Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 12: Holy space land

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1206

No matter what, a pope’s gotta live lavishly.

— It’s a good thing we’re keeping Noredo around, because she’s doing such a great job taking care of Raraiya. What’s Raraiya’s problem now? Apparently, the “G-Self” doesn’t like its newest backpack. Mm-hmm, tell me what else the G-Self thinks.

— According to Happa, however, the Assault Pack will be handy for the upcoming battle. I’m inclined to trust my engineer over the girl who’s missing a few of her marbles. But then again, I also don’t really care about any of these backpacks. I think the show gets too bogged down by the need to constantly trot out these gimmicky attachments that ultimately don’t lend themselves to developing the overall story. Reconguista in G isn’t as shamelessly self-promotional as Gundam Build Fighters Try, but both shows are annoying in that aspect.

— Klim and co. are cooking up some sort of Trojan horse scheme. The rest of his men, however, are not exactly happy to hear the plans to occupy Sankt Porto. Again, people in this universe really believe in space curses and all that jazz. Of course, I don’t think the curse is real, but I’m sure the space threat is real. We desperately need a new conflict for the second half of the series, after all. We can’t fight the bungling Mask forever.

— Speak of the devil! It’s time for our weekly engagement with Mask! Yaaaay!

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1214

— Aida: “The Mask Corps is part of the Capital Army. I was impressed to see you’re still resolved to do this.” I don’t know why. After twelve episodes, you’d think the girl would realize by now that he has no real attachment to the Capital Army. The characters even made it a point to emphasize how the Capital Army basically sprung up overnight. More importantly, Bellri is one of those people who really believes in this curse nonsense, so the last thing he wants is for a fight to break out around Sankt Porto.

— We’re really going to shoot missiles from the mecha’s crotch?

— Mask wants to shoot down the Salamandra before it can get to Sankt Porto, and naturally, the Salamandra tries to fire back at their attackers. Thanks to his trusty, new assault pack, however, Bellri manages to take down the missiles from both sides with beams of his own. Unfortunately, this didn’t serve as much of a deterrence. The conflict breaks out anyway as Mask and friends continue to pursue the Salamandra. And as a result of the big explosion, Klim also returns to the fray.

— The battle itself isn’t very interesting, because it follows the same pattern as every previous fight in the show. Mask will say something about reclaiming his honor as a Kuntala, but he is eventually forced to retreat and lick his wounds anyway. Both sides will suffer casualties, but only the faceless soldiers are unfortunate enough to die. Ultimately, these fights are only good for stretching out the story and showing off G-Self’s backpack of the week.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1212

— Here, you see Mask spinning in a circle, firing his beams all over the place. I’m sure he’s being very useful.

— When Bellri finally arrives to the party, he’s horrified to see that the battle had broken out. Y’know, religious taboo and all that. It’s not like Klim cares, though. He’s dead set on occupying Sankt Porto. Luckily for Bellri, everyone from both sides finds that they have to pull back. Mask and his unit are now too close to the Capital Tower to keep fighting. As a result, Mick advises Klim to fall back too.

— Bellri advises the Megafauna against docking directly at Sankt Porto. Again, religious taboo, but this will prove to a good idea in just a short bit.

— So our heroes try to enter from the nut directly beneath Sankt Porto, but the people running the show there are so incompetent, they apparently didn’t even realize that a battle had just taken place right outside their doors. Hell, they don’t even realize that Sankt Porto itself had just been occupied by Amerian forces.

— Whoa, whoa… calm down there, Kerbes.

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1213

— So instead, the G-Arcane will drag the G-Self up to Sankt Porto. Naturally, Noredo and Raraiya, both who haven’t done anything all episode long, suddenly appear in G-Self’s cockpit because we just gotta bring them along with us. They couldn’t possibly stay back on the Megafauna, y’see, because…

— Sankt Porto looks like a pretty fancy place.

— Klim is not too concerned about the threat from space. He primarily wants Ameria take over the distribution of the photon batteries, an idea which Wilmit hilariously opposes.

— But of course, she sees it as some sort of divine privilege — a divine privilege that she has somehow earned. As such, she won’t just hand it over to Klim and Ameria just because they have ambitious designs to rule both Earth and space.

— All of a sudden, the Gavial, a.k.a. the Trojan horse, is blown up. Finally, our space threat is here… and anyone who dares “step foot” in the space above Sankt Porto will be eliminated with extreme prejudice. Aren’t we glad the Megafauna heeded Bellri’s advice?

Gundam Reconguista in G - 1208

— The previews hint at Bellri, Klim, and Mask joining forces to repel the space threat. Well, at least the story is finally getting somewhere? Then again, I’ve been saying this for weeks now. Oh well.


2 Replies to “Gundam: Reconguista in G Ep. 12: Holy space land”

  1. No matter what, a pope’s gotta live lavishly.

    Pope Francis ain’t gonna like it when he learns that his successor in the far future has a large palace all to his own.

    And, hey, what’s this?! The Mack Knife shits and jacks off missiles! Forget what I said about the thing last week, that feature’s a win! :D

  2. About Aida’s comment about the Capital Army, the important thing here is that it’s really the first time Bellri’s sortied in the G-Self to launch an assault on the Capital Army, rather than having the easy justification of just simply defending himself and the Megafauna from their attacks, and even then Bellri planned to do so in a way that wouldn’t destroy Mask’s squadron, intending to bait them toward him by firing those shots at empty space, Mask just didn’t take the bait.

    And the backpacks… well, I think they’re actually a tongue-in-cheek by the writer. Bellri’s always complaining about how big and bulky they are and hates them, and the only backpack that’s been made into a toy so far are the space pack and the assault pack. He’s also been progressively less reliant on them, from relying entirely on the Reflector to survive against Dellensen’s attack and using the Tricky Pack to defeat Mask to not even really using those packs in combat, relying more on his own skills than the fancy-schmancy backpack features. He didn’t even fight anything with the Assault Pack this time.

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