Sword Art Online II Ep. 22: Talking heads

Sword Art Online II - 2201

Here comes the waterworks…

— Asuna’s pretty worked up about a girl she barely knows or has spent any time with. It’s not like they were ever close friends. Hell, it’s not like they were even friends. They did a single raid together, and… honestly, that was it. That was really it. Nevertheless, Asuna currently shows more passion about this than, y’know, fixing her messed up life in the real world.

— Oops, silly me forgot that VRMMOs are the equivalent of Facebook. And beating a raid boss with a friend must be like Farmville or something! And likewise, you would care a lot about that one girl you spent one day playing Farmville wit–… wait, no, that doesn’t make sense either. Darn!

— Haha, look at Asuna’s passive-aggressive bullshit: “If I’m a bother to you, I’ll leave you alone.” I always have to roll my eyes when I hear this sort of thing.

— But to be fair, Yuuki and her friends didn’t handle this very well either. Disappearing without saying a word is just immature and inviting drama for the sake of drama. I’m sure Asuna wishes Yuuki could just open up to her. When you care about someone — when you are truly concerned about them — you just want to know how they’re feeling, if they’re okay, if they are coping, etc. I mean, just look! Just look at Asuna! She’s all torn up over this, and it’s all because her supposed friends has decided to disappear without saying a word! Thank God Yuuki is just some internet friend. Could you imagine how much worse Asuna would feel if Yuuki was like… a daughter? Could you imagine if Asuna had known Yuuki for like… oh, I don’t know… eighteen years and the girl just decided to disappear on her? Disappearing without a word really tears the other person up, because not only do they not get closure, they have to live in fear and uncertainty. It’s just so unfair to Asuna that this has to happen to her.

Sword Art Online II - 2221

Back in the real world…!

— Asuna comes down and sees her parents eating at the dinner table. She decides to “disappear” from the house without even saying a word to either of them. Oh, I’m sure they don’t need to know a damn thing about their daughter anyway. And how long have they been together? All of Asuna’s life? Uh, that’s just real life, okay? Her mom barely even knows her! It’s not like they’ve ever done a raid together, pfft. Her mom doesn’t care about Asuna or her future anyway! If she did, she’d totally approve of Asuna getting with that cute boi in all black clothes. Most of all, I doubt her mom is even torn up about any of this. It’s not like she’s a grown woman or anything, so she has full control of her emotions. Yeah, Asuna! Just leave without saying a word! Stick it to your parents!

— Meanwhile, Kirito’s busy playing with his daughter. Isn’t she cute?

— Somehow, the Gary Stu knows how to locate Yuuki in the real world. Even then, isn’t this a violation of her privacy? If she really wants to keep Asuna away, maybe Kirito should mind his damn business.

— Asuna: “Even so, I want to see Yuuki and talk to her again, no matter what.” Sorry, but this reaction from her just doesn’t make any goddamn sense. If they had spent more time together — if they had actually been friends for a long time — I could understand this. But they did one raid, man. One raid. How do we go from one raid and one party to “I NEED TO TALK TO HER AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!” She’s acting as if she just got dumped.

Sword Art Online II - 2220

— Kirito then hands Asuna a note that will supposedly lead the girl right Yuuki… in the real world. First, wow, what a small world! Second, holy shit, how did the Gary Stu even manage to stumble upon this information? Wait, I don’t want to know. Just go back to playing with your virtual daughter.

— On a more serious note, the anime implies that our Gary Stu had put two and two together, and thus came to the conclusion that Yuuki is undergoing some clinical trials for something called “Medicuboid.” But is this honestly more believable than the idea that Kirito is some weirdo pervert who stalks every cute girl he sees?

— Asuna shows up to this place, and a doctor simply reveals all sorts of personal information about Yuuki to our heroine, including his patient’s family name. But it’s okay! He hasn’t violated any sort of patient-doctor confidentiality agreement! Y’see, Yuuki just knew that Asuna would track her down somehow in the real world. I mean, that is some creepy-ass shit right there, but since Asuna was going to locate her anyway, Yuuki was like, “Yo, if this stalker of mine shows up, just tell her everything.”

— Why? Why can’t I see her?!@!@!!!@ Um, you’re a smart girl, right? Haven’t you noticed that you’re talking to a doctor? Haven’t you noticed that the girl is undergoing clinical trials? Psst, she’s dying…

Sword Art Online II - 2219

— Awwwww yeeeeeeeah, exposition about the Medicube-thingamajig! That’s what I watch Sword Art Online for! Exposition about made-up technology!

— Metal Gear Boring, take 1:

“It is the first Medical Full Dive System!”
“Medical Full Dive System?!”
“Give it a rest, Snake. Do you have to repeat everything I say in a question?”

— The doctor says all this weird, inhuman stuff, and Asuna’s initial response is, “That sounds like a true dream machine!” Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, I sure would love to have a machine hooked up to every single section of my nervous system.

— Metal Gear Boring, take 2:

It’s only good for terminal care.
Terminal care?!
Dammit, Snake!

— Man, if these two characters are just going to sit in a room and talk for the rest of the episode, I’ll just do the same thing for this post.

Sword Art Online II - 2204

Somewhere in a deluded mind far, far away…

Thought process no.1: We make her terminally ill!

Thought process no.2: Hm, nah, that’s not sad enough. How do we make this even sadder? I want sadness porn, man. I want dirty, raunchy sadness porn!



Sword Art Online II - 2205

1: …what if we give her AIDS?

2: Oooh… wait. Just look at Magic Johnson. He’s doing just fine with AIDS!

1: He’s super rich, though.

2: We’re in the future, buddy. They probably expect drugs in the future to do a better job combating AIDS.

Sword Art Online II - 2206

1: Fine, let’s give her a drug-resistant variant of HIV!

2: Hm, maybe. I don’t know, though… I just don’t know. Is this really sad enough? I mean, I really want to jerk peoples tears. I really want to make them feel so sad, they’ll be too numb to criticize anything.



1: Okay, what if we say this… her mother even thought about aborting her children at one point!

2: Children? You mean Yuuki has a sibling?

1: Yeah, why else would she keep referring to Asuna as her sis? But get this. She doesn’t just have a sibling. She has a sick elder twin! Yeah, elder twin.

2: That means…

Sword Art Online II - 2207

1:  Yuuki is the sick imouto!

2: Mmm… mmmm…! Sorry, just thinking of a sick imouto made me wet myself a little. But seriously, why didn’t I think of putting a sick imouto into the story earlier?!

1: Sick imoutos don’t usually have large racks.

2: Oh yeah. And Leafa’s the designated big-boobed girl of the harem. What a waste. She could’ve been the sick imouto.

1: We could still give Kirito a long lost sister one day.

2: Yeah, probably, but let’s get back to Yuuki for now. Tell me more about her.



Sword Art Online II - 2208

1: Let’s say she had to take a lot of drugs as a kid…

2: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

1: …and oh, the kids at school totally bullied her! For having AIDS!

2: Kids can be so cruel…

1: I know. But still, the sick imouto had hope! That’s what you do! You give them hope–…

2: …then you crush it!

1: Exactly! But despite everything–…

Sword Art Online II - 2209

2: …the sick imouto kept smiling!

1: And she decided to become a test subject, because virtual reality is just so cool. You can have sex in it and every–

2: We probably shouldn’t talk about sex with the sick imouto, though. Just leave that up to the doujins.

1: Yeah. They’ll take care of that for us. They’ll probably come up with some stupid plot like, “Oh, you don’t know what sex is like, so the Gary Stu can show you!”

2: Well, I mean, it is a doujin.

Sword Art Online II - 2211

1: Anyway, since then, Yuuki has spent 99% of her time in the virtual world.

2: Well, who would blame her! Her real world sucks!

1: It’s like this, basically. Asuna and her idiot friends were only trapped in Aincrad because of some murderous idio–…

2: Tsk tsk, did you forget that we decided to make Kayaba into an inspiring figure?

1: Oh, yeah, you’re right. Trapping 10,000 people in a game was totally the right move.

2: But yeah, go on with what you were saying.

1: Yuuki traps herself in the virtual world on purpose. She has to. It’s by necessity.

2: Damn, that’s deep.

Sword Art Online II - 2212

1: I know. And this entire time, Yuuki is watching Asuna from the virtual world.

2: Oh?

1: She wants to know what Asuna’s reaction will be.

2: Why’s that?

1: Yuuki wants to know how Asuna would cope with this tragedy, ’cause get this: the rest of her family are already dead.

2: So she’s all alone?

1: Yep. That’s why she fears rejection. Hey, what are you doing?

Sword Art Online II - 2203

2: I’m already storyboarding the scene. During it, we’ll keep cutting back to Yuuki’s skeletal body. It’ll really drive home the sadness porn.

1: Good idea.

2: Then Asuna will cry, right? ‘Cause at some point, it just gets so sad…

1: I’m a little disturbed that you have a hard-on as you say that.

2: But dude, it’s so sad!

1: Yeah, it’s sad.

Sword Art Online II - 2213

2: And then Yuuki jumps in and cheers Asuna up! She’ll just talk through the speakers or something. We’ll flash the words “Talking” onscreen for the people who are too slow to catch on.

1: Yuuki really is a tough cookie, huh?

2: Then Asuna will hurriedly log into ALO to talk to Yuuki.

1: How?

2: The doctor has a computer nearby. How else would he interact with her?

1: Ah, duh. I’m just stupid.

2: But like I was saying, this is what it’s all about. We’re giving our heroine a reason to embrace the virtual world no matter what her mother says.

1: Oh, I get where you’re going with this! This totally gives Asuna a great reason to keep doing what she’s doing. If her mom is ever like, “Asuna, when are you going to take your life seriously?!” Asuna can come back with, “Mom, I’m helping someone who has AIDS. Did you hear that? AIDS. I don’t have time to deal with your bullshit right now! Literally AIDS. Ugh, I can’t even!”

2: Haha, yeah, Asuna’s mom totally needs to check her privilege.

1: So what happens after Asuna logs in?

Sword Art Online II - 2214

2: Asuna gets that determined look on her face, right? And she’ll take off flying so that she can meet Yuuki.

1: That’s some touching Titanic shit right there.

2: And when she gets there, Asuna will find out that the other members of the guild will die too.

1: Gotta keep driving up that sadness factor.

Sword Art Online II - 2215

2: Yep. Then Yuuki will reveal to Asuna her one true wish.

1: Oh yeah?

2: She’ll want to go to school. Every dumbass anime character wants to go to school.

1: You’re right! No matter what story it is, these characters will always wish to have a shining high school life!

2: It’s just hard to move on from those years. Being an adult sucks, so we just want to go back to when times were simpler.

1: Yeah, especially if your high school years were especially bad. Anime is like… a second chance at it.

Sword Art Online II - 2216

2: Yep. This time, you’re the popular kid who gets all the hot chicks.

1: Yeah…

2: Oh, and this entire time, there won’t be an evil mom around to pull the plug! There’s just the nice doctor on the outside.

1: Well, he is in charge of this cutting edge technology, after all.

2: Hey, you know who else is working on cutting edge technology?

1: …the Gary Stu!

2: The doctor helps terminal patients live full lives in the virtual world…

Sword Art Online II - 2217

1: …and now, the Gary Stu will help these terminal patients experience the real world with that creepy thing he’s doing with his e-daughter!

2: Man, it all comes back to the Gary Stu in the end.

1: Well, it has to.

2: So in a way, the doctor is just a glimpse into what Kirito will become?

1: Basically.

2: And Asuna’s mom is…

1: …obviously what Asuna will become if she doesn’t stand up to her mom.

2: Heh, men rules…

1: …and women drools.

2: Y-you know me so well!

1: It’s ’cause I’m you, silly!

2: We’re both hack writers…

1: …together!

Sword Art Online II - 2218

2: Wait, we just spent the rest of this post talking in a room.

1: It’s okay. They’re too busy crying to notice anyway.

2: That’s why we call it emotionally manipulative!

1: Haha, yeah, this shit lets us get away with anything.

2: And if we act as though we know ahead of time what sort of criticism they’ll lob at us…

1: …we can then pretend that the criticism has been invalidated!

2: Genius!


48 Replies to “Sword Art Online II Ep. 22: Talking heads”

  1. i dunno what to comment… if i make mockery of this episode, it’ll drag me to Asuna’s stupidity level. if i praise this episode it will drag me into ignorant men who enjoy SAO for its story (while i only like its doujin).

    oh well… let me just read some Netorare Rape and Mindbreak doujin of SAO then.

  2. This fucking post… brilliant.
    I like how you’re defending Asuna’s mom in the middle of all this, I honestly don’t know how I feel about her, I do agree with you but at the same time her mom is just the typical “I know what’s best for you!” mom and you’re relying too much on the idea that this show is all about how teenagers > adults, which is interesting because it’s working here but I don’t think that’s the author trying too hard but rather how these things actually work in real-life with bossy parents.

    1. you’re relying too much on the idea that this show is all about how teenagers > adults,

      Do you have an argument to go against this or do you just simply disagree?

      1. It’s really just my opiniom just to justify why you’re defending Asuna’s mom when I see no reason to do so.
        This isn’t the show showing how bad adults are and how teenagers should rule the world, it’s a common problem, even in real-life. I feel like you’ve the obligation to defend her mom because you disagree with the whole “teenagers > adults” thing, but that’s just me jumping to conclusions.

        1. It’s really just my opiniom just to justify why you’re defending Asuna’s mom when I see no reason to do so.

          My previous posts go in great detail on the position that I hold. Naturally, I don’t feel like repeating myself. Needless to say, if you think that I’m simply defending her mom, you don’t quite grasp my position.

          This isn’t the show showing how bad adults are and how teenagers should rule the world

          I have not said this anywhere in any of my posts.

        2. I did read some of them, and I understand you agree with her mother, I do too, but the way you worded it in this post makes it feels like her mom is the one that is all right and Asuna is all wrong.
          In these situations you don’t take your lost kid and throw them into the right path, you help them find it, Asuna’s mom isn’t doing that. That’s why I can’t side with her, she wants to give Asuna a good future but not the best one.
          She comes across as a mother that doesn’t give a damn about her daughter as long as she’s keeping the family’s reputation intact, but you could also argue she’s just giving Asuna space now, but it still doesn’t help because everytime her mother approachs her it’s basically to ask her if she’s ready to marry yet.
          In the end, I can’t say I disagree with you completely but I can’t ignore what the show is showing me, and that’s a mom that wants to take control of her daughter life.

          1. but the way you worded it in this post makes it feels like her mom is the one that is all right and Asuna is all wrong.

            You don’t understand me then.

    1. In the Light Novels, she is stated to be a Christian and that her love for Jesus was partially the reason for her optimism (also why Mother’s Rosario has that name).

      I know I shouldn’t put in Source Materials to judge an adaptation, but…

    2. I think the only way to make Yuuki history sadder

      How ’bout this… her sister never got her name on the monument because they were one hit away from beating a raid boss but Comcast Japan screwed them over!!

      I wonder how many people are going to be like, “There’s no such thing as Comcast Japan!”

      1. Better yet: Asuna logs in to ALO to rush tearfully to Yuuki’s side. The moment when they will be reunited and settle everything between them approaches!

        [Server maintenance begins in two minutes. Please log out and finish any encounters. Maintenance is expected to last 8 hours.]

        1. Darn, if only we had some sort of online media platform that would allow us to be social with each other. It’d be like a collection full of our friends’… faces… a book, if you will… It’s too bad SAO had to come along and made those things obsolete!

  3. But gaaaais we need more queer disabled characters in SAO… Muh feels representation! So deep!

    In all seriousness… The only way Nowadays that SAO gets to get feels and exposition pumped onto us is when someone else digs info about that person they are talking about and reveals it to the person as if they dont know that they know.

    True exposition knows no stalkerlike boundaries. Also, for someone who doesn’t care too much about Asuna, Kirito did go to great lengths to make her virtual lesbian girlfriend experience the real world. Its like he flirting.

      1. That was more or less a snark Tumblr joke to describe Yuuki and Asuna’s relationship being actually more like a loving relationship than Kirito and Asuna’s. Hence I always refer to Yuuki as “Asuna’s Lesbian Girlfriend” a lot of the time.

    1. I think the “logic” behind it is that Kirito noticed how good Yuuki was and was like “I bet this bitch is cheating” and he most likely knew about the power machine thing that made you better at the game by reducing brain lag, so he just sent Asuna that way. Obviously there’s still the question of how he knew Asuna wanted to see her but hey.

      1. So really, Kirito is just a very sore loser that he dug deep to check the people who defeat him. So what he is doing with Yuuki now is to give her her wish before she died so that Kirito will once again be King of ALO.

        Das so Kirito.

        1. So he’s a sore loser but is making it look like he isn’t? Brilliant!
          But really, I don’t think he checked on her as a stalker but for Asuna, but like I said, we have no idea how he even found out about how Asuna wanted to see her in the first place so who knows what really happened, at this point in the story though, Kirito is about the only character that’d be able to acquire said information, maybe that guy from GGO that paid Kirito but who remembers that guy.

        2. I’m a delusional fool, SAO is my guilty pleasure and for my own sanity I usually fill in the gaps in the show and twist the story to the point of it making sense as to justify it.
          Here’s a good example, I know Kirito had the information because it was needed for the plot to move foward and hey, gotta make Kirito look good at every chance we get, but, for my own sanity, I like to think there’s a better reason.

  4. Episode title: “How To Try Being Heavy-Handed and Utterly Failing At It”.

    1. Asuna’s disproportional sense of duty to Yuuki is just another instance Kawahara’s trademarked incompetence.
    Unless you know them in REAL LIFE as friends, family or even co-workers, there is literally no obligation for you to care about anybody else over the Internet. Much less go out of your way and FIND them in the real world and DO shit for them. You know what that usually entails? Being labeled a fuckin’ creep at best and becoming a recipient of a restraining order from the court at worst. But nah, our characters are perfect and above the law so they can’t get punished.
    If Asuna was actually characterized in a way that gives even the slightest illusion of being human, all she would say about Yuuki would be: “Yeah, we spent some time together for a couple of hours in-game. She’s cool I guess but it fucking sucks about her sick and all”. End fuckin’ scene, there SHOULDN’T be all this contrived bullshit about playing together with some random person online. Kawahara just force-fucking past logic just to make a scenario is so low-brow it’s embarrassing.
    Hell, even if some reason a random stranger starts pouring their heart out to you, really the only realistic thing the sensible among us would do would feel at least a little sympathetic and offer our condolences. Then after that, log-off. We’ve all read sob stories by people online, and there is no reason why we should take their stories to heart, become a white knight and solve their problems directly by their sides. Yeah, girl, I know that Jack is a cheating asshole, I flew five hundred miles to your doorstep so we can go stomp on that motherfucker’s nuts together.

    2. Meh, if there’s a will, there’s a way. If Asuna’s so desperate to creepily find someone off-line, then why shouldn’t the universe bend to Gary Stu’s wishes and have him find her exactly where Yuuki is. Yeah, because that’s not at all inappropriate and criminal in real world standards…
    Again, good job Kawahara and A1 by not even putting even a minuscule amount of thought into what’s going on. But nah, the show must plow on.

    3. Just how psychotherapists seemingly don’t exist in SAO-world, apparently basic tenets of medical and legal responsibilities don’t exist either. Yeah, if you’re a hot nurse caretaker, it’s totally okay to hug and get touchy-feely with patients whenever you like. And like the post mentioned, patient-doctor confidentiality apparently is non-existent too.
    Am I to assume that there are no laws and/or medical professional rules of conduct? Or are we getting another unlucky dice roll with medical personnel who are just shit? Maybe it’s just Kawahara creating another exposition-role. But I’m sure that Gary Stu would’ve just filled the role anyway; he is using his mad computer-wizard skills, so I’m pretty positive he could’ve just find out everything wrong with Yuuki. It wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing that’s happened in this show.

    4. Emotion and drama is apparently only good when it’s shoved down the throat of the audience.
    Now I’m not saying that AIDS and terminal illnesses are something to just wave off, but come the fuck on. Really? A SUPER version of AIDS? Just how fuckin’ hard are you punching this girl into the ground. It’s becoming a parody at this point.
    Fuck, even sappy K-dramas see that the disease-angle for tragedy was so tired that it became one of the most drama-killing clichés ever written.

    5. Fuck school. If you’re dying of SUPER AIDS, then go travel the goddamn world. I’ll never get tired of the fetishization of the Japanese education system. Because it’s super-moe and FUN EVERYDAY BITCH.
    It’s not even COLLEGE life they’re talking about, it’s fucking high-school.

    6. Yeah, a brat that spends all his time in vidya gaems and on the computer is totally comparable to a doctor. Granted, a less than stellar example of a doctor but still a doctor. Just the flimsiest connection ever.
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Gary Stu wiped AIDS-girl’s mind and just wrote E-daughter’s code into her brain? Then boom, an actual tangible haremette to ignore. Shut it Asuna, nobody cares about your “dedicated raid friend”.
    Is the amount of stranger dick-stroking that Kawahara is doing to Kirito not even registering in his mind?
    But totally an e-daughter is totally worth your time and effort, not real things like life and a girlfriend/harem-slavegirl. It’s pretty uh, how should I say this… pathetic. explosivepuke.gif

    So the parts with Asuna and Yuuki, the focus of this arc, are proving to be face-palm sappy while Gary Stu off to the side is also doing shit that I frankly see as boring baby-shit. Yeah, good. Excellent. Fine, quality product we are partaking here.
    Where are the cool boss-fights and shit? I haven’t seen one since the first three episodes of Season 1.

    1. Unless you know them in REAL LIFE as friends, family or even co-workers, there is literally no obligation for you to care about anybody else over the Internet.

      I think that’s a bit extreme.

      And like the post mentioned, patient-doctor confidentiality apparently is non-existent too.

      The story wrote it off as Yuuki already giving Kurahashi the permission to spill everything to Asuna should Asuna show up. The dumb part is how Yuuki just knew Asuna would stalk her down in real life.

      1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t do “real-life” stuff with people I met purely online. Sure, I’ll gift them a little something on Steam, but like hell I’m gonna send and give them real stuff like I’d do for a sibling or a friend unless I have a very legitimate need to.
        And really it’s just the matter that the world is such a huge place and that online-friends could be anywhere from hours to countries apart. Not like the happy coincidental bullshit that Yuuki is an hour (or less) away from Asuna’s location. So yeah, if an online-friend asked me to pick up something for them from the store, I’d pretty much tell them to go screw themselves because that’s just nonsensical for so many different reasons. But then again, I’m not a SAO character, so there’s that.
        And like you’ve discussed in the post, there’s not enough between Asuna and Yuuki to even really prompt that level of dedication to each other. Just because I chatted and worked well with a random player doesn’t always immediately get them on my Friends list regardless if they’d told me about a terminal illness or something equally as serious. But if we worked together for weeks, then yeah, maybe we’ll have something there; not after just one raid. And really that only extends out to being in-game friends, not really inviting them out for coffee. Meh, it’s just more of Kawahara’s impressive and lazy ability to duck logic, but that’s par for the course by now.

        Well, seeing how SAO is a surreal caricature of our own world, anything can happen really. You’d think A1 Pictures could shave off some of the exposition and produce a scene nothing more than a couple of seconds long to clear up why a doctor would just start TALKING. I guess not.

  5. The worst part about this Yuuki drama is that it has almost nothing to do with Asuna’s story. It’s connection is so paper-thin and it’s not like it’d take that much of a script change to strengthen it.

      1. …For her right to be a waifu. Screw the future, she already got money, hotness, and the most powerful player in the gaming world today! Be a Trust Fund Waifu!

      2. That last part is what I’m talking about. I know that’s the connection but the show is concentrating too much on Yuuki’s suffering itself and not enough on how it affects Asuna for it to work right. And obviously, I don’t see that problem being fixed in the future but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

        1. The pacing’s all jacked up. There’s no reason why the message of “this girl is going to die” should’ve taken this whole episode.
          And should I expect Yuuki to even come up in future? Hell no, Kawahara draws up characters and completely dumps them when he’s done with them. And unless they’re part of the main harem, they disappear like a raindrop in the Sahara. Case in point? Sinon the MAIN GIRL from the last arc.
          So, yeah, there’s literally no reason to invest in anything that’s happening to Yuuki knowing the SAO-formula.

  6. It all makes sense! Kirito met this girl and she didn’t want to join his harem. He had to know why, so he tracked her down and realized that she wasn’t worth joining his group of healthy girls. He tracked down Sinon pretty easily, so this kind of thing isn’t new to him. Still kind of creepy though, but it’s not like he’s going to rape her so it’s all good.

    In all seriousness, I found it hard to get emotional about what was happening. I know that this episode was meant to make me cry or feel something, but I couldn’t. I found it weird that it seems like Asuna didn’t talk to Liz or Silicia since she came back from Kobe. The last time she talked to them was when she was thinking of joining the Sleeping Knights. Kirito and Klein know what’s happening, but her best friends don’t. That seems kind of weird. She freaked out that Yuuki hasn’t been online for three days, but it sounds like she hasn’t talked to Liz or Silicia for more than that.

    1. To be frank, absolutely nothing would be different if Lisbeth or Silica didn’t exist. Or rather, if Kawahara had the decency for them to bow out once they ran out of relevance, which of course would’ve been season one. Literally, the only reason they still exist is to convey that there’s a harem.
      Sure the two girls are friends of Asuna’s but they’re so flat that there’s no significance in that. Friends for the sake of being near each other?

  7. speaking of girls whatever happened to sinon we haven’t seen her ever since that one dungeon

    though if sinon ever manages to show up it wont improve anything

    1. Even though her arc just finished, she’s as important as Lisbeth, Silica and Suguha. Which is…. nothing. She’s basically nothing.

  8. Fucking AIDS Man. Just, AIDS.

    A little history, I learned about this arc after the end of the first season. When I heard the arc dealt with AIDS, my first reaction was ” really? Really!”. After Rape Art Online. I had no confidence in this show’s ability to handle real issues, especially AIDS. I completely gave up on the show after the GGO arc because I had just had enough of it. But I had to come back for this episode alone.

    On a sidenote, World AIDS Month was last Monday. Think on that for a bit.

    1. I’ll bet the only reason that Kawahara picked AIDS was pretty much a quick search for “worst illnesses ever”. He clicked on the first result and read a 400 word description on the thing and then pretty much made the decision to give Yuuki AIDS. So yeah, no research or thought.

      Nobody with an ounce of literary craft would just give a character AIDS willy-nilly. Considering that Yuuki won’t be all the significant in the big picture, it just screams more incompetence.

  9. But isn’t this so like Asuna? I mean she pretty much once told Kirito, the guy who she met online and spent so little time with, that she want to date and marry him and not to mention grow old with him. Asuna to go nuts over random people is pretty normal in SAO.

  10. Wow you completely hit the nail on the head on this contrived attempt to tug the viewers’ heart. It really pathetic to hear people actually say that they teared up at this anime without even realizing the cheap method the show is using. The show cant legitimately bring a person of average intelligence to feel sympathy for the characters, it can only shove a megaton of conveniently tragic events at once that will at most make you pity the character. This show is awful no matter what it tries to do.

  11. I think this is what really made me laugh:

    So, it seems like it’s really easy to beat the crap out of these “49-player raid” bosses… It isn’t even the great, amazing achievement they made, another guild already did it. Although I want to say this is the animation team error; in the novel it clearly stated the never-done task… I don’t see the need for such a stupid frame. If you want to give the idea that their quest had any importance at all, this was definitely not the way.

    On a side note on the subject, am I the only one who feels like placing a “Awesome players” List in the same place that listed all of the dead players inside the death game is a bit odd? I mean, I’d expect it to be kept intact in conmemoration or something, or at least remove it from the map… Not turn it into something people want to get in (Although, it could go with your “die in the real world” theory… Getting to that wall seems like an important thing now, when in the old Aincrad it was the sign of your end). I was disappointed that the author didn’t make a comparison in this situation, both here and on the novel. I thinkk it would have been a bit interesting to see Asuna maybe with a flashback of the front line making a tribute to all the fallen players, after beating the 50th floor or something, a memory kind of like the LC attack on the GGO arc. But oh well, it’s not like my ideas matter on this shitty animation, or the entire story whatsoever…

    1. PD: Another fun fact: Asuna made such a huge efort to unlock floor 22, but she doesn’t appear on the players that defeated the boss (Or any of the members of Kirito’s Harem, including the gary stu itself)

  12. I must admit, the author really has avid imagination on the concept. I mean, yes, it is half-baked but it is admirable nonetheless. When it comes to the story telling, however, he treated his concept only as a mere concept, it is not his “reality”. It is unfortunate.

    Yeah, the AIDS thingy reaaaaally disoriented me from what Yuuki could’ve delivered to Asuna. It could have been a little bit emotional, but how stoopid the author used AIDS sickened me.

    And please don’t blame the studio. No matter how good the studio is, exercising a very poor knowledge in a product is fucking fatal.

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