Winter 2015 Anime Preview: I hope you like light novel adaptations…

winter season

I haven’t really decided if I want to continue blogging in 2015, but if I do, here’s a quick look at what the following season will in store for us. You might want to brace yourself, however, because it doesn’t look promising. And because I’m not terribly excited to watch any of these shows, I’m not even going to bother separating them into tiers. We’ll just go through them alphabetically. And oh yeah, if any new show pops up, I’ll edit them to the list.

absolute duo
Absolute Duo

Studio: 8-Bit
PV: Here

Synopsis: The main character recently lost someone important to him. I just hope it’s not his cousin… Our main character then enrolls in a special school in order to get stronger. Gee, that also sounds familiar. The only twist here is that his special ability is defensive. He can, uh, conjure up a shield instead of a weapon. Big whoop.

Will I Blog It? It’s the same shit over and over again. You should not be surprised, therefore, to learn that this is an adaptation of a light novel series. Y’know, what if there aren’t even actual writers behind these stories? What if there’s just a very clever ad lib program cranking these novels out? Anyway, is there anything else you should know about this show? Well, it smells like a harem, so I’ll probably end up covering  it one way or the other. Also, the adaptation is being handled by the wonderful folks at 8-Bit, the same people behind Infinite Stratos and Grisaia no Kajitsu. Nice.

aldnoah zero 2
Aldnoah.Zero 2

Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Synopsis: The great Slaine debate continues. And oh yeah, there’s a war between Earth and Mars, but if you haven’t watched the first season, don’t get your hopes up. Trust me, the story only sounds impressive on paper.

Will I Blog It? I was quite critical of the first season, but it wasn’t the worst show out there. It was actually quite easy to write about, and I expect the second season to be more of the same. Even if Inaho somehow magically survived the first season, I never minded him as much as some of my readers seemed to. In fact, I preferred him to Slaine. Yeah, I said it. Slaine is creepy.

Ansatsu KyoushitsuAnsatsu Kyoushitsu
Studio: Brain’s Base
PV: Here

Synopsis: Something about a bunch of students trying to kill their homeroom teacher. Apparently, he’s a supervillain who has already destroyed the moon. You’re probably wondering why a supervillain would want to teach a high school classroom, but hey, if the man can destroy the moon, you let the man do what he wants.

Will I Blog It? It might be fun to watch, but I probably won’t blog it. It doesn’t look I would have much to say about the show.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Studio: Diomedea
PV: Here

Synopsis: Five bishies in a club work together with some cutesy mascot to help protect the world.

Will I Blog It? Unless it’s absolutely hilarious, which is unlikely, I won’t watch this show at all. I’m sure some people will find it subversive to have five hot guys pretend to be mahou shoujos, but I think it’s gimmicky.

Death Parade
Death Parade

Studio: Madhouse

Synopsis: It’s hard to explain. All I can really say is that two individuals will find themselves playing the game of their lives in a mysterious bar. But seriously, you should just watch the amazing OVA. If you have, you might be interested in reading my post about it.

Will I Blog It? Oh God, I would love to watch this show. Unfortunately, I can’t find any confirmation on when it’s airing. I honestly don’t expect it to be ready by the winter season, but I’ll just hope for the best. And yes, I’m including the show on this list because I want to watch it that badly. C’mon, just look at the rest of this list. There’s nothing else to watch.

Dog Days
Dog Days”

Studio: Seven Arcs

Synopsis: Uh, a generic shounen somehow finds himself in a world full of furries. I don’t know, I barely watched the first season. I just know it was dumb.

Will I Blog It? Not a chance.

Durarara!!x2 ShouDurarara!!x2 Shou
Studio: Studio Shuka
PV: Here

Synopsis: I honestly don’t know. I didn’t stick with the first season, because I found it boring after five episodes. And back then, I didn’t take blogging seriously enough to force myself to watch the show anyway. I just know it had a gigantic cast, which included a headless rider who was nevertheless a hot anime babe from the neck down. Other than that, I have not the faintest clue what the story is even about.

Will I Blog It? I’m not inclined to, but I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide for me. If you do vote for me to cover the second season, however, I’ll have to marathon the first season over the holidays. I’ll just have to find the dubs to borrow…

Studio: Arms

Synopsis: Dude takes a part time housekeeping job to make money, but ends up running around with some girl to capture dangerous creatures. She’s an exorcist or something. And you can bet your ass there’s going to be shrine maidens in this anime. We fucking love shrine maidens. I bet it’s also a harem, too. And I’ll be shocked if the blonde heroine isn’t tsundere.

Will I Blog It? The story sounds pretty generic. Plus, Arms hasn’t had a great track record (Wizard Barristers, Brynhildr in the Darkness), so this will likely be terrible adaptation. I’ll blog it if I’m still doing Harem Hill, but other than that… eh.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust CrusadersJoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders 2
Studio: David Production

Synopsis: The eternal struggle against Dio.

Will I Blog It? Nah, JoJo’s not for me. I just can’t get into it.

junketsu no maria
Junketsu no Maria

Studio: Production I.G

Synopsis: A witch during the Hundred Years’ War tries to prevent needless bloodshed, but for some reason, this annoys the heavens. Anyway, Maria is forbidden from using her magic in public. And, uh, if she loses her virginity, she’ll also lose her powers. That sounds kind of messed up…

Will I Blog It? The guy who wrote this also wrote Moyashimon, so there’s that. The director is also pretty well known, too; he’s been in charge of some pretty popular series (Code Geass, Planetes). The premise doesn’t excite me, though. It’s just so unremarkable. A beautiful angel has to watch over Maria. Okay? Then what? Where’s the excitement? Ah well, I’ll likely be covering the show. I just hope it doesn’t dabble in any sort of sex-shaming since Maria’s virginity is involved and everything.

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Studio: Diomedea

Synopsis: Guess what? The world is threatened by dragons. Guess what else? Girls are suddenly born with dragon powers. They are also known as “D.” Yes, just “D.” Nope, nope, don’t you even think about making that shitty joke. Aaaaaaanyways, get ready for this shocker: the hero is the world’s only known male “D.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T YOU DARE MAKE THAT JOKE. Anyway, he enrolls in a girls-only school and sees a girl naked. Wow, I haven’t seen this anime trope in a long, long time!

Will I Blog It? Sounds like a shitty harem anime. Wait, no, it sounds like every other shitty harem anime. And surprise, surprise, it’s a light novel adaptation. How do these books even make money? Who on earth is buying them? Anyway, the Campione! director is on the job, so hopefully, we’ll get some cringeworthy love-making session to laugh at.

Kamisama Hajimemashita◎

Studio: TMS Entertainment
PV: Here

Synopsis: Better known as Kamisama Kiss. The heroine basically becomes one of Japan’s many deities, and as such, she has a hot fox guy as a familiar. Naturally, they have that classic hot-and-cold relationship that we all know and love (nope).

Will I Blog It? Uh, I never finished the first season, but it wasn’t exactly the worst shoujo ever. And hell, it’ll probably be a huge step up from this season’s Wolf Girl and Black Prince. The chances are thus decentish that I’ll probably cover this show. Gotta watch at least one shoujo a season, right?

Kantai Collection
Kantai Collection: Kan Colle

Studio: Diomedea
PV: Here

Synopsis: Ship girls. Enough said.

Will I Blog It?

shake my head

Koufuku Graffiti
Koufuku Graffiti

Studio: Shaft
PV: Here

Synopsis: A girl in junior high likes to cook. She makes friends through cooking. The meal scenes will apparently be “slightly erotic,” whatever that means. Of course, the fact that these girls are in junior high has never and will never deter anyone.

Will I Blog It? I like cooking. I really do. I think of it as an art. I even own every cookbook written that Thomas Keller has ever written. But ugh, they couldn’t possibly make this anime appeal to me any less, could they? First, the PV sends slice-of-life shivers down my back. Pachelbel’s Canon? Just kill me now. Then to make things worse, the characters are all in junior high, so they probably won’t even cook anything that I’ll find remotely interesting. They’ll also probably have nothing interesting to say. I mean, I could be wrong, but I doubt it! I really, really doubt it! Finally, the screenplay is by… Mari Okada… Nope, not gonna do it. Not gonna do it.

Kuroko's Basketball 0114Kuroko no Basket 3
Studio: Production I.G

Synopsis: Heh, this is an anime about basketball.

Will I Blog It? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I haven’t been following the anime, so it’s probably not a wise idea, huh? Tell me what you think, guys. Should I or shouldn’t I? I know you hardcore Kuroko no Basket fans are out there.

Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata
Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Synopsis: Something about an otaku teaming up with a bunch of hot girls to form a doujin circle. Sure. That sounds likely.

Will I Blog It? In all likelihood, this is probably just more wish fulfillment bullshit. And yes, it’s a light novel adaptation. I’ll check it out a couple of episodes, because I’ll always give new shows a chance, but yeah, this list is really depressing.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break
Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Studio: Diomedea

Synopsis: The story takes place at a fancy high school (of course). The main character is special (of course). Do you really need to know more? Uh, the hero and his buddies are called “saviors,” because they have the ability to recall stuff from their past lives. Amazing. Just amazing.

Will I Blog It? Goddamn, how many shows are Diomedea doing this season? And they all look terrible, too. The protagonist here is probably just another run-of-the-mill Gary Stu who can do it all. Is there even anything remotely interesting about this show? Probably not.

Sengoku Musou
Sengoku Musou

Studio: Tezuka Productions

Synopsis: Just one of those anime about samurais and feudal lords. There’s a series of games out there by the same name, but I’ve never played them. Are they any good?

Will I Blog It? I have absolutely no interest in the anime’s time period, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass.

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha
Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha

Studio: Production IMS
PV: Here

Synopsis: Dude’s father is like, “Yo, do you want an imouto?” C’mon, pawpaw, do you really have to ask? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want an imouto! As a result, the dude’s father remarries and brings back with him not one but two sexy imoutos for the main character to play with. Man, what a bro! Not only that, the father then instantly disappears overseas! What. A. Bro. And to top it all off, the two girls are actually a novice devil and a succubus respectively. Yes, this is a light novel adaptation. Why do you ask?

Will I Blog It?

kill me

Shounen Hollywood Holly Stage for 50
Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 50

Studio: ZEXCS

Synopsis: Hot bishies undergo training to become idols.

Will I Blog It? Yeah, that tiny picture is all I’ve got. Anyway, I once heard someone say that Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49 was actually pretty good. And it had subtext. Well, everything has subtext, but I’m still not going to watch this show.

Soukyuu no Fafner Dead Aggressor - Exodus
Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus

Studio: Xebec Zwei
PV: Here

Synopsis: Something about children piloting mechas against giant aliens. Not only that, the rest of the world wants to steal our heroes’ mecha technology or something?

Will I Blog It? The trailer looks interesting. It certainly sets the right mood. There’s just two problems. First, this is a sequel. Hell, I haven’t even heard of this anime. I’m kind of interested in the anime, but who wants to be completely lost, right? This is a solvable problem, though. I could simply watch the movie over the winter break. Problem solved, right? Well, here’s the other dilemma: it’s written by Tow Ubukata. I’ve watched Mardock Scramble, and I’m currently watching Psycho-Pass 2. Let’s just say I’m not Ubukata’s biggest fan. Will the third time be the charm? Eh… unlikely. And oh yeah, Xebec hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire either.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes TD
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes TD

Studio: J.C. Staff

Synopsis: Four girls play at being detectives. The weirdos in this show also have superpowers called Toys, which our heroines will then use to solve crimes and whatnot.

Will I Blog It? A while back, adaywithoutme tried to convince me that the original Tantei Opera Milky Holmes was worth watching. I’ve been burned once. I won’t be burned again.

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Synopsis: Just more idol bullshit.

Will I Blog It? Unless its horror-related, I will never watch anything involving idols, male or female.

The Rolling GirlsThe Rolling Girls
Studio: Wit Studio
PV: Here

Synopsis: In the future, Japan has fragmented into a bunch of small nations, and of course, these nations want to conquer each other. Enter these four cute girls. They’re so cute, they can mediate conflicts. As such, they will travel up and down the former island nation, making sure tempers don’t flare too much. The power of moe will literally prevent wars, you guys. Maybe moe doesn’t suck after all–… nah.

Will I Blog It? So while you guys are patiently waiting for the next Attack on Titan series, Wit Studio has lovingly decided to give you guys… this… whatever this is.

Tokyo Ghoul - 1206Tokyo Ghoul 2
Studio: Studio Pierrot
PV: Here

Synopsis: Ken’s probably going to wreck some people’s shit.

Will I Blog It? Even though I thought the first season was a decent anime overall, I’m not really that excited to watch the sequel. If the story continues along the lines of a psychological thriller, then yeah, the show has great potential. If, however, it devolves into a shounen slugfest, then thanks but no thanks. Unless the execution is near-perfect, that’s just not my thing.

Yoru no Yatterman
Yoru no Yatterman

Studio: Tatsunoko Productions

Synopsis: Our heroes will try to foil the exploits of the Doronbo gang? Something along those lines? I don’t know, I don’t know much about the Yatterman series.

Will I Blog It? I never watched the previous Yatterman anime series and movies, so I don’t really know what to expect here. I just heard that the previous iterations were comedies. All I can really do is watch a couple of episodes and decide for myself if the show’s worth writing about.

Yuri Kuma Arashi
Yuri Kuma Arashi

Studio: Silver Link
PV: Here

Synopsis: A plain girl meets a strange, new transfer student, and as result, her life is turned upside down. And oh yeah, the story has something to do with bears. Shrug.

Will I Blog It? Oh… Oooooooh. That’s why someone asked me if I was going to watch this show. It’s written and directed by Ikuhara! ‘Cause honestly, the premise sounds pretty lame. And although the PV seems visually interesting, it also doesn’t tell me anything about the story and its characters. But Ikuhara, man, Ikuhara! Actually, I’m not a fanboy. I enjoyed Mawaru Penguindrum, but even though every bloggers out there can’t seem to shut up about Utena, it never really appealed to me. What does this say about Yuri Kuma Arashi. We’ll see, I guess. I’m not terribly excited, though.

As for the shows that will carry over from the fall, I’ll still be writing about the following:

Akatsuki no Yona
Cross Ange
Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames
Log Horizon 2
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Shirobako (sort of)

Anyway, let me knows what you guys think. What shows are you guys looking forward to, what might surprise us, what looks like a disaster, etc.

64 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Anime Preview: I hope you like light novel adaptations…

  1. Iroald

    Are you not going to continue Garo? I believe it’s been confirmed it’s going to be a 2-cour series. As for next season, I’m definitely watching Yuri Kuma Arashi and Durarara!!, and I’ll take a loot at Junketsu no Maria and Koufuku Graffiti. And if Death Parade does come out in the winter season, it’s also a must watch for me. The rest I’ll probably skip, nothing looks really interesting. Yeah, it’s not really the greatest of all seasons, but hey, not much I can do about it.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Are you not going to continue Garo? I believe it’s been confirmed it’s going to be a 2-cour series.

      Shrug, I guess I didn’t realize that it was continuing on.

  2. Paulo27

    Aside from sequels, Rolling Girls is probably the show I’m looking forward to the most and that’s only because the “Rolling” in the name makes me think they’ll travel on rollerblades or skateboards and that sounds pretty fucking cool, still cutes girls sitting on their butts all day doesn’t really insult my intelligence like all those harem shows probably will so yeah.
    Thank god for Fall is such a good season and that a good share of shows are airing during the Winter too, Winter seasons usually suck more than the rest but this one is looking particularly bad.

    1. Anonymous

      “Winter seasons usually suck more than the rest but this one is looking particularly bad”

      This. There is not a single show that I want to watch in this new season, not one. Not even Durara.

    2. E Minor Post author

      because the “Rolling” in the name makes me think they’ll travel on rollerblades or skateboards and that sounds pretty fucking cool,

      I think they’ll be on bikes.

  3. Lancelot

    “Some time ago, the asteroid Kumaria exploded in the depths of space.

    The resulting fragments became a meteor shower that rained down on Earth, and for some reason, bears all over the world rose up and attacked humanity! In “Man vs. Bear,” the bears ate the humans and the humans shot the bears, resulting in a seemingly unending battle and a cycle of hatred. In the end, a giant “Wall of Extinction” was erected between the humans and bears and a state of mutual nonaggression came to pass….

    The human world.

    One morning, Arashigaoka Academy students Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino were by themselves and saw the “Yuri Flower” that bloomed in a flower bed. The two are friends as well as lovers. The flower bed is an important place to the two. At that moment, the Bear Alarms ring out! The bears are invading the human world, and humans are being attacked! Are they really those bears? One mystery invokes yet another mystery, one after another. The curtain rises magnificently on Yuri Kuma Arashi!”

    If you are curious here is what has been added to the story if you are interested.

    1. ndqanhvn

      “Yuri flower” huh?
      Ikuhara stops being subtle about his fetish altogether heheh…
      But that is truly a depressing season. None of those anime particular sound “must watch” to me, and there’re only “midly interesting” ones. I think I would check Ikuhara’s new anime, but it’s only because I have been a fan of him since Utena.

  4. il-Palazzo

    Seriously, do the Japanese really like this “He’s the only male XXX in the world and go to all-girl XXX school” bullshit? I remember hearing the premise of Infinite Stratos for the first time and everyone’s so hyped about it and I’m like, “I like fanservice as much as the next guy but this is too insulting. I’ll pass”. Next thing I know it’s all over the goddamn place.

    As for Kuroko, I like the manga but I don’t see why you should try and cover it. It’s as generic as a sport manga can get.

    It would be nice if you cover Assassination Classroom though.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Seriously, do the Japanese really like this “He’s the only male XXX in the world and go to all-girl XXX school” bullshit?

      They do. Has to be the only reason why it keeps being reused over and over.

  5. PTS

    Maybe the Ikuhara shoaw might be good. I never saw Utena. I don’t really care about Durarara. It was never as good as Baccano and Baccano will never get a second season, ever. I hear Izaya has two hot little sisters, so you know its quality. Sidonia season 2 is coming in spring, so if you do take a break, I hope its not too long.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Sidonia season 2 is coming in spring, so if you do take a break, I hope its not too long.

      Since the first few episodes were going to be screened at the end of the next month (I think), I was hoping Sidonia would be ready by the winter. I didn’t love the show, but man, it’s still better than 90% of the stuff on this list.

  6. Valerie

    I like Kuroko’s Basketball and I am going to watch it but I don’t think a post on it would be that interesting.

    I’m looking forward to Aldnoah.Zero 2 the most. I hope the action will still be good!

    I’ll check out Koufuku Graffiti and Death Parade.

    I’ll watch Tokyo Ghoul 2 if you do posts on it. The anime was boring for me most of the time but I enjoyed reading your posts on it so that was the only reason I didn’t drop it.

    Everything else on the list tho…not watching…Looks boring.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I like Kuroko’s Basketball and I am going to watch it but I don’t think a post on it would be that interesting.

      Is that a challenge?

      1. Lim Cheng Yi

        I think u can just skip kuroko, after all, in the last few chapters of the mangas, it was just asspulls after asspull, you could watch it, but i will say, just leave your brain in a freezer and just treat it as a regular shounen anime, just with basketballs instead of fist.

  7. Akumaten (@a9ma10)

    I have to agree with “Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha’s” premise
    I’ll check out “Assasination Classroom”

  8. Killer Queen Arbee

    I wanna watch Death Parade. Mostly because I thought Death Pool/Billiards/StickhitBall was actually an interesting premise. I heard about Assassination Classroom from some dudes in tumblr, but I thought it would be something Battle Royale with a crazy killer teacher/

    Also, Sengoku Musou OVA is just some Promo Movie involving their latest incarnation of the game. Samurai Warriors is okay, though it does go all Gainaxy full-blown otaku eventually.

      1. Killer Queen Arbee

        Wait the OVA eventually got a full-Anime adaptation?

        I mean, Samurai Warriors was okay for what it was: a Japan-based Dynasty Warriors, but are they just mimicking Sengoku Basara’s marketing campaign at this point? Maybe it was more popular in Japan that I think…

  9. Caustic

    Awww yes Death Parade coming to save the day in terms of anime’s tastes. Hopefully. At least when it definitively comes out.

    Some of the shows look promising. Assassination Classroom would probably be animated like your average shounen, but the teacher is different enough to at least merit watching an episode. Aldnoah 2 should probably deliver on action. Durarara wasn’t that bad of a series (plus, same writer as Baccano!).

    Rolling Girls looks like moebait Wit Studio cooked up as a means to continue running. I ‘unno. It seriously depresses me how anime is slowly falling in terms of maturity. Noitamina switched from being a delightful block dedicated to some of the best, most lovingly crafted anime for young adults to more light and visual novel crap, and now the block’s being cut down to 30 minutes next year. The next three shows for the lineup sound interesting (one of them even has the same director and studio as AoT), but there are always going to be bad shows for Noitamina to air, so long as good directors and studios keep taking up bad eggs to work on. Like seriously, Punchline?! MAPPA, why?

  10. lost

    I’ve read a bit of the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu manga, it’s actually pretty good.

    But wow, thin pickins this season. AK and maybe the Ikuhara one are the only ones there I have any interest in at all.

  11. Gene

    Underwhelming season means more time for videogames and studying for me. Hadn’t looked into it much till this post and I also am not feeling much hype.

  12. Grayjack

    The only anime I’m really interested in watching is Milky Holmes.

    I really liked the first two seasons. Third one sucked though.

  13. Good Taste

    I’m excited for Tokyo Ghoul 2, JoJo 2 and Death Parade. I might give Maria and Yuribear a chance. It’s a good thing that Parasyte and Garo are carrying over into the winter.

  14. Roa

    Concerning Maria, the fact is that the manga was fairly short. It’s not a grand sweeping story or anything, but a relatively small one in scale. To be specific, the underlying conflict is basically the question of divine intervention and why it should or shouldn’t happen.

    The virginity issue began just as a running gag between the witch and her servants (who are, by default, more experienced or interested in sex), but as things develop it also reflects a part of the greater argument between Maria and the Angels without becoming the focus of the story. In practice, the series should mostly be comedy with a philosophical core, plus some magic action on the side.

  15. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    ” Death Parade” seems like it’ll be 2015

    But either way YES
    YEEEES I would love to watch a series with this kind of quality and well done ambiguity!

    Aside from that everything is pretty “meh”. Whatever you choose, mate.
    Though to be more helpful, I’d say Sengoku Musou would have been interesting if only because, outside of DoA, KoeiTecmo games (the company that owns the rights to the series) does some pretty good characterization and has some interesting, if at least entertaining, writing.
    _Since that’s off the table, though, I guess I’d say Kantai Collection: Kan Colle is the next best thing. The historical accuracy in this series is amazing and all of the characters are so richly written that you genuinely feel bad when their pantsu get blown off. Honestly, E Minor, you’d be missing out on something amazing by not looking into this seriously well done work. On your death bed a hundred years from now, as old age is slipping you from this world, you’ll remember this show and think: “What could have been?”

    And seriously what the fuck is up with these light novels? Is it Japan’s version of the West’s stagnated Romance Novel industry?
    -“To Love, To Grow” – Sara becomes maid to a wealthy family until the secret agent son of the wealthy house, Fabio, must rescue her from the invading army of werewolves, and though her love for him grows with each passing heave of his chiseled chest, he remains distant from her for fear of her discovering his dark secret.
    -“Moe Kyun~ Baka-sama!!” – Sasuke enrolls in a high school owned by a wealthy family until his secret agent/demi-god classmates and the mysterious tsundere daughter of the wealthy house, Akane, must help him rescue them from the invading army of demons, and though his jittery palms grow sweaty for his slew of female heroines with each passing heave of their buxom chests, Akane in particular remains distant from him for fear of him discovering their dark secret.

  16. Anonymous

    Man this is depressing. Maybe I’m getting too old for anime. Its all teenage pandering shit.

    I liked Death Billard. Will give it a shot.

  17. Pia

    Like you, I’m not really thrilled by any of this, but I’ll be checking out Absolute Duo since I somewhat read the LN and as you guessed, is a really bad formulaic harem, sadly this will be my first experience watching an anime based on a LN after seeing its source material, aside from that I’ll watch Death Parade, Aldnoah Zero 2, Tokyo Ghoul 2(I’m not too keen of this one because my friend told me that this will be an “anime original” sequel…) Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, and maybe a harem or 2, not very exciting season indeed but winter is always like this: cold/lukewarm, so I’m not surprised.

  18. exof954

    Well, aside from Kuroko 3 and Durarara!! 2 I’m not really interested. If I get through the Jojo manga, I may watch that too. I was originally interested in the Assassination Classroom manga, but then I read it. It has a really cool idea with the alien, but they do it in the worst way possible. Watch two episodes and you’ll see what I mean.
    (Please blog Kuroko I need someone who laughs at it as much as I do! ((And loves Aomine.)) )

  19. fgfdfh

    Fafner is actually a pretty well received anime among the few who watches it. From what I can gather, it has a similar premise to evangelion with much more of teenage angst. The watch order is TV series-> movie, both are important.

    1. flamerounin

      Yeah, for what’s its story had, Fafner was really good and was one of the better releases Xebec did. It even had a decent family drama element that is a bit rare when it comes to mecha anime. And for a series made in 2004, it had better character animation than Argevollen currently has. Also, looks like they are using the better quality animation style of the movie for this sequel.

  20. Mira

    Ahem. I wouldn’t mind you blogging Kuroko no Basket S3, some of the end results in some games are infuriating but it’s also kinda fun. The new antagonists get more and more evil. (So yeah, that’s a resounding pls blog Kuroko)

  21. Mira

    Also, about Shounen Hollywood. I still think it was a legitimately good show. Everyone has an existential crisis and the idol system exploits that. It was definitely interesting to watch imo.

  22. The Real Sugoi Sugoi

    Next season is going to be utter shit, as has been generally the case throughout much of the past several years.

    Just play some video games and blog them. Considering how entertaining your writing becomes when the story of what you’re examining is nonsensical shit, I suggest the following games:

    1. Final Fantasy 13
    2. Watch Dogs
    3. Destiny

  23. A Day Without Me

    Calling me out by name? How cruel! It isn’t my fault you can’t appreciate fine art like Milky Holmes!

    I’m impressed with the skirt physics of that second imouto oin the dad-gives-son-imoutos show. Didn’t know skirts could work like that!

    Shounen Hollywood is decently subversive buuuut its also pretty boring. I watched five episodes of it and appreciated what it was trying to do but was too bored to keep watching anyway.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I’m impressed with the skirt physics of that second imouto oin the dad-gives-son-imoutos show. Didn’t know skirts could work like that!

      Well, she’s a succubus. She probably has special succubus powers.

  24. exoticflute274

    I hope you blog Kuroko just because it’s absolutely obnoxious in the best kind of way. I mean, there’s super speed, super hang time, super invisibility, precognition, laser eyes, casual bending of space-time continuum, unnecessary commentary, shocked audience faces, more unnecessary commentary, tiny heads on huge bodies, it’s raining sweat, dramatic music, dramatic motion lines, freeze frames, freeze frames…A HEFTY ABUNDANCE OF GODDAMN FREEZE FRAMES…have I convinced you yet?

      1. Anonymous

        I had a bit of a feeling. The way that you rejected the idea of blogging it offhandedly like that made it seem like you were uninterested, too. But if you decide to take a look, I’d love to hear what you had to think about it. I may have been completely off the mark.

  25. Aqua

    Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is actually one of my favorite mangas right now, so I’m looking forward to that, but there’s not much else on here I plan on seriously following other than maybe Tokyo Ghoul

  26. sonicsenryaku

    Supposedly this second season of tokyo ghoul is anime original so im looking forward to exactly how the writers plan on expanding the lore. Sui Ishida is said to be working on this anime original route so if anything, it should be interesting to see what the direction of this season will be

  27. Anonymous

    Oh, man. That’s some slim pickings if I’ve ever seen them.
    Really the only shows that don’t either make me gag or brush off are Fafner, JoJo and The Rolling Girls.

    Juuou Mujin no Fafnir just looks… embarrassing. Just everything about it. The art especially, just the overwhelmingly generic eroge-ness of it. I can’t believe that character design is STILL being used. But I doubt that all ten people that’ll be watching it regardless will care anyway.

    Wow, are the people behind World Break even TRYING? Everything about the show sounds and looks like one of those shitty parody made-up anime that show up in Genshiken. Also a battle-anime, great, because those are always filled with quality. The cheese and hamminess is just gushing outward. I’m expecting TVTropes in having a good time with this.
    Okay, thanks obligatory pink-haired girl love interest for basically being a shitty version of Saber. Give her back the sword you tart.

    Shinmai Maou… How much of a delusional virgin do you have to be to write something this creepy and desperate? Also, this show will probably go head-to-head with World Break on just how cliché and trope-tastic it will be. Oh yay, special arm with sword, I can’t wait to see how generic this gets.
    Lemme guess: evil force needing to get bent over and spanked by generic Harem Lead and his archetypical Battle Harem. Yeah, this was written by a computer using an algorithm of the past decade’s worth of basically identical stories.

    Well as least there are some new shows to laugh at.

  28. BoyTitan

    Only 2 animes to watch this season and the series based off of death billards may not even come out. So really 1. Wait may be 3 Think i will give the first season of Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor a look.

  29. Aronymous

    Ansatsu Kyoushitsu isn’t as stupid as it sounds in the description, but that’s only my opinion. Hopefully, the anime won’t be a mess of the manga. I’d enjoy it if you could give it a shot, but you don’t have to.

    Also, Death Billiards thing, I haven’t heard of before, but it sounds interesting. Is it based off of something, and do you know where can I watch/read it?

  30. Flawfinder

    I remember finding your blog through Durarara because it was THE big anime at the time when I was getting back into Anime Nano. I saw you didn’t like it, read some of your other posts, and avoided you up until the Kamisama no Memochou days. Yeah, that was a very different time.

        1. E Minor Post author

          But seriously, back then, I wanted to foster discussions as much as possible, people to see me as a serious and smart blogger, give every anime a fair shaaaaake, etc. Now, I’m just myself.

  31. Kentford

    “In fact, I preferred him to Slaine. Yeah, I said it. Slaine is creepy.”
    Sir, you understand my feeling.

    And I agree that next season doesn’t look so… tempting.
    But I’d rather see you blog at least 1 episode of Kancolle tho, just to see how’s your preference towards this so called ship-girls anime (since you didn’t blog Arpeggio last year)

  32. Anonymous

    With the exception of Tokyo ghoul season 2, Death parade and Jojo’s bizarre adventure, i won’t be watching any of this trash. The winter 2015 anime season is filled with otakupandering,contrived,cliche,horribly written,moeblob,ecchi,loli,and harem trash. It seems like these studios keeping pumping out generic anime, one after another.

  33. Anonymous

    Man, I can’t wait until that guy from Absolute Duo sticks his defense shield up the loli’s butt. Lolololololol


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