Zero was the biggest. For such a nice looking show, it’s got pretty terrible characterization.
    14. Captain Earth. It’s a show with potential that was never realized.
    15. Don’t really have one…but the opening first five minutes to Parasyte’s first episode was pretty darn memorable.
    16. Parasyte–it was overwhelmingly popular and I think there’s a lot of interest.
    17. The new Digimon Adventure 01/02 sequel. And more good anime.
    18. It’s the story and the characters really. Anime is pretty awesome.

  4. fgfdfh

    2. tokyo ghoul
    6.Knight of sidonia
    9.Ping pong
    10.Tokyo ghoul
    11.More mecha, less harem
    12.Fate/stay night
    14.Tokyo ghoul
    15.ZnT: the ferris wheel ride is great
    16.Fate/stay night
    17.Don’t know
    18. I keep finding good stuff to watch.

  5. Jovian Dreamer

    I’ll only include stuff that started airing this year, so no anime that started in 2013 but ended in 2014.

    1. Ping Pong.
    2. Witch Craft Workds.
    3. Sabagebu. The best episodes of Space Dandy weren’t very comedic.
    4. Anime that are purely dramas? None. But the more serious episodes of Space Dandy are pretty great (some of the not-so-serious ones are great too).
    5. D-Frag is kinda harem-y. Parasyte if the kinda harem-y stuff going on counts.
    6. Haven’t seen any that I liked enough to watch to the end.
    7. I typically don’t really enjoy romance anime. Usually the romance stuff I like has the romance as more of a sub-plot.
    8. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun counts, right?
    9. Ping Pong.
    10. Parasyte.
    11. Too much moe shit, as always. Also, virtual reality crap. (Sunrise) Mecha crap. Light novel shit. Too much shitcrap anime. We need more notshitcrap anime. I guess “Psychological” would be the one I want more of, since that’s my favorite genre according to MALgraph. Doesn’t really fit though.
    12. Probably SAO2 or No Game No Life. And Ping Pong is really underrated, just like Yuasa’s other works.
    13. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Sabagebu. I was expecting something more Slice of Life-like. Akuma no Riddle really disappointed me with it’s ending.
    14. I’m sure a lot of people will say this, but Akuma no Riddle needs a completely different ending. It just doesn’t suit the rest of the series, like, at all. Also, some more lesbianism wouldn’t hurt.
    15. Probably that one scene (you know, the one with all the *imitates gory explosion sounds*) from PP2 episode 4. That was cool. But the best scene from any anime would have to be something from Ping Pong. The animation style alone in some of those scenes make them awesome. I’ll go with “The Hero Arrives!” though if I went back and re-watched it I might find something that I thought was more memorable/impactful.
    16. Probably Ping Pong and Space Dandy. Ping Pong is already set apart from other anime this year because of the animation. But also Yuasa directed it and that guy will go down as one of anime’s greatest visionaries. There will be retrospectives of his career and BluRay collections too. Space Dandy is by Watanabe, who will probably get something similar mainly because of Cowboy Bebop. He’s never really attained that peak since, but his stuff is generally better than most anime. I haven’t seen it, but The Wind Rises, as Miyazaki’s last (?) movie (and as a Ghibli flick), will probably be talked about for some time as well.
    17. I’m not sure if they’re all set for 2015, but I’ll be checking out the Psycho-Pass movie, Working 3, Death Parade, LWA 2, Inferno Cop, Koe no Katachi, Teekyuu 4 and Under the Dog. If the fourth Evangelion movie is released next year, 2015 is automatically better than 2014.
    18. Pretty much just the entertainment value of the few anime I end up liking from each year. And sometimes there’s that rarity that can also stimulate that organ thingy floating around somewhere in my cranium and evoke some weird shit called “emotional responses” from my gut area. And, at this point, I’m in too deep to get out.

    I might come back and change the answers before the year ends. There’s a few anime that I fell behind on that I want to watch.

    1. Jovian Dreamer

      I think Parasyte fits better under the “action” and “drama” categories than “horror.” But there isn’t that much horror anime, so I’ll just have to slot it in there. And I think there are literally zero horror anime that are actually horrific. Getting that kind of visceral feel of live action horror just hasn’t been done in anime, as far as I know.

  6. Dralliam

    1. Space Dandy
    2. Shingeki no Bahamut
    3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    4. Parasyte
    5. Didn’t like any
    6. Sidonia no Kishi
    7. Didn’t like any of them
    8. Barakamon
    9. Ping Pong
    10. Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus (a big improvement over previous seasons)
    11. a/ Same as for previous years: too many anime that just pander to their audience and seem like they are copies of each other. b/ There isn’t any particular genre that I would like to see more of but instead I would just like to see more anime that have their own identity and for which you know that the staff behind the anime did what they wanted and not just something unoriginal to make money (more stuff like Space Dandy, Ping Pong or Mushishi).
    12. I don’t really care about that.
    13.a/ Kuroshitsuji BoC was the anime that surprised me the most. The first season was nothing special and the second one was bad so I wasn’t expecting it to be as solid as it was during its entire run. b/ I guess I’ll go with Ao Haru Ride. I like romance oriented towards drama anime and we didn’t get any good one this year. I was quite disappointed when Ao Haru Ride turned into this full shoujo cliche anime.
    14. None.
    15. Ping Pong christmas scene
    16. Ping Pong might be one as it showed a totally different approach to sport anime cmpared to what we are used to in this genre and it was well received.
    17. The new Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime.
    18. It is the medium that I seem to enjoy the more. I am particularly fond of the possibilities it offers when creators want to experiment with the animation.

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  8. Adamar

    1. Overall favourite: Probably Kyousougiga. Garo and Bahamut are also contenders depending how they go.
    2. Action: Knights of Sidona wins on the strength of its action scenes.
    3. Comedy: Nozaki-kun. Tonari-kun also stands high.
    6. Mecha: G no reconguista wins, but it’s only one I’ve actually watched.
    7. Romance: Nagi no Asukara, another default.
    8. Slice of life: Space Brothers ended this year, and it was consistently strong.
    10. Supernatural/horror: GARO. The very nature of Horrors is not entirely original, but still very unsettling.
    11. What genre would you like to see more of? Cyberpunk, but not like psycho-pass 2 :(
    12. Over: KLK / Under: no idea. KLK wasn’t bad, but it ended up being kind of forgettable. “Saving anime” my buttocks.
    13. Surprised: Samurai Flamenco had a number of (ridiculous?) twists and turns. Disappointed: Psycho-pass 2. First season was far from flawless, but it wasn’t anywhere near as stupid.
    14. Do-over? See above.
    15. Memorable scene? First thing that comes to mind is the boat festival singing from NagiAsu, so let’s go with that.
    16. What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come? Space Dandy has the potential to gain traction as good “entry-level” stuff, but nothing seems like a definite classic (that I watched, at least).
    17. 2015: More Jojo, Monogatari. Should get around to watching the first season of DRRR!, too.
    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?

  9. Hikari

    1. Gin no Saji S2.
    2. I didn’t watch any, as far as I can remember.
    3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Tonari no Seki-kun.
    4. Maybe Nagi no Asukara
    5. I don’t watch harems.
    6. I didn’t watch any either.
    7. Golden Time
    8. Shirobako
    9. Haikyuu!!
    10. Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd.
    11. A lot of bad Slice of Life. Good SoL or more romance.
    12. No Game no Life or SAO. Underrated a lot as always.
    13. Shirobako, I didn’t expect an anime about an anime studio. And Glasslip (or Glasshit) disappointed me a lot, the worst thing P.A. Works ever made.
    14. Which anime should get a do-over?
    15. When Hachiken couldn’t handle everything he was doing for the festival and ended unconscious near the farm.
    16. There will always be anime to talk about.
    17. I’m not looking for anything at the moment, I should check the next season list.
    18. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?

  10. Valerie

    1.Favorite anime of the year?
    Hunter x Hunter but it may be Parasyte if I still like it when it finishes.

    2.Favorite action anime of the year?

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    Nagi no Asukara


    I don’t watch Mecha anime but when I saw that this show was in your top 4 I checked it out and loved it. So thank you!

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun I guess…

    8.Slice of life?
    None this year

    None this year.


    11.What genre did we get too much of this year?
    Harem/high school drama.

    What genre would you like to see more of?
    Thriller or horror

    Tokyo Ghoul

    Sora no Method i guess

    13.Surprised you the most?
    Aldnoah.Zero and Parasyte so far

    Disappointed you the most?
    Love Stage
    I just really want a boy love anime where the characters are already gay.
    I’m tired of the, “kissing another man is weird!” “I like him…but he’s a guy…”
    I’m fine with the characters questioning if they like the guy but only how female characters would question if she likes the guy.

    Plus the anime was rapey…

    14.Which anime should get a do-over?
    None…it wouldn’t matter.

    15.Most memorable scene of the year?
    Ending of Aldnoah.Zero

    16.What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    No Game No Life….
    I dropped the anime but I buy posters of it…it’s so pretty.

    and Sword Art online

    17.What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    Attack On Titan ovas and the animated movies

    18.What brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    I’m a big anime fan. This year I am starting to get more picky and have less patience for anime with too many cliche characters and fanservice in my face. But I’ll still like anime for a while.
    I might get tired of it when I’m in my 30s and the shows keep coming out with characters who are teens or younger.

    I hope they realize that characters can be old like the characters in The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad and still be popular and interesting with the viewers.

  11. purplewig

    1.HxH (I’m counting the chunk of the series that played in 2014.)
    3.Tonari no Seki-kun
    4.Ping Pong, and the end of HxH’s Chimera Ant Arc
    5.Mahouka (Oh Tatsuya! *swoons*)
    7.The one romance I watched this year was one week friends, which was super boring, so I’ve got nothing.
    8.I’d consider Mushi-shi to be s’life-ish. There may be supernatural elements, but it’s still a show about ordinary people dealing with the issues in their everyday lives.
    9.I guess Ping Pong…?
    10. Parasyte, as long as it doesn’t get too focused on the shonen battling.
    11.Too many harems and otaku oriented shows. I’d love to see more psychological shows and body horror as long as they aren’t heavy handed.
    12.I guess No Game No Life. Also Tokyo Ghoul was pretty decent, but it gets way more hype than it deserves. Ping Pong wasn’t really underrated as much as it was unnoticed.
    13.Shingeki no Bahamut has been good so far, which I wasn’t expecting since its a card game anime. Kuroshitsuji was actually pretty good too and there was some genuine emotion mixed into its camp. Psycho Pass 2 is the dumbest show I’ve seen in a long time and I disliked ZnT’s ending.
    14.Sailor Moon Crystal. They need an actual animation budget.
    15.When Gon kills Pitou in HxH.
    16.Parasyte might have potential if the soundtrack improves. I could see it getting on toonami and gathering a US audience through that.
    17.Stardust Crusaders, Yuri Bear Storm, Assassination Classroom, Durarara 2, Tokyo Ghoul 2
    18.Not really sure. I like what I like.

  12. I'm a panda

    1. I’d say Zankyou no Terror and Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis are shaping to be my favorites

    2. Tokyo Ghoul or Kill la Kill or first cour of Hitsugi no Chaika

    3. Nisekoi or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    5. Sword Art Onli-…….nah I can’t even joke about that. Nisekoi

    6. Aldnoah.Zero

    7. Akatsuki no Yona or Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii probably

    11. Tokyo Ghoul or Hanamonogatari

    12. Too much pointless, fanservice-y harem with bad animation as usual. Would like to see more comedy, SOL or maybe more medieval, supernatural adventure like Garo or Bahamut

    13. Kill la kill and NGNL are overrated but I still enjoyed them. Mahouka was overrated and I dropped that one. Still read your posts on it though. Brynhildr and Akame ga Kill are overrated. Underrated I’d say Bahamut and Garo

    14. Best surprise was Bahamut. Biggest disappointments so far are: Log Horizon 2, Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle, Captain Earth. SAO 2 was disappointing I guess but I can’t say I was expecting much going into it

    15. Do-over? Captain Earth. I really wanted that to be a good show

    16. Most memorable scene? It’s hard to pick just one for me. The last episode of Tokyo Ghoul has some good ones. ZnT where 12 and Lisa are escaping the police on the motorcycle. End of the 1st ep in Aldnoah was pretty awesome. Hatoko’s 2 and a half minute long rant in ep 7 of Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de was really impressive voice acting.

    17. Don’t know, maybe KLK or SAO

    18. Interested in seeing the 2nd cour of Aldnoah.Zero and Tokyo Ghoul, also the next installment of the Monogatari Series, but other than that I’m not sure what else is coming out in 2015

    19. Hmm what brings me back season after season? I guess the main reason is I like having a different option from watching the usual shows on tv. Anime lets me see stories that I would probably never get to see otherwise. I also have some friends that watch some of the anime that i watch and I like discussing theories with them and whatnot.

    1. I'm a panda

      Also just wanted to say I look forward to reading your posts every week during the season, so thanks for doing what you do

  13. Kim

    What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Ping Pong and Terror in Resonance

    What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Garo and Rage of Bahamut

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Gugure! Kokkuri-san

    Mushi-shi and Parasyte

    What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Light novel adaptations pretty much. I’d like to see more seinen/mature/psychological. There are some mangas I have in mind, but no way are they ever gonna get an turned into anime.

    Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    No Game No Life wasn’t that good. It would be nice if Ping Pong was more popular.

    Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    I find Gugure! Kokkuri-san to be pretty amusing. Mekaku City Actors was a let down.

    Which anime should get a do-over?
    Doesn’t really matter to me.

    What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    Sword Art Online… ._.

    What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    Durarara, I guess.

    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    There’s still a lot of animes I haven’t watched yet. Most of it is crap but that applies to every other medium. I like animation because of it’s possibilities and advantages over live-action, so there’s that. I don’t pick up too many currently airing anime, usually just one or two a season (although this time it’s 8). I’m a teenager so most of it should appeal to me and I’ve been watching anime since I was a kid. I read manga more but recently I started visiting anime blogs which convinced me to start regularly watching again.

  14. Hobo Hei

    1. What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Hunter x Hunter
    2. What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Hunter x Hunter
    3. Comedy?
    Seitokai Yakuindomo season 2
    4. Drama?
    5. Harem?
    Eh, I don’t watch a lot of those… I guess Chaika will do
    6. Mecha?
    Knights of Sidoia
    7. Romance?
    None, I avoid “pure” romance anime like grim death
    8. Slice of life?
    Shirobako so far, though I have a felling it will disappoint me later
    9. Sports?
    Ping Pong
    10. Supernatural/horror?
    11. What genre did we get too much of this year?
    “Edgy” action shows with shoehorned haremy romance (whether full – fledged harem, or just hints) and “badass” protagonists, who have “self – insert here” written all over them
    What genre would you like to see more of?
    No genre in particular, just wish anime writing in general would improve a bit
    12. Which anime was overrated?
    Terror in resonance
    Which anime was underrated?
    I feel that Knights of Sidonia doesn’t get enough credit
    13. Which anime surprised you the most?
    Knights of Sidonia. It didn’t look like anything i might be interested in, plus I’m prejudiced against full CGI. I only watched first episode because I had nothing else to watch at the moment, but it ended up my favorite show that aired this year.
    Which anime disappointed you the most?
    None, I rarely have high expectations
    14. Which anime should get a do-over?
    Tokyo Ghoul adaptation was pretty meh.
    15. What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but the first scene that came to my mind was that bizarre, suggestive and hilarious scene in episode 128 of Hunter x Hunter, where the King’s guards “cure” him, so to speak… It’s difficult to describe it, but anybody who watched that episode knows what I’m talking about – that scene was memorable alright…
    16. What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    I hate to say this again, but Hunter x Hunter has this one in the bag – it’s probably gonna be used as a yardstick to measure battle shounen shows for a long, long time
    17. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    Knights of Sidonia season 2
    18. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    I wonder… Every now and then I get fed up with anime and start to think it’s time to look for a new hobby, then I stumble upon some awesome show

  15. ciscnerama

    1. What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Ping Pong.

    2. Action anime?
    Hunter x Hunter.

    3. Comedy anime?
    D-Frag! I suposse random does it for me.

    4. Drama anime?
    Ping Pong.

    5. Harem anime?
    Well, D-Frag! is harem-ish. I laughed with Nisekoi. Still shitty though. Any other is too forgettable.

    6. Mecha anime?
    Eh, if I have to pick one it would be Aldnoah.Zero.

    7. Romance anime?
    Gekkan Shouju Nozaki-kun. Which is kind of ironic, because it doesn’t have too much romantic-development at all. Maybe that’s the reason.

    8. SOL anime?
    Well, I suppose the response above applies to this question too.

    9. Sports anime?
    Ping Pong.

    10. Supernatural/horror anime?

    11. What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Well, there’s always too much harem and moe. I hope to see more quality drama/quality action. Maybe a good comedy.

    12. Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    Overrated – Fate/Stay. Underrated – It looks like Garo doesn’t get much love.

    13. Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Surprise – The anime based on a shitty card game. Disappoint – I liked Fate/Zero so I expected F/SN to be entertaining at least.

    14. Which anime should get a do-over?
    I don’t know.

    15. What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    One HxH spoiler-scene or the final match in Ping Pong.

    16. What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    I think people are going to keep talking about SAO until is completely over. Hell, I’m going to keep watching it to be able to talk how bad it is.

    17. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

    18. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    This is the first year that I could say that I watched anime and for me is like any other communication medium. I watch it expecting to find some good/enjoyable things, but I also enjoy bad stuff (’cause is bad) so that could be a reason. Sometimes I get more fun watching SAO II than meh stuff like F/SN UBW.

  16. Pingback: Early Reflecting on 2014′s Anime Selection | Standing On My Neck

  17. Anonymous

    1 Ping Pong
    2 Shingeki no Bahamut
    3 –
    4 Parasyte
    5 –
    6 Knights of Sidonia
    7 –
    8 –
    9 Ping Pong
    10 Parasytes
    11 Too much of : Harem – Not enough of: Thriller
    12 No Game No Life
    13 Surprised: Garo (if it wasn’t for this blog, I would not have started watching it) – Let down: Psycho Pass 2
    14 ?
    15 Ping Pong’s Christmas karaoke scene
    16 Ping Pong and how would rather watch some generic fanservicy show over a well thought out, touching and unique show like Ping Pong
    17 JoJo Stardust Crusaders 2nd season
    18 Uniqueness. Anime does have alot of tropes but the settings and plots are always very varied (at least for the shows I watch they are)

  18. phantondetective

    1) Free maybe?? Or KLK if you count that as this year. Still a bunch of stuff I have yet to watch though so nothing I say here is like my 100% definitive opinion I guess
    2) I’m not really sure what merit to judge this by. Just the action itself?? Akuma no Riddle had some pretty solid action. Fate/Stay Night does so far too. I don’t feel like either of those are really quite AMAZING SHOWS though
    3) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, or Sabagebu since a lot of people seem to be counting Nozaki-kun as romance for whatever reason
    4) No idea how drama is being defined here
    5) Inou Battle is sort of haremy I guess
    6) Aldnoah Zero was the only mecha I watched I think, but FLAWS ASIDE it was pretty entertaining
    7) People are calling Nozaki-kun romance so that I guess, even if I think it’s a misleading description. I think the only TRUE ROMANCE SERIES I watched was Ao Haru Ride anyway, which wasn’t really great. Or actually fuck it, I’ll just say Akuma no Riddle since that was technically yuri. Does that even count?? Who cares
    8) Nozaki-kun again probably
    9) Free, although I still haven’t watched Ping Pong which might be worth noting. Also haven’t watched any other sports anime but they all look boring as fuck so I probably never will
    10) Parasyte is the only thing coming to mind; I’ve mentioned my issues with it elsewhere but it seems to be getting better at least
    11) Too much? Harems I guess, because really any is too much. Like to see more of? IDEALLY more yuri that isn’t super fanservicey or leaves thing trapped in the subtext zone forever
    12) Overrated? Akame ga Kill by virtue of the fact that anyone likes it at all, but NGNL gets an honorable mention for apparently being OBSCENELY POPULAR. Underrated? Never heard anyone talk about Zvezda Plot I guess; just got around to watching that and it’s charming as hell
    13) Surprised? I dropped Sabagebu after the first episode, but gave it a second try about halfway through and ended up loving it. Disappointed? I feel like Bakumatsu Rock could have been pretty good if it was a bit more over-the-top and had better animation and stuff, but as it is it’s just kind of boring
    14) No idea?? Chaika could definitely be more visually appealing, and I have to wonder how much they cut out from the LNs considering how fast it’s ending. This is just a random suggestion though; I think Chaika is okay as it is
    15) Maybe the ending of Aldnoah Zero?? Or that time when Kirito has a shocking revelation from scoping Sinon’s choice ass
    16) SAO will probably continue to be a big name in anime for a good while, and at this point I honestly don’t care
    17) Lots of stuff I’m curious about, but the only thing I have actual experience with is Durarara
    18) I watch the good shows because I like them obviously, and I give almost everything a try to find those good shows. As for the bad stuff, I guess I feel like I must be earning some sort of experience points for subjecting myself to a bunch of terrible anime or something

  19. Pia

    1. Ping Pong
    2. Shingeki no Bahamut
    3. Sabagebu
    4. really tough one hmmm… let’s say Parasyte.
    5. Gokukoku no Brynhildr
    6. Aldnoah Zero
    7. Majimoji Rurumo
    8. Its a tough one too, romance in anime is very disappointing for example Isshuukan friends was a letdown and Kimi no Uso is garbage, so I stick with Majimoji Rurumo because is lighthearted and it doesn’t take itself to seriously.
    9. Ping Pong
    10. Tokyo Ghoul
    11. This year I saw a lot of harems I think, but I would like to see more supernatural, psychological anime.
    12. No game no Life, fuck that shit sucks ass and the most underrated anime it must be Garo since people are like: uuuh the CG is horrendous, I hate CG in my anime, so on and so forth but they don’t see beyond, Ping Pong had a similar problem because its animation, but now is getting some deserved recognition at least.
    13. Shingeki no Bahamut really surprised me I thought it just gonna be advertisement for the card game, the most disappointing one is Psycho Pass 2, since I was expecting good stuff.
    14. Garo maybe? It could look better with a bigger budget.
    15. Terror in Resonance: Ferris scene, that Yoko Kanno soundtrack is soo thrilling.
    Honorable mention: Ping Pong: Smile vs Butterfly Joe or that scene were Wenge cried in the train… it was so touching :'(
    16. Shit Art Online if we’re counting sequels but if we’re just counting new stuff it must be No game No life, it sucks but people seems to enjoy asspull pandering shit.
    17. Attack on Titan 2 I guess, I don’t know I haven’t made my research.
    18. I think I come back mostly because it give me something to talk with my friends and of course the existence of forums and this blog to discuss certain anime.

  20. starg09

    1) What was your overall favorite anime of the year? I must say Parasute has quite interested me. On the risk of it dropping it’s quality, I think it’s got my vote
    3) Comedy? I was going to say Tonari no Seki-Kun, but I noticed D-Frag was from “winter” (Summer for me). Man, that one seriously made me laugh.
    4) Drama? I don’t really get what you mean with drama, but as I understood it, Parasyte and Golden Time (Only the second part if you don’t count the first one because it’s 2013). About the first, I really enjoy your analysis; and about the latter, I started watching it just as it finished, and the side of the story about Banri’s past and present mixing up really got me.
    5) Harem? Sadly, Brynhildr. It could’ve focused on other topics present in the manga, but it probably wouldn’t have sold that much (hah).
    6) Mecha? The only one I’ve watched is Break Blade, although that’s actually an extended version from a few older movies. Does that count?
    7) Romance? Have only watched first episode of Nozaki-Kun, so I can’t really choose it. Of those I’ve seen, I guess I’ll choose “Golden Time”.
    8) Slice of life? Again, I see a lot choosing Nozaki-Kun. I don’t have an answer on my own.
    9) Sports? Don’t watch sport animes. Not really interested.
    10) Supernatural/horror? Parasyte.
    11) What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of? I think there’s been too much harem. I’d like to see a good shounen, I haven’t seen any that I really care about in a few years…
    12) Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated? SAO (it was expected) and Akame Ga Kill (I didn’t read the manga, but I’d gotten really excited about this one… Oh well). I think maybe Inari was not bad, but didn’t get that much atention.
    13) Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most? Seikoku no Dragonar (or whatever it’s name was, if you watched it you’ll surely recognize the name). There’s a story on this: A friend who really likes dragons and hates most anime, I saw the trailer and told him in joke to watch it. He convinced me to watch it with him, at least the first episode. We still don’t know what the f*** was that…

    About the disappointing one, I’d say Brynhildr… This is my story with this anime:
    * I started watching it, got really interested;
    * Read the manga, got more interested
    * Learned the author was the same of Elfen Lied, got even more interested.
    * Read that the same studio of Elfen Lied produced it… Had a bad feeling…
    * Saw the final 6 episodes, my fears got confirmed. Horrible final.

    14) Which anime should get a do-over? Because of what I said on the previous question, Brynhildr. It has a lot of uncovered story, which could have covered a 2 course series. Also the animation wasn’t the best…

    15) What was the most memorable scene of the year?

    16) What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come? Apparently Nozaki-Kun… I mean look at this comments. I really need to watch that thing.

    17) What are you looking forward to most in 2015? Of what I’ve seen, the only thing I’m interested in is Assasination Classroom. As of what I’d like to appear, it would be Accel World Season 2 (It’s not as overrated as SAO, but it’s the same creator, one can hope). One series I’m not sure wat to expect is Digimon 03 (Not sure what name it will have, it’s the continuation of Digimon 02): It just feels like they could go from a faithful continuation, with a good story, to a shitty harem with digimons. I hope it’s the former.

    18) And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year? I just take a peek at anime sites in my language, and say “Hmm, this could be interesting”. Next thing I know, I’ve watched 12 complete series in 2 months. My friends liking anime also helps…

  21. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    I’ll give my 2cents, mate.
    What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Parasyte, without a doubt. So far it’s really held up in its adaptation and done not only the manga justice but pretty much this year’s anime line-up justice in general. I would also say Garo which comes close, but I’m just more interested in Parasyte I guess. Funny since the manga didn’t appeal to me much.
    What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Garo. Parasyte had action in it but not on the same level.
    SAO: The Mockery Fodder That Keeps On Giving
    All of them, but only because they give you more material. On their own none of this shit’s worth it. Only harem show I ever liked was Tenchi Muyo and that’s for other reasons and unlikely to change.
    Mecha, Romance, SoL, Sports?
    Not into any of it though that Pong one was pretty interesting. Also the two shorts you covered: Harmonie and…the one where the old guy and young dude play pool. Fantastic stuff.
    I seriously don’t even remember any anime of that genre this year.
    What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Harem and Harem, but to be honest I also enjoy reading your posts on anime that doesn’t give you an aneurism. It’s just that I often can’t have anything to reply about to those, like the Mushishi posts. Not that I only ever look to reply, mind you. I just know that you prefer some kind of feedback instead of silent reading and I often can’t give it for those kinds of good anime-good review posts since, well, you’ve said all that needs to be said.
    Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    Was there an underrated anime? I don’t think so. I don’t remember one, anyway. Most overrated is of course SAO but the recent swerve into retardation that was Psycho-Pass 2 comes close. OH! And let’s not forget Fate/Stay Night UBW, but you’ll have your own judgement on whether that’s overrated or not. To me it’s worse than Psycho-Pass 2 but better than SAO.
    Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Psycho-Pass 2 surprised me and disappointed me the most for the same reason. Positive surprise came from Parasyte, which I remembered not liking but ended up enjoying, and Garo which I swear if not for your posts I never would have checked out the initial rocking episode.
    What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    Everything from Harmonie. Literally the whole damn thing. It really hit me and inspired me in a way nothing else has outside of music and the Evangelion manga (which turns out to be damn good!) this year.
    What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    Dude, SAO. You know it. It’s like the staple whipping-boy for this blog and it really deserves it. haha Can’t think of anything else.
    What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    No idea what’s in store.
    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    In all honesty, and this will sound cheesy, but this blog. No really, I prefer anime from the 80’s-00’s. Nearly everything but Mushishi is shit to me and without your blog I’d never come across the few diamonds in the rough. I come here for laughs and recommendations. Without your blog I’d probably just wait until some uproar kicks up in the anime community again, check if it’s shit and drop it once I figure out it is (or stick with it because I enjoy it/it’s source material).

    That’s my thoughts. I likely forgot some anime that’s been really interesting to me or maybe I’ve just forgotten them because it’s been a long year.

  22. neeba

    “what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?”

    To me it’s the work of particularly talented individuals in the anime industry, from series directors, to single episode directors, to single artists and animators. People with personality and a style of their own, willing to do fresh and interesting stuff instead of doing the same dull thing over and over.
    It may not happen as often as I’d like, but for all the worthless crap that we get every year, there’s always something worth checking out.

    For this reason, Ping Pong and Space Dandy are my favorite series of this year.
    Ping Pong had all the things that make Maasaki Yuasa so appealing to me, namely the willingness to do animated series that go beyond the usual anime and revolve around mature themes, credible people and serious issues, while at the same time featuring an unique visual style.
    Space Dandy was pretty terrible as a comedy (or at least it didn’t have the kind of humor that I enjoy), but as a showcase of countless different talents and personalities within (and in some cases beyond) the Japanese animation industry, it was downright glorious.
    And of course Mushishi is also one of the best series of the year for many of the same reasons as Ping Pong, although its plain and generic look keeps it from being a favorite of mine.

    1. neeba

      That said, I enjoy reading you making fun of shitty series, E Minor. For me that’s the best thing to come out of stuff that I will never watch.

  23. RoboMambo

    1.Ping Pong
    2.Knights of Sidonia
    3.Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. There’s Space Dandy too, which I liked more, but wasn’t better as a comedy. Brynhildr as joke option.
    4.Ping Pong
    5.Kamigami no Asobi
    6.Gundam Reconguista in G. I know only one third aired, but this how I like it.
    7.Nothing good comes to mind
    9.Ping Pong
    11.I get the impression there were more pandering and harem LN adaptations than usual. Barely any mystery, and it’d be nice to get at least a single decent romance. There isn’t a lack of shonen, but there were only one or two good ones.
    12.Mahouka although it might be more of a case of fans being too vocal. Majin Bone might be a kiddie show and tie in for a card game, but it deserves more attention than the absolutely nothing it got. Noone watched Matsutaro and it had some great moments, even if it was all over the place.
    13.I didn’t expect anything coming into Nozaki-kun. I thought Captain Earth would okay at least but it turned out horrible. Build Fighter Try is building up to be much worse than the first one.
    14.Tokyo Ghoul, maybe?
    15.Ping Pong, Christmas eve.
    16.Mahouka and SAO are the obvious option, mostly because surely there’s more coming.
    17.Sidonia, but not really up to date on what is coming out
    18.On one part, habit, I’ve been watching anime all my life. But also I like some of the genres and styles specific to anime (ie. mechas). And I find the short series and 20 minute episodes a really friendly format.

  24. ironherc

    What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Tied between Jojo and Garo

    What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Threeway between Jojo/Garo/Bahamuth



    Madam no Ou to Vanadis (it’s surprisingly the most “decent” one I’ve seen in a long time)

    Knights of Sidonia


    Slice of life?
    Why bother?

    I do not watch sports anime, I prefer to play sports instead xD.


    What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    A) Pointless slice of life with dumb girl antics, stupid as hell harems and anything that is meant for otaku pandering.
    B) I want more fun action shows with some effort put on story and characters (pretty much stuff like jojo, garo, bahamuth).

    Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    SAO, Mahouka, NGNL for overrated trash and for some reason nobody talks about freaking Garo!! this is like the best anime of fall!

    Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Bahamuth was a shocker of how awesome it was, disappointing was terra formars

    Which anime should get a do-over?
    Guyver, Ushio and Tora, Rave Master Magic, Knight Rayearth among others i can’t think of right now.

    What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    Ban and Meliodas from nanatsu no tanzai destroying a fortress powered by a sealing spell by arm-wrestling really hard.

    What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    SAO as proof of how stupid people can be and JOJO because it was about time it got some recognition in the US, I really hope that the likes of parasyte, garo, bahamuth will eventually get the proper recognition they deserve, heck I really wish they become part of the shows people will never forget watching on places like adultswim.

    What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    The return of some of my favorite franchises: Saint Seiya Soul of Gold, JOJO’s egypt chapter, digimon, Nanoha and Trigger’s Ninja slayer (it’s going to be a blast of fun that last one).

    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    I love anime for it’s been part of my life since I can remember, even today i can still remember the first time I saw Saint Seiya when I was 4 and hope to find series that will be stuck with me for many years that I can enjoy again and again.

  25. donchaka

    What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Mushishi. Any year Mushishi airs, it wins.

    What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Samurai Flamenco. I like toku so it was pretty much right up my ally.

    Does Samurai Flamenco count?

    Mushishi. Duh.

    harem a shit

    Buddy Complex. Yeah, I’m kind of ashamed too, but after Valvrave it was like a plain palette cleanser.

    Does Samurai Flamenco count?

    Slice of life?
    I guess Mushishi kinda counts, in that it’s slices of various people’s lives…?

    What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Less harem every year. More mecha every year.

    Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    Not sure, I don’t really pay attention to popularity. I guess SAO was over rated.

    Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Bahamut Genesis actually being good was a super surprise. World Trigger sucking was a disappointment, but I don’t know if I actually expected it to be good in the first place.

    Which anime should get a do-over?
    Not sure honestly.

    What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    Probably sucking the venom out of that chick’s boob.

    What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    SAO, because it will never die

    What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    No idea.

    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    Does Samurai Flamenco count?

  26. tf5f89

    1. Mushishi 2
    2. Bahamut
    3. Space Dandy, although I didn’t get to see much comedy.
    4. Mushishi, but I already said that so I’ll go with Parasyte
    5. The only ones I watched were SAO II, NGNL, and Mahouka, and I thought SAO II was the best of those three. I know it’s not actually a harem but I’m just going to say it anyway.
    6. The first episodes of Aldnoah.Zero and Captain Earth
    7. Didn’t get to see any romance.
    8. Barakamon
    9. Ping Pong
    10. I said Parasyte, so I’ll go with Garo.
    11. Too many thrillers, although I didn’t mind. I’d like to see more comedy.
    12. Mahouka was overrated. NGNL was probably moreso, but I hate Mahouka and I like to blame it for things. Underrated, I’m not sure. Garo?
    13. Bahamut surprised me the most. Nothing disappointed me very much, so I’ll just go with Mahouka; I thought it would be bad, but I didn’t realize just how bad.
    14. I’m really not sure about this one. Captain Earth?
    15. Ryuko falling out of the sky into a crowd of naked people in Kill la Kill.
    16. Mushishi. It has the most staying power, I think. I’ll be complaining about Mahouka for a long time, though.
    17. Tie between Evangelion 4.0, Little Witch Academia 2, Durarara 2, and the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
    18. So far there hasn’t failed to be at least one show that surprises me every year. I just always want to be on the lookout.

  27. E Minor Post author

    Thanks for all the answers thus far, and also any answer to come (if there are any people left who want to reply to this post). I’ll respond to you guys more officially in the year-end post that’ll come later.

  28. draggle

    1. Knights of Sidonia
    2. Kill la Kill
    3. Sabagebu
    4. Nagi no Asukara
    5. Twintails
    6. Knights of Sidonia
    7. Nagi no Asukara
    8. Shirobako
    9. Sabagebu
    10. Tokyo Ghoul
    12. Never watch the genres I don’t like, but not enough fantasy (there was a lot of fantasy but there can never be enough)
    13. Overrated: Ping Pong, Underrated: Daimidaler
    14. Surprised: Gundam Build Fighters and Sabagebu, so good. Disappointed: Akame ga Kill.
    15. None.
    16. End of Aldnoah Zero? I guess
    17. Stupid Love Lives, sadly. And Mahouka.
    18. Sidonia S2 at the moment. Although that’s also the only show I know is happening then.
    19. Nothing better to do.

  29. Nemo

    1. Ping Pong the Animation
    2. Hunter x Hunter 2011
    3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    4. Nagi no Asukara
    5. Did not watch any of these really
    6. Same as above
    7. Akatsuki no Yona probably
    8. Gin no Saji S2
    9. Ping Pong the Animation
    10. A tie between Mushishi and Parasyte
    11. Less pandering high school slice of life shows. I want more fantasy and science fiction shows. I would love more creative-world settings in general. Also, a realistic romance show with a well-developed romance…
    12. I would say No Game no Life is overrated. An underrated anime would be Gin no Saji S2.
    13. Shirobako. It’s such a great show! So far, I love the way it has explored the anime industry and the working world in general. Psycho Pass S2 has disappointed me the most. I was expecting more.
    14. Not a do-over, but better music for Parasyte.
    15. Definitely this sequence. It gets to me every time. I will not forget about the emotions I felt while watching it anytime soon. A lot of sequences in Ping Pong are very memorable. I also have to give a shout-out to the Tomoda sequence in Nozaki-kun. Never forget Tomoda.
    16. Mushishi, it’s a timeless show. Also, Hunter x Hunter. An unforgettable show that I bet will be talked about in the years to come.
    17. Yuri Kuma Arashi and Koe no Katachi. Also, the second half of Parasyte
    18. Every year, I always find myself amazed by the great shows that come out during the year. I keep finding narratives that will always stick with me, so I keep coming back. I always find really creative premises in anime too.

  30. Akeem

    1. So hard but I’ll just choose Garo
    2. Sidonia no kishi I guess. Were there really any action anime?
    4. Selector Infected Wixoss (does this count, I hope so?)
    5. NGNL
    6. Sidonia no kishi?
    7. I don’t think I watched any. If I did they were probably worse than NGNL?
    8. Akatski no yona?
    9. I don’t think I watched any
    10. Parasyte?
    11. Fantasy. Psychological and sci fi?
    12. Fate Stay Night ubw (tooo much talking)? Garo is underrated.
    13. Parasyte (2nd for me after Garo). I know I’m supposed to put one anime but Psycho pass 2, Aldnoah and Shingeki no Bahamut ?
    14. Captain Earth, I can’t belive it’s coming from BONES. I always look to them for something entertaining and that really let me down. Mekkaku city too
    15. Hakoto’s emotional rant in episode 7 of when supernatural battles became commonplace. Voice acting had my attention like I was really captivated, then right after it felt like I zoned out. The anime returned to being boring. I wish you were still blogging it I would have loved your reaction.
    16.For years? I’m not sure, probably one of the bad ones cause people like mocking them.
    17. ……..A Anything from BONES one of their announced adaptions sounds really interesting I’m sorry I cant remember the name but it takes place in new York or something. Oh oregairu season 2 I’m sooo excited for that, I can’t wait.
    18. I love anime.

  31. Maxulous

    1. Best: Ping Pong – Great characters, wildly ingenuitive visuals and faultless direction.
    2. Action: Kill la Kill – It was shamelessly over-the-top style and action. It’s not one of the best anime of the year, but it’s hard to beat a show so devoted to its genre (Hunter X Hunter, Zankyou no Terror and Noragami had some excellent action scenes too).
    3. Comedy: Hoozuki no Reitetsu (& Tonari no Seki-kun)
    4. Drama: Noragami – I’d say.
    5. Harem: Knights of Sidonia – sad to say.
    6. Mecha: Knights of Sidonia & Reconguista in G (not a winning year for Mecha – unless you liked Captain Earth, Argevellon, Aldnoah Zero all together).
    7. Romance: Ping Pong, lol jks Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – Haven’t exactly finished it though…
    8.Slice of life: Barakamon – it does the s’life thing pretty well.
    9.Sports: Ping Pong
    10.Supernatural/horror: Noragami (& Mushishi Zoku Shou)
    11. What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Lots of great potential frustratingly going to waste due to novice directing/writing. I’d like to see more dark fantasy a la Vinland Saga and Berserk.
    12a. Which anime was overrated?
    While it picked up in its second season, Space Dandy – not quite a funny as people said and the characters were a bit flat.
    12b. Which anime was underrated?
    Pupa ;p – In lesser hands this could have been an outright disaster (some argue it was), but Tomomi Mochizuki managed to salvage this project despite the blows DEEN threw at him. It’s an admittedly low bar, but I’d say Nobunagun also received more scorn than it deserved.
    13a. Which anime surprised you the most?
    Noragami – I was all set to drop that shit by episode 3, but it turned out to be one of my top 5 picks this year. Kaji Yuuki saved it.
    13b. Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Again, pretty hard to pin-point one. So many shows failed to live up to their potential: Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Resonance, Sidonia (in some ways), Sailor Moon and Psycho Pass 2.
    14. Which anime should get a do-over?
    Terror in Resonance – gGive it 2 cour, and a better writer than Shinichiro Watanabe or whoever.
    15. What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    Gon’s outburst in Hunter X Hunter 2011.
    16. What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    Despite my reservations, I think Space Dandy will be looked back on fondly. Bahamut Genesis has the potential to be a classic too.
    17. What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    Yuri Kuma Arashi – ludicrously so, because Ikuhara. I’m also keen to see the Egypt arc in Stardust Crusaders animated again.
    18. And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    The vein hope of Aku no Hana season 2.

  32. catonwall

    1) Hunter x Hunter (2011). I can’t describe how much I enjoyed that series.
    2) Tokyo Ghoul, if that counts…
    3) Gekkan Shoujo a million times.
    4) Zankyou no Terror
    5) Surprisingly, I didn’t watch any harems this year.
    6) Sidonia no Kishi
    7) Oh my god. Romance anime was awful this year. Zankyou no Terror, maybe? Gekkan Shoujo?
    8) Mmm… I enjoyed Wake Up, Girls!
    9) Ping Pong. If HxH had not finished this year, Ping Pong would be the anime of the year for me.
    10) Tokyo Ghoul again :P
    11) I don’t know, the same as usual? But I noticed that this year had a lot more shows for women: reserve harems, things like Free! and Shounen Hollywood, a couple of shoujos… I wish to see more shoujos, but done right, if that isn’t an oxymoron…
    12) God, that anime about a Gary Stu named Takeya? I don’t remember the name. And WIXOSS. Both seasons. Underrated would be Ping Pong and Gekkan Shoujo. I think people didn’t saw these because they were expecting another thing. This season have a lot of underrated shows like Shingeki no Bahamut and GARO. I wasn’t interested of them till I read the blog posts.
    13) Gekkan Shoujo surprised the hell out of me. I thought it would be a shoujo comedy, light hearted, but I didn’t expect to laugh the way I did. I was pretty disappointed with Inari, Konkon, Aldnoah, and Your Lie in April. And Aoharide, obviously.
    14) Oh, god. Inari? SoreSekai? I don’t know, they don’t deserve a do-over anyway. Maybe a do-over of some of the episodes of Tokyo Ghoul. That would be fantastic.
    15) Fucking bike scene of ZnT!! God, that moved me so much.
    16) Hunter x Hunter, I think. It was pretty pretty memorable. And Gekkan Shoujo will be the “How to do a comedy right”.
    17) I haven’t seen the charts :(
    18) More Sailor Moon? Joking. I really like anime, but year by year it’s more difficult to me to like the series airing. I’m becoming conscious of tropes and stereotypes, of cultural problems, of racism and misogyny, and anime doesn’t do a good job dealing with these. It’s not like “the past is better”, but I change and I notice things I didn’t notice in the past. So there are years, like last year, when I don’t feel motivated to watch anything. This year I was more bored than usual, so I ended up watching a lot of shows, but hell, some of them I watched with my eyes closed. So… I hope next year I can find something that I truly like, something that I can give a 10/10 wholeheartedly.

  33. Anonymous

    1)What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Does Kill la Kill count? I’ll pretend it does.
    2)What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    Kill la Kill
    Kill la Kill
    5)Slice of life?
    Free! (my guilty pleasure)
    I guess Free! would count here too.
    Tokyo Ghoul
    8)What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    We always get too much harem, slice of life, mecha and so. I’d like more shoujos, just in hope one of them will actually be good.
    9)Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    Akame ga Kill is overrated, too many dumb people like it. Underrated? I guess Shingeki no Bahamut.
    10)Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    I dunno about surprising but Mekaku city actors and the P3 movie were big disappointments.
    11)Which anime should get a do-over?
    Devil Survivor 2 the animation, with enough episodes for it not to be a rushed mess.
    12)What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come?
    I guess SAO because that crap will get milked to death for a while.
    14)What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    Durarara second season.
    15)And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    There’s always hope I’ll find something cool.

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  36. exof954

    What was your overall favorite anime of the year?
    Kill La Kill, with almost no competition.

    What was your favorite action anime of the year?
    If Kill La Kill doesn’t count, I’m putting Aldnoah Zero.

    Nozaki, with Tonari no Seki kun in a very close second.

    I’m putting Kuroko no Basket season 3.

    No Game No Life.

    Aldnoah Zero was the best out of the ones I’ve seen (in other words, Captain Earth and Aldnoah. Not a lot of room there.)

    Nozaki, I guess. None of the romcoms (except Nisekoi, since I read the manga) actually stuck in my head. Next!

    Slice of life?
    Tonari no Seki Kun.

    I haven’t seen Ping Pong, and probably never will, so Haikyuu!. Kuroko gets bonus points for being over-the-top in everything it does.

    Parasyte. Never saw Tokyo Ghoul.
    What genre did we get too much of this year? What genre would you like to see more of?
    Not a genre, but too much stuff that crumpled part-way. Still have hopes for Aldnoah, though.

    Which anime was overrated? Which anime was underrated?
    Akame ga Kill! was way too overrated, as well as SAO II. But everyone saw that coming. Haikyuu! didn’t seem to pick up a lot of fans, and I guess Magi just disappeared off the face of the earth. Kill La Kill is just drifting out there.

    Which anime surprised you the most? Which anime disappointed you the most?
    Kill La Kill suprised me the most, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V would have disappointed me the most- if I’d had any hopes for it. So that spot goes to Captain Earth.

    Which anime should get a do-over?
    Akame ga Kill! or Captain Earth. Preferably the latter.

    What was the most memorable scene of the year?
    Watching Kagami and Aomine break the laws of reality and swerve around a basketball court like Super Saiyans powered by gasoline and fireworks.

    What show do you think we’ll still be talking about for years to come? Most likely Akame ga Kill! or Sword Art Online because that thing refuses to die. Maybe KLK or F/SN, if they’re lucky.

    What are you looking forward to most in 2015?
    More enjoyable anime that surprises me and inspires me to do new things.

    And finally, what brings you back to anime season after season, year after year?
    The hope that I’ll finally find the One True Anime for me.


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