Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 11: Capital screw-up

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1105

Probably both…

— The characters resort to having to tie Raraiya up. After all, they don’t want her to run out into space and hug the G-Self. I don’t know, she’s been out in space before and everything turned out okay! But seriously, the ship doesn’t have a brig for unruly characters like Raraiya? How long are you going to keep her tied up? Even at night when you’re sleeping?

— We truly feel like a pirate corps now that Aida wants to intercept the capital ship that is leading the Amerian fleet into space. Nobody’s pleased that the Amerian government has decided to launch, especially not Aida’s father. But not unlike Aida in a previous episode, the Amerian space fleet starts opening fire on his glider.

— Meanwhile, Mask has some new toys to play with. It’s just new suits, one after the other. Maybe there’s a reason why I’ve always preferred other mecha series to Gundam. I don’t always feel as though other shows are trying to shove new toys to buy down my throat. Granted, these new ones look sleeker than his previous mecha, but still…

— Klim delivers an inspiring speech to his men, promising them that both the world and the Capital Tower will belong to Ameria. We then see the Amerian president deliver a speech about how they’ll also dominate space. The pirates think they’re just in it to break up the power monopoly. Klim, however, has larger designs. I wonder if he’ll become the villain in the long run. Also, I guess I forgot to say in my winter preview post that I’ll still be following this show next season if I keep blogging.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1107

— Amusingly enough, Gusion manages to parachute into the middle of the president’s speech. These guys are warmongers, but they don’t really know the first thing about what they’re doing. For instance, even if it is Gusion, nobody knew that until he took his helmet off. How can you bozos just let some unidentified individual get this close to your country’s president? But that’s the running theme behind this series. The people who are clamoring for war don’t really know what they’re doing.

— His name is Zucchini. What on earth…

— And now, these two important men proceed to have a squabble out in the open and in front of everyone. Zucchini claims he wants to liberate the world, but that’s not what his son has in mind. Gusion capitulates rather quickly, though.

— Wilmit mumbles some disjointed sentences, then ends up with, “I won’t hand [Bellri] over to others!” I wonder if Bellri, like the G-Self, came from space. Her cryptic words seem to imply it.

— Jugan wants a two-front operation, and it quickly becomes apparent that the Capital Army is too ambitious for its own good. Even Mask is like, “C’mon, we’ve never fought in space before.”

Oh, okay.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1106

— Oh God, these guys are so incompetent. What’s the best way to neutralize the G-Self? Just get the pilot to leave the damn thing, which is what Mask manages to do. Even if he can’t physically overpower Bellri, the G-Self is still out of commission until Bellri gets back in it. This is no easy task. Unfortunately for mask, not only does Kerbes breaks free, but some mobile suit also gets in the way. Here’s my deal: what is the rest of Mask’s squad doing? The rest of his team just floats there and gawks at their leader. Nobody even thought to make sure that neither the Recksnow nor anyone from the Megafauna could interfere. Barara’s just like, “Whaaaa?!” She’ll later blame Mask, but c’mon, she just sits there the entire time and does nothing.

— Mask: “No matter where I go, the grade skipper gets in my way!” So he knows it’s Bellri, and he’s also revealing his true feelings. Mask continues to be the most interesting character on the show. As a Kuntala, he has had to play nice, and it’s not surprising that he harbors some resentment against Bellri. After all, Kuntalas have to work twice as hard for just half the credit. Meanwhile, Bellri’s the director’s son, and even though the guy’s a prodigy himself, it’s hard not to feel as though the protagonist has had it easy in life. Remember back at the start of the series, people accused Luin of just being Bellri’s friend to ingratiate himself with the director? Maybe it was true after all. Like a lot of superheroes, the guy comes alive when he puts on the Mask. His true self actually surfaces when he assumes his alter ego, and his mask is really Luin.

— So why is Noredo still sticking around? I don’t really know what her character is for. Offer morale support to Bellri in-between battles?

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1104

— The Mack Knife then loses badly to the G-Self in a one versus one battle. That’s why it was so important to lure Bellri out of the Gundam. Unfortunately, either Mask isn’t much of a leader, or the rest of his squad consists of clowns. Even Klim and Mick can’t help but laugh at and mock the Capital Army’s ineptitude as they observe the action from a distance.

— In any case, it looks like we’re all going to converge at Sankt Porto, the place where the Capital Tower receives those precious photon batteries. Can we finally learn about this threat from space or what?

— It’s funny to see people in this day and age still believe in curses, but Bellri heavily warns others not to head to Sankt Porto as well. He’s in for a stark awakening, I’m sure.


6 Replies to “Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 11: Capital screw-up”

  1. – His name is Zucchini. What on earth…

    Dude, Gundam is notorious for weird names. Why are you surprised? I bet he’s Italian though.

    I don’t always feel as though other shows are trying to shove new toys to buy down my throat. Granted, these new ones look sleeker than his previous mecha, but still…

    I do collect the toys, but I prefer the Elf Bullock (or Elf Brock, whatever they’re calling that thing) over the Mack Knife. Those googly eye lights on the Mack Knife just look too childish for my taste. Plus it looks odd in animated form.

  2. It’s good to hear that you’ll be continuing to blog this into the next season.

    The character interactions in the show still remain very strange, but I wonder if it’s a vision that’s just ahead of is time…

  3. Noredo is Raraiya’s caretaker. She also has some kind of connection with the pope we haven’t seen explored yet, so we’ll see.

  4. The show is rather good in production quality and very funny in the fine details of space life tech, but the background story is all over the place, without reading any support material and just by watching the show , one wouldn’t have a clue what political side is what and doing what for what…

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