Akame ga Kill! Ep. 22: “Akame ga Feel” is still the funniest thing I’ve heard all season

Akame ga Kill! - 2218

I guess Mine did die at the end of last week’s episode. I forgot for a second that the adaptation is rushing to get everything wrapped up for the anime original ending. But like I’ve said in last week’s comment thread, I just find this incredibly stupid. Basically, the team exchanged both Mine and Susanoo for the bland shounen hero. Good trade, you guys. Good trade. Anyway, onto the rest of the notes…

— Look, man, it’s too difficult to draw sad eyes, okay? Just slap a black gradient on their faces and call it a day.

— Yo, that’s what I just asked! Do you want to write this post for me?

— Najenda gives the flimsy excuse that they had to stop the public execution in order to protect everyone’s morale. Uh-huh. I’m sure that’s what Mine was thinking, too.

— There’s nothing to really talk about here. The show had all season to make us care for these characters. It didn’t. So at the moment, we’re just going through the motions. Mine barely had any character development. Susanoo had even less character development. So the surviving members can look sad all they want, but it doesn’t matter. The emotional weight of the scene simply doesn’t come across.

Akame ga Kill! - 2203

— It’s a pity, too, ’cause this is a decent-looking shot. It’s not brilliant, but it actually looks nice for an anime like Akame ga Kill! It’s just too bad it’s completely wasted, because the show has no solid emotional foundation.

— Wave grudgingly admits that most of the civilians are in favor of the rebel army. Run even says that the kingdom won’t last much longer. So what are these two waiting for? Why are they still staying on this sinking ship? Well, I think it’s obvious: Wave is not a good person. After all, this is his stupid response: “Are we, the Jaegers, really okay with this?” Forget the Jaegers, man. How can you be okay with this?

— Run claims he joined the Jaegers to change the kingdom from the inside. That’s hilarious. I’ll join Hitler to gently guide him back to the light! I mean, he’s smart enough to realize that the kingdom is rotten, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an accomplice. Everyone’s going to be like, “SO DO YOU THINK AMERICAN SENATORS ARE BAD PEOPLE TOO BECAUSE AMERICA HAS DONE BAD STUFF?!” C’mon, don’t be so simple-minded. The empire in this anime is clearly and blatantly evil. Hell, it’s comically evil. The bad guys rape and kill their own civilians just for fun. There’s literally no hope of changing it from the inside or any other froufrou shit Run wants to come up with. You’re just insulting your own intelligence if you make that ridiculous comparison.

— What a slow episode, though. After weeks and weeks of exploitative violence with hardly any thought or meaningful introspection from any of the show’s characters, they now want to really to slow things down and talk about their thoughts and feelings? It’s ludicrous. It’s almost schizophrenic. Even in its final moments, the show doesn’t know what it wants to be.

Akame ga Kill! - 2204

— Immediately after Esdeath kills some random people, the anime zooms in on her bouncing breasts. Stay classy, guys. She then praises Tatsumi for escaping death “in that dire situation.” It’s funny ’cause he didn’t do anything. Night Raid sacrificed two lives for his sorry ass, but Esdeath is too blinded by love to see otherwise. Her character has always been about admiring strength, so it’s just amusing to see her be this delusional.

Naw, dude… naw… Even the prime minister agrees as much. He’s just like, “Yo, let’s be cruel to the people,” and the rest of the emperor’s advisers just go along with it because they’re idiots, wimps, or both.

— Anyway, Kurome’s about to die soon, so she’s going to, uh, try and kill Akame anyway. There’s so much love in this family. She’s also going to do this by writing a secret message to Akame on some poor sap’s dead and mutilated body. Sheesh.

— Naturally, Akame accepts the challenge simply because it’s personal. I mean, sure, the success of the revolution continues to hang in the balance, but I really must make sure I take out my dying sister with my own hands. Stop trying to hold me back, Tatsumi!

— No, Tatsumi, you don’t understand! She has to respect her imouto’s wishes! Her evil, murderous imouto’s wishes!

Akame ga Kill! - 2209

— So the sisters meet up at some dilapidated church to do battle. But right before the blades come out, Kurome has the decency to offer Akame some of her Pocky. And what did Akame bring? Nothing. Pfft, some onee-chan she turned out to be…

— The two sisters then sit in the pews and awkwardly feed us exposition. We had no relatives! Raised as assassins! Why are they recapping their stories to each other? Obviously, they’re recapping their stories to us, but you’re not supposed to be this blatant about it.

— So the fight begins, but not only that, Kurome demands to know why Akame had betrayed not just her but their squad as well. Sure, this is a good discussion to have. But why are we having it now? I just find it hard to believe that neither of them have had a talk about this until now. Maybe they have. Maybe Kurome just wants to rehash old arguments for the audience’s sake, but then that makes it even worse. ‘Cause again, you’re not supposed to be this blatant about it. I think the person in charge of the screenplay, however, threw in the towel a long time ago.

— Kurome’s logic is hilarious anyway. She couldn’t abandon her squad because her comrades had given up their lives for the mission. And yet, it’s okay to kill random people indiscriminately. C’mon, don’t half-ass her evilness. Don’t try to give her a flimsy excuse to stay with the empire. It just makes her sound dumb.

— But for some reason, we can’t even have a straightforward duel to the death. Some Danger Beast has to awaken and join the fray. I guess Nautilus will take any work he can get, because he’s such a terrible jungle pick these days.

Akame ga Kill! - 2212

— Akame even saves her evil sister and everything. Awwww… I know you’re a murderous fool who thought it would be a good idea to jump directly at an armored behemoth with your tiny katana, but you’re still my precious imouto!

— We get to watch this farce where the two sisters work together one last time to overcome this new and sudden challenger. The whole thing barely takes up a minute before Akame and Kurome are at each other’s throats yet again. I don’t know why the story even bothered. Just to show us that they work well together even though they’re enemies? Who gives a shit?

— Wave just has to butt his stupid head into the fight and protect his girl. As a result, Tatsumi pops in out of nowhere, too. It’s like we have nothing better to do. Revolutionary army about to storm the capital any day now? Meh, this is more important. They have to overcome their pasts, y’all.

— So after the umpteenth distraction, Akame finally gets to kill her sister. C’mon, Akame wasn’t going to die here. When millions of lives are at stake, this battle was really just a giant waste of time.

— I guess we’re supposed to feel bad for Wave or something, but he’s an evil idiot.

Akame ga Kill! - 2216

— That cry from Akame at the end… uhh… awkward…

— It appears that the boy emperor will climb into this thing to crush some rebel fools. I wonder why Honest doesn’t just do it himself.

16 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill! Ep. 22: “Akame ga Feel” is still the funniest thing I’ve heard all season

  1. Chakraborty

    This episode made me facepalm myself harder than any episode previous to it.The number of tired cliches and awkward executions was just too many to count. Firstly. did they just forget about Lubba the Wire Dude? He did take out the minister’s son-the same guy who talked shit down to Esdeath, transported Esdeath through space AND time and what? Not a single word of sorrow. But Mine…who went on and on about fucking Paampkin and Piinchi in every episode–she gets the black gradient of sorrow? Talk about disproportionate love for your characters.

    Why the hell is Wave even in this show? He got bitch slapped by Susanoo and he’s done with the battle, he puts on his armor and gets in Tatsumi’s way every now and then and has useless daydreams about eating Bol’s cooking. And like a complete tool, he asks why the Night Raid opposes the government, why they fight. Because they are killing your citizens in front of your eyes, you fool!

    Akame’s battle was just horrible. In a world of other priorities, two warriors (arguably the most powerful) waste their time fighting an already dying imouto, who would probably keel over in a few days at best anyway. Oh, but sonnets of honor, bravery, love and paradoxical “I love you so I must kill you” have to be sung. That RESOLVE must be shown. Dat Kakugo, motherfuckers, do you have it? Wave-kun, I’mma looking at you.

    This is probably the first time that Akame, the protagonist of the show, was remotely relevant to the show. Now that Imouto is dead and the road to Tatsumi’s heart is also closed, she’s locked herself out of the harem and has nowhere to go. Hell, the other chick isn’t even worth shedding tears over. Mine was atleast the tsundere and a decent one.

    I don’t know how badly this show is going to burn itself in the original anime ending. In any event, I look forward to that apocalypse with you blogging the way.

    Take care, sir.

    1. E Minor Post author

      This is probably the first time that Akame, the protagonist of the show,

      Well, it’s named after her, but we can safely say she’s not the protagonist of the show. In fact, it’s hard to say who is. Tatsumi might seem like the leading candidate, but he didn’t have much of a character arc. The only change he’s really undergone is that he’s… slightly tougher?

  2. Pia

    Certainly very slow episode, just one flimsy death in this one.
    There’s not much to say about this episode, the much awaited showdown between sisters was a very boring farce, no emotional impact achieved, hell even a dinky show like Cross Ange makes family disputes seem entertaining, this show sucks and isn’t even funny.

    1. Chakraborty

      Not only that, Akame’s sword didn’t “curse” her, that is, we didn’t see that black mumbo jumbo text crawl over Kurome. Unless Akame turned off the curse, which would mean that she liked to curse people whom she’s killed, making her even more reprehensible.

      1. Anonymous

        the curse only activates when the person is still alive, meaning Akame got Kurome’s heart,thus ending her life,therefore the curse wouldn’t activate,that or the sentinent sword knows its a waste to curse a dead body

  3. Naota

    I’m kind of amazed at how absolutely unconvincing either sister’s reason to kill the other was in this episode. Like, you can not do it and everything will probably be better off. There isn’t even any logic to follow that leads to this encounter – just… the trope for this battle floating unattended in an empty void.

    Akame has no explanation for why she left her sister behind when she joined Night Raid. Kurome has none for why she continues to work for the plainly evil bad guys. Neither clearly explains why they want the other dead, but nobody seems to be acting out of hatred or bitterness. Wave shows up to stop this idiotic waste of time and life, but then folds like a hand of cards at the mere suggestion that this is the “only way” for them to resolve their differences.

    What differences? Watching him sit there and with a “what could I have done to avoid this?” face after doing nothing to stop the girl from getting stabbed (or killing her sister, because clearly that would be good for her) was the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week… and this week has been registering record amounts of dumb.

    1. E Minor Post author

      It just goes back to what I’ve been saying. They haven’t put in the work all season long, so when it finally comes time for these sisters to have their emotionally-charged duel, it’s not surprising that they have nothing to fall back on. The foundation is just not there, so they can’t help but grasp at straws. Uh, I couldn’t take you with me because…. mumble mumble mumble. I couldn’t abandon my comrades because (insert flimsy excuse here). Oh cool, a Danger Beast has shown up to help us kill some time! Phew, don’t have to actually keep talking, because we literally don’t have anything to talk about except stuff that the audience already knows (“We were raised as assassins!” “We were always together!”). A battle like this one is supposed to be an externalization of the conflict within these characters… but surprise! There isn’t anything to externalize because we forgot to build it!

  4. Anonymous

    I can’t understand why Akame would save Kurome only to kill her minutes later. There is no such thing as an honorable death. There is dying for an honorable cause but to quote Shiki :

    “Death is terrible for anyone. Young or old, good or evil, it’s all the same. Death is impartial. There is no especially terrible death. That’s why death is so fearsome. Your deeds, your age, your personality, your wealth, your beauty: they are all meaningless in the face of death.”

    All Akame succeeded in doing is make her sister into a more presentable corpse, which will be completely void within a few months.

  5. ryo256

    Not much to say about the episode, it just felt so empty. So instead I’ll say something general about this anime. People were saying how the anime sucks now that they are not following the manga so I just checked some of the things they skipped from the manga.

    It seems that the manga mostly develops the bad guys into much more horrible humans. For example, Esdeath is shown to torture Leone by cutting off her body parts (including one of her boobs). So it makes you wonder why the author tries so hard to make something that is already evil, seems even more evil? Well I guess I found the answer on the same page as well, where the author of the anime/manga explained why he made characters like Esdeath.

    She was made to show that even though you show kindness to your subordinates, that doesn’t change the fact that she is evil. Same can be said about all the other villains of how having a family like Bols doesn’t make him a good guy. So I guess, the author is on your side when you stated the same in response to the fans defending these villains.

    Finally, one would say, this is pretty obvious so what is the author trying to achieve? My guess is that, he may be exposing the weird mindsets of some of the audiences who are still willing to defend such evil people, explaining how these very people got so many subordinates in the first place.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Whatever he’s trying to do, I’d still like a good story. I don’t know anything about the manga. I just know the adaptation sucks.

  6. Sam

    > what is the author trying to achieve
    I always thought they read some book on writing fiction that said

    “no bad guy ever thinks they’re evil; never write this character, only bad writers do this”

    and just ran with it to ridiculous levels

  7. Anonymous

    You know E-Minor, I think you could do better.

    You should have said, “Someone died, nothing happened.”

    Literally nobody would bat an angry eye at your blog posts.

  8. VJ87G

    Kurome deserves death more ways than ever, after what she did to Chelsea and taking innocent lives and also known as a psychopath in the past.
    Manga sucks anyway so deal with the fact that she’s dead.

  9. Sabre 43

    Killing kurome was just a depressing substitute for what happened in the manga apparently she’s alive thx to wave and he ended the her fighting by destroying her weapon and confessing his love to her akame, tatsumi and Leone said they’d cover up her execution with her imperial arms as proof. Anime just want it as dark as possible


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