Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 9: The evil space pope strikes again

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0914

I mean, I think we all saw this coming. What person in their right mind would trust any religious figure in an anime?

— Oh wow, someone finally told these kids to mind their manners. What a shocker.

— Bellri’s a wholesome shounen, so his brilliant idea is to have the Capital Army and Ameria work together to quell the ominous space threat. In the ideal world, I’m sure both parties would love to entertain such an idea! But then again, in the ideal world, we wouldn’t have to deal with a threat from space, now would we? But nobody knows about the space threat except the Capital Army. If His Holiness really wanted to cooperate with anyone, he would’ve reached out to all the different nations for help. But even someone as high up as Wilmit has been kept in the dark, so good luck getting them to cooperate with Ameria.

— Besides, why is a cadet as young as Bellri even suggesting anything? Ah, that’s right. This is anime where children have a lot of influence on how things are done.

— I wish I knew where these places are. Where is this Sankt Porto that we speak of? Is it on the moon?

— And why are Noredo and Raraiya even here? At least Bellri actually goes out there and fight. Why are these two girls sitting in on this mission? All they do is make faces. It doesn’t add anything. Are you laughing at their antics? I’m not.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0901

— It’s nice to get a glimpse of what civilization is like around this time. After all, this is supposedly post-UC and everything. Despite all the technology at our heroes’ disposal, these faceless people seem to be simple farmers living in shacks. All these conflict over photon batteries are ultimately over their heads.

— I don’t need an entire episode devoted to world-building. I just need some solid looks every now and then at the world. After eight straight episodes of constant fighting, it’s hard to get a feel for what these characters are fighting for. One of the things that this show is missing is some proper context to keep the conflicts grounded. Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of boys with toys, fighting for the sake of fighting.

— Yo, I think I’d prefer a standard car over those things.

— For some reason, Noredo feels the need to tell Aida that she thinks Bellri is adopted. Even if he is, how does this even come up in a conversation? “Oh by the way, I think he used to be an orphan!”

The animals are the best things about any Tomino anime. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

— Feeling seasick (airsick?), Wilmit says, “[Spaceships] are emblematic of the technology that led humanity to ruin.” I think someone’s been indoctrinated quite a bit. Spaceships with weapons, maybe. Just standard ol’ spaceships, on the other hand, can’t be that bad. But I mean, this is year 1014 of the Regild Century. Suffice it to say, none of these characters were around when the Universal Century came to an end. So, y’know, where are these people getting their information? Are the history books accurate? Can they be trusted? Or do people like Wilmit simply believe whatever the SU-Cordism tells them to believe? This is what happens when you make science into a taboo. Science breeds skepticism.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0916

— You can tell how green these people are when it comes to war. One of the characters wonders why they should stay on alert even though they’re in the middle of enemy territory: “Isn’t that weird? Since we’ve got you people here.” C’mon, that wouldn’t matter to anyone. The Capital Army has been attacking the pirates over and over under the pretense that they’re trying to save the hostages. An an aside, it’s rather easy to placate Noredo.

— Bellri apologizes for explaining something that any proper pilot should know. But shhh, Aida isn’t really a proper pilot. Nevertheless, Aida hops into her suit for action yet again. Oh boy. Let’s see what she can accomplish this week.

— And surprise, surprise… the Capital Army strikes again.

— We’re barely a minute into the fight and Aida has already lost her balance. You’re killing me, Smalls.

— I gotta admit that this cracked me up.

— The latest gimmick is that they can send out the mobile suits without any pilot in them. So you guys don’t have to worry; Klim ain’t going to die this week.

— Oh my God, you guys! Aida finally managed to hit someone!

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0908

— At one point, Mask is defenseless, so he climbs out of his mecha. Even though Bellri has a clear shot, he hesitates. I don’t really mind this too much. Yeah, Ameria and Gondwan are at war, but someone like Bellri has never really seen true fighting firsthand. He’s killed two people, but they were behind their suits, so it’s easier to distance yourself from the actual tragedy of war. It isn’t surprising that he wouldn’t shoot Mask in this particular scenario though it is a bit contrived. After all, if Aida wasn’t so worthless, maybe she could’ve taken the shot. But alas…

— Then of course, our hero even helps his enemy, but it comes in the form of slapstick. In the end, Mask makes his getaway like he always does. It would’ve been nice if we could shake things up a bit, e.g. have Mask become a prisoner above the Megafauna. Oh well.

— On a side note, Klim won’t be happy about the fate of his Montero. Not only that, its death was so horribly animated. C’mon, you’d think the 35th anniversary of Gundam could afford some better animation than this.

— The Capital Guard finally shows up, and apparently, they’re even helping the Megafauna avoid detection. How does this work? Wilmit simply says that the Capital Guard and the Capital Army don’t get along.

— After hiding the Megafauna in some abandoned hanger, most of the major characters stop by a city for some R&R. We interestingly learn that F-Rugs are not allowed to go near this city and perhaps all cities within the Capital Tower territory. They try not to violate the taboo that much. Wilmit laments, however, that the Capital Army acts like a bunch of gangsters, so they don’t adhere to her rules.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0909

— The animation here is not too hot. But again, it’s nice to see what the cities are like during this time. Everyone here is super rowdy, because they supposedly work super hard the majority of the week. That’s just what Wilmit claims, though. I’m not sure if she’s the most impartial person here. Anyway, just look at how sloshed this girl is. With the civilians having this much fun, you can hardly tell that the various factions are actually mobilizing for war. Maybe that’s why the Capital Army can appear out of nowhere. People are too oblivious and carefree to even see an army appear right before their very eyes. And even now, people like Wilmit treat the Capital Army more like a nuisance. No one seems to take seriously the threat of an army that has been dabbling in forbidden technology.

— It’s also hilarious that no work gets done because it’s the weekend. Like Aida’s father said, this is a society of abundance, so everyone here is certainly spoiled even if Wilmit will attempt to claim otherwise. My point is, what we see here can’t also be true of Ameria or Gondwan. After all, why would you go to war if everything is going swimmingly? Why would you become pirates to attack the Capital Tower if you are also experience abundance? Long story short, the Capital Tower is clearly taking advantage of their situation as the distributors of the photon batteries. When war inevitably does break out, it might hit these folks really hard.

— This is also pretty pointed commentary. Those at the top of the food chain don’t realize their actions are pushing other nations to war. They’re just too busy partying and having fun. But in reality, their government is cooking up something shady behind the scenes… does this sound familiar? It should.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 0915

— Cumpa Rusita: “These Earthnoids belong on the list of organisms that ought to go extinct.” Whoa there… and make room for who? The moon people? Are you a moon person as well, Cumpa? C’mon, you can tell us.

— Wilmit flat-out asks His Holiness about the threat from space. It’s hilarious that she can just arrange a meeting with someone as important as him this easily. No one seems to worry about security at all in this universe. Well… it is the weekend, after all.

— For some reason, the old man suddenly takes notice of Noredo. What’s with this guy? Why does he care about Noredo so much? He singled her out at the start of the second episode as well.

— Naturally, His Holiness also refuses to give our heroes a straight answer. Then before the debate can really get anywhere, the Capital Army shows up to arrest Bellri… probably for killing Dellensen. His Holiness then raises his arms to the air as the episode comes to a close. Okay.


5 Replies to “Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 9: The evil space pope strikes again”

  1. For some reason, Noredo feels the need to tell Aida that she thinks Bellri is adopted. Even if he is, how does this even come up in a conversation? “Oh by the way, I think he used to be an orphan!”

    Hah! they aren’t even hiding that obvious plot twist of Bellri being Aida’s brother anymore. There was another one where Wilmit was concerned that Aida and Bellri are together.

      1. Yeah, I guess they’d use it as a simple explanation as to why both Bellri and Aida are able to operate the G-Self (if that’s the case, I wonder what Raraiya’s relation to the two is).

    1. Hah! they aren’t even hiding that obvious plot twist of Bellri being Aida’s brother anymore.

      Probably not trying to hide it at this point, especially with the random “DID YOU KNOW HES ADOPTED?!” conversation.

  2. Oh, great! Another example of a corrupt Roman Catholic-esque religion. They make easy targets and punching bags because who’s going to defend those big bastards, eh?

    The presence of this trope just screams lazy. If you’re going to go all the way and create a world that is fundamentally different than ours, then why not try something a little more imaginative? Sure, call the “tv” a “tv” and the “car” a “car”, but grander themes require a little bit more thought.

    But to be a honest, a lot of this story is a little too by-the-books.

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