Fall 2014 Harem Hill, Week 8: Listen to the cat

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0710

I’m attempting to streamline these posts to make them more accessible. Basically, I want more people to participate in the voting, but this is difficult when the posts are too long, too detailed, and ultimately, too unwieldy. I want people who don’t watch these shows to still be able to go through this post and decide on the week’s worst episode. Let’s see if my strategy works.

Current Standings:

Grisaia no Kajitsu: 31+5 = 36 points
Ushinawareta Mirai no Motomete: 25+3 = 28 points
Trinity Seven: 18+4+1 = 23 points
Madan no Ou to Vanadis: 13+2 = 15 points
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai: 7+1 = 8 points

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Ep. 7

Quick Summary:

Remember how Nagi doesn’t want Kyotaro to become a Shepherd? Yeah, I don’t get it either. Why can’t they just both become Shepherds? In any case, you’re disqualified from “Shepherdhood” if you fall in love, so she tries her darndest to hook him up with one of the other haremettes in this week’s episode. First, she sends an anonymous request to the Library Club, asking the other haremettes if they know Kyotaro’s type of girl. In order to answer this question, the other girls drag Kyotaro on a group date to the mall. As you might’ve guessed, the best male friend is not invited. Anyway, a bunch of silly hijinks follow, Kyotaro bonds with each of them, but he still walks away without any particular girl in mind to pursue. He notices, however, that his friends keep forgetting about the whole Shepherd business. When Kyotaro confronts Nagi about this, he soon learns that if he becomes a Shepherd, his friends will forget all about him. This same fate doesn’t seem to bother Nagi whatsoever… until she realizes that the harem lead would forget her! Oh no! So she hurries back and plants a big fat kiss on his lips, confident that he won’t remember it anyway.

The Hareming:

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0709Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0708Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0707Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0706Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0704Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0703Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0702Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai - 0701

As you can see, this show never has too much fanservice. It’s just plain dumb.

Grisaia no Kajitsu Ep. 8

Quick Summary:

We’re moving briskly through the girls, so it’s now Makina’s turn to receive Yuuji’s love, and receive it she does! Guess what? Makina is yet another rich girl that needs fixing. Not only that, her corrupt and evil mother and grandmother killed her father because he had intended to rat them out to the authorities. As such, she has daddy issues. Makina thus hands Yuuji a check for 70 million yen, and asks him to be her father. After the initial shock wears off, he eventually accepts. But y’know, most dads don’t teach their daughters how to fight (by creepily pinning her to the ground). Most dads don’t teach their daughters how to snipe either. And most dads definitely don’t do this to their daughters. And the entire, Yuuji has this satisfied smile on his face, because he’s really proud of his lil’ girl. But other than this, the entire episode is a bore. He takes her to see his Master’s gravestone. Then he promises to protect her and love her and never ever leave her! But when she literally witnesses her half-sister get assassinated — our haremette just happened to be nearby — Yuuji gets more than he bargained for when he learns that his next job is to assassinate Makina. Hoo boy! The twists and turns of Grisaia no Kajitsu! Watch as we zoom slowly into this meronpan! Oh, the drama! The subtext! The poignancy!

The Hareming:

Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0822 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0821 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0820Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0816Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0811 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0812 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0810Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0806 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0808 Grisaia no Kajitsu - 0802

Gee, another anime in which the harem lead gets to put himself in a position of power over a young and emotionally vulnerable girl? Who would’ve thought?!

Madan no Ou to Vanadis Ep. 8

Quick Summary:

This episode was pretty un-haremlike. Right off the bat, Elen leaves Tigre’s side, because she has something urgent to attend to. Roland also leaves the hero’s side to seek an audience with the king. Unfortunately, he is assassinated by bees. Yes, bees. He also dies standing. I don’t even know what to say about that. Tigre has nothing but Roland’s mighty sword to remember him by. Ah, memories… The rest of the episode deals with Tigre’s exploits against the Mouzinel army, but like most anime series, this show is unable to make war seem even remotely interesting. C’mon, are you really trying to tell me that the opposing army is actually fooled by what literally amounts to a bunch of scarecrows? What (sometimes) works on birds literally works on these soldiers as well? Then an opposing general dies because he literally does nothing as Tigre shoots an arrow right at his head. Sure, he didn’t think Tigre could hit a target from so far away, but why wouldn’t you at least take the proper precautions anyway?! What kind of general is this? Anyway, despite Tigre’s best efforts, he still finds himself up against an insurmountable army. That’s when Ludmila suddenly shows up out of nowhere to protect the harem lead. All in all, however, this has been a pretty uneventful couple of weeks for Madan no Ou to Vanadis.

The Hareming:

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - 0810Madan no Ou to Vanadis - 0809Madan no Ou to Vanadis - 0801

I included the last screenshot only because it is butt ugly.

Trinity Seven Ep. 7

Quick Summary:

Just take a gander at the following passage:

“This is the secret technique of Acedia. It’s Baal Peor, the Last Crest that the founder of Logos Art, the mage Pythagoras, developed. It takes complete measurements of all occurrences, and drastically slows down time for everything other than myself.”

Yaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwn. Anyway, all you need to know is that Arata manages to defeat Liese by eating “all of her demon lord element” — whatever that means — but the girl is nevertheless trapped in the time dimension. Oh, what a pity. Quick. We must save her. She’s such a great character. Then, uh, some evil mages are finally “making their move.” Yep, good story. No, wait… great story.

The Hareming:

Trinity Seven - 0701 Trinity Seven - 0702 Trinity Seven - 0703 Trinity Seven - 0704 Trinity Seven - 0705 Trinity Seven - 0706 Trinity Seven - 0707 Trinity Seven - 0708 Trinity Seven - 0709 Trinity Seven - 0710 Trinity Seven - 0711 Trinity Seven - 0712 Trinity Seven - 0713 Trinity Seven - 0714 Trinity Seven - 0715

Ushinawareta Mirai no Motomete Ep. 8

Quick Summary:

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Yui steals the bear to prevent Kaori from ever losing it in the first place. Lo and behold, Sou gives her another bear. Yui keeps taking Sou aside to remind him to worry about Kaori’s feelings. This only makes Kaori think that Yui and Sou have a thing for each other. And as you can see, despite Yui’s best efforts, Kaori still manages to get herself killed anyway. Hell, it’s almost like she wants to die. Instead of just talking to the person she loves, she spends most of the episode moping. Even after she confesses her feelings to Sou, she sees him and Yui talking in a hallway, so she jumps to conclusions. She doesn’t even fight for the guy she loves. She just gives up. Who would want to get with a girl like that? But that’s not even the worst part. What goddamn high schooler is dumb enough to not check the road before diving headfirst after a stupid key holder? A stupid key holder that probably costs 500 yen at most! So we can sit here and pretend as though we’re super sad to see Kaori die, but honestly, she deserves the Darwin Award.

The Hareming:

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete - 0807

There was nothing particularly haremtastic about this week’s episode. Hell, the girls are all trying to fix the harem lead up with Kaori anyway. Honestly, Airi seems like the one with the least amount of baggage, but maybe that’s only because she’s hardly received any character development. Still, Kaori is just so annoying and pathetic in her passiveness. What were they thinking when they picked the childhood friend to focus on? Oh well… Here, just marvel at the anime’s inability to animate mouths correctly in the screenshot above.

Week 8’s Poll

16 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Harem Hill, Week 8: Listen to the cat

  1. wuhugm

    I don’t like this format at all, it’s just like summary from wikipedia or something
    return to the deep and detailed previous format please, I’m here for your thoughts and sarcasms, not for these half assed paragraphs

  2. PTS

    Are we getting a glimpse of the future of incest in anime? Is father/daughter forbidden love the horrifying next step for the medium?

    1. E Minor Post author

      Is father/daughter forbidden love the horrifying next step for the medium?

      I’m pretty sure we’ve reached this lowpoint before.

        1. E Minor Post author

          It’ll probably never reach that point, because the target audience for these shows still sees itself as a bunch of children.

  3. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    While I do prefer your more slow-tearing of these shows, I can’t say that this format doesn’t have its upsides. It’s still the same ol’ Harem Hill so congrats on keeping the spirit of things while streamlining, mate. Just don’t ever become Ubisoft or EA and “streamline” too far, ay? haha

    Grisaia no Kajitsu Ep. 8
    “You have now leveled up from ‘Oniichan’ to ‘Papa’ status”
    WHAT?! HAhaha! I would be freaking out if I got a text like that from a girl I knew…
    …who knew where I lived…
    …and had easy access to restraining and/or sharp objects.
    _No but really, aside from that wrestling move, everything was creepy to the furthest extent you can go without just plunging into “shrill-screaming, eye-bleeding” territory.

    Madan no Ou to Vanadis Ep. 8
    I’m proud you didn’t go for the easy Nicholas Cage joke here. Well done, mate. haha
    “C’mon, are you really trying to tell me that the opposing army is actually fooled by what literally amounts to a bunch of scarecrows?”
    It wouldn’t be the first time that this kind of trick worked even in real life. However, the dummies are usually set up and/or utilized in the dead of knight or at least when the lightening isn’t good enough to tell the “massive army” is just a bunch of stick figures.
    _Also that general was an idiot. ha

    Trinity Seven: Dude the succession of pics you chose for THE HAREMING was priceless especially here. Cracked up out loud. Haha

    “So we can sit here and pretend as though we’re super sad to see Kaori die, but honestly, she deserves the Darwin Award.”
    HAhaha That’s fucked up, mate. Fucked up but true.

    Anyway, I’m tossing my vote in with “Bury the Suicidal Girl/Molest the Daughter Surrogate”. It’s the most entertaining to mock so in that respect it doesn’t suck, but then again if this show didn’t exist then maybe the same budget and team could have created, I don’t know, something that didn’t assault our brain cells with box-cutters.

    1. E Minor Post author

      WHAT?! HAhaha! I would be freaking out if I got a text like that from a girl I knew…

      I’d freak out even if a girl just wanted to call me oniichan.

      Grisaia no Kajitsu might be the most entertaining to mock, but I still think Trinity Seven is the worst anime of the bunch.

  4. Pia

    I enjoyed more your last format, I could take 30 minutes to read it completely at my leisure and laugh like a kid, but I agree that’s was too heavy, and most people don’t like to read that much and as a result the poll would be affected.
    Anyway this week was a silly one, Vanadis is still my favorite of the pack, Roland dying by bees was too priceless, Cage’s viral scene repeated itself in my mind endlessly, also Tigre’s tactics weren’t terrible but everything went too smooth for him, he didn’t feel the need to use his magic bow power and still won the skirmishes, even so this episode was surprisingly pleasant episode to sit through.

    – So, now is Makina’s turn to mend, the most boring of the bunch, and she’s gonna get at least 2 episodes in this adaptation, she’s so boring that we’re learning more about the Gary Stu than her, also this new relationship between her and the harem lead is sickening, that twist at the end was too predictable as well as its result, you’ve to be too naive to even think the possibility of papa killing his loli.

    – Trinity Seven keeps sinking in its awfulness, now Arata has a partner and of course is a loli, every demon king need one after all, every battle was lame, they lack of any sense of urgency, they just stand there talking dragging the episode, filling it with low quality fanservice, boring exposition, lousy jokes and 2 or 3 poor action scenes, this show doesn’t have any redeeming quality, is not even unintentionally funny.


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