Sword Art Online II Ep. 23: An inconvenient truth

Sword Art Online II - 2304

What a sad episode.

— Welp, here is Kirito being a genius and everything. This is supposed to be Asuna’s story, but Kirito still has to Gary Stu it up. Here’s the thing, though. If you remove him from the story, the sad truth is that Asuna would have accomplished nothing!

  • Beat the raid boss first? Nah. She needed Kirito to heroically show up at the last minute and hold off half of a raid by himself. Otherwise, Asuna and her friends would have been shit out of luck.
  • Find Yuuki in the real world? Nah. Asuna wouldn’t have had a single clue where to start looking. She didn’t even suspect that Yuuki was a terminally ill patient. Yuuki would reject Asuna in ALO like usual, and that would’ve been that. That would’ve been the end of the story. Our heroine would never find Yuuki, and as a result, we’d never hear the girl’s sob story about AIDS and all that tearjerking nonsense.
  • Help Yuuki experience life at school? Nah. Asuna wouldn’t be able to say anything but, “Man, that’s too bad. I wish I could help!” But thanks to her boyfriend’s mere presence in this story — in her story, she can actually give Yuuki the thing that she wants most!

So y’see, Asuna’s story would have been an unmitigated disaster without Kirito’s presence. But what would happen if you could somehow reverse the situation? If you could somehow delete Asuna from the GGO arc, would this have changed the outcome of Kirito’s story one bit? Not a chance. And that’s when you know that this story is chauvinist as fuck.

Sword Art Online II - 2305

— Try not to make sudden movements, Kirito says. So what does Asuna do? She immediately snaps up in her seat. Yeah, she’s not a college girl. I think her mom should just cut her losses and get a new kid to inherit the family wealth. Hey, Grisaia no Kajitsu makes it sound so easy!

— As a reminder, Asuna promised to help Yuuki experience a shining high school life. Yep, it’s cliche as hell. Anime has this weird perception that high school is as good as it’ll ever get in a person’s life. Frankly, it’s a little pathetic. It’s like these stories are all written by Uncle Ricos.

— Anyway, to get the job done, Kirito has mounted a camera on Asuna’s shoulder, and this will allow Yuuki to see what Asuna sees. But y’know, in a world full of terrible VR technology, I’m surprised there isn’t a VR simulation that tries to emulate that shining high school life that these characters so desperately yearn for.

— In fact, this is what I find hilarious about last week’s episode. So these patients are terminal, right? And we use VR technology to not only reduce their pain, but also let them play games, right? So how come we haven’t created a high school simulation to also educate them? Do they even get any education? Why would you develop that level of technology just to let them poopsock an MMO? And don’t even start with the whole “They’re terminal patients, so they don’t need education!” ‘Cause look at Yuuki now.

— Oh boy, what a big courtyard you have (not really)!

Sword Art Online II - 2306

— Oh boy, what amazing Japanese literature you have!

— Oh boy… this episode is just really boring as Asuna takes Yuuki to see more things, including the girl’s old home.

— There is, however, one interesting bit of conversation. Somehow, the topic of love and marriage comes up, and Yuuki has this to say about Kirito: “You have to be careful. I get the feeling that he lives outside reality in a different way than I do.” Asuna just laughs nervously, but that’s because she’s running away from her own reality, too. Hehehe… Plus, she knows she can’t anger the harem lead, because he can easily replace her with any of the other girls.

— We then learn more about Yuuki, but I don’t care about Yuuki.

— Asuna: “I haven’t been able to hear my mother’s voice for a long time, either.” Pfft, whose fault is that?

— She then adds, “And she doesn’t hear what I’m saying,” That’s because you have nothing to say. People think I’m on the mother’s side, but the truth is, I’m on nobody’s side. I don’t like overbearing parents either. I know all about bossy, know-it-all Asian parents who think they know best. But you know what? If you want to be heard and if you want to be treated with respect, you have to stop acting like a child. You have to have a concrete plan that will at least give your goddamn parents some goddamn peace of mind. Like I’ve said over and over in my previous posts, Asuna’s mother is taking control of her life because the girl doesn’t have control over her own life.

Sword Art Online II - 2303

You can’t forget the fact that Asuna’s already eighteen years old. And thanks to Aincrad, she’s also two years behind most people her age. But what does Asuna do with all her time? She just hangs out with her e-boyfriend in ALO and acts all lovey-dovey. And here’s the sad part! Even Kirito takes the real world more seriously than Asuna! Far more seriously, in fact. For one, he’s actually worked for the government, so he has connections. And what is he doing now? Oh yeah, he’s developing his engineering skills in a field that he loves. He knows what he wants to be when he grows up. Look, I’ve ragged on the Gary Stu all season, but fair’s fair. And the fact of the matter is, the guy is at least doing something to forge his own future.

What has Asuna done? Nothing. Kirito was no different from Asuna, too. They were both stuck in that shitty game, but somehow, one person is already miles ahead of the other person. And that’s all it is. If you were Asuna’s parents, you’d be concerned, too. Of course, Asuna’s mother is not without her faults. She’s portrayed as the stereotypical Asian parent, so she’s overbearing, and worst of all, she has a hard time communicating her feelings. If she was good at talking to her own daughter, she would just sit the girl down, and calmly explain the problem as she sees it. It would probably go something along the lines of this:

“Look, you’re about to be an adult, and yet, you have no direction in life. I’m just concerned for you, and I want to take life a little more seriously. You need to play these games a little less. I know they’re important to you, but so is life. So is earning a living. So is having money to put food on the table. We can’t take care of you forever. I want you to come up with a plan for the next five years, so I at least know you have some direction in life.”

Sword Art Online II - 2302

But like most Asian parents, Asuna’s mother immediately tries to take control of Asuna’s life. It’s their natural instinct. And while I will readily admit that this is bad, this is actually not the core problem. Rather, it is merely a symptom of the real issue, and that is that Asuna won’t face her real life issues head on. Asuna’s mother isn’t going about it the right way, but let’s not pretend that she’s the villain here. No, it’s Asuna. She’s simultaneously the protagonist and the antagonist of her own story. The girl is her own worst enemy. Every chance she gets, she runs away to some made-up, fantasy world. Hell, even when she’s sad in the real world, where does she go? She runs to a playground, i.e. a crude simulacrum of a fantasy world for kids.

I guarantee you that if you come up with a solid plan and act with confidence, someone like Asuna’s mother would back off. If you continue to throw tantrums and act like a child, however, then this is what you get and, quite frankly, deserve. You won’t get any respect if you don’t act like someone who deserves respect. If you continue to act like a kid, then your parents will obviously treat you like their kid. People who think I’m just siding with Asuna’s mother simply can’t grasp nuance… much like Asuna herself.

— Ah, what would we do without corny ass lines like this one: “It was because, even when I ran, you tried your hardest to catch me.”

— Oh boy, Asuna is going to confront her mom! She has lots to say, but wait… wait! We have to do it… in the online world! Why? Asuna explains, “Right here, I can’t tell you what I’m thinking and what I feel.” So I need the online world as a crutch. Sweet!

Sword Art Online II - 2307

— Asuna: “I want you to see my world!” No, the real world is your world, too. They’re all important, but y’know, the one where you can actually feed yourself might just actually be more important. Crazy, huh?

— Aw yeah, still gotta give Asuna’s mom big boobs in the online world! You just hope Kirito doesn’t log in and see this! Hoo boy, his harem is large enough!

— Haha, weight jokes! Girls being girls, am I right, fellas?! This writer totally gets women!

— Oh great, the cedar woods behind Asuna’s e-house looks like the woods surrounding her late grandparents’ house. Very profound. Much poignant.

— Asuna: “I want to live in a way that makes all the people around me happy. I want to live in a way that lets me support those around me when they get tired. And for that, I want to keep doing my best with my studies and other things at the school I love!” That’s not a plan. That doesn’t say anything. It’s just a bunch of cheap platitudes. All we’ve done is turn up the feels, but Asuna has literally said nothing that makes me think she’s going to change and approach her weaknesses in life with any sort of maturity. She’s said nothing to make me think she still won’t be a child who runs to a fake fantasy world every chance she gets. But this is SAO in a nutshell, and as such, it’s full of cheap bullshit that won’t really explore the real consequences and implications behind virtual reality.

Sword Art Online II - 2309

SAO just wants to pretend that virtual reality can be just as important as our actual reality without doing any of the work — without taking any responsibility whatsoever. I’m not even saying that Asuna can’t attend her school. There’s nothing inherently wrong with attending her school. She just doesn’t have a plan. She’s not really addressing any of the actual problems that her mother had raised in previous episodes. She just wants to do it because it makes… it makes people happy? Give me a break. The real world doesn’t run on happiness alone. But apparently, if you bombard the audience with enough feels, you can convince them to buy into your bullshit. Hey, it’s working on Asuna’s mother!

— Apparently, if you feel like crying in a VRMMO, you must cry. You can’t hold it back. What a shitty world.

— The next day, Asuna’s mother still feels the need to remind Asuna that the latter has to go to university. Whoops, all those feels and still no concrete plans! Good thing we have an Asian mother to rectify that!

— Nevertheless, Asuna’s mother relents. And she relents all because of feels. Even worse, she’s like, “You’re prepared to support someone for the rest of your life, aren’t you?” How said is that? This entire arc boils down to one thing: preparing Asuna to support the Gary Stu for the rest of her sad, pathetic existence. If he was Jesus, I might understand throwing her life away for one guy. But he’s not Jesus. He’s just Kirito.

Sword Art Online II - 2319

— Anyway, now that we’ve taken care of that, all that’s left is to kill off Yuuki’s character. Boy, I can’t wait!


43 Replies to “Sword Art Online II Ep. 23: An inconvenient truth”

  1. That was my main issue with Asuna’s talk with her mom. They didn’t discuss anything, just vague stuff. Maybe her mom just wanted to hear Asuna’s voice, but she gave in way too easily. It’s a shame, because I was expecting a lot more from their heart-to-heart.

    1. Maybe her mom just wanted to hear Asuna’s voice, but she gave in way too easily.

      Basically, we had to wrap up the story quick. No time to worry about Asuna’s future. We have a cute girl to kill off.

  2. Anime’s obsession with ‘sick kid (usually cute girl) who just wants to go to high school’ creeps me out a lot. I was extremely sick and didn’t get to high school because of it and yeah, I definitely did wish that I could get to have those ‘normal’ experiences, but that didn’t become my only want. I didn’t just want to go to generic ~high school~, I wanted to go to a school where I could do chem labs because I knew I wanted to study chem, where I could try out for the school play because I liked being in school plays, and so on. Things individual to me. I mean, there definitely was some pie in the sky type imagining of what the high school experience must be like but I always knew very clearly that was because I wanted to be normal and was angry and grieving for that normality that I not only wouldn’t get now but would always lose partial access to in terms of certain cultural touchstones around normal childhood, not because eating cafeteria food is somehow ~the bestest~. And this jealousy didn’t just apply to high school, it applied to everything I knew I was missing out on, like planning for the future, spending time with my nieces and nephews when they were in that super young phase, touring universities to decide which ones to apply to, going to see movies in the cinema, running in the park, having pets, and so on. The idea of people basically fetishizing what I went through to turn it into moe moe highschool 5ever is… unsettling.

    tl;dr Anime is inaccurate, news at 11.

    1. Weebs and takus also tend to forget that high schools in Japan are rigid and are very very hard ass strict as hell. You have to be really really good in your academics AND socializing AND handling the moneys in order to get somewhere in life. Plus the strict government rules and expectations and the polite yet subtle racism and sexism….

      1. Japanese high school seems a lot closer to American university than American high school. Except with a crushing pressure to conform and succeed no matter what.

      2. But muh Japanese animes have the hot girls with big tits who are dumb but have the good timez during the high schools. But it sucks how they die and we don’t get to see them after highschool graduation ceremonies.

        Life for Japanese school girls are hard.

  3. …. That is exactly a good point. Why can’t these Virtual Reality companies actually put in virtual simulations of the real world FOR the patients? I always felt like they spent so much money with MMO gamings that I always feel they forget that tech stuff is not just for slinging swords or shooting guns. Hell, Yuuki being given a virtual reality reproduction of the real world would have been a grander gift than just stalking her lesbian girlfriend’s shoulder and just watching wherever Asuna went.

    Also, i want to understand Asuna. I got a family that way too. But somehow I hated that they were treating an actual real world problem so stupidly childish. Playing a little less just to prepare for a college is hard for miss Hot Gamer Waifu? Thinking of a future and a dimension outside of vidya and your bf is hard for her? What she gonna do for the rest of that life in that conclusion? Just stay at home and taking care of your irl and virtual babies while waiting for Kirito who is probably out leeching your money and flirting with every girl thinking that VR people are people too?

    Heck, we do not even know Asuna more personally other than she is Kirito’s hot rich gamer waifu. Is that what the arc is about? Justifying her role as lead waifu? Because being a trust fund gamer waifu for a VR-deluded sociopathic Jesus who flirts with every girl behind your back says many things about Asuna’s future. In fact if Asuna catches Kirito eventually cheating with Asuna, I can hear Asuna’s mom all “See, child? I told you so. You ruined your deluded life for a man who never cared about your happiness…”

    Man I have been influenced sister’s soap operas a bit too much. I digress.

    Finally, a lot of the problems involve Asuna dating a deadbeat. And a lot of the time we never see Kirito fight for their relationship. It is all Asuna here. Such a wonderful boyfriend Asuna has…

    Man, i am extra ranty today. This ep brings so close to home but makes me wanna hit it in the head on how wrong they treat it.

    1. Why can’t these Virtual Reality companies actually put in virtual simulations of the real world FOR the patients?

      ‘Cause the story doesn’t honestly care about the real possibilities behind VR technology.

      Heck, we do not even know Asuna more personally other than she is Kirito’s hot rich gamer waifu.

      The sad thing is, when the girl said “I want you to see my world,” I half-expected her to have created something. Like she’d have something impressive to show her mother. Something that she created or earned by herself to show that she’s at least passionate about something. All we get is some virtual woods behind a virtual cabin. So where’s the passion? What makes me think, “This girl’s path in life is unconventional, but at least she has a path”? Nah, nothing but “I want to make people happy.” Shit, we all want that. Name one well-adjusted person on this goddamn planet who doesn’t want to make the people around them happy.

      1. Cause the story doesn’t honestly care about the real possibilities behind VR technology.
        Dude, Yuuki would have been a GODDESS shelling out the blings in Second Life. Just saying.

        The sad thing is, when the girl said “I want you to see my world,” I half-expected her to have created something. Like she’d have something impressive to show her mother. Something that she created or earned by herself to show that she’s at least passionate about something.

        To be honest, it would have been at least something if Asuna just shells out her maxed out epic cooking skills to her mom online. Especially that recreating soy sauce shit that apparently she is so proud of. Or you know, about her being vice-commander of a very powerful guild, which can work with one of those power businessmen. Or… something.

        If anything, I don’t mind if Asuna WANTS to be a waifu or settle down with kids. It’s just that for one… it’s to someone who doesn’t exactly give a shit about her nor consider her feelings. And two… she doesn’t have any other personality outside of being “destined” to be Kirito’s special waifu.

        “I want to make people happy.”
        … She’s gonna be Felicia Day when she grows up, isn’t she?

  4. Dear E Minor,
    you are being unfair. This masterpiece of anime is not chauvinist, I dare say SAO is almost feminist because we have a girl with a sword kicking asses. It doesn’t matter the fact that her e-boyfriend is whole meaning of her live and she actually never accomplished anything by herself even in her own arc, SAO is not chauvinist!!!!! And the other girls don’t exist sole for the purpose of Gary Stu’s harem, they all have strong personalities and relevance for the history! And if you don’t agree with me you are just being jealous of SAO success. Uguuuuu

  5. Asuna’s mom is not terrible. If the girl can lay out her plan. Look, I am catching up with my study. I am preparing for college. I am planning to be serious in this field of work. Her mom would definitely leave her alone.

    I was in college already at her age. And have my own steady income one year later.

    This girl is a big, big loser. I say disown her, mom.

    Oh, I want to stay in this e-cottage for the rest of my life. I am going to take care of my e-daughter. While my husband sleeps with another e-waifu.

  6. You what I just realized? Asuna is freaking rich so she wouldnt even need to plan for her future, she can just fall back on her rich mom’s hard earn cash to she married into. Asuna’s life can turn into a complete hell and it wouldnt matter at all. There truely are no consequences to this anime.

    1. But Asuna is the personification of perfect and chaste Japanese waifu. So even if she has AALLL of the advantages pretty much laid out in front of her in the present, her duty as a waifu is hard-coded into her DNA. She’s meant to be the typical home-carer.
      And really? Are we seriously going to think that Gary Stu God’s life is going to careen out of control somehow and he’s not going to be some big-shot somebody after SAO ends? No, he’s going to be filthy rich and will pretty much become the next Bill Gates for whatever field he chooses to star in. So pretty much Asuna is set for life anyway… well, his harem’s lives are set for life anyway.
      We are talking about SAO after all. The teen power-fantasy of this part of the half-decade?

      Oh, sorry, I ended up talking all about Gary Stu again. Story of Asuna’s life amirite?

      1. I always felt really like Kirito would pretty much only use Asuna’s money and connections to get him into VRMMO developing and VR Social Justice and Asuna being too much of a passive loyal waifu to question her boyfriend’s motives. So really, Kirito being a freeloading usurper. :P

        Think about it. First episode of Season 2 has Kirito already laying out his future plans to Asuna… who we reveal is the daughter of the former CEO of a VRMMO company. Who is filthy rich and he most likely sticks around with for her background, even though he flirts with other women. He didn’t even question Asuna’s future at all, more of a not exactly care as long as he got Asuna by his side dea;. They especially don’t feel close in the GGO Arc and the Caliber Arc and is still unfaithful to her.

        In a way, I do feel overall that Kirito is merely using Asuna for some reason. Stringing her along because she is connected to the VRMMO companies and taking advantage of her waifu nature to get what he wants.

        But you know… Reki’s self-inserts always have be pure underdogs who do no wrong, right?

      2. “Are we seriously going to think that Gary Stu God’s life is going to careen out of control somehow and he’s not going to be some big-shot somebody after SAO ends? No, he’s going to be filthy rich and will pretty much become the next Bill Gates for whatever field he chooses to star in. ”

        Wrong, he gotta be the “Star King”. Google it for the lolz.

  7. Great review as always!

    One thing I didn’t get either was how Yuuki couldn’t use a device to video chat or something? At least that way other students could see her face instead of oogling over what was basically a security camera…

    1. The camera thing is stupid. We already have cool technology like Google Glass. You want to tell me that in the future, they can’t just do something similar so Asuna doesn’t have to literally carry a cumbersome camera on her shoulder?

      1. The author isn’t really smooth in what techonology evolution means. I’d give a mroe detailed explanation, but it would spoil you some major points of the next season -that you MUST watch-, and of Accel World -which you MUST watch too, TWICE-

        (Although you could try AW, you skip the entire development of an interesting VR machine :P )

          1. Oh well, at least I tried.

            Could I ask you why? Because what I remember you saying was only something kind of like “the only thing I remember was a pig”… But I mean, there was no harem, there was a relatively reasonable plot (at least more reasonable than SAO)… I’d really like to hear why did you drop it.

  8. 1. When was SAO not the shining example of teen power-fantasy of “all da hot bitches love me because I’m the shit”? I dunno, like, maybe the first few frames of Episode 1 of Season 1?
    And very good point: Asuna who’s supposed to be the LEAD in this arc doesn’t have enough weight to carry this shitty arc. It’s just embarrassing to see that Gary Stu is doing more important shit on the “sidelines”. The imagery is that Kirito is pulling Asuna through the story by a leash. Fuck that noise. If Kawahara really believed that he needed to waste pages on a Asuna-centered arc, then he should’ve given both her hands the reins.
    But, nah. See Asuna? Just sit there and look pretty while pimp-daddy does the heavy-lifting. Phew.

    2. A camera… Yep. A motherfuckin’ camera. Does Kawahara have some kind of fixture towards electronic devices? A tender moment with the e-daughter by land a hand on a fucking phone? I still haven’t lived that one down. How about leading a sick girl around the real world? A fuckin’ camera.
    How about we get more fucking creative? Like I dunno, a device that echo-maps the immediate area around the device that Asuna can wear that creates on-the-go map creation directly for Yuuki to experience virtually?
    Now don’t tell me that sounds too hard or advanced. They got fucking virtual reality right, so that tech I just described is NOTHING.

    Great job Kawahara and A1 Pictures.

    3. Again like I described last week, the fetishization of the Japanese highschool system is just hilariously stupid. This is an industry-wide problem. But again, Asuna’s persona life is pretty “shitty” but apparently time at HIGHSCHOOL of all places is bright and color. No, just no.

    You’d think in real Japanese highschool EVERYBODY wouldn’t give shit to Asuna for being held back two years? Hell, they’d tease her and give her enough shit to either drop out or consider suicide. That’s just being real. But nope. Not in anime land.

    4. The reason I don’t care about Yuuki or her sob story is because it’s just so tired. Sure, fatal illnesses aren’t a joke, but at this point of the worldwide spectrum of plots and storytelling, Yuuki’s story is as exciting as doing taxes or serving jury duty.
    But the story must go on. This long, dragged-out generic sob story will follow us until the end of the arc. How exhilarating.

    5. Hey, you guys like MILFs right? Big-titted MILF alert. Like fuck, Kawahara REALLY wanted a MILF character stuffed in here huh? This is supposed to be a serious and emotional time for these two characters, but we gotta strike the libido somehow right?
    And I say that this is part of the episode is supposed to be serious and emotional but, by God, this is just a piss-poor comedy. Really? No, go to a fucking park or a walk outside the estate. Here’s Kawahara giving the virtual space more gravity than it really deserves.

    No, mom. I’m not going to talk about future plans until you make a MMO account. Then we can chat however long you want.
    What a fucking joke.

    6. Kirito isn’t Jesus the Son of God? Well, that’s debatable.
    Debatable that he isn’t simply God himself; this is an example of the classic Gary Stu story.

    My biggest gripe is that these episodes are a chore. Just boring. This arc is simply boring.
    People have been saying that this arc’s whole purpose is to show Asuna becoming the rightful waifu? Other than being probably one of the most amateur and sexist things I’ve ever heard, what kind of fucking end-goal is that? That is the most flaccid thing to “fight” towards. Really? So what if she fails? Does she contract SUPER AIDS from Yuuki somehow and they both die? Will Gary Stu finally see that Asuna is shit and cast her out of his cast of hos?
    No, she’ll keep being in Gary Stu’s harem and do inconsequential bullshit in VRMMO’s until her mom gets an aneurysm and dies.
    There simply isn’t the danger of failure here. There isn’t anything for the audience to be sitting at the edge of their seats hoping to high heaven that the main characters don’t fail.

    And mostly for me, I know that WHATEVER happens in this arc will mean shit-all in coming arcs. Yeah, because the GGO arc is having a HUGE impact on what’s happening in this one. Again, bravo to Kawahara for displaying true literary craft.

    1. Don’t worry, the next arc has Asuna turn into a literal fucking ninja to free Kirito from the clutches of the evil government. In real life!

      1. But she just waits for Kirito to wake up in the meantime. She yes does some infiltrating, but not actually snapping him out of the new trapped MMo that has him with virtual babes. She just waits until he wakes up.

    2. How about leading a sick girl around the real world?

      She’d probably just get some infection and die even sooner. Not that this is a bad thing necessarily.

      You’d think in real Japanese highschool EVERYBODY wouldn’t give shit to Asuna for being held back two years?

      Well, they’re attending a special school for the special people who got stuck in Aincrad, so probably not.

  9. Her mom cried because she finally realized her daughter had no real dream or plan. But in all seriousness, Asuna is content to be a housewife then she doesn’t need her mom to boss her around. Plenty of gamers would be available to marry Asuna just for her cooking skills – she just needs to keep leveling up her charm.

    1. I’ll just be copying my post above and add some of my opinions on the matter.

      Asuna, even with the arc that is meant to flesh her out, has yet to show me that she is more than just Kirito’s top waifu nor tell me she has a form of ambition or passion. She’s just hot and rich and waifu-worthy enough for everyone to bang her, and dumb and naive enough for her never to question everything.

      She did not even say that she trusts in Kirito’s abilities or she would help Kirito at all. She’s just all “Oh I wanna make everyone happy and the VR world makes me happy.” Unless that means she’ll end up becoming some form of Geima Aidoru or Glorified Booth Babe (or a Gamer Equivalent of a Prostiture), I don’t see anything that makes me believe that she’s gonna be have a great life ahead of her.

      I don’t mind if Asuna WANTS to be a waifu or settle down with kids. At the very least with some well-written housewife characters, they know how to handle shit and have dimensions outside of being just the waifu. Izumi Curtis comes to mind. It’s just that for one… it’s to someone who doesn’t exactly give a shit about her nor consider her feelings. And two… she doesn’t have any other personality outside of being “destined” to be Kirito’s special waifu.

      Asuna doesn’t exactly have much OF a focus outside of being Kirito’s waifu and whatever passion she has in-game (cooking and leadership skills), she never really brings it to the outside world. Kirito at least utilizes his “gaming jesus” leet skills and ideology to go to mechatronics (for really stupid reasons, but still), Asuna doesn’t. Asuna’s just going to follow Kirito to the ends of the earth without question and escape into the VR World any time she doubts herself. Mostly with a lot of denial and awkwardly worded advice from her lesbian girlfriend.

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